[TLH/SinKid] A Moment To Vent

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  1. "Hey, Toby...?"
  2. Toby looked up from the chilly bottle of alcohol in his hands. He hadn't touched it yet, and was still debating with himself if he should, seeing as he was only 20. He turned to Rosalina, who herself had downed half a bottle and was looking sullenly downwards, from the rooftop they were sitting on and towards the lawn. "Yeah?"
  3. "Do... do you think I'm obsessed?"
  4. Toby tilted his head. "Look, I know you like Pacific Rim a lot-"
  5. "No, not about Pacific Rim, dork." She gave him a slight smile, then turned back to the ground. "I mean... Do you think I obsess about my dad too much?"
  6. "What do you mean, exactly?"
  7. "It's just..." Rose gently spun the drink between her hands. "Like, it feels like half of my personality is... thinking about Dad. I'm sure it's not healthy, but I can't..." She sighed. "I don't want to forget about him. And I always keep thinking, 'is he proud of me?', but I'll never know and that eats me up inside."
  8. Toby paused for a moment. "Look, I'm gonna be candid with you. I think you're a bit too obsessed with your Dad. Before you get mad at me or throw me off the roof, let me clarify."
  9. "I wasn't going to-"
  10. "I get your obsession with your Dad. Uncle Bobby was one of the nicest and uncorrupted people I know, and while I'm certain he was just as flawed as everyone else, you were twelve so you never got to see that part. But I think you might be fixated on him to an unhealthy degree." Toby smiled. "Probably doesn't help I'm really the only one you can talk to about this stuff, Loan's not good with emotional stuff and Aunt Lori would've just fed your obsession. But yeah, I get where your coming from, but if you can manage it, maybe try to... I dunno how to phrase it right, just try to not worry so much about what your Dad would think of you."
  11. "That's the problem..." Rose replied. "I don't know if I even can."
  12. "Well, if it helps at all, I think he would be proud of you." Toby placed a hand on her shoulder.
  13. -
  14. Rose smiled sadly, and placed her hand on his. "Y-yeah, you're probably right."
  15. "And hey, if you ever need to vent, feel free to talk to me. Or, y'know, just text me."
  16. Rose turned to face him, then grabbed him and pulled him into a tight hug. "Thanks, Tobs."
  17. "Any time."
  18. Rose pulled back, and pointed to the bottle in his hands. "Now, are you gonna have any of that? I wanna get shit-faced."
  19. "All yours." Toby handed her the bottle. "I'm not quite comfortable with drinking at my age."
  20. "Pfft, dork." Rose smirked, then took a swig from her already open bottle. Then she looked at the bottle a little, frowning slightly.
  21. "Rose, relax. You're allowed to get hammered every now and again."
  22. "I know, just..."
  23. "Rose."
  24. Rose frowned, then downed the entire bottle. The moment she pulled it away she had a pained expression. "Guh, I regret everything...!"
  25. Toby laughed. "Okay, okay, I get what you were going for, but go a bit easy *there* as well."
  26. Rose chuckled herself. "Yeah, I know. God, I'm bad at this."
  27. "Give it some time."
  28. Rose cracked open the other bottle. "Hope that'll be enough."
  29. "It will."
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