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  1. Hey there. At it again, are we? It feels like I see you\ntraining here every day.
  2. It's my daily routine. I'm ill at ease until I've held\na weapon in my grasp.
  3. Heh. You said the same thing when you were little.
  4. Hm. Right you are.
  5. I've been meaning to come and talk to you properly\nfor a while now.
  6. I was about to say the same thing. How long has\nit been? A decade? More? That was in Fhirdiad,\nas I recall.
  7. You were just a little pipsqueak! You really have\ngrown up, haven't you?
  8. I'm not sure it was quite that long ago. Not really.\nBut it matters not.
  9. I remember those times well. Particularly your first\nwords to me.
  10. "Look at that young maiden wielding a giant lance.\nHow adorable!"
  11. Oh, don't look at me like that. I was thrown off by\nyour haircut, that's all.
  12. It's all water under the bridge. Now, back then I was\nquite furious about it.
  13. My father did give me a stern reprimand for speaking\nso rudely to a prince.
  14. But then I never had a chance to apologize.
  15. I was always getting into trouble back then.\nJust like the incident in Duscur...
  16. Speaking of...
  17. Do you ever think about going back to\nHouse Charon? Do you...Cassandra?
  18. No. I'm happy with the life I have.
  19. No offense, Your Highness, but I don't fight for king\nand country anymore. I fight for Lady Rhea.
  20. It doesn't bother you? Being labeled a criminal?
  21. You're worried about my life as a fugitive from the\nHoly Kingdom of Faerghus...
  22. Don't worry about me. I'm here because I want to be.
  23. It suits me far better than the life I'd otherwise lead,\nas a noble lady of the Kingdom.
  24. Is that so?
  25. How about you? You've never wanted to roam free?
  26. To enjoy life as an ordinary knight, unshackled from\nall those princely obligations...
  27. I can't say the thought has never crossed my mind.\nHowever, I am the son of a king.
  28. It's not possible for me to put my own desires before\nthe good of the Kingdom.
  29. Ah, you're too serious for your own good. How'd you\nbecome such a stiff?
  30. Don't worry. I've been working on that. Stretching is\na part of my daily routine.
  31. Ha! If you can joke about it, there's hope for you yet.
  33. ---
  35. Another day, another training session, I see.\nYou're quite dedicated.
  36. And practicing with the sword today. You weren't\nany good with it when you were little, as I recall.
  37. And who told you that?
  38. Lord Rodrigue mentioned it to me. He said you used\nto swing your sword so hard that you'd break it.
  39. That was ages ago... I've had plenty of time to\nimprove since then.
  40. Now I count swordplay as one of my specialties.\nCare to see for yourself?
  41. Well, I can't just take your word for it, can I?\nLet's see what you've got!
  42. Well! I'm impressed. You're better than I expected.
  43. I could say the same of you. I suppose we students\nstill have much to learn.
  44. No need for false modesty. We fought as equals\njust now.
  45. You're strong, and your form is excellent.\nYou're clearly an experienced fighter.
  46. But you're greedy. You can't be so impatient to win.\nIt'll come at a grave cost.
  47. Greedy? I see. I'll take that note to heart.\nYou have my thanks for the instruction.
  48. Ah, it returns—the formality, the stiffness.
  49. Anyway, after we're through here, I might head into\ntown for some food. Care to join me?
  50. I appreciate the invitation, but I have certain duties\nI must attend to this evening.
  51. Of course you do. Never mind about my plans, then.
  52. I thought you'd say that. You have the same sense of\nresponsibility as I do.
  53. Hm, you think so? I didn't want to push you to\njoin me. We can just do it another day.
  54. I'll confess, I'm taking a shine to you. I'd like to talk\nto you more.
  55. I would like that as well.
  56. Ever since I saw you wielding a sword all those\nyears ago, I've been following in your footsteps.
  57. To be able to stand with you and cross swords\nis quite a—
  58. Hey, hey, slow down! Where did all this come from?\nYou're embarrassing me.
  59. That's enough chatter for now anyway. Let's get back\nto sparring. This time with lances.
  60. I won't hold back. Show me what you can do.
  61. Right! Prepare yourself!
  63. ---
  65. That was delicious. Wow, I'm full.
  66. Nothing beats a big meal after a training session.
  67. ...
  68. OK, what's up? You seem distracted.
  69. Oh! My apologies, Catherine. I was just wondering\nwhether you had any desire to return to Faerghus.
  70. No. I haven't even entertained the idea. My loyalty\nlies elsewhere.
  71. No matter what, I'm going to find Lady Rhea.\nThat's what I'm fighting for.
  72. I'll defeat the Empire, and rescue Lady Rhea.\nThat's what I'm fighting for.
  73. May I ask why you have devoted yourself to\nLady Rhea?
  74. It's simple. I adore her.
  75. Lady Rhea isn't just kind, but strong,\nand courageous...
  76. I think she's a wonderful, beautiful person. More so\nthan anyone else in the world.
  77. Wow... I'm not sure I can compete with that.
  78. Hah! You can't. My reluctance to return to Faerghus\nisn't about you though.
  79. Ever since I met Lady Rhea, going back just hasn't\nbeen an option.
  80. That is a shame. I am certain Faerghus could use\nyour help in the near future.
  81. House Charon is one of the most sterling\nnoble families after Fraldarius and Gautier.
  82. It would be reassuring to know that you had taken\nup your position as head of that house...
  83. Eh...
  84. Is something wrong?
  85. You need someone who's like me, but more noble.
  86. You're so stern and serious all the time.
  87. ...
  88. Sorry, I'm not going back. Besides, my father is alive\nand well, fulfilling the duties of House Charon.
  89. I have plenty of capable brothers and sisters who can\ntake over after him.
  90. I'll keep serving Lady Rhea here. And you'll bring\nthe Kingdom together at the capital.
  91. We have to direct our talents wherever they're\nmost useful and most needed. Right?
  92. Well, I...
  93. Anyway! Early day tomorrow. Don't want to stay up\ntoo late. You better go to bed.
  95. ---
  97. What's wrong, Dimitri? Your swordplay's oddly\nsluggish today.
  98. Sorry...
  99. If you were hungry, I'd get you something to eat.\nThat's not the problem, though, it seems.
  100. It's not much fun fighting you when you're so far\nbelow your usual standards.
  101. Do not worry. I will be myself again in a moment.
  102. Are you worried about something? Tell me.
  103. This war...once it is over, I will have to go back to\nthe capital, and you will remain here as a knight\nof Seiros.
  104. Yes. If we're both still alive.
  105. When that happens, there will not be many chances\nfor us to have these little duels of ours, will there?
  106. I suppose not. Garreg Mach and Fhirdiad are quite\nfar apart.
  107. It will be hard to get by without them. I've grown\nvery fond of these sessions.
  108. Wow, you sure know how to draw out\na conversation.
  109. Just say what's on your mind!
  110. Please... Return to the capital with me.
  111. That's it? "Return to the capital"? Just like that,\nwith no explanation?
  112. You were the one who told me to speak frankly...
  113. Yes. I've also told you that I'm devoted to the\nKnights of Seiros and wouldn't dream of leaving.
  114. It'd be one thing if you were asking me to return to\nmy family. Why summon me to the capital?
  115. I just...want to be near you.
  116. Oh, please! Don't waste your romantic words on me.\nSave them for a girl you really like.
  117. I was just saying what I felt.
  118. Is that so? Hah! I never imagined that brat with the\nsilly haircut would try to woo me some day.
  119. Do you really still see me as that young prince?
  120. You take yourself too seriously. But you're not\nselfish, even if you are a bit greedy with your sword.
  121. They do say you can tell who a person really is from\nthe way they wield their sword. Maybe it's true.
  122. I'll think about coming back to the capital, OK?\nSome day.
  123. But as for now, don't you have something more\nimportant to worry about?
  124. Yes... I do.
  125. Stop getting distracted by trivialities. Focus on what\nactually matters.
  126. We'll have plenty of time to flirt when the war's over.
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