Spring 37 - Lazing Slakinb

Jul 11th, 2011
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  1. 06[01:41] * @Nephene polishes an empty table, after the patrons have moved on. Plates are cleared en masse, and business seems to be slowing.
  2. [01:42] <@Nephene> Amon is sitting on a rather tall stool, taking a break. Is he meditating?
  3. 03[01:43] * DamienLunas is now known as Barkeep
  4. 06[01:43] * Barkeep spaces out at the bar.
  5. [01:43] <Barkeep> "Sis... it was horrible..."
  6. 03[01:43] * BB is now known as Jack
  7. [01:43] <@Nephene> "Tell me about what happened, then."
  8. 06[01:44] * Jack enters the Slaking, unusually without Taro. He seats himself at the bar, looking rather puzzled.
  9. [01:44] <Barkeep> "Trapdoor... giant... nature god... made out of vines... vines started attacking us..." ; ;
  10. 03[01:44] * Webmetz ( has joined #LazingSlaking
  11. [01:44] <@Nephene> "Hello, there. What will you have, Jack?"
  12. 06[01:45] * Barkeep suddenly spins around, "Evenin' Jack. Somethin' to wet your whistle after that long hard day?"
  13. [01:45] <Jack> (Oh god I'm getting horrible De ja vu at that line for some reason.)
  14. 06[01:45] * @Nephene briefly puts down the cleaning rag, and stands behind Barkeep. "Slow down, slow down. It'll be alright."
  15. 03[01:45] * Webmetz is now known as Observer_Webmetz
  16. [01:45] <@Nephene> With what, she starts rubbing Barkeep's shoulders, softly shushing him.
  17. [01:45] <Jack> "Whatever, but something strong," he says seeming a bit uncertain, " You'll never guess what was in my yard just now."
  18. [01:45] <@Nephene> "Just relax. Now, what happened?"
  19. [01:46] <@Nephene> "Just....just about any wild Pokemon?"
  20. [01:46] <Ilya> ( I snicker every time Barkeep says 'wet your whistle' because it sounds so much like it's innuendo )
  21. [01:46] <Barkeep> "Yeah, tell us about it, Jack."
  22. [01:47] <Jack> "Well, yeah, but this one was a tough as nails Jigglypuff. A Jigglypuff. And he was looking to pick a fight," he still sounds a bit baffled by the whole premise of that.
  23. [01:49] <@Nephene> "Jigglypuff can be pretty crafty. I've run into a few during guard duty."
  24. [01:49] <@Nephene> "They're almost never direct if they can sing their problems away."
  25. [01:50] <Jack> "This one took out Taro in one blow. He's over resting at Widdershin's place now," he explains, then smiles. "Luckily, I managed to catch him. He should prove quite interesting."
  26. [01:51] <Barkeep> "Well good for you. Here you go, a nice strong Lager."
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  28. 03[01:51] * zoofman is now known as Raven
  29. [01:51] <Tristan_Vernon> (Fffff missed the channel earlier.)
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  31. 06[01:51] * Raven opens the door slowly and peeks in...suspiciously.
  32. 06[01:52] * Jack takes it with a nod, then sips, "Thanks! Still not sure what to name the guy. What do you name a vicious pink puffball with a deadly left hook?"
  33. [01:52] <@Nephene> "Well, if he's as tough as you say, he should make a great partner, right?"
  34. 06[01:54] * Raven hears Nephene's voice, freezes up and closes the door swiftly, hiding under a window ceil outside. "OhGodShe'sGonnaYellAtMeICan'tGoIn"
  35. [01:57] <@Nephene> "What fighting style did he use? That could be a start for a good nickname."
  36. [01:57] <@Nephene> "From what I know, it's a striking-based art."
  37. [01:58] <@Nephene> "Boxing?"
  38. 06[01:58] * Raven slaps herself. "Okay, man up, Raven." Deep breath. "This must be done."
  39. [02:00] <Jack> "Something like it, but it also used it's whole small body a lot, and had some good throws. Real nasty counterattack too. Hard for me to reall y classify a style," he ponders.
  40. [02:01] <@Nephene> "Aikido?"
  41. [02:01] <Tristan_Vernon> (Ive always considered counter to be more Judoy.)
  42. [02:01] <@Nephene> "Revolves around the use of the opponent's momentum, and certainly can apply some great counterattacks. The left hook doesn't really fit with the basic strikes, though."
  43. [02:02] <Barkeep> "Is it a boy or a girl?"
  44. [02:02] <@Nephene> "I assumed a male. Sorry."
  45. [02:02] <Jack> "A boy, I'm sure of that much."
  46. 06[02:03] * Raven gets back up...and tries to enter descretely as possible...she drifts over to a nearby table, failing miserably at trying to blend in.
  47. [02:04] <@Nephene> "Hey, Raven."
  48. [02:04] <@Nephene> "Need anything?"
  49. 06[02:04] * Raven freezes up, then laughs nervously. "Huh, me?"
  50. [02:05] <@Nephene> "....sure."
  51. [02:05] <@Nephene> "Most people -are- here because they want something."
  52. [02:05] <@Nephene> "Room, food, drink, chat, advice, massage."
  53. [02:05] <@Nephene> ( Raven is now presented with a PKMN style menu with exactly those choices. )
  54. 06[02:06] * Raven the menu awkwardly...then looks up. "uhh..."
  55. 06[02:07] * Raven gets up and backs away a little..."I'm...I'm..."
  56. [02:08] <Barkeep> 1d20+7
  57. 06[02:09] * Raven feels an...odd sensation from somewhere..."Why did I suddenly think of a massage..."
  58. 06[02:10] * Barkeep is very interested in polishing this glass yes sir.
  59. [02:10] <@Nephene> "A massage? Well, the massage room's next to the counter. It'll be 200 for one....unless this is your first time getting one."
  60. 06[02:11] * Raven ponders..."I guess this would be the first time."
  61. [02:12] <@Nephene> "Alright. Just go ahead and enter while I get the oils ready. The changing room's to the right - you can hang your clothes there and take a towel or two."
  62. 06[02:13] * Raven wanders off...too focused on where...that sudden thought came from, forgot why she was here...
  63. 06[02:16] * Raven somehow ends up in the changing room, prepped before she recalls. "...oh."
  64. 06[02:16] * Jack eyes Raven head for a massage curiously, before reutrning to his drink quietly.
  65. [02:16] <@Nephene> The shallow oil bowl is already slow-heated, and Neph is already soaking her hands in the contents.
  66. [02:16] <@Nephene> "Face down on that bed right over there, please."
  67. 06[02:18] * Raven obeys the request swiftly, if slightly nervous.
  68. [02:19] <@Nephene> "Tell me about what you've been doing lately. It should help you to relax," Neph says with a smile.
  69. 06[02:20] * @Nephene gently spreads the oil over Raven's back before getting to work. Simple rubs are occasionally punctuated with painless pinches and light jabs as the pressure points are relaxed.
  70. [02:22] <Raven> "...I...woke up yesterday in a bed that wasn't mine, paniced out a bit and sort of darted into the woods. Wasn't several hours later till I realized it was just the library I'd been at - eeee" Nephene hit a particular tense spot, and once seems much more lax.
  71. 06[02:23] * @Nephene 's hands move slowly downward to ease the pain on the lower back. "Aha, yeah, I think I know what happened."
  72. 03[02:23] * Tillo ( has joined #LazingSlaking
  73. [02:23] <@Nephene> "You might want to be careful before ordered a mug of the strongest stuff we have on hand."
  74. [02:23] <Raven> "I came here to apologize. I don't remember what I did but I just recalled you were reeeeeaaally upset with me."
  75. 06[02:24] * @Nephene sighs. "It's quite alright. I was more mad at the one trying to demo his machine by aiming at the inn's ceiling."
  76. [02:24] <Raven> "I...think I tried to stop him...but he's always been a bit...dull in some respects."
  77. [02:25] <@Nephene> "There were patrons up there. Even if there was no safety issue from the second floor, any accident would have been -really- expensive to repair. Business is tight, and I don't have the luxury of boarding up every ding and fracture that this place builds up."
  78. [02:25] <@Nephene> "If it makes you feel better, I thought I was -far- too harsh." She sighs.
  79. [02:27] <@Nephene> "So really, I guess I'm the one who should be apologizing. I -really- don't get angry like that often, honest. I always feel awful when I do."
  80. [02:27] <Raven> "I just -really- didn't want you upset with me. Felt horrible....does Mac make...Awex piss? I'll start off with something weaker," she says meekly.
  81. [02:27] <@Nephene> "Nothing the customers do here really warrants that."
  82. 06[02:27] * @Nephene chuckles. "You'll have to ask Barkeep. He knows more about our drink stock than I do."
  83. [02:27] <@Nephene> "I handle pretty much everything else."
  84. [02:30] <Raven> "nnnn," manages Raven. "...this would have -really- been nice after many nights out in the wild."
  85. 03[02:31] * Jack is now known as BB
  86. [02:32] <@Nephene> "Well, I like to give my customers a free shot at massages and some drinks. It's good to know what you're paying for."
  87. 02[02:34] * BB ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  88. [02:36] <Raven> "stop calling me a customer," she whines. "Well. I guess I technically am, but hnng-"
  89. [02:36] <@Nephene> "Feeling better?"
  90. [02:36] <@Nephene> The neck and arms receive attention in turn, allllll the way down to the individual fingers.
  91. [02:37] <Raven> "Yes. This is a lot less...awkward then I imagined my apology would be."
  92. [02:40] <@Nephene> "Really, don't worry about it."
  93. [02:40] <Raven> "...granted if that young man I introduced myself to shows up..."
  94. [02:40] <@Nephene> "Hm?"
  95. [02:40] <@Nephene> "Henry?"
  96. 03[02:42] * Kain is now known as Henry
  97. [02:42] <Raven> "...was that his name? oh dear, that stuff is..." she pounds her fist on the table firmly, which...doesn't amoun to much. "...really going to have to work up to it."
  98. [02:42] <Henry> Huh, speak of the devil. He's walking in right now.
  99. [02:42] <Henry> Of course, Raven and Nephene are in the other room, so...
  100. 06[02:42] * @Nephene smiles. "Henry's nice. I really should pay him a visit tomorrow."
  101. [02:42] <Henry> He's wearing the same clothes he was earlier today, but he seems to have repaired the lacerations.
  102. [02:42] <@Nephene> "Need something a little better than these ragged things."
  103. [02:43] <Henry> "Hey, Barkeep. Feeling better?"
  104. [02:43] <Barkeep> "Yeah, a bit. You?"
  105. [02:43] <Henry> "Not even a bit of pain after that larger pokemon used that technique... a pity I couldn't capture it on film."
  106. 06[02:44] * Henry has a seat at the bar. "My usual, please." and puts a thick, heavy album down on the table.
  107. 06[02:44] * @Nephene even massages the spaces between Raven's fingers, loosening up every muscle and tendon.
  108. 06[02:45] * Raven considers commenting on how she doesn't think Nephen's atire is that bad - but realizes she makes a poor judge, considering she herself...doesn't really dress feminenly.
  109. [02:45] <@Nephene> "....that should do it, then. Enjoyable?"
  110. [02:45] <@Nephene> "Was it worth it?"
  111. 06[02:46] * Henry opens, it, looking through it.
  112. 06[02:46] * Barkeep pours Henry a Cherry Brandy.
  113. [02:46] <Henry> The album seems to have a couple of photographs of Bernard and Henry using moves.
  114. 06[02:47] * Raven gets up slowly...and flexes a bit. "Whoever taught you how to do that is a genious"
  115. [02:47] <Henry> "My Battle Album." he says, taking the drink. "Thank you." he sips it and looks through. "It's not very full yet, but eventually..."
  116. 06[02:48] * @Nephene smiles. "Well, Amonson-sensei taught me the basic pressure point technique. He's around pretty often, so if you want to say hi to the old man, I'm sure he won't mind....much."
  117. [02:48] <Henry> "Well... haha. You would be surprised what one can do with a simple photograph."
  118. [02:48] <@Nephene> "Still, that's mostly to -lock- joints and muscles. Doing that technique wrong in just the right way, know."
  119. [02:48] <Barkeep> "Heh, I'm sure I would."
  120. [02:48] <Raven> "I guess it's only fair my good friend Nephene gets an advance on her tax returns," she jokes.
  121. [02:48] <Henry> "Which is why I'm a little upset at missing the timing earlier. I ALMOST had a perfect shot of that technique."
  122. [02:49] <@Nephene> "Anyway, future massages are 200 per. You can decide if that's reasonable."
  123. [02:49] <Raven> "YOu mean like that time you hugged me and I couldn't move for 30 minutes?" she seems a little frightful, remembering it...
  124. [02:49] <@Nephene> "Um...."
  125. [02:49] <Henry> "
  126. [02:49] <@Nephene> "That one was an accident, I swear."
  127. [02:49] <@Nephene> "You were moving around a lot."
  128. [02:50] <Henry> "I'm sure you've heard me ramble enough when I've come by, though. Anything new on your end?"
  129. [02:50] <@Nephene> "Usually, I have pretty fine control over it."
  130. 03[02:50] * Henry is now known as Henry|Steve
  131. [02:50] <Barkeep> "Well, not really. Though I did find some interesting stuff..."
  132. 06[02:51] * Barkeep pulls the king's rock out of his pocket.
  133. [02:51] <Barkeep> "Also found one of those blue herbs. Not sure what they're for though."
  134. [02:51] <Henry|Steve> "Hm? And what's that? A strange little rock..."
  135. [02:51] <Henry|Steve> "I found a specimen of some blue plant as well."
  136. [02:51] <Raven> "Either way, let's just say -this- civil servant is quite charitable to her friends," she says playfully as she heads to get dressed again.
  137. [02:51] <Henry|Steve> "I thought about trying to boil it for dye, but I may get it examine before I do so. Is there a botonist or an alchemist in the village, by chance?"
  138. [02:52] <Barkeep> "You konw, I'm not sure."
  139. [02:53] <Barkeep> "But maybe Lisa or Norana could help us figure it out."
  140. 06[02:53] * @Nephene washes her hands, and sets all of the equipment aside before returning to the counter.
  141. [02:53] <@Nephene> "Did I miss anything? Oh, hello, Henry!"
  142. [02:54] <Henry|Steve> "Good evening, Nephene!"
  143. [02:55] <@Nephene> "How are you?"
  144. [02:57] <Henry|Steve> "Weary from a long day of hiking and being beaten by creatures that weren't quite pokemon. I may have to buy a massage off you before I leave. Your brother was quite helpful during all of it."
  145. [02:57] <Henry|Steve> "In fact, I'm fairly sure he got more done than I did, even if I did manage to find a nice addition to my pokemon."
  146. [02:57] <@Nephene> "He told me a bit about it. It sounded really rough - I'm not sure I could have done much if I went along."
  147. 06[02:57] * @Nephene sighs. "I wish I had the -time- to go along, really."
  148. 06[02:57] * Raven exits a few minutes later, and...instantly spots who she thinks was Henry. "! Eeeh," she says to herself. "Just...stay cool, Raven..."
  149. [02:58] <Henry|Steve> "Hm, is there no one you could hire to watch the inn for you if Barkeep can't manage it by himself?"
  150. [02:59] <@Nephene> "Well, Gramps can in a pinch."
  151. [02:59] <@Nephene> "Mom, too."
  152. [02:59] <@Nephene> "But both of them are often busy with other things. Gramps is helping with the stock, and Mom's usually taking care of my dad."
  153. [02:59] <Henry|Steve> "Flynn was the example I was thinking of... I love my drink, and I love good food, and having them together every now and then would be quite the treat."
  154. 06[03:00] * Raven approaches the bar casually..."Barkeep...does your grand father happen to brew..." she's unsure what to call it.
  155. [03:00] <@Nephene> "Flynn has his own business to attend to, no?"
  156. [03:00] <@Nephene> "I couldn't trouble him with this."
  157. [03:00] <Henry|Steve> "He does, but... Hm, I dunno."
  158. [03:00] <Barkeep> "Something outside the urine family, perhaps?
  159. [03:01] <Raven> "I was actually going to say a less mature breed of that family, but...oh to hell with it just give me a lager."
  160. [03:02] <Barkeep> "Very well then."
  161. 06[03:03] * Barkeep pours one up for her. "Good to see you felt like coming back."
  162. 06[03:03] * Henry|Steve turns to look at Raven.
  163. [03:03] <Henry|Steve> "Ah, miss Raven, a pleasure to see you again." he smiles.
  164. 06[03:05] * Raven turns to face him, slightly flustered and reddened, "Ah, yes. Mr. Whitacre. A pleasure to see you too," she says.
  165. 06[03:05] * @Nephene notes the curious reactions, and scribbles something down on a notepad.
  166. 06[03:06] * Raven sips her drink nervously.
  167. [03:06] <Henry|Steve> "Are you alright?"
  168. [03:06] <Henry|Steve> "Please, have a seat." he gestures nearby.
  169. [03:08] <Raven> "Oh, just fine, sir," she says, a little too politely, but nervously averting eye contact. "Just relaxing after another day on patrol, hehe.."
  170. [03:09] <Raven> " Okay, if you insist."
  171. [03:11] <Henry|Steve> "You said you were the captain of the guard... is it a difficult job in a village like this?"
  172. [03:11] <Henry|Steve> "I imagine you keep the peace quite well."
  173. [03:12] <@Nephene> "She does good work."
  174. 06[03:12] * Raven sits down hastily, clutching her drink firmly...but speaks a bit easier on the named topic. "Oh, that's...actually a curious story."
  175. [03:12] <@Nephene> "Much better than what I was able to do, at least."
  176. [03:13] <Henry|Steve> "Barkeep, I'll pay for the brave captain's tab tonight if she doesn't mind. Courtesy and all that."
  177. [03:13] <Raven> "Oh - don't flatter me, Nephene. That can't be true. Either way, yes, I'm not from around here myself. I'm from Imperia, was stationed here not long ago."
  178. [03:13] <Barkeep> "If it's allright with her."
  179. [03:13] <Henry|Steve> "Imperia? That's actually where I'm from as well."
  180. [03:14] <Barkeep> "Small world, eh?"
  181. [03:14] <Henry|Steve> "Curious, word must have really gotten around."
  182. [03:14] <Raven> "I'd...prefer to pay my own tab, if you don't mind. As an apology for my um...unsightly behavior last we met."
  183. [03:15] <Henry|Steve> "Hm? You were fine, I think, but as you wish."
  184. 06[03:15] * Henry|Steve sips his own drink.
  185. [03:15] <Henry|Steve> "I've seen far worse behavior back home, of course."
  186. 06[03:16] * Henry|Steve has turned his gaze back down towards his album, looking at the newest picture, of Herbert, before closing it.
  187. [03:17] <Raven> "To be quite frank, if my superior officers back home, let alone my father, saw me in that condition, I'm afraid of what the reprocussions would have been."
  188. [03:17] <Henry|Steve> "Good thing you're among friends then, no?"
  189. 06[03:17] * Henry|Steve smiles at her.
  190. 06[03:18] * @Nephene makes a quick correction on the pad.
  191. [03:18] <Raven> "True, granted granpapa would probably pull some strings and get me off the hook," she laughs. "But...where were we...oh yes, my job."
  192. [03:19] <Raven> "What my superior officer failed to tell me before heading out here is that, apparantly, I'm the only full time guard. You can imagine my surprise when I showed up for opening briefing one was there."
  193. [03:19] <Henry|Steve> "Don't you find it liberating? It's a great responsibility, but you set yourself to your own standards."
  194. [03:20] <Henry|Steve> "I feel very relieved to have moved out from under my father's roof, for instance, to start my own business."
  195. [03:20] <Raven> "Funny enough...I kind of went wild, yes. Spent my first week here just backpacking around the woods, getting a lay of the land."
  196. [03:21] <@Nephene> "Sorry I couldn't have been of more help there, Raven."
  197. [03:21] <Raven> "Then...rolled back into town in a muddied, bloodied mess...that was kind of bad too," she leaves out the part where she came straight to the inn...
  198. [03:22] <Raven> "Oh, stop that Nephene! You know I'd give you one of these little town watch badges in a heart beat if you'd let me."
  199. [03:22] <@Nephene> "I just don't have the time anymore!"
  200. [03:23] <@Nephene> "Not unless someone needed my help that badly."
  201. [03:24] <Raven> "I am very happy to be stationed out here, though, regardless of the fact the job itself is...a bit lonely. I was sort of raised with frequent camping, hunting, and fishing trips. This town is...quite perfect!"
  202. 06[03:25] * Henry|Steve smiles a bit.
  203. [03:25] <Henry|Steve> "Not much in the way of volunteers, I take it."
  204. [03:25] <Henry|Steve> "Rest assured that if I were a more stout man, without a business of my own, I would try my hand at it myself."
  205. [03:26] <Henry|Steve> "I rather don't like being idle..."
  206. [03:26] <Raven> "Oh, there are plenty of capable individuals around town, I'm just trying to get a volunteer town watch started, if anything. Less actual position, more just good semaritan role."
  207. [03:26] <Henry|Steve> "That, I could do."
  208. [03:27] <Henry|Steve> "Why actually, today I volunteered to help Norana with an expedition into the forest ruins."
  209. [03:27] <Henry|Steve> "So I suppose I've already started."
  210. [03:28] <@Nephene> "On the face of it, just going on a ruin expedition sounds like a wonderful time."
  211. [03:28] <Barkeep> "Yeah, sounds like!"
  212. [03:29] <Raven> "I -heard- about that, but I was...trying to locate...something," he brushes over the topic, red and flustered again. "But if you really are interested in joining the watch, Mr. Whitarce..." she rummages around through a rucksack.
  213. [03:29] <Henry|Steve> "You do understand that I'm not much good at physical labor, but if anyone needs a spare hand at something I am actually competant at, I don't mind in the least."
  214. [03:30] <Raven> "I do understand you are opening store?" She puts an ammo carterage on the table, as she continues to dig for something..."
  215. [03:31] <Henry|Steve> "Yes, that's correct. But soon, I'm going to expand my inventory."
  216. [03:31] <Raven> "And I'm honestly not one for acts of strength myself...I got into a loooot of trouble back in basic training. Lots of repeated PT tests.."
  217. [03:32] <Henry|Steve> "I'm actually working on curious and useful little trinkets..."
  218. [03:33] <Henry|Steve> "Luckstone Rings, for instance, if you need a tangible boost to your competency, they will work, guaranteed! And I had wanted to design trinkets for pokemon to give them abilities similar to my own, which could be quite useful... There's only one problem."
  219. [03:33] <Henry|Steve> "Neither type of item is particularly durable... they need occasional replacing."
  220. [03:34] <Henry|Steve> "I'll eventually put them up for sale in my store, but I'm trying to get the kinks worked out in the meantime."
  221. [03:34] <Raven> She removes what looks like a wallet, and takes out a thin little circular badge. It's not much, just has a picture of an Oran Berry on it and says "Oran Town Watch."
  222. [03:34] <Henry|Steve> "It's... admittedly hard to pitch a sale for a costly little item that may break."
  223. 06[03:35] * Henry|Steve regards the badge curiously.
  224. [03:36] <Raven> "That sounds extremely handy, but yes, considering the current economy of the town...probably is dificult to pitch a sale around here."
  225. [03:37] <Raven> "Funny, you're the first I've given one of isn't much, but should suffice for people to recognize it if you showed it to someone," she adds on, reguarding the badge. "Guess it's more of an honorary thing. Not like it'd hold much weight outside of town."
  226. 06[03:39] * Henry|Steve nods.
  227. 06[03:39] * Henry|Steve gently takes the badge for now.
  228. [03:39] <Henry|Steve> "I hope I live up to your expectations, at least."
  229. [03:40] <Henry|Steve> "Hm... is there really not a botonist in town?" he says to Nephene after a moment.
  230. [03:40] <@Nephene> "Not....that I can recall."
  231. 03[03:42] * Kzin ( has joined #LazingSlaking
  232. 06[03:42] * Raven starts to pack the little black case away, and her other survival supplies on the tabletop. "I'm personally hoping that with a little bit more actual security aound here, we can attract such professionals..."
  233. 03[03:42] * Kzin is now known as Steve|Henry
  234. [03:42] <Steve|Henry> (What'd I miss? D=)
  235. [03:42] <@Nephene> ( Give me the last line you saw. )
  236. [03:43] <Steve|Henry> (Not that I can recall)
  237. [03:43] <@Nephene> ( You missed nothing. )
  238. 06[03:43] * Steve|Henry finishes off his drink.
  239. [03:43] <Steve|Henry> "Perhaps..."
  240. 06[03:43] * Steve|Henry then turns to Nephene.
  241. 06[03:43] * @Nephene sighs. "I think -I- need something, Barkeep."
  242. [03:43] <Steve|Henry> "See, I've been wondering if homegrown flowers would sell any... they could make an interesting decorative addition to a garment..."
  243. [03:44] <Barkeep> "Why's that?"
  244. 02[03:44] * Henry|Steve ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  245. [03:44] <Raven> "you could ask Mr. Conan I guess."
  246. [03:44] <@Nephene> "Just thinking about too much, I guess. Blood Cherrim Tonic on the rocks, extra Cherrim flavoring."
  247. [03:44] <Raven> "granted I don't think he specializes in flowers."
  248. 06[03:47] * Raven sips at her drink. "...that reminds me, I have to find out where that Iona girl is ACTUALLY staying..."
  249. [03:47] <@Nephene> "The mermaid?"
  250. [03:48] <Steve|Henry> "The what now?"
  251. 06[03:48] * Steve|Henry does a doubletake.
  252. 06[03:48] * Raven coughs and chokes on her drink "the WHAT?"
  253. [03:49] <@Nephene> "Did....did I....was I mistaken?"
  254. [03:49] <Raven> "Well she certainly likes water and fish...but...she was no mermaid."
  255. [03:49] <Raven> "Is quite eccentric though, and I think homeless."
  256. [03:50] <@Nephene> "WHERE did I hear that?"
  257. [03:50] <@Nephene> "I swear, I'm recalling the strangest things..."
  258. [03:50] <@Nephene> "I'm sorry. That was...just something I -swore- I heard."
  259. 06[03:51] * Raven sips at her drink again... "would explain a few things though..."
  260. 06[03:52] * Steve|Henry scratches his head.
  261. [03:52] <Steve|Henry> "It's certainly an interesting tale..."
  262. [03:52] <Barkeep> "huh."
  263. [03:52] <Steve|Henry> "I suppose I'll have to meet her if I plan on introducing myself to everyone."
  264. [03:52] <@Nephene> ( forget it, i am triple stupid today )
  265. 06[03:52] * Barkeep gives Nephene her blood cherrim tonic.
  266. [03:52] <@Nephene> "Thanks."
  267. [03:53] <Raven> "all I know is she 'lives over thereeee'" she says, mimmicing the girl's voice with the last little part, and pointing vaguely to the shoreline.
  268. [03:54] <Raven> "
  269. 06[03:54] * @Nephene waits for the ice to settle before downing the entire thing quickly.
  270. [03:54] <Raven> "...speaking of which...I -should- probably go locate her. Kind of worried she might have tried to befriend that delivery boy's sharpedo, and gotten herself eaten."
  271. [03:55] <Steve|Henry> "Oh dear, that would not do..."
  272. 03[03:55] * Tillo is now known as Garlyle
  273. 06[03:56] * Raven removes an apricorn ball from her bag, and clicks it to let out a Growlithe! "Maki, try to get a scent for that airhead."
  274. [03:57] <@Nephene> Amon "awakens" from his meditation.
  275. 06[03:57] * Raven downs the rest of her drink...quite unfeminly.
  276. [03:58] <Steve|Henry> "Leaving then? Mm, I wonder if I should come with..."
  277. [03:58] <@Nephene> "Oh, hey. Nice to have you back with us, little guy."
  278. [03:58] <Steve|Henry> "Does he often do that, Nephene?"
  279. [03:58] <@Nephene> "When taking a break, yeah."
  280. [03:58] <@Nephene> "He's pretty serious about that kind of thing."
  281. [03:59] <@Nephene> "Likes keeping order here."
  282. [03:59] <Raven> "It's...up to you, I guess. I'd warn you I'm not planning on returning to town tonight, even if I do find her."
  283. [03:59] <@Nephene> "....he can get a little carried away, though."
  284. [03:59] <@Nephene> "I'm trying to calm him down a bit when he sees something he doesn't like."
  285. 06[04:00] * Raven looks to Maki, "Well, he DOES kind of need a bath..."
  286. 06[04:00] * Steve|Henry rubs his neck a little.
  287. [04:01] <Steve|Henry> "Then... I do think I'm afraid I won't be joining you tonight, Raven, but good luck, regardless."
  288. [04:01] <@Nephene> "I guess he thinks of himself as some type of hero, I guess."
  289. [04:01] <@Nephene> "Leaving so soon?"
  290. 06[04:02] * Raven starts rummaging through her bags for some cash. "Yes, sadly. I really do have to find out where she considers home for safety reasons. What if we had to contact her and couldn't find her?"
  291. [04:02] <@Nephene> "True, I guess."
  292. [04:02] <@Nephene> "Just....stay safe. And remember that there's always a place for you, right here."
  293. [04:03] <Raven> "I'll tell you what...I'll drag her back here in the event I do locate her. Or...will try to. Granted that'll probably be easy if I say you have tea."
  294. [04:04] <Raven> "She's pretty strong, no way I'd win a tug of war."
  295. [04:04] <@Nephene> "I'm sure we have -some- tea here...."
  296. [04:06] <Raven> "Either way you know I'm going to be back here when I do happen back into town anyway!" She heads to barkeep and hands him the money for the drink. "Come on Maki, gotta make a quick stop home to get my rifle, then we can get tracking..."
  297. 06[04:06] * Steve|Henry tips his hat. "Evening then."
  298. [04:07] <Barkeep> "We got Tea. Thanks, come again."
  299. [04:07] <@Nephene> "Bye, Raven!"
  300. 06[04:08] * Raven turns back to Henry, "A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Whitacre, and do hope you excuse my previous inebration...and future ones as well."
  301. 06[04:08] * Steve|Henry laughs softly.
  302. [04:08] <Steve|Henry> "As long as I don't end up with a black eye, trust me, you'll be fine."
  303. [04:09] <@Nephene> "I think it may be a good time for last call."
  304. [04:10] <@Nephene> "You don't mind me stopping by tomorrow morning, do you?"
  305. 06[04:10] * Raven examines her arms. "Oh come now, even -I- know that's just a white lie. Always did fail miserably at pull ups in basic training..."
  306. [04:10] <@Nephene> "I -really- need something new to wear, and I was hoping you'd recommend something."
  307. [04:10] <Steve|Henry> "Not at all, feel free. I'll make you look even more enchanting."
  308. [04:11] <Steve|Henry> "But if it's last call... mm. I knew I stopped by too late. I was hoping for another relaxing massage."
  309. [04:11] <@Nephene> "I can get that done for you, no problem."
  310. [04:12] <Steve|Henry> "I appreciate it!"
  311. 06[04:12] * Raven marches out the door, "See you soon, barkeep, Nephene, Mr. Whitacre~" and leaves.
  312. [04:12] <@Nephene> "Same deal as last time - only difference is that I'll be charging for this one."
  313. [04:12] <Steve|Henry> "Evening, miss Raven."
  314. [04:12] <@Nephene> "Be safe!"
  315. 06[04:12] * Steve|Henry slides his empty glass towards Barkeep and puts down 100 for the drink.
  316. [04:12] <Steve|Henry> "Not a problem. What's your rate?"
  317. 03[04:12] * Raven is now known as zoofman
  318. [04:12] <Barkeep> "Enjoy the massage."
  319. 03[04:13] * Barkeep is now known as DamienLunas
  320. [04:13] <@Nephene> "200 per for the massages."
  321. [04:13] <Steve|Henry> "Sounds reasonable to me." he pays up in advance.
  322. [04:14] <@Nephene> "Great! Let me just get the oils while you change and get comfortable."
  323. 06[04:15] * Steve|Henry nods and heads to the back room.
  324. [04:16] <@Nephene> Again, she heats up the oil slightly, and soaks her hands.
  325. 06[04:16] * Steve|Henry gets changed and lays down on the bed, stomach down.
  326. [04:16] <@Nephene> "What helps you relax? Any preferences?"
  327. [04:17] <Steve|Henry> "I'd say my present company is already quite relaxing."
  328. 06[04:17] * @Nephene smiles. "As you wish."
  329. [04:18] <Steve|Henry> Something's a bit different, this time. He has a number of small scars that seem to have sealed up.
  330. 06[04:18] * @Nephene spreads the oil, and gets to work, starting with the shoulders and upper back.
  331. [04:18] <@Nephene> ".....was this from the expedition?"
  332. [04:19] <Steve|Henry> "Ah, the scars? That's correct... I made a bit of an error in trying to attract the attention of the enemy... creatures. Can't quite call them pokemon."
  333. [04:19] <@Nephene> "Barkeep mentioned....vines."
  334. [04:19] <Steve|Henry> "It was painful, but then the very thing we thought was attacking us decided to heal us instead."
  335. [04:19] <Steve|Henry> "Yes." he nods.
  336. 03[04:19] * zoofman is now known as zzzoofman
  337. [04:19] <@Nephene> "Do you know why it suddenly changed its behavior?"
  338. 06[04:20] * @Nephene rubs the oil deep into Henry's skin, taking care to apply subtler techniques to the wounds. They do not seal, but any pain or swelling is certainly dulled.
  339. [04:20] <Steve|Henry> "I don't... the creature was large, covered in vines, with eyes peering out of the hulking mass. It seemed more curious than violent, but it had blocked our way after we had removed a feather from an altar inside. I'm STILL not sure if the events were correlated."
  340. [04:20] <@Nephene> "You didn't leave with the feather, did you?"
  341. [04:20] <Steve|Henry> It seems the wounds are already sealed, far faster than they should have been. Probably the healing Henry mentioned.
  342. [04:21] <Steve|Henry> "We did, in fact, but here's the thing:"
  343. [04:22] <Steve|Henry> "After the pokemon confronted us, or we confronted it, whichever was the misunderstanding, but most importantly, after it healed us, Lisa and Norana mentioned the feeling of dread they had when they took the items before had vanished."
  344. [04:22] <Steve|Henry> "As if the pokemon had conveyed to them it was alright."
  345. [04:22] <Steve|Henry> "I'm still not quite sure I get it."
  346. [04:22] <@Nephene> "....maybe it was trying to understand you. How did you try to communicate?"
  347. [04:23] <Steve|Henry> "We were taken by surprise when it showed up suddenly in front of us. Norana threw some sort of globular contraption at it, and then it called forth several plants that came alive. They weren't quite pokemon..."
  348. [04:23] <Steve|Henry> "But those were the things that attacked. It suddenly healed us, however, and it picked me up and patted both me and each of our pokemon." :I
  349. [04:24] <Steve|Henry> "So to say there was communication is a bit of a... falsehood I suppose? I didn't understand much of it at all."
  350. [04:24] <Steve|Henry> "Norana or Lisa might know more."
  351. [04:24] <Steve|Henry> "Mm, that does feel quite better, thank you."
  352. 06[04:24] * @Nephene 's hands gently glide down to the lower back.
  353. 06[04:25] * Steve|Henry shivers a little bit.
  354. [04:25] <@Nephene> "Something wrong?"
  355. [04:27] <Steve|Henry> "No, it feels wonderful."
  356. 06[04:27] * @Nephene chuckles. "If you say so, Henry."
  357. [04:27] <Steve|Henry> He stretches out a little bit.
  358. [04:27] <Steve|Henry> "Do you enjoy your job, Nephene?"
  359. [04:27] <@Nephene> "I do, yes."
  360. [04:28] <@Nephene> "The smiles make everything worth it."
  361. 06[04:28] * Steve|Henry turns his head, smiling at her, then.
  362. [04:28] <@Nephene> "Finding new application for what I know,'s something I can be proud of."
  363. [04:28] <Steve|Henry> "You must be harassed to no end, though. Mm."
  364. [04:28] <@Nephene> "I....I'm used to it."
  365. [04:28] <@Nephene> "You can't make everyone happy all the time."
  366. [04:28] <@Nephene> "I just do what I can."
  367. [04:29] <Steve|Henry> "I'd say you do an excellent job of it."
  368. [04:29] <@Nephene> "Thank you."
  369. [04:29] <@Nephene> "That's....quite kind of you."
  370. 03[04:29] * Ilya is now known as Paradox
  371. [04:29] <Steve|Henry> "It's simply the truth..."
  372. [04:30] <@Nephene> "There just isn't a lot of free time in it, though."
  373. [04:30] <@Nephene> "Even whn business is slow, the inn requires my constant attention."
  374. [04:30] <@Nephene> "I just don't have enough free time."
  375. [04:30] <Steve|Henry> "You work hard for the enjoyment of others, and do it well. I just wish you had such free time. You'll worry yourself to death with the way you work yourself."
  376. [04:30] <@Nephene> "....or, enough 'me' time, really," she clarifies.
  377. [04:31] <Steve|Henry> "That's really too bad."
  378. [04:31] <Steve|Henry> "Everyone deserves time for themselves, I think."
  379. [04:31] <Steve|Henry> "You mentioned no one else being able to watch the inn except your grandfather or mother... you're not married then, I take it?"
  380. 06[04:31] * @Nephene rubs down Henry's arms, ensuring every muscle gets its fair share of attention.
  381. 06[04:32] * @Nephene laughs nervously. This was a -terribly- awkward question.
  382. [04:32] <@Nephene> "N-no, I'm not."
  383. [04:32] <Steve|Henry> "I'm sorry, I was just curious."
  384. [04:32] <@Nephene> "It's fine! Really!"
  385. 06[04:33] * Steve|Henry seems to have realized how awkward that was after he said it. :B
  386. [04:33] <Steve|Henry> "You're probably not comfortable talking of such things with people you've barely known a week, forgive me."
  387. [04:33] <Steve|Henry> "I'm just trying to imagine how I can manage to get you out of this inn for a day... There has to be some way."
  388. [04:34] <@Nephene> "It's alright." She manages a nervous chuckle. "My parents keep asking me how 'the search' is going."
  389. [04:34] <@Nephene> "Never well."
  390. [04:34] <Steve|Henry> "Ah, yes. Parents and their unceasing concern for their children. I'm sure they mean well."
  391. [04:35] <@Nephene> "They do. They know that the work here is difficult, even with the two of us."
  392. [04:35] <@Nephene> "Someone to ease things over here, to start with."
  393. [04:35] <@Nephene> "And, and they're always excited for grandchildren."
  394. [04:36] <Steve|Henry> "Good luck with whatever you decide to do, then. I feel patience is a key virtue at times."
  395. [04:36] <@Nephene> "I just feel like I literally have to wait for Mister Right to walk through that door."
  396. [04:36] <@Nephene> "I'm in no rush because there's nowhere to rush -to-."
  397. [04:36] <@Nephene> "....I'm sorry, this must be terribly boring for you."
  398. [04:36] <@Nephene> "Going on about my personal problems. I'm supposed to make you relax."
  399. [04:37] <Steve|Henry> "No, not at all. I actually feel like I'm prying a bit much, but I'm merely trying to make conversation with a new friend. I probably shouldn't ask things that distract you, though."
  400. [04:37] <Steve|Henry> "Why don't we talk about something else then? What sort of clothing did you have in mind?"
  401. [04:38] <@Nephene> "Well, distractions come with the territory."
  402. [04:38] <@Nephene> "I....don't know, really."
  403. [04:38] <@Nephene> "I never had much of a mind for fashion."
  404. [04:38] <@Nephene> "Most of my clothing is just functional. Simple, really."
  405. [04:38] <Steve|Henry> (Is she wearing a dress at the moment?)
  406. [04:38] <@Nephene> ( A very simple blue one, yes. )
  407. 06[04:39] * Steve|Henry tsks. "A shame, really. You really OUGHT to enjoy yourself sometime."
  408. [04:39] <@Nephene> "I should."
  409. 06[04:40] * Steve|Henry does seem to be quite relaxed, all things aside.
  410. 06[04:41] * @Nephene moves the massage back inward after finishing with the fingers - the spine requires the most attention, after all.
  411. [04:41] <Steve|Henry> Depending on how much an aura can reveal, Nephene might notice Henry enjoys this part the most.
  412. [04:41] <@Nephene> "....maybe I could have helped back there."
  413. [04:42] <@Nephene> "I mean, if I was there."
  414. [04:42] <Steve|Henry> "Maybe? Nonsense."
  415. [04:42] <Steve|Henry> "There is no maybe. You WOULD have, I'm sure of it."
  416. [04:42] <@Nephene> "Have you heard of Aura?"
  417. [04:42] <Steve|Henry> "Aura... hm, yes, actually."
  418. [04:42] <Steve|Henry> "It's the force that allows Bernard to speak."
  419. [04:42] <@Nephene> "It's also a measure of intent."
  420. [04:43] <@Nephene> "It probably would have smoothed over the situation with that creature."
  421. [04:43] <Steve|Henry> "That definitely would have been handy today."
  422. 03[04:43] * Paradox is now known as Chicagodox
  423. [04:43] <@Nephene> "I mean, as long as it's alive, it should have an Aura."
  424. [04:43] <Steve|Henry> "Lisa seemed... extremely distressed about it."
  425. [04:43] <Steve|Henry> "As soon as she saw it. I'm not sure quite why."
  426. [04:44] <@Nephene> "More to it than you realized?"
  427. [04:44] <Steve|Henry> "Perhaps so... she claims to be a fortune teller. If that's true, she probably has a wonderous power to sense things."
  428. [04:46] <Steve|Henry> "I must say I'm a bit jealous of all the talented people around this village."
  429. [04:46] <@Nephene> "Interesting." With that, she finishes her work at the top of the spine - and the massage as a whole.
  430. [04:46] <@Nephene> "Well, you're a talented man among talented people."
  431. [04:47] <Steve|Henry> "Why do you say that?" he sits up, covering himself with his towel, still smiling. "I'm just a simple tailor. Perhaps I can learn a decent skill, but for now everything is conjecture."
  432. [04:48] <@Nephene> "A great tailor can attract people, certainly. A popularity boost is just what this little town needs."
  433. [04:48] <Steve|Henry> "Hah. I can certainly try."
  434. [04:48] <@Nephene> "And that's not your only trade!"
  435. [04:48] <Steve|Henry> "It's true, I am a photographer as well. But such a thing isn't as essential as crafting clothing..."
  436. [04:49] <Steve|Henry> "And I still have not learned every nuance of the craft as such I was telling you about last time."
  437. [04:49] <@Nephene> "I'm sure you will in time."
  438. [04:50] <@Nephene> "It's a useful skill if you can use them to teach wonderful things."
  439. 06[04:50] * Steve|Henry nods. "I plan on doing so. In time, yes."
  440. [04:50] <Steve|Henry> "Imperia was not founded in a day, after all."
  441. [04:51] <@Nephene> "Right. We'll succeed, with enough time."
  442. [04:52] <@Nephene> "That should do for now, though."
  443. [04:53] <Steve|Henry> "...and I feel I must apologize again for overstepping my bounds earlier. That, and apologizing twice for I must overstep them again. Please do not be offended if I say that I do find you a striking woman, and I surely believe you will find your Mr. Right someday."
  444. [04:54] <@Nephene> "Ah, well...."
  445. [04:54] <@Nephene> "....thank you."
  446. [04:54] <@Nephene> "Thank you very much."
  447. 06[04:54] * Steve|Henry nods.
  448. 06[04:55] * @Nephene smiles, and gets back to work putting things away.
  449. [04:55] <Steve|Henry> "I'll look forward to your visit tomorrow. I've already something in mind... I'll have to think of how I'll implement it, the rest of the night.
  450. 06[04:55] * Steve|Henry smiles back and goes to get his clothes back on.
  451. [04:55] <@Nephene> "I look forward to it. See you in the morning, Henry."
  452. [04:56] <Steve|Henry> "Indeed. Good night, Nephene. Thank you very much for the massage. Just as wonderful as before, and money well spent."
  453. [04:56] <@Nephene> "Glad to hear it. Come back anytime."
  454. 06[04:56] * Steve|Henry gets dressed and heads out of the room.
  455. 06[04:57] * Steve|Henry bids goodnight to Barkeep as well.
  456. 03[05:01] * Iona ( has joined #LazingSlaking
  457. 06[05:01] * @Nephene washes her hands and returns to the counter.
  458. 06[05:04] * Iona throws open the door and wanders in. :D
  459. [05:04] <@Nephene> "Oh, my."
  460. [05:04] <@Nephene> "A new face!"
  461. [05:05] <@Nephene> "Always good to see. Welcome to the Lazing Slaking."
  462. [05:05] <Iona> "Evening! Is this where they serve the sweet things?"
  463. 03[05:05] * DamienLunas is now known as Barkeep
  464. [05:05] <@Nephene> "Sweet? Um..."
  465. [05:05] <@Nephene> "We have some juices."
  466. [05:05] <@Nephene> "And fizzy drinks."
  467. [05:05] <@Nephene> "Not much in the way of candy here, though."
  468. [05:06] <Iona> "Fizzy?"
  469. 06[05:06] * Barkeep smiles, "If you're looking for something sweet to drink I have a few things you might like. Have a seat if it pleases you."
  470. 06[05:06] * Iona tilts her head to one side.
  471. [05:06] <Iona> "Um, okay!"
  472. 06[05:06] * Iona plops down on one of the stools at the bar.
  473. [05:07] <@Nephene> "Who might you be?"
  474. [05:08] <Iona> "I'm Iona! Miss Raven and Miss Maka and Mr. Rockfist and Mr. Alex told me about this place."
  475. [05:08] <@Nephene> "Iona?"
  476. [05:08] <@Nephene> "Raven actually mentioned you!"
  477. [05:08] <@Nephene> "She is....oh dear."
  478. [05:08] <@Nephene> "She's actually -looking- for you."
  479. [05:09] <Barkeep> "Nice to meet you anyway, Miss Iona."
  480. [05:09] <@Nephene> "She even said she'd be gone for days if that what it would take to find you."
  481. [05:09] <Iona> "But why? It's not like I was going anywhere. D:"
  482. [05:10] <@Nephene> "It hasn't even been an hour since she left."
  483. [05:10] <Iona> "Well uh maybe she'll come back?"
  484. [05:10] <@Nephene> "Maybe! She's pretty driven, though."
  485. [05:11] <Iona> "Hmmm. Driven."
  486. 06[05:11] * Iona looks thoughtful.
  487. [05:11] <@Nephene> "Once she puts her mind to something, it's really hard to shake it off."
  488. [05:12] <Iona> "Driven driven driven...Put brakes on her?"
  489. [05:12] <@Nephene> "Um?"
  490. 06[05:12] * Barkeep chuckles
  491. [05:12] <@Nephene> "Not quite what I meant."
  492. [05:12] <Barkeep> "Have you any particular tastes, Miss Iona?"
  493. [05:13] <Iona> "Hmm. I like sweet things and I don't like eating fish."
  494. [05:13] <Iona> "So don't serve me any fish, okay? >:"
  495. [05:13] <Barkeep> "No fish, I promise."
  496. [05:14] <Barkeep> "But would you like something alcoholic?"
  497. [05:14] <@Nephene> "Curiouser and curiouser."
  498. [05:14] <Iona> "Sure, why not? :D"
  499. [05:15] <Barkeep> (hnnn.)
  500. [05:16] <Barkeep> "How about a sex on the beach?"
  501. 06[05:16] * Iona splutters.
  502. 03[05:16] * Garlyle is now known as Arawn
  503. [05:16] <Iona> "W-wh-what sort of girl do you think I am? That's really really really rude."
  504. [05:16] <@Nephene> "That's....the name of a drink, actually."
  505. [05:17] <Barkeep> "Yes, it's a cocktail."
  506. [05:17] <@Nephene> "It's a very -silly- name, yes, but it's a drink, I assure you!"
  507. [05:18] <Iona> "Still, I don't think I want one. How about something without a weird name like that?"
  508. [05:18] <Barkeep> "Hmm..."
  509. [05:18] <Iona> "I mean, you probably wouldn't want to have sex on the beach anyway, since there's sand everywhere and I bet it'd get into places."
  510. 06[05:18] * Iona shudders.
  511. [05:18] <Barkeep> "How about a Pina Colada?"
  512. 06[05:18] * @Nephene chuckles. "Very true."
  513. [05:19] <Tristan_Vernon> (lol)
  514. [05:19] <Iona> "That sounds okay, I think."
  515. [05:20] <@Nephene> "It's mostly made up of pineapple juice, so I hope it's sweet enough for you."
  516. 03[05:20] * castfromhp is now known as castfromsleep
  517. 06[05:20] * Barkeep pours together some coconut cream, pineapple juice, and white rum into a cup with crushed ice and garnishes it with a cherry and pineapple wedge.
  518. [05:21] <Iona> "I like pineapple! They're hard to get open, though. I usually have to bang them against a rock a few times. Like an Oshawott!"
  519. 01[05:21] <Trevor> ( . . . Wut? )
  520. 06[05:21] * @Nephene attempts to parse those statements, and gets two possibilities, one of which is highly disturbing.
  521. [05:21] <Barkeep> "Heh, coconuts as well. This has a bit of coconut cream in it as well, so I think you'll enjoy the lack of hassle. Here you go, Enjoy."
  522. [05:22] <@Nephene> " an Oshawott bangs pineapples against rocks, right?"
  523. [05:22] <Barkeep> (you gotta get those oshawotts open somehow.)
  524. [05:22] <Iona> "Well, Oshawott are more into eating Shellder, I think. I've never seen one eat a pineapple."
  525. 06[05:23] * Iona takes a sip of the drink.
  526. [05:23] <Barkeep> (oh god ; ;)
  527. [05:23] <Iona> "Hmmm."
  528. [05:23] <@Nephene> "Wouldn't the scalchops work for cutting things open?"
  529. [05:23] <Steve|Henry> (And you don't bang pineapples anyway its coconuts D=)
  530. [05:23] <Iona> "Hmmmm. Maybe? I don't have scalchops though."
  531. [05:23] <Iona> (you do if you don't have any other way to get them open ;_;)
  532. 06[05:24] * Iona takes another sip.
  533. [05:25] <Barkeep> "How does it taste?"
  534. [05:25] <Iona> "Mmm! It's good! Really good!"
  535. 06[05:26] * Iona wobbles a bit.
  536. [05:26] <Iona> "Really really good!"
  537. [05:27] <Barkeep> "Well I'm glad you like it."
  538. [05:28] <Iona> "But do you know what would totally make it more awesome?"
  539. [05:28] <Barkeep> "What's that?"
  540. [05:29] <Iona> "Add in some seawater. Yeah. that would make it taste...taste way better."
  541. [05:29] <@Nephene> ".....seawater."
  542. [05:29] <@Nephene> "Make it salty?"
  543. [05:29] <Iona> "Yep!"
  544. [05:30] <@Nephene> "Um....interesting."
  545. [05:30] <Iona> "You should totally do that."
  546. [05:30] <Barkeep> "Hmm... if you finish up that one, I'll see what I can do for the next."
  547. [05:31] <Iona> "Mmmhmm!"
  548. 06[05:31] * Iona starts chugging the pina colada.
  549. [05:31] <Tristan_Vernon> (BTW if you need any bartendingy advice, feel free to ask.)
  550. [05:32] <Arawn> There's the sound of the door opening, and Arawn drags himself in, looking irate as heck and with his prized scythe strapped across his back. And with a moderate grumbling, takes a seat at the bar.
  551. 06[05:32] * Iona looks up and waves with enthusiasm. "Come on over, whoever you are. He's making PINA COLADAS."
  552. [05:35] <Barkeep> "Rough day?"
  553. [05:35] <Arawn> "...Pass me a virgin, then," Arawn grumbles, planting an elbow on the bar and leaning on it.
  554. 03[05:35] * Steve|Henry is now known as Kain
  555. [05:36] <Barkeep> "Allright then."
  556. [05:37] <Iona> "That's rude. You're rude. >:"
  557. 06[05:37] * Barkeep makes one virgin pina colada, and one with the rim coated in sea salt.
  558. 06[05:37] * Barkeep smiles, "A virgin drink means one without alcohol, Miss Iona."
  559. [05:37] <@Nephene> ", hello."
  560. [05:37] <@Nephene> "Don't see you around often."
  561. [05:38] <Barkeep> (he's lived here for six years though :o)
  562. [05:38] <Arawn> "...I need something to cool my head is all, and it's too late to head up the mountain," he grumbles.
  563. [05:38] <Arawn> (You still don't see Arawn often)
  564. [05:38] <Arawn> And then he turns to Iona. "...And hi to you too."
  565. [05:38] <Iona> "....Still, you shouldn't just give people virgins, even if they ask for them."
  566. [05:39] <@Nephene> " Need anything else?"
  567. [05:39] <Iona> "Hmmm."
  568. [05:39] <Iona> "Not really. :D"
  569. [05:39] <Barkeep> "Here you go then."
  570. [05:40] <Barkeep> "One Virgin Pina Colada, and one Salted Pina Colada."
  571. [05:41] <Arawn> "...If you happen to have something to eat that'd be nice too."
  572. 06[05:41] * Iona nods in appreciation and starts drinking.
  573. [05:42] <Iona> "...This is terrible. >:"
  574. [05:42] <@Nephene> "Sure. What would you like, Arawn?"
  575. 03[05:42] * Trevor is now known as Ricki
  576. [05:43] <Barkeep> "Really now?"
  577. [05:43] <Barkeep> "I'm sorry to hear that. I'll try to come up with a better idea for you next time."
  578. [05:43] <Iona> "Yeah. The salt really disrupts the flavor of the whatever and doesn't let it form a harmonious whole."
  579. 06[05:43] * Iona nods a few times, the decorations in her hair flapping along.
  580. [05:44] <Tristan_Vernon> (Salted Rim. Not salt in the drink.)
  581. [05:44] <Tristan_Vernon> (Just an FYI.)
  582. [05:44] <Iona> (yep, and iona has no idea what she's talking about, fyi)
  583. [05:45] <Arawn> "I think for once I'm not feeling picky enough. Surprise me."
  584. [05:45] <@Nephene> "Hm....."
  585. 06[05:46] * @Nephene mulls over it for a bit before opting to cook some rice. Meanwhile, she reaches for some red curry powder.
  586. 06[05:46] * Arawn saying he's not feeling picky is a highly surprising statement from him
  587. [05:46] <Iona> "So, who are you, anyway?" Iona turns her attention to Arawn.
  588. [05:47] <Arawn> "...I could ask the same of you. But I guess I was asked first..." he finally takes a sip of his virgin girly drink. "I'm Arawn. I'm a craftsman."
  589. [05:48] <Iona> "My name's Iona and I'm a...Hmm."
  590. [05:48] <Iona> "I'm an adventurer!"
  591. 06[05:50] * Ricki waddles into the bar; his entrance might not exactly go unnoticed due to the difficulty he has with the concept of "Push vs. Pull", though thankfully he doesn't end up ripping the door out or anything horrible like that.
  592. [05:50] <Arawn> "Oh. Well, if you happen to need equipment, that's my job, so--oh for chrissakes," Arawn doesn't even have to look over, his head just hits the bar on automatic.
  593. [05:51] <Iona> "You okay?" Poke poke.
  594. [05:51] <Arawn> muttered: "Incoming trouble in three, two, one..."
  595. 06[05:52] * Iona shrugs, and goes back to her pina colada.
  596. [05:54] <Iona> "So, uh, what sort of things do you take as payment around here?"
  597. 01[05:54] <Ricki> His gaze immediately turns towards the first shiny thing in the room... Which is most likely Arawn's scythe. "Hai again!" He waves his left hand as he approaches Arawn, though that wave doesn't take long to turn into a grabbing motion for the scythe.
  598. [05:55] <Barkeep> "Umm... Cash is preferred."
  599. [05:55] <Arawn> "Ricki, don't you even think about it."
  600. 06[05:57] * Iona starts fishing around in the pockets of the poncho she's wearing. "Lessee what I've got here~"
  601. 06[05:57] * @Nephene turns around briefly at the sudden rise in activity, but returns to quickly dicing up vegetables for the curry.
  602. 01[05:58] <Ricki> "But it's... It's... So..." He's pretty visibly torn over it, reaching out to grab it ever so slowly, if not hesitantly.
  603. [05:58] <@Nephene> Ingredients pass over the table quickly. Cocunut milk, lime leaves, pastes, sauces, powders, chilies, cooked vegetables....
  604. [05:58] <Iona> "Ha! There!" Iona slams a handfull of something green and crinkly on the counter.
  605. [05:59] <Iona> "Another one for the house!"
  606. [05:59] <Barkeep> "I'm afraid that's seaweed, Ma'am."
  607. [05:59] <Iona> "Sure is."
  608. [05:59] <Arawn> "I will hurt you if you lay a single dirty finger on Red Harvest, Ricki."
  609. [06:00] <Barkeep> "I'm sorry, but seaweed isn't really acceptable currency here... and I don't think it's quite of equal value either."
  610. [06:00] <@Nephene> " something the matter, sir?"
  611. [06:01] <Iona> "Well, uhm. Let's see what else."
  612. [06:01] <Iona> Iona continues rummaging through her pockets. "...How about shells? I hear you can sell them by the seashore."
  613. [06:01] <Barkeep> "We haven't got one, just a lake."
  614. 06[06:02] * @Nephene sets a steaming plate of red vegetable curry set over a bed of white rice in front of Arawn.
  615. [06:02] <@Nephene> "It has a kick to it, so I hope you don't mind."
  616. [06:02] <Iona> (there's a beach too)
  617. 01[06:03] <Ricki> Ricki's pretty much this close to touching Red Harvest, but thankfully gets distracted by the other exchange of conversation, and peers his head over Arawn's shoulder to look. "Wha'cha doin?"
  618. [06:03] <Barkeep> (is ther a beach?)
  619. [06:03] <Barkeep> (I thought there wasn't)
  620. [06:03] <Barkeep> (in that case)
  621. [06:03] <Barkeep> "Sorry, but not by ours it seems."
  622. [06:03] <Barkeep> "If... you're finding yourself unable to make payment, I suppose you could wash the dishes."
  623. [06:04] <Iona> "Man, what sort of people don't even take seashells. :C"
  624. [06:04] <Arawn> "Eating. Or about to," he sighs, staring down at the food for a moment. "...It'll do, I guess," and with that unflattering comment, starts eating.
  625. [06:05] <@Nephene> "...oh, dear."
  626. [06:06] <Iona> (man arawn, you a dick)
  627. [06:06] <Barkeep> "I'm sorry, Ma'am. But we don't take seashells or seaweed as currency here."
  628. [06:06] <Arawn> Between bites, he looks up to Iona. "...Seashells?"
  629. [06:06] <Iona> "Sure. You find them by the seashore."
  630. 06[06:06] * Iona holds one up.
  631. 01[06:06] <Ricki> (That wasn't even addressed to him :p But he was irked and already talking to Ricki)
  632. 01[06:07] <Ricki> Ricki's gaze is instantly drawn towards the seashell. Still a bit too far into Arawn's personal space, he lets out a large "Oooooh~" as he stares.
  633. [06:08] <Barkeep> "Sorry ma'am... but I really don't think you'll find anyone in this city who will accept sea shells as currency."
  634. [06:08] <Arawn> "...Ricki, you smell like sewers, back off--hey, I will."
  635. 06[06:09] * Iona leanawayfromRicki.jpg
  636. 01[06:09] <Ricki> ( . . . Damnit why you do that? )
  637. [06:09] <Iona> (because he's eying her treasure >:)
  638. [06:11] <Iona> "See? That guy over there knows what they're worth."
  639. [06:11] <Iona> "I think."
  640. 01[06:11] <Ricki> "No I don't... I was only in there some..." He starts trying what may appear to be an attempt to count on his fingers, but it looks more like randomly flailing digits. "It wasn't that long ago I fell in, silly."
  641. 01[06:11] <Ricki> ( It wasn't that soon* Derp )
  642. 06[06:12] * @Nephene quickly attempts to change the subject. "How's the food?"
  643. [06:12] <Arawn> "You still smell miserable, get away from me," he grumbles, and then looks back to Iona. "Well, if they're good--" he turns to look at Nephenee... and shrugs. "You're getting better."
  644. [06:12] <Arawn> ...That's not his normal answer at all.
  645. 06[06:12] * Barkeep grins.
  646. [06:13] <Iona> "Of course they're good."
  647. 01[06:13] <Ricki> It doesn't take long for Ricki's gaze to re-adjust itself on the seashell, though. "That thingy you got... It's pretty," pointing towards the seashell as he makes his comment.
  648. [06:14] <@Nephene> "Um, thanks."
  649. [06:14] <@Nephene> This isn't working.
  650. [06:14] <Arawn> Arawn reverts his focus back to the seashell. "...It's... not bad. Hm."
  651. [06:15] <Arawn> "...You got more?"
  652. [06:16] <Iona> "Er, thank you, I guess?"
  653. [06:16] <@Nephene> "The curry?"
  654. [06:16] <@Nephene> "Or the seashell?"
  655. 06[06:16] * @Nephene is confused, but knows enough to see that this won't end well.
  656. [06:17] <Arawn> "...the seashell."
  657. 06[06:18] * Barkeep looks at him a little confused.
  658. [06:19] <@Nephene> ", sir," she says to Ricki.
  659. [06:19] <@Nephene> "Do you need anything?" Anything to stop the ticking time bomb.
  660. [06:19] <Barkeep> "Yes, is there anything we can get you, Sir?"
  661. 06[06:20] * Arawn leans over to get a better look at the seashell.
  662. [06:20] <Iona> "Well, uh. Here you go? Trade you for whatever sort of money that guy over there takes."
  663. 06[06:20] * Iona pushes it closer.
  664. [06:21] <Barkeep> (Ahh, a hunter, I see.)
  665. 01[06:22] <Ricki> ". . ." Ricki turns over towards Barkeep and Nephene, seemingly lost in thought for a while, before finally...
  666. 06[06:22] * Arawn wipes his hands on a napkin or cloth or something and takes the seashell to give it a good look. "Hm. Not bad at all. It's not -great-, but... what's your name anyway?"
  667. 01[06:22] <Ricki> "Got any apple juice?"
  668. [06:23] <Barkeep> "As a matter of fact, yes we do."
  669. [06:24] <@Nephene> "Plenty, in fact."
  670. 06[06:24] * @Nephene breathes a sigh of relief.
  671. [06:24] <Iona> "I'm Iona. Didn't I tell you that?"
  672. 06[06:25] * Ricki does a little motion that's kinda like 'Score!' You could also see there's some kind of relief now that he's not thinking nearly as hard.
  673. [06:25] <Arawn> "...Sorry, right," he shakes his head. "Do you have more of these on you? I could probably make something out of these."
  674. [06:26] <Barkeep> (... oh wow ricki's only 14)
  675. [06:26] <Tristan_Vernon> (Wait, Anise, Dox hasnt told you how much money you have yet? O_o)
  676. [06:26] <Barkeep> (that... oh god. OH GOD.)
  678. [06:27] <Tristan_Vernon> (What log?)
  679. [06:27] <Iona> (Dox told me I didn't start with any money :3c)
  680. [06:27] <Tristan_Vernon> (lol)
  681. [06:27] <Tristan_Vernon> (Wow. Im even less broke than you.)
  682. [06:27] <Barkeep> (brb crying in the corner.)
  683. [06:27] <Tristan_Vernon> (What is dis log you speak of?)
  684. [06:27] <Barkeep> (you don't wanna know ; ;)
  685. 01[06:27] <Ricki> ( Blame Gents )
  686. [06:29] <Iona> (oh shitcocks, that log?)
  687. [06:30] <@Nephene> "Out of seashells? Like what?"
  688. [06:30] <Arawn> (I'm already starting to get pressed for time as is D: )
  689. [06:30] <Tristan_Vernon> (Wtf is this log you speak of?)
  690. [06:31] <Barkeep> (Someone... just explain... or link)
  691. [06:31] <Arawn> Like... a good necklace. I think they're a little fragile to be used as plating... well, maybe not. Hm." He starts tilting his head, inspecting. "If you've got a couple more like this... I'll cover your tab"
  692. 01[06:31] <Ricki> "I think he could make one of those pretty... Pretty..." He's tugging at his neck sorta, trying to verbalize the word, but it's just not coming quite yet.
  693. 01[06:32] <Ricki> "Yea, that thing! What he said!" He points towards Arawn, again way too close in his personal space.
  694. [06:32] <Iona> "Sure~" Iona turns her pockets inside out. Oh dear lord that's a lot of sand all over the counter.
  695. [06:32] <Tristan_Vernon> (;_;)
  696. [06:33] <@Nephene> "Oh, dear."
  697. [06:33] <Arawn> "Ricki. I told you to back up," Arawn growls at him, as he sets it back down and starts eating and -- well that's a mess but he quickly catches on and shields his food from the attack.
  698. 06[06:34] * Barkeep hands marcel a tiny broom and a dustpan and puts him down near the pile of sand to sweep it up.
  699. 06[06:35] * Iona picks out the seashells from the little pile of sand and passes them over to Arawn.
  700. [06:35] <Arawn> Arawn resumes eating idly with one hand, wiping the other clean again before beginning to inspect the shells. "...Yeah. These... Barkeep, I'll cover her tonight."
  701. [06:36] <@Nephene> "Two mixed drinks means 200 for Iona, and a meal and a mixed drink is 300....."
  702. [06:36] <Barkeep> "That's generous of you, sir."
  703. [06:37] <Iona> "Thank you, mister. :D"
  704. [06:37] <Iona> "If you ever need me to hunt for treasure for you, I will~"
  705. [06:38] <Arawn> "...Careful. I will take you up on that."
  706. 01[06:38] <Ricki> Ricki backs away from Arawn this time, though he does watch intently as Iona's hand goes back and forth, transferring the shells.
  707. [06:38] <@Nephene> "So much for planning a last call."
  708. [06:39] <Arawn> "...I'm just about done myself, don't worry," Arawn is finishing the drink off finally.
  709. [06:39] <Iona> "I'm done!"
  710. 06[06:40] * @Nephene nods.
  711. 06[06:40] * Iona awkwardly slides down from the stool and wobbles a bit.
  712. 01[06:40] <Ricki> "Got any more of those?"
  713. [06:41] <Iona> "Not at the moment, no."
  714. 03[06:42] * Henry|Steve ( has joined #LazingSlaking
  715. 06[06:43] * Ricki 's face pretty much flips upside down. "Aaawww... But they're so pretty!"
  716. [06:43] <Iona> "I'm...sorry?"
  717. [06:43] <Arawn> Arawn finishes off the food, stretching out and collecting the seashells, tucking them into a pouch he had with him, before digging out some cash for Barkeep and Nephenee. "Here."
  718. 02[06:43] * Kain ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  719. [06:43] <Barkeep> "Thank you, Sir."
  720. [06:44] <Barkeep> "You have a nice night."
  721. [06:44] <@Nephene> "Thank you very much. Come back soon, Arawn."
  722. [06:45] <Arawn> "Yeah, yeah..." he shrugs, and looks back to Nephene. "Also? I was expecting spicier." And this is why Arawn makes people sad.
  723. 06[06:45] * @Nephene sighs. "I'll be sure to add more chilis next time."
  724. [06:46] <Arawn> "...See ya," he adds at the end, almost like an afterthought, and heads out.
  725. [06:46] <Iona> "I should probably be going too. It's late and I wanted to take Aina for a walk."
  726. 06[06:46] * Iona holds up her Finneon, who blinks.
  727. 03[06:46] * Arawn is now known as Garlyle
  728. 01[06:47] <Ricki> "Do you know where more-- Ooh, fishy!"
  729. [06:49] <Iona> "So I'll be leaving now. Thanks for the pineapples!"
  730. 06[06:49] * Ricki 's head and body move about in all sorts of interesting manners as he looks at the fish.
  731. [06:49] <Iona> Aina staaares.
  732. [06:49] <Barkeep> "All right then."
  733. [06:50] <Barkeep> "As for you son, that was the last call. You about ready to head out now?"
  734. [06:50] <@Nephene> Amon growls.
  735. [06:51] <@Nephene> "Don't worry about them. Arawn's always like that, and Ricki and Iona mean well."
  736. [06:51] <@Nephene> "Come on, Ammy. Let's clean up and head to bed."
  737. 01[06:51] <Ricki> Ricki's far too interested in the fish. "That's a really cool looking fishy."
  738. [06:52] <Iona> "Thank you. She's my awesome best friend ever!"
  739. 06[06:53] * @Nephene exhales, and cleans out the empty glasses and plates from the counter.
  740. [06:53] <Barkeep> "Hey boy, don't forget to pay. That's 50 gold for you, son."
  741. 01[06:54] <Ricki> "Best friend? I got one of those, too!" (And you bastards never even gave me the apple juice :p)
  742. [06:54] <Barkeep> (we so did.)
  743. [06:55] <Barkeep> (and if not WE'RE TIRED)
  744. 06[06:55] * Iona heads out oh god I'm tired.
  745. 03[06:55] * Giantree ( has joined #LazingSlaking
  746. 01[06:56] <Ricki> He goes to run out real quick, but "Oh, there he is!" Pointing across the street, you can see a little mole with a red clown nose thingy. "That's Button!" Ricki's then scrounging through his pockets, not even noticing Iona has left if she does so before he got Button. So oblivious.
  747. 01[06:57] <Ricki> Eventually he springs out some money, though it looks a bit more than the 50 Poke charged.
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