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Jan 27th, 2020
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  1. Regardless if it’s true or not
  2. A fabricated event will also cause stock market, supermarket runs, travel restrictions, shortages & everything that comes w it
  4. All traders are taking about on stocktwits (tweeter for stocks) is this virus
  5. Wall St is scared = sell
  6. Quote Tweet
  9. How am I supposed to not be skeptical of what is going on in Wuhan when . . . . .
  10. Last night, as of 2 AM CST, Wuhan airport had over 100 incoming and outgoing flights scheduled over a relatively short time period (about six hours?) Scroll down to the flight aware link to see what I am talking about, and what is scheduled now.
  11. Additionally, including planes not leaving or arriving at Wuhan, Wuhan's airspace had 53 aircraft over it at 2 AM CST also. Flight Aware looked like chaos.
  13. THERE IS NO LOCKDOWN ON WUHAN. IF THERE WAS, THE PLANES WOULD NOT BE FLYING, TAKING OFF, AND LANDING THERE. Furthermore, flight aware clearly shows that the same planes that landed are subsequently taking off with new passengers. FIGURE THAT.
  15. That said, just in case there really is something going on with a virus, get your GAS MASK now, not just a paper mouth cover, plus a pair of work goggles. See the report down the page a ways, if anything is really happening you need a gas mask not just a cough cover. A perfect setup will cost less than $20 if you get lucky, one that costs $35 ought to be easy to find
  17. We are going to know for sure if this was all a hoax on Monday Night, when (if) Diez en punto shows the hospital still being built with appropriate progress.
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