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  1. My plan is to make a Commandos 2/Metal Gear Solid-style stealth game with a diverse playable cast that you must use to solve "puzzles", including an Irish Green Beret Snake stand-in (who is more like Snake but with an Irish accent and less gruff than the Commandos 2 Green Beret), a younger handsomer French spy who vaguely resembles Sean Connery, and a Russian sniper. The camera will be classic MGS top-down with updated MGSV controls for aiming, knocking out, and tying up enemies. The music (which I can make in Ableton) will be a combination of 40s swing and disco beats for the action scenes, and low-key feels numbers after absurd non-sequiter moments like the MGS3 ladder scene or the return from Guarma in RDR2. It will have a campy Japanese tone similar to MGS3, DMC, Bayonetta, Deadly Premonition, or RE7. I'm attempting to do a Western interpretation of Japanese quirkiness. Hitler will appear as the leader of an Ocelot Unit-style boss battle with his SS bodyguard with a mood and music akin to video-related.
  3. I'm going to use UE4 and I'm getting loans from my grandmother. There is no other style of game I want to make. As I said, I'll be working on it constantly since I'm mostly bored of video games now.
  5. I've never made a game before but have been looking at tutorials for UE4. The "puzzles" I talked about are environmental guard puzzles similar to Commandos 2, where you must use a variety of different tools and characters to subdue guards and for example, the French spy is the only character that can use disguises to distract guards or enter restricted areas in order to scout ahead. There's going to be a Marine similar to Commandos, but I haven't figured out his character yet - I don't want to make him too similar to the Commandos Marine. I can do music and code. I said I would have to hire an artist down the line.
  7. ALSO, I will probably be approved for disability and since I'm living at my mom's for free, all the money will go towards developing this.
  9. Basically, I'm combining everything that makes me who I am. I'm not into 2d, so that got thrown out even though it would be an easier route. I like Justice's (the band) electro disco music, and I like my movies and video games campy, but I like perfectly-timed respites from the absurdities like the MGS3 ladder scene, or the return from the non-sequiter Guarma from RDR2. Making any other game would just discourage me.
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  13. I've been given the freedom to work on this project for 8-16 hour days, and can make do on absolutely everything but the character models and some voice acting. Anyone want to join a forward-thinking project?
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