Captain Thunder-Thighs (Loud Verse General Thicc Kid Fic)

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  1. >"Thunder-thighs!"
  2. >An insult spewed by that nasty Pingry girl.
  3. >One that hurts.
  4. >Even if she never lets that blonde bitch see it.
  5. >...
  6. >One could say puberty was kind to Naomi.
  7. >Naomi would say otherwise.
  8. >She might have been happy with just the bust growing.
  9. >She isn't happy with how her hips widened.
  10. >Or much meat her legs had.
  11. >Don't get started on her butt.
  12. >Cecilia's little squadron mocked her for it all.
  13. >Naomi knew a little too well how boys saw her
  14. >If she were more like her mom she might be content with what the boys thought.
  15. >Alas, she isn't her mother.
  16. >She's not so generous with her body...
  17. >...
  18. >Naomi knew better than to talk with her mom about it.
  19. >She'd tell her the girls teasing her just envied her.
  20. >Tell her she should "work it" for some boy.
  21. >Or boys.
  22. >Naomi loved the woman. Loved her so much she'd give an organ no questions asked.
  23. >But she wasn't blind to how she really was.
  24. >Or her past.
  25. >...
  26. >She was sitting in her room reading though a quick magazine she got at a Flip's.
  27. >Mixam Magazine.
  28. >One of their "Hottest Alive" issues.
  29. >Beautiful women.
  30. >Without thunder-thighs.
  31. >She might look into diets and exercise too.
  32. >All so she can be happy with her body, it looks like.
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