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  1.     Women tend to reach higher BAC levels more quickly than men, because they tend to weigh less, have less water in their body, and they have less of an enzyme in the stomach that breaks down alcohol.
  3.     Alcohol advertising targets men and women differently and does not generally show the negative side of drinking in high risk ways. Ads influence how and how much alcohol is consumed.
  5.     Activities that can cause your BAC to rise quickly include playing drinking games, chugging, doing shots, and pre-gaming before going out.
  7.     After the first few drinks, people often report feeling in a "good mood", partially because alcohol has started to effect the brain. At this point, they should slow down to avoid feeling the negative effects of alcohol.
  9.     High doses of alcohol can impair the functions of a region of the brain called the hippocampus, which plays a vital role in memory and learning.
  11.     There is compelling evidence that adolescents are at a greater risk of experiencing long-term consequences from drinking because the human brain continues to develop until people are in their mid-20's.
  13.     A person could be suffering from alcohol poisoning if he or she: 1. Is passed out or in a semiconscious state, and it is difficult to wake or make talk to you. 2. Doesn't snap out of this state, even if the person vomits. 3. Has cool, pale, bluish, or clammy skin. 4. Has abnormally slow or irregular breathing.
  15.     Many students don't drink in college or don't drink in high-risk ways. Those who do drink in high-risk ways, drink most of the alcohol consumed in college. Many students actually support stricter alcohol policies.
  17.     Alcohol is a powerful, depressant drug that can be addictive for some people.
  19.     People can avoid the negative consequences of drinking, such as alcohol poisoning, by setting a personal limit of how many drinks they will consume ahead of time, keeping track of what and how much they are drinking, and keeping their BAC well below .04%.
  21.     If you have concerns that someone is experiencing an overdose, call for help. Don’t leave the person alone, don't give the person anything to eat or drink, and never assume a person who's exhibiting real danger signs can just "sleep it off". Lay him or her on their side so they don't get sick.
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