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  1. ((Disclaimer: The characters in this are well over 18, an indisputable fact. Some are even gods who were around in ancient, ancient times. Having a different skin or being from a game doesn't change that.
  2. Also, my rule of openness to interpretation counts for this story too. The species of the fox ladies are never explicitly stated, just like the last two stories in this series and it will always apply to the stories in this series.))
  4. Foxy Amaterasu, well fed and battle-ready, was walking to lane on the new Season 5 Conquest map, looking around at all the pretty new additions and smiling. She was on Chaos side, however this was currently just a practice match. She was a little nervous because her Mommy wasn't here, but Iza knew Ama was a good girl and could handle herself while she and Fafnir were counting cash and running errands. Her brother, Susano, also had things to do that day.
  6. She looked at her minimap and saw Ratatoskr, her best friend, on the other side of the map. He wanted to be on her team but also wanted to be a tank, so he decided to be the Support, which the others found absurd, but Ama figured he could do it. Serqet, the Egyptian God of Venom, was their team's Jungler. Ama thought to herself as she recalled stories of Serqet's previous escapades. Didn't every tell me she's a massive airhead or- Ama's train of thought was cut off as she noticed something absurd: Serqet was neck-deep in the enemy jungle at their speed buff.
  8. "An ally has been slain!" The announcer called out.
  10. "Harumph. It's gonna be one of those games." Ama pouted as she stepped into lane with many crinkles. It was apparent what caused those crinkles since she had come to battle with no skirt, her heavy-duty diaper on full display. She saw that she was up against Erlang Shen, the Illustrious Sage. She found his title flattering compared to what he was actually like, he was just a boring warrior who brings his annoying dog named Cello to battle all the time. His dog was untargetable which she found frustrating, she wished it was targetable like the Norse God of Winter's dog, Kaldr except she liked Kaldr but wanted to kill this one. He could turn into a mink which she kind of liked, but that was only for seconds at a time. Apart from that, all she heard about him was that he apparently sells paper.
  12. Soon, minions spawned and arrived in lane, and Ama pushed herself up against the minions to hit them and charge her mirror. Erlang tried to dash through the wave in Mink form, but he immediately crashed into Ama, dealing damage to her but none of the minions, his dog following and assisting him.  It didn't phase her as she moved and kept hitting minions. "Hey, why were you in the way?! Get out of the way!" He shouted in his distinctly American-sounding voice. Him mistakenly hitting her caused her minions to aggro on him, dealing a lot of damage.
  14. "No!" She replied, and shot her mirror through the wave, still not hitting Erlang. He had clumsily maneuvered himself further toward Ama's side of the lane, attacking the minions which had grouped up. However, soon, Ama had out-cleared him. She began to attack him, activating her Horrific Emblem to slow him down. "I'm slyer than you think!"
  16. "No, wait! That wasn't supposed to happen, that was a fluke!" He panicked and tried to get away, but the slow and damage was too much as he forgot to finish off the archers. Soon, he fell and his respawn timer started.
  18. Ama decided to taunt him and laugh. She turned around, bent over and lifted her tail, giving her own diaper big spanks. "Pomf! Crinkle! Smack! Eheheheh." She shook her butt, enjoying herself as she celebrated getting first blood. She sighed in relief at the fact that the enemy had a bad team member too, so at least they were on even footing. She proceeded to go into the enemy Jungle towards Erlang's Blue Buff and begin to take it. Her mirror shot came off cooldown so she began using that again.
  20. She swiped her sword at the blue buff Satyrs repeatedly, lowering it's health fairly fast compared to the last map's blue buff. She idly whistled to herself as she did this. However, due to her absentmindedness and whistling, she did not hear footsteps approaching her from behind. A few seconds passed, and soon Ama felt her diaper's waistband being tugged at. "H-huh?"
  22. Before she could turn around, she suddenly felt her butt cheeks overwhelmed with liquid flowing over them, and an intensely cold, numb feeling soon kicked in. She whined as she felt her diaper growing heavy and swelling, the liquid pooling in the padding before being absorbed. Her diaper bloomped up between her thighs and sagged intensely as ice water was emptied into it. It was too much for the diaper to handle, and all at once, so water started streaming from the legholes, down her legs and into her shoes, making her entire lower body suffer from the sting of the cold. She shuddered and turned around as fast as she could, but she saw whoever had done this had vanished into bluish smoke, leaving a huge bucket empty on the ground. Her mirror now automatically shot, hitting nothing.
  24. She could hear the Satyrs dying behind her. "Heeey diaperbutt, you dropped something!" A playful female voice called out. Ama turned back around and gasped. It was another blue-haired fox lady just like her, but with 9 blue tails and in a schoolgirl uniform complete with a pleated skirt and with a low-cut shirt showing off her very huge boobs, bigger than Ama's boobs which were just huge. This was Senpai Da Ji, a Kyuubi, who had just used her teleport on the Satyrs to get behind Ama and was now holding up her blue buff. She also happened to have Kitsune Ratatoskr perched upon her shoulder.
  26. "Hey! Y-you made my diaper all soggy!" Ama said, blushing and pulling up her diaper as all the extra weight made it sag down her waist. She shivered, clenching her teeth. She didn't like getting wet with cold water, though she was glad it was mostly in her diaper instead of being dumped all over her.  "And who the fox is that On your shoulder?"
  28. She reached out and groped at Ama's diaper, squishing it with fingers and feeling how much it swelled."Nah, that looks more like something you did, super soaker! I bet you make toilets overflow just by going in them and that's why you wear those, hehe. They're so thick, but obviously not thick enough" Da Ji said."I'm Senpai Da Ji and this is my Kitsune. It's 'bring your pet to battle' day, didn't anybody tell you?" She gave Kitsune a pat on the head.
  30. Ama pushed Da Ji's hand away from her padding. "Hey! Who let you know about that?!" She snapped. "And nuh, I didn't know it was bring your pet to work day. The closest thing I have to a pet is our Support though. But, um, that doesn't matter! Just gimme back me buff!"
  32. "Nah, I already took it. Shoulda secured it better!" Da Ji dropped the buff and proceeded to slash her claws at Ama.
  34. "Gah!" Ama raised up her arms to block the hit, her sleeves oddly not torn by Da Ji's gigantic metal claws. She tried to backpedal, but the new weight under her butt caused her to misstep and lose her balance. Squish! With a thud, Ama fell onto her diaperbutt which squished it and caused more water to flow from the legholes. She gasped and scrambled to her feet, then dashed away right out of the Jungle, leaving behind a cartoonish little smoke cloud trail.
  36. Kitsune had a giggle fit at the Foxy lady's fall. "What a klutz." Da Ji said, and proceeded to go to the Mid lane as she was already a little late.
  38. "Uuugh, I thought this would be easy." Ama said, waddling back to the wave where Erlang was again. She was already feeling many ups and downs in terms of how this match was going, but felt as if she was in for a boring ride because Erlang would either die constantly or get carried by Da Ji. She had no idea that Senpai Da Ji existed and wasn't happy about it. If it wasn't enough that normal Da Ji had 9 times the tail fluff and then some, Senpai Da Ji also contested her in the anime department. Not my Senpai! She thought as she began to clear again.
  40. Erlang saw what happened to Ama's attire but didn't pay much mind, he knew she was the weirdest God around. Since he had successfully used his ability on the wave this time, he out-cleared her easily and proceeded to start boxing her. Ama started to get under her tower to avoid taking damage, but having a cold, saggy diaper to deal with slowed her down almost as much as Horrific Emblem, so she took a lot of damage on her way there. He then went to Ama's buff and took it, which she couldn't really do much about.
  42. She huffed and decided to just farm up as safely as possible, and wait for her buff to spawn again. For a while, she did a fine job of this without taking too much damage from Erlang and she calmed down more. Erlang was frequently pushed up far down the lane and attacking all the minions at once, which was helpful for him, but Ama's clear gradually got much better so it would be less of an advantage with each level she gained.
  44. 30 seconds later when the next wave arrived, Serqet called for a gank on right lane and rotated over with good timing just as Ama and Erlang were finishing up clearing. Erlang had bought potions instead of wards, so he dumbly stayed aggressive without realizing someone was about to come. Ama dashed up to him and kept him busy. "Show me the colour of your money!"
  46. "Oh, my money's magnificently gold, and I have more of it than you. Let's see what you ca-" He saw Serqet run in just as he retaliated against Ama. "What, where'd you come from? Damnit, nobody called that you were rotating!" Erlang exlaimed in dismay.
  48. Erlang's dash was on cooldown so with her speed buff Serqet could easily catch up and shoot him with her arm blades, using the madness crowd control to easily bring him just a little closer to the tower. She then grabbed him, stinging him with her scorption tail then shoving him right under the range of the tower's shots. Ama and Serqet ganged up and body-blocked him skillfully, so soon the tower killed him with Serqet getting the kill. "Haha, your vast reportoire of paper sure helped you there!" She said, doing a little spin as she started to walk towards the Blue Buff.
  50. "Yeah, that Earlong Chin guy or whatever his name was is awful cocky for how bad he is. Maybe he's just proud of his business during battle?" Ama said, following with a renewed spring in her step, which caused her diaper to slosh. The water dripping from her legholes continuously made a trail of wet patches on the ground behind her.
  52. "Boasting about that, is he? What a pity. He should pick on someone his own size, in terms of business of course, but that's not saying much. Physically, you're way bigger than him. I'm sure in more ways than one." Serqet made banter as they speedily killed the Satyrs then went to a the nearby Harpy camp.
  54. "Yeah, I just know he carries that long spear of his to compensate for something! I'm glad you noticed too." Ama said, nodding repeatedly.
  56. Serqet shifted her eyes around awkwardly as she picked up on what Ama meant. "B-bloody hell, I meant height and width. And probably muscle mass too, 'specially in the leg area. Jeez, mind abstaining from talking about your cock in battle? I didn't even know you had one."
  58. "Sowwy." Ama said with a laugh in her voice as they finished off the harpies and parted ways. She waddled close to the Jungle walls and then felt a rumble in her tummy. "Oof, so much pressure down there~" She reached under her shirt and rubbed her slightly swollen belly, enjoying the feeling of all the pressure in her gut. She paused to pull up her diaper, as it had sagged down her waist to where it was almost falling off, then parted her butt cheeks and gave a push, hoping to relieve some of the pressure inside of herself. "Pfffffffrt! Frrrppppppppt! Hahahahaah~" Her diaper rumbled and puffed out, becoming warm as she farted into it slowly, grinning as the air was permeated with her gas.
  60. She was about to walk back to lane after her relief, but suddenly she heard the distinct sound of Da Ji's ultimate. "W-wait, wha-" A chain was shot at her and caught her. She looked up over the Jungle wall and saw Da Ji again, standing atop her blue pillar which was ornately decorated with carvings of foxes. She leapt off and Ama was instantly pulled to the pillar. Da Ji quickly wrapped a chain around Ama, keeping her tied to the pillar. "Gah, Da Ji!" She huffed intensely, looking up. She was now sitting with her back against the pillar, her diaper's soggy padding firmly squished against the ground.
  62. "Hah, I found you from your trail of water drips. I knew that little water trick would work well on anyone, but I did not think about what if I were to do it to someone in diapers. Delightfully devilish, Senpai." Da Ji congratulated herself before she leaned close to Ama and sniffed. "Wow, you made quite a stink there. Letting all that out was quite a relief, right? I guess there must be more where that came from." She teased, reaching down and giving Ama's nose a quick boop. Kitsune was still with her, sitting on her shoulder in a relaxed position with his tail rubbing against her head.
  64. Ama attempted to nip Da Ji's finger unsuccessfully. "Come on, you know this is against the rules of the game! Or is it? Ugh." She struggled to get out of the chains, but wasn't strong enough to merely break them and due to the CC she couldn't use any abilities. Guuuurgle... The noise of her gut intensified.
  66. Da Ji was surprised by how loud Ama's stomach was. "Oh my, what could be in your tummy to cause such a big noise? Whatever it is, you should give up and let it all out. Oh, and I'd say this is against the rules, but the battlefield is no place for a big stinky baby, so the rules have already been broken plenty. I found it fitting to go ahead and put you in timeout." She said
  68. "Nyuuuh, lemme go! I don't wanna go potty with you around." Ama squirmed, feeling as the waste in her bowels began to shift into her rectum. "This isn't fair, if you untied me right now I would be mopping the floor with you." She whined.
  70. "I don't believe that, just because you can beat my bad teammates doesn't mean you can beat me, eheheh~ Now come on, go to the bathroom all over yourself like you're supposed to." She reached down and gave Ama's tummy a poke.
  72. This caused her to tense up. "Hhuuurgghh, not gonna potty!" She closed one eye and clenched, trying her best to hold it. FRRRRRPT! A much louder fart ripped from her butt into her diaper. She would have vocalized the onomatopoeia like she usually does, but she was too concentrated. However, within a few seconds, her clenching failed and with several more loud farts, she began to load up her diaper. Plorp! Fbbllllrmph! Splrrrrtch! "A-ahhhh..." Her padding jerked and swelled, becoming all lumpy and brown as large masses of mess were pushed into it. The diaper's crinkly, squishy material spread over the ground under her more from all that was being dropped into it.
  74. "Eeewww, what did you eat? Wow, when Cupid was alive he was more mature than you. He may have looked like a baby, but he always showed up to battle with his head on his shoulders. Tsk tsk. Meanwhile, you're huge and here you are pooping yourself~" Da Ji teased, observing as the Goddess emptied her dump into her big, babyish diaper. Kitsune took a sniff and then  suddenly placed his paws over his nose, looking disgusted but still amused.
  76. Ama was still trying to hold it, but couldn't help it as she pushed more big, doughy lumps into her soaked padding. Squuoooosh! Blooormph! She soon finished up percussively messing by pushing out a bit more, leaving her diaper a massive wreck. It was surprising that it held it all. "Mmph, I went potty. Now what are you gonna do?" She asked, sighing. She looked down and noticed she was now getting very hard from all that, her diapercrotch tenting up with her big canid cock.
  78. "Why, I'm gonna leave you to sit in it of course~ Big babies like you get to sit in their poopy diapers while the grown-ups fight for real. Hmm..." Da Ji was perplexed by the sight of Ama's tent. "Y-you have a cock? And you're getting hard from this? Wow, how weird." Kitsune was just as perplexed, tilting his head though still keeping his nostrils covered.
  80. "Yes, I have one. I know, it's interesting." She said,fidgeting with her chains and squirming more which caused her padding to smoosh against the ground. The contents were getting spread all around within the diaper, smearing up against her big butt and balls. "Grrrr, you'll pay for this!"
  82. "What, you want me to chip in for extra diapers? Those do look expensive, but I'm gonna have to decline. Bye-bye, diaperbutt." Da Ji waved goodbye to Ama and proceeded to walk away, her 9 luxurious tails swaying around behind her. She had missed a lot of farm in the time it took her to do this, but she figured it would be worth it.
  84. Ama pouted, sitting alone in her dirty diaper and waiting for her teammates to come by and get her out of it. The air around her was putrid, which she enjoyed. She had some enjoyment of this situation in general, as shown by her throbbing cock, but now was not the time.
  86. After her long time-out, her teammates finally came over to get her. Her teammates consisted of Ratatoskr and Serqet, but also Ares and Freya. Freya was in her normal role, but Ares was their Mid which was strange. She didn't have any questions about that, though, since this was a weird match to begin with. They got the chains off her. "Ammy, you're so far behind. I was worried about you!" Ratatoskr said, still wearing his diaper and tiara.
  88. "Yeah, what gives? You were idle the entire time. Are you trolling?" Freya asked, holding her magical sword over her shoulder.
  90. "Nuh, it was Da Ji. She showed up and tied me up around that pillar, it was ridiculous! Then I had to go potty and she bullied me." Ama blushed, standing up. Her diaper immediately sagged incredibly low, far par past her knees and it had gained plenty of bulk. Her legholes were all droopy, the heft of the diaper too much for it to cling to her thighs properly, so the inside of her diaper was somewhat visible. "G-guh... Can somebody hand me the belt from my backpack?" Ama had to hold up the sides of her diaper, as they felt like they were falling off. The front and back of her waistband drooped downward, partially exposing her butt cheeks and genitals.
  92. "I gotcha!" Ratatoskr jumped up onto Ama's back and climbed up, opening her fox-themed backpack and grabbing the belt from it then closing it. He handed it to her, and she tightened it up around her waist which successfully held her diaper in place. "That diaper is so big and stinky, mmmph~ Can we have a playdate after battle, please?"
  94. "Sure thing, Rata, but we gotta get revenge first! We have rivals. It was another anime fox lady, and she also had a companion that looks just like you, except he was a lil' Kitsune! What a coincidence." Ama said, taking a step which caused her diaper to sway and jiggle.
  96. "So they played dirty, huh? What better way to get back at them than to give them a taste of their own medicine?" Serqet said, standing tall and smirking.
  98. "All's fair in love and war." Ares said. They couldn't see his face due to it being dark under his helmet, but was smirking too.
  100. "Yeah, we'll teach them a lesson about that! Let's go get caught up in farm then group up." Ama said, and turned around to waddle off. They nodded and parted ways until later.
  102. About 10 minutes passed, and they all went back to base before grouping up and going through the Jungle as a team. In the meantime, Ratatoskr had messed his diaper a good amount. He used a Sentry Ward on the Gold Fury to see if the enemy placed any wards there, and there didn't seem to be any so they decided to try and sneakily kill it for the team-wide gold and experience award. Their ward coverage of this side of the map was good in general, so they saw the enemy team approaching on their minimap. "Looks like we're going to fight them over this. That's cool, but inconvenient!" Ares said, as his Ultimate was on cooldown due to having a 2v2 fight a little bit ago where both of the people he intended to pull had used their beads to get away from it.
  104. "Wow, Rata, nice job going potty~ Uh, guys, do you think we can fight this? I'm still a little behind, and I don't have any time for a change." Ama said, her diaper still weighing her down.
  106. "I'm sure we can, I got by just fine and my damage is big." Freya said, nodding. They saw the enemies start moving in towards the Gold Fury and reset it by moving out of the range of the monster. The enemy team consisted of Da Ji, Erlang Shen, Kuzenbo, Artemis, and Aphrodite. Kuzenbo happened to be a Japanese Kappa who Ama was familiar with but had a dislike for. Artemis was a Greek Hunter God, and Aphrodite was the Greek God of Beauty.  "Oh yeah, their team may have gods in the actual role they're supposed to play, but they're bad so I think we have good chances."
  108. "Alright, let's go." Ama walked right up to the enemies and initiated, starting to charge up her mirror. Ratatoskr followed by using his ultimate to leap up into the sky onto a spectral branch of Yggdrasil, then crash down upon a few of the enemies. "Yeah, get em, Ratatoskr!"
  110. Aphrodite proceeded to use her ultimate on Artemis before they were knocked up, making them immune to all damage and CC for just a couple seconds. After that, Artemis prolonged her CC immunity by using her ultimate to summon Tusky, her boar which began to charge around and attack along with her. Artemis thought she was fine to attack, but Ama timed her ultimate just right and began to do a 3-strike combo, using her own CC immunity to mitigate the stun from Tusky and getting in the last hit just as Artemis' immunity wore off, stunning her and Aphrodite. "Haha, you fell for that! Phhhbbbbt!" Ama blew a raspberry. "Everybody follow up!"
  112. "Comin' at ya!" Freya moved up and quickly banished Kuzenbo for a second so he would have less opportunity to try and body-block for Artemis. Ares followed and shot a chain from his shield at Artemis, then 2 more at Aphrodite and Erlang. Freya activated her self-buff abilities then swung her sword repeatedly, sending magical projectiles from it at Artemis, and in only a few hits the Hunter was struck down.
  114. The enemy team was now in full panic mode, Erlang transforming into his turtle form and running away as soon as the chain from Ares wore off. Aphrodite stayed at a distance, occasionally throwing out her abiltiies but not reliably hitting much. However, Da Ji teleported to Freya and began to attack, then just as the team turned around. to try and fight her, Kuzenbo came over and used his ultimate, spinning around in his shell and summoning a vortex of water around himself to repeatedly knock up Freya and Ares. Da Ji ulted as well, taking advantage of the predictable movement caused by the knockup to shoot her chains and land them on both gods very easily. She tried to also get Ama with a chain, but Ama dodged it successfully. "You missed me this time!" She said, smiling.
  116. "Be quiet, big baby! I see you got out of timeout, how naughty." Da Ji said, scoffing. She jumped down from her pillar, successfully pulling Freya and Ares. She attacked Freya with her claws and got off her full combo. With Kuzenbo's help, they boxed for a few seconds and Freya proceeded to die but not without getting Da Ji to about 40% health. Da Ji started making a run for it by using One Thousand Cuts to boost her movement speed, but it was at this moment that Ares' ultimate came off cooldown and he threw out chains to Kuzenbo and Da Ji. "Ah, fuck." Her Purification Beads were on cooldown and she had no other way of gaining CC immunity so she could not do anything but get pulled right back to Ares.
  118. "Oooh, wait, I have an idea!" Ama walked up to Ares while the opponents were stunned and wrapped the chains more tightly around Da Ji, then picked her up and started to run off.
  120. "Hey! That's my kill!" Ares shouted, watching as Ama ran off with who he intended to kill. "Ah, oh well. Let's go, turtle! PETA's going to be real mad at me!" He repeatedly slashed his sword at Kuzenbo then used his shield to spray fire at the Kappa, following him away.  Aphrodite linked to Kuzenbo and tried to heal him, but Ares was relentless in getting his kill.
  122. "Where you going, Ammy?" Ratatoskr asked, proceeding to follow as Ama dashed away. Kitsune was in hiding nearby, so he came out and followed as well.
  124. "This is a perfect opportunity to have our revenge, see?" Ama said, switching to her speed buff and making her way all the way to the other side of the map.
  126. "Let go of me! This isn't funny!" Da Ji said, wriggling around in her chains and looking angry.
  128. "Nyuh, you saw fit to wrap me up, so now it's your turn." Ama said, giggling as she walked up to the area in between Surtr, the Fire Giant's area and the solo lane, where there was a thin space between the walls that Ama found convenient.  She sat Da Ji against a wall and took off her backpack, opening it up and tossing a roll of duct tape to Ratatoskr. "You take care of the other guy, your rival! Oh, and have fun~"
  130. "Oh, alrighty." Ratatoskr said, catching the duct tape in his little paw. He looked over at Kitsune who was following, and the small, chibi-ish fox stood on his hind legs and put his paw on his chest in a 'Wait, me?' sort of gesture. "Alright, little guy, this'll be just a second." He grabbed up Kitsune and held him against the wall opposite to Da Ji, quickly using duct tape to firmly hold him in place which made him whine and squirm. Ratatoskr also quickly taped his mouth shut. "Okay, done."
  132. "Hey, you can't just do that to my pet! He's not involved in this." Da Ji said, clenching her teeth as her face flushed red. She would have done something if she could, but being chained up counted as CC so she couldn't move or use abilities.
  134. "I totally can, heheh, watch me~ Now, how about we have some fun together? Let's see here." Ama reached in her backpack and pulled out a couple of her spare diapers, just as thick and heavy-duty as her current diapers. She lifted up Da Ji's skirt and looked at her panties, which were a bright blue and tissue-thin to go with her outfit. "Pretty panties~ But not as pretty as what I've got." She carefully slid them off.
  136. "A-augh! Don't tell me you're putting me in one of those things, that's gross!" Da Ji said, kicking her legs outward.
  138. "Eheheheh, there's not much you can do about it, is there? Now you're gonna be a big baby with me!" Ama said, and took one of the diapers. She quickly diapered up Da Ji, sliding it under the Kyuubi's butt and pulling up the tail slit over the base of her 9 magnificent tails. She took a moment to examine Da Ji's vagina slit, then went ahead and fastened all the tapes.
  140. "Come on, at least I didn't put you and your squirrel buddy in a diaper! You were already in them to begin with!" She said, still squirming to try and escape from the chains. She felt some small pressure inside of her bowels. Most of the time, she could last an entire match and then some without having to go to the bathroom, but she figured Ama wasn't going to let that happen.
  142. "Well, that's just too bad. You should stop whining since you're such a big, mature girl." Ama stuck her tongue out and winked, her tail swaying around behind her.
  144. While Ama did that, Ratatoskr went ahead and borrowed one of Ama's diapers, unfolding it and then taping it up around Kitsune's butt. The diaper was extremely, comically big and thick for the fox, who was also squirming and looking humiliated. It was surprising that it even fit, but it just barely did. "Heheh, you look so funny in that, little guy~ Come on, enjoy yourself in that soft, comfy diaper." He began to give Kitsune's diaper big pats and gropes.
  146. Da Ji looked down at her diaper, huffing as Ama got one more item out of her backpack; A collar and leash. She carefully fastened the collar around Da Ji's neck and held the leash firmly, then undid the Kyuubi's chains. She bolted upright. "Ha, you fool! Watch me go!" She turned around and walked off a few awkward steps with a wide waddle, beginning the wind-up for her teleport. However, just as she was about to get away, Ama dashed right up to her and gave her a big, heavy swat on the diaperbutt. "Oof!" The smack interrupted her and made her lose her balance, falling forward onto her knees.
  148. "No no, that's a bad girl. Thought you could just get away, huh?" Ama giggled. "Maybe I should give you some loving to get you in the mood, huh? Let's try a biiiiig hug~!" She picked up Da Ji in her arms without much effort.
  150. "Gross, get offa me! I-" Ama began to give her a big, loving hug by squeezing her around her midsection. The added pressure to her tummy made her gasp. "Huuuurgh! N-no!" Her tummy made a rumbling sound. It was somewhat painful, but she was less concerned with the pain and more the pressure. She felt it shift from her tummy to between her cheeks. FRRRRT! A loud fart erupted from her rear into the padding.
  152. "Aww, you're gassy, aren't you? Go ahead and let it all out, no worries. That's what a diaper is for after all!" Ama continued with her squeezing, intense hug, giving Da Ji some nuzzles to her tails.
  154. She went all blushy, her face getting red in both embarrassment and anger as she tried smacking Ama's arms. However, the pressure was too much for her and soon her tummy made a last gurgle as she started helplessly emptying herself in her padding. Lots of mushy mess pushed out of her butt, making bulges in the back of her diaper. "Mmmph! Look at what you made me do!"
  156. "Nuh-uh, I didn't make you do anything. All that I notice is that you're messing yourself in my arms. How cute~ Such a big lapse in potty training, though, I think you need a refresher on that." Ama said, not relenting on the hug.
  158. Da Ji's diaper sagged and jerked downwards for a bit, becoming all brown and squishy. Her load didn't make her diaper anywhere near as extremely saggy and heavy as Ama's, naturally. "Grrrr, this isn't fair! You do this all the time, don't you? But I don't, and I don't like it." She crossed her arms, though she winced as she felt her butt cheeks forced apart by another bout of gas. She was finished now, though.
  160. Ama finally relented on the hug, giving Da Ji pets on the head. "Wow, that's a good girl in my book. You stunk up your diaper nicely, not as good as I can though~" She sat Da Ji down with a big squish, causing her to cringe as her butt became all mucky. "We aren't done here yet, either."
  162. Meanwhile, Ratatoskr was busy still doing stuff with Kitsune. He watched the fox squirm and noticed that he had a little bit of bulging around his abdomen. This seemed to be his bladder. "Aww, look at that. Do you gotta pee, little guy?" He asked.
  164. Kitsune responded only with a nod and more squirming. He felt as though his bladder was tingling and in minor pain, giving him the constant urge to relieve himself but he wanted to do it with some privacy, hopefully in a litterbox of some sort.
  166. "Heheh, well no need to hold it, you got such a thick diaper on! Might as well use it like I did mine~" Ratatoskr said, and gave Kitsune some small tickles.
  168. This caused him to start squirming more and beginning to flail his legs, fighting the need to pee. He squeezed his eyes shut and whimpered as a dull throb grew in his bladder. The tickles coaxed some small giggles from him, too. Sssssssssssssssss... However, after flailing for a good few seconds, his legs suddenly froze up and a shudder washed over him as a forceful stream of pee sprayed from his cock.
  170. "There you go, see? That wasn't too bad now, was it?" He asked, and stopped tickling so he could rub his paw into Kitsune's diapercrotch. "How about we do just a little more?" He was getting horny and wanted to see how Kitsune would like this.
  172. As the little fox's big diaper was quickly sogged and swelled from the surprising amount of pee, he began to feel his cock twitch and start to stiffen. He relaxed a little bit but his erection was making him feel even more nervous. His diaper sagged very low.
  174. "Yeahhh, that's it~ Let's keep going." Ratatoskr said, grinning as he felt Kitsune's cock get all stiff. He tightened his grip around the little cock and proceeded to jerk at it rhythmically, the fast and hard jerking making a lot of squishing noises as well as a constant Schlorp, schlorp, schlorp...
  176. Kitsune gasped and tensed up as he felt his cock being stimulated, the intense arousal making him pant. He wanted to squirm, but the squirming only added more motion which made the arousal more hard to resist. However, it felt so good that he found himself unintentionally shaking his hips back and forth and twitching with enjoyment. Soon, he gave in and made chittering noises as he humped right into Ratatoskr's grip. After a few more big thrusts, he felt his balls tensing up and a wave of pleasure crashed over him. He produced a muffled squeal, sounding like chittering. "S-squeeeeeee!" Splat! Splat! Splurt! Splat! Along with the continuing stream of pee, he shot thick ropes of splooge into his padding, making it all sticky with his ejaculation.
  178. "Awwww, did you enjoy that? You sound like you splooged a lot~ You really soaked that." He said, giving Kitsune a few more gropes and squishes before looking over at Ama. "Wow, I nice job getting her to loosen up and mess herself."
  180. "H-hey, I didn't do this on purpose!" Da Ji said, looking offended and crossing her arms. She found her own mess so stinky and disgusting. Ever since she was a young kit, she was used to just flushing it down the potty and cleaning herself without even having to look at it for more than a second, let alone having it smooshed up all over her private parts.
  182. Ama felt another gurgle, as if her tummy had finished digesting more food and she needed to go again. She reached down to her crotch and fondled herself, feeling as she got hard too. She leaned forward and sniffed Da Ji's diaper. "Mmmm, so much stink here~"
  184. "Euugh, you're getting hard again? Why from this?" Da Ji asked, looking disgusted at Ama's boner She covered her nose and mouth with her hands.
  186. "Because, smush is amazing, to me at least~" Ama turned and looked at Kitsune, who Ratatoskr was busy with. "Wow, Rata, you sure did good with him. Hmm, I have an idea..." She went over and carefully got Kitsune off the wall, peeling the tape away gently so none of his fluffy fur would be ripped off. She held him up and smirked
  187. Kitsune was relieved to be released from the wall, though the tape on his mouth was still there. He looked up at Ama, squirming a little bit as he wanted to be put down, but was alarmed as she held him with one hand and used the other to pull at her own diaper's waistband.
  189. "Hahahah~" She showed her teeth in her smirk as she held her waistband wide open and proceed to lower Kitsune in there, stuffing his deep into her diaper.
  191. Ratatoskr shook his head and looked surprised, smiling. "W-woah, Ama, that's... murr~" He was already getting pretty hot and bothered in his thick diaper, visibly got stiff just from this.
  193. Kitsune wriggled and squeaked as he was pushed into Ama's diaperseat, becoming engulfed in her mess. He couldn't do much to prevent it from getting his entire body smeared and dirty. It felt very warm inside Ama's immensely saggy diaper and the squishy mess was pleasant, but it was too stinky and disgusting to be comfortable. He was at least glad that his mouth was taped shut, so he didn't have to worry about that.
  195. Da Ji watched this in disbelief. "Wh-what the fuck, you stuffed my pet in your dirty diaper! I really, really don't understand that." She said, more disgusted than anything.
  197. "Just making him a welcome part of my load, I kinda like him now~ You, on the other hand, need to experience more smush." Ama walked over to Da Ji and picked her up, quickly repositioning her so she wasn't leaned against the wall. She almost burst out giggling from the small animal stuffed into her diaper, Kitsune's fluffy fur tickling her dirty butt.
  199. Da Ji was feeling like resisting again and tried to get up, only to see Ama turn around and start lowering herself. "What are you doing? Stop- Mmph!" She was sat on by Ama, being pinned back against the ground as the messy diaper squished against her face.
  201. "Aaahh, your face makes a comfy seat~" Ama said, resting her full weight upon Da Ji, and of course Kitsune who was right under her butt and couldn't do much but repeatedly try and unsuccessfully crawl out of the diaperseat. This elicited a lot of struggling and muffled complaining from Da Ji, who was kicking her legs. Ama beared down and spread her legs, giving a push which caused her to release a big fart. "Phhbrrrrt! Plorp!" She was amused as she felt herself mess more too, pushing out about an extra pound of mess into her diaper which covered Kitsune more. Kitsune's squirming intensified, but this made it even harder to try and get out.
  203. Ratatoskr had just been watching, his cock throbbing in his padding. "Hey, Ama, we make a great team~ How about we yiff some?" He asked, walking up close to Ama and looking excited.
  205. "Sure thing! C'mere, cutie~" She said, nodding.
  207. Ratatoskr hopped up onto Da Ji's tummy and turned around, presenting his stinky, brown diaperbutt to Ama and raising his tail. "Alright, let's go~"
  209. Ama grabbed Ratatoskr's thighs, gripping onto them firmly but gently to keep steady as she brough her cock bulge up against his butt. She began to hump him at a fast pace, both of them starting to pant. "Mmmmph, so hot~" She said.
  211. Ratatoskr just held still, clutching Da Ji's dress as his butt was pounded into. His mess was smeared up against his butt fur and his balls as he inhaled many mouthfuls of the heavily stinky air. "Aaahh, you've always fucked so good since we became playmates~"
  213. "Mmm, Big McThankies from McSpanky's~" Ama said, squishing noises being emitted from their action. Her humping motion also made it so her diaperbutt smooshed against Da Ji's face, and the mess was more heavily smeared over Kitsune who was feeling defeated and just waiting for Ama to finish. The constant squishing caused more moisture to be wrung out of the diaper, and some dirty water streamed out of the legholes and right into Da Ji's face.
  215. Ratatoskr reached down with his paws and decided to give Da Ji's diaper plenty of squishes as well, groping the saggy padding and huffing. "Mmmph~" His cock dribbled precum at a constant rate. This caused Da Ji to squirm and kick her legs more, but her struggling was futile. The dirty, lightly brown water got her hair and shirt dirty, as well as the sides of her face.
  217. Ama bucked her hips faster, letting her tongue hang out. She paused quickly to pull her cock out of her diaper. She resumed humping Ratatoskr, bumping her cock into his squelchy padding repeatedly and making sure her pressure could be felt all the way through to his tight anus. After a few more seconds of intense thrusting, her cock welled up with semen and started to spurt.
  219. Ratatoskr squealed in pleasure and tightened his grip on Da Ji's diaper as he felt Ama's hard cock against his butt, as with it out of her diaper he could feel it even better. He began to cum too, letting out a moan as he splooged in his diaper. His semen mixed with all the mess in the padding, giving the area a lighter tint and making it very sticky.
  221. Ama kept thrusting throughout her orgasm,moving her handpaws up Ratatoskr's thighs and smooshing his butt as she came all over it, his diaperbutt splattered with sticky semen. They continued for another minute in their afterglow before feeling exhausted and coming to a stop. "Ahhhh, how disrespectful, we had a big, smooshy yiff session right on top of Da Ji~"
  223. "Yeah, it was fun, and she must be so embarrassed right now! Kitsune too, though I think he should be enjoying it." Ratatoskr said, looking back at his splooge-splattered butt and blushing. Kitsune made a muffled chitter from within Ama's diaper in response.
  225. However, just as they finished up, it turned out that Freya and the others had gone to the Titan, having successfully pushed up there. Soon, the titan died and the match ended. "Wow, they did that without us so well." Ama said.
  227. Senpai finally got Ama to get off, pushing her away and coughing before hastily grabbing at Ama's clothes and wiping her face off. "Gah, you're disgusting! I-I sure won't mess with you anymore."
  229. "Ahhh, that's nice. So are we even?" Ama reached her paw out to Da Ji.
  231. "Yeah... We're even and then some." She said, and reluctantly shook Ama's hand before wiping her hand off on a clump of grass on the ground. "Dirty, dirty, dirty, I gotta get clean! And so does my pet..."
  233. "I'm afraid you're gonna have to wait a little for Kitsune. Don't worry, though, I'll give him a bath for you after I'm done playing~" Ama said stretching her arms and wagging her tail around. Kitsune was so warm he was nearly sweating, but it was a pleasant warmth and he had to admit it felt good in there. Due to the padding's swaying, he was rocked around as Ama got her backpack and then began to waddle away.
  235. "Cya later, Da Ji, good game!" Ratotoskr said, proceeding to jump up onto Ama's shoulders and accompany her on the way home. Da Ji parted ways as well, going home to have an extra long shower, and by the end of the day she would get a knock on her door and have Kitsune returned to her. They would still be rivals for sure, but Ama and Da Ji would be at least friendly rivals.
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