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  1. [04:55:04] <Iona> Okay! It is sometime during the week of the 82nd, and Iona has set up her 'Fabulous Underwater Treasure Hunt' stall on the banks of the Sunglow River.
  2. [04:55:23] <Iona> "Come one, come all~ Test your luck and find the miraculous treasures of the deep!"
  3. [04:55:42] <Paradox> Oh, though
  4. [04:55:55] <Paradox> I hadn't really meant for trasure huntan to be available in the river
  5. [04:56:01] <Iona> oh
  6. [04:56:02] <Paradox> none of my charts match river stuff
  7. [04:56:03] <Paradox> :I
  8. [04:56:07] <Iona> I thought since underwater
  9. [04:56:14] <Iona> okay sunglow river is now the beach
  10. [04:56:15] <Iona> deal w/it
  11. [04:56:16] <Ricki> ( Oh, sorry :< )
  12. [04:56:28] * Iona sets up her stall at the beach, etc
  13. [04:56:57] * Ricki waddles up to the oceanside stall, Lunchbox in hand and a (thanks to reverse time shenanigans) totally-not-possessed-by-Ditto Lillipup and looks at the sign. "Hai there~", he waves at Iona, fishy in waving hand.
  14. [04:57:32] * Iona checks to make sure Lunchbox shows no signs of trauma before she responds. D:
  15. [04:58:15] <Iona> "H-hello."
  16. [04:58:32] <Paradox> Lunchbox shows all the signs of trauma. Mental trauma, anyway.
  17. [04:58:40] <Iona> (poor lunchbox)
  18. [04:58:52] <Iona> "Er, why don't you set that fish down for a bit while you're talking to me?"
  19. [04:59:01] <Iona> "Let him stretch his fins a bit."
  20. [04:59:47] <Ricki> "Wha'cha doin'?" Ricki's completely oblivious to the fish traumatizing, but at Iona's request he complies. "Okay. I been carryin' Lunchbox around all day like that."
  21. [05:00:14] <Iona> "Well, uh, fish aren't really supposed to be carried around like that...um, it's not really that good for them."
  22. [05:00:55] <Iona> "Anyway! This is Iona's Fabulous Awesome Sunshine and Rainbows Underwater Treasure Hunt! Pay one thousand gold, get a special mystery prize!"
  23. [05:02:14] <Ricki> "Ooh, ooh! I remember! You said you had fishies here!"
  24. [05:03:04] <Iona> "Well, the ocean has plenty of fish~ And plenty of treasure, too! You'll never know what you'll get!"
  25. [05:03:36] <Iona> "Would you like to try?"
  26. [05:04:30] <Ricki> "I wanna I wanna I wanna! I wanna get a new friend for Lunchbox that I can hug and love and feed and take on walks if it has feet and all other kinds of cool stuff!" Ricki's pretty much pogo bouncing at this point.
  27. [05:05:06] <Iona> "R-right. 1000 gold, please~"
  28. [05:05:50] * Ricki digs into his pockets, and... He throws all of it on the counter and tries counting it. And fails at doing so. (There's 1148 - Help yourself to as much as Iona wants)
  29. [05:06:06] * Iona counts out 1000 gold exactly :T
  30. [05:06:11] <Iona> "There."
  31. [05:06:18] <Iona> "The rest is yours."
  32. [05:06:45] <Ricki> "Yay! So... How do we get the fishy friends again?"
  33. [05:06:53] <Iona> "You wait here! I'll go looking."
  34. [05:07:49] * Iona dives into the water!
  35. [05:07:52] <Iona> 1d100
  36. [05:07:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Iona, 1d100: 29 [1d100=29]
  37. [05:08:03] <Ricki> "Can I come w-" . . . Welp, so much for that.
  38. [05:08:42] * Ricki just sits at the water's edge and staaaares for however long it takes for her to get back.
  39. [05:11:35] <Ricki> ". . . You think she got lost in there, Fluffy?"
  40. [05:14:01] <Iona> About an hour later, Iona comes back up (or waist-deep in the surf, in any case), and sets a pretty blue-patterened conch shell on the beach. "Here you go! One ultraspecialmystical Singing Conch~"
  41. [05:14:06] <Paradox> Fluffy barks, and rolls on his back.
  42. [05:14:11] <Iona> "Who knows what'll happen if you blow on it~"
  43. [05:14:37] <Ricki> ". . . Is there a fishy inside of it?"
  44. [05:14:47] <Iona> "Uh, no?"
  45. [05:15:10] <Iona> "Well, at one point something lived in it, but it doesn't any more."
  46. [05:15:26] <Ricki> Ricki picks up the Conch shell and starts looking inside of it for a secret hidden fishy. "Maybe it's hiding where I can't see it... Think I can blow it out?"
  47. [05:15:37] <Iona> "I...really doubt that."
  48. [05:16:11] <Iona> "But you can try!"
  49. [05:16:19] <Ricki> And so he does!
  50. [05:18:00] <Ricki> ( . . . )
  51. [05:18:15] <Paradox> 1d100
  52. [05:18:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 26 [1d100=26]
  53. [05:18:38] <Paradox> Ricki gets a mouthful of kelp!
  54. [05:18:42] <Paradox> x1 Kelp!
  55. [05:18:48] <Iona> (ahahaha)
  56. [05:19:11] <Nephene> (I THOUGHT HE WAS BLOWING)
  57. [05:19:14] <Nephene> (NOT SUCKING)
  58. [05:19:20] <Paradox> He's not very good at this
  59. [05:19:21] <Iona> (magic)
  60. [05:20:06] * Ricki takes the Conch Shell out of his mouth, and pulls out the kelp. He then stares at the kelp, then at Iona, then back at the kelp, to the conch... This is clearly way too much for his fragile little mind to handle.
  61. [05:20:29] * Iona shrugs.
  62. [05:20:33] <Iona> "Will that be all~?"
  63. [05:20:47] <Ricki> "This shell... Is so... So..."
  64. [05:21:19] <Ricki> A stupidly huge grin starts forming on his face. "So AMAZINGLY AWESOME!"
  65. [05:21:31] <Iona> "I'm glad you like it!"
  66. [05:22:00] <Ricki> He then does the next logical thing... Which is to tacklehug Iona while showering her with Thank Yous.
  67. [05:22:09] <Iona> "Now, I'm all tired out and stuff, so I'm just going to rest here and AUGH"
  68. [05:22:20] * Iona reflexively tailslaps him.
  69. [05:22:27] <Ricki> ( . . . Tailslaps? )
  70. [05:22:31] <Iona> (yes)
  71. [05:22:36] <Iona> (she is a mermaid when she hits water)
  72. [05:22:43] <Iona> (which is why she was hiding in the waist-deep part)
  73. [05:23:50] <Ricki> ( Gimme a sec - Formulating horrible HORRIBLE reaction )
  74. [05:23:56] <Iona> (I thought everyone knew ooc o:)
  75. [05:24:21] <Ricki> ( Well, I knew OOC, but didn't think she was still in mermaid form. )
  76. [05:24:36] <Iona> (ah)
  77. [05:25:00] * Ricki gets slapped away from Iona, really far and REALLY confused. He pulls himself out of the water. "How big is your butt, lady? 'cause you gotta have a real big butt if you can do that with it."
  78. [05:25:49] <Nephene> ( Ricki's a fan of the badonkadonks. )
  79. [05:26:16] * Iona twitches. "Go away! Go away!"
  80. [05:27:23] <Iona> "We are CLOSED FOR THE DAY."
  81. [05:27:28] <Iona> "No more treasure hunts."
  82. [05:28:30] <Ricki> ". . . What's wrong? Did I hug too hard?" ;~; Ricki's so confus right now.
  83. [05:29:00] * Iona summons up all of her intimidation power and GLARE.
  84. [05:30:03] <Ricki> Ricki... Doesn't quite get it. "Are we having a face making contest now?" He tries to make a silly face.
  85. [05:30:38] <Iona> "....No."
  86. [05:31:16] <Iona> "Now, if you'll excuse me I uh gottago."
  87. [05:31:23] * Iona retreats back into the water.
  88. [05:31:51] <Ricki> "Okay. See ya later~" Ricki heads off to round up his fishy and puppy and conch shell and heads on back home, completely oblivious as to what he just did.
  89. [05:34:10] <Iona> (/session?)
  90. [05:34:23] <Ricki> ( Pretty much yeah )
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