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Creature Comforts

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  1. A door slamming shut woke me from my slumber, along with several strings of curses and insults tickling my eardrums. I sighed, looking up at a large red fox, profanities spewing from his muzzle like water from a hose.
  3. ‘Guess Mike really fucked up this time’ I thought, watching the fur with tired eyes as he tore through the kitchen counters, searching for a good five minutes before finally finding his prize.
  5. A large whiskey bottle, filled with the devils nectar.
  7. "Asshole thinks he can just cheat on me, who the hell does he think he is.” He growled, throwing back the bottle and gulping down a good chunk of it before throwing himself on the couch, adding a few liquor stains to the otherwise clean white cushions.
  9. 'Cheated huh Zack, know how that feels’ I chuckled under my breath, shifting around in my pet bed to get a better angle to watch this little breakdown. It was for naught though, the subtle noise of the blanket crinkling catching his attention as his ears twitching before he tilted his head to the side to rest his beautiful jade eyes on me.
  11.  “Oh, sorry Anon, I didn’t mean to wake you.” He said guiltily, a sigh escaping his muzzle as he let his eyes travel to the ceiling, looking at the popcorn roof with little to no focus, lost in his own little depression addled mind.
  13. I sighed with a shake of my head, finding it kind of hard to feel sorry for the guy. Everything kind of pointed to this happening at some point, the sudden ‘trips' the wolf often took for business, the way he seems to ignore the fox completely, even that one time he seemed entirely focused on me for...reasons.
  15. Sadly though, there was little I could do, seeing as how all the other humans were at sub par intelligence and basically devoted themselves to their owners, kind of like a dog, just bigger. It wasn’t like I could talk to him and warn him about the fur, all I could do was deal with the aftermath.
  17. “I can’t believe how stupid I was...never should have trusted him.”
  19. I sighed and picked myself back up off the bed, my feet tapping against the hardwood floor as I closed in on my owner, showing no signs that he even knew I was there. I raised a brow and snapped my fingers inches from his nose, making him blink and shake his head, finally returning to earth.
  21. "What’s up boy?” The vulpine asked, turning back to look at me again, both ears pointed towards me curiously. I grunted and laid my head on the cushion right in front of his muzzle, feeling his paw come up and pet my head soon after. “Aww, you just wanted to see me, didn’t you bud?”
  23. I watched a smile grow on his lips, steadily replacing that look of anger and sorrow that adorned his muzzle prior. It’s amazing what a human can do for a fur in this world, just being near him was enough to keep his mind off of the asshole he called his boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend by the sounds of it.
  25. "Guess I’m back to being a bachelor huh, least I get to spend more time with you right?”
  27. Oh Zack, hiding your pain, just like you always do, that’s not healthy. Guess that’s where I come in though, seeing as he bought me to help him cope with his...many...failed relationships. Wish I could help him, but all I can lend him is emotional support, and I tend to do be pretty good at my job.
  29. I hummed and pushed my head into his paw, making him chuckle even more while he scooted against the back of the couch and patted the empty space just in front of him, after placing the liquor bottle onto the table of course. I happily obliged, crawling up onto the couch and scooting up closer to the fox, letting my head rest against his covered chest. I could practically hear his smile grow as he curled his arm around my back, pulling me closer to him and laying his muzzle on top of my head.
  31. "Least I can count on you little buddy, you’re the best.”
  33. 'I try’ I thought, nuzzling my head into the fluff of his neck. A soft murr reverberated in his throat at my actions. I felt his paw run down my back, lifting my shirt up and running his black socked paw across my back.
  35. “Your such a good boy, aren’t you Anon!”
  37. "Meh” I grunted, one of the very few things I’m allowed to say, even if it isn’t a word. He giggled and nuzzled the top of my head, letting his hand travel up to my neck and turning my head up to look into his eyes and rubbing his cool nose against mine, planting a soft kiss on my forehead.
  39. Now if that was anyone else besides this man, they probably would have gotten punched, but I let it slide, plus the guy was dealing with a bad break up, had to let him have his moment.
  41. "How about some TV bud, get we could both use the distraction?” As always, he didn’t really wait for my acknowledgement, just went on to grab the remote and flick on that idiot box mounted on his wall. I chuckled and went back to relaxing, not really interested in watching the crap that these anthros called television, swear its worse than what I’m used to anyway.
  43. Decent distraction for Zack though, least he ain’t moping around like before. Then I felt the paw slide down my back and slide me forward till my body was flush with his.
  45.  He was a cuddler, if you hadn’t already noticed, but I wasn’t gonna complain though, it felt nice to be cared for. Even if the guy that was taking care of me was an overgrown canid that had no idea I was probably smarter than he was.
  47. “You know I think you’re the only human on the planet not interested in watching TV bud.”
  49. I cracked an eye open, looking back up at him in minor agitation for bringing me out of my musing, having nearly fallen asleep to my own thoughts. His eyes stared back down at my own, a paw coming up to caress my cheek softly, right before giving me a small lick on the nose. I merely blinked with a deadpan expression, making him giggle with a shake of his head.
  51. "And you find absolutely nothing amusing, how am I supposed to mess with you if you don’t react man?” He asked, humor still lacing his voice.
  53. 'You sure you just went through a breakup?’ I so badly wanted to ask, seeing as how he wasn’t moping around like a dog that just got kicked. I mean he was usually in this bright cheery mood as a default, but he always cried for almost a week after each failed relationship, usually in the shower so I didn’t hear him wailing. Maybe he was finally desensitized to the heartache...not a good sign if you ask me.
  55. “Ah, whatever, I’ll find a way to annoy you someday.”
  57. "You already have” I grumbled under my breath, merely a mix of noises that every human made to his ears. He nuzzled my cheek in response, tucking his moist nose into my neck, inhaling my scent in some odd act of comfort for the clingy canine.
  59. 'Hope your comfy’ I chuckled and wrapped my arms around him, laying my head on his chest, feeling the soft white fur of his scruff that was left uncovered by his shirt. He definitely enjoyed the contact, another murr of contentment escaping him.
  61. "Come on bud, let’s go to bed” he said, flicking the TV off and helping me up off the couch before guiding me through the house until my feet hit carpet, right before I dropped onto the soft mattress with a quiet thunk.
  63. “Tired?” He laughed as he threw off his shirt and pants, changing into a pair of sleep shorts and sliding under the covers, pulling me under them as well when I refused to move. His arms once again crossed over my chest as pulled me back into him, his soft fur tickling my back and his muzzle resting on my neck.
  65. “Hey bud, how’s about tomorrow we head out to the park, get a nice jog in before we have to go back to work?”
  67. I lazily nodded as I snuggled against my owner, making him giggle, nuzzling me and tightening his hold as the warmth and darkness of the room surrounded us and slowly lulled us into a restful sleep.
  68. No doubt I would have to comfort him sometime in the middle of the night when he no doubt would end up whining and crying in his sleep, but it was a small price to pay.
  70. While the fox may annoy the crap out of me sometimes, there was little I wouldn’t do for him. Guess I really am turning into a loyal pet...eh, could be worse.
  72. “Goodnight Zack” I whispered when I was sure he was asleep, looking back and planting a soft kiss on his snout before nestling my head under his head and letting myself fall into the world of dreams.
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