The Heisty Buttwoman — Ch. 3

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  1. Chapter 3: Mary Jane’s Downfall
  6. Fetishes: mild torture, heeljob, ass licking, ass kissing, ass worship, heel insertion, trampling, mild tit torture, mild nipple torture, assjob, buttjob, whipping
  12. Tags: Black Cat, Spiderman, Felicia Hardy, Felicia, Peter Parker, Peter, superhero, super villain, Mary Jane, Mary Jane Watson
  19. Peter swung between two other buildings as he thought back to what had happened between him and Felicia. His cock twitched in his pants as he imagined fucking her latex ass again, and to his surprise, he noticed a huge erection rising out of the spandex. He groaned and tried to swing in another direction, but because he was distracted by trying to make sure that his erection wasn’t visible to the people below that he almost swung right into a wall. He narrowly avoided having his nose squashed flat and held on to the wall with his fingers and shoes. He started to climb the wall like a spider, working his way up slowly but surely. He leaped a few windows and got back on the wall to ensure no one peeking out of their windows would notice him. His thoughts wandered back to Felicia teasing him with her rubbery ass, shaking it in his face and giving him the best orgasms of his life with just that booty, and compared it to what Mary Jane had done for him. It was close to nothing. She had insisted on staying home all the time to ensure that she looked good for her ‘modelling career’ which never took off. He was forced to manage her moods, tantrums, and her complaining that no one ever took her seriously.
  21. He didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was fucking lame. She couldn’t walk straight with a book over her head, or even walk straight sometimes with how drunk she became on occasion. He didn’t even get any affection or sweet pillow talk from her anymore, because she claimed that searching for a modelling career was making her cranky and he should be more caring and understanding. He could understand that she was under strain, but it would be much easier to just look for a server or retailing job, since every place near her was short of workers. He had to handle being a superhero as well as running his pizza delivery job, and it was killing him. His boss got mad at him quite a few times for getting a few orders late or coming into the diner after rescuing half the town. Because of that, he thought he may come close to getting fired … if his boss managed to get more workers. But otherwise, they had to buck up and make sure they got something saved up, or her demands for anniversaries and birthdays would go down the drain.
  23. He sighed and closed his eyes behind the mask, thinking back to what Black Cat had done to him. Her body was amazing, worthy of being a model’s, and yet she was forced to don a costume and carry out bank heists. He didn’t think that she might actually enjoy it more, but he felt sorry for her. Maybe he could ask Mary Jane for the names of those modelling agencies and take Black Cat there so she could have a stable career and not carry out heists instead.
  25. He raised his hand and shot out another web, swinging right over another building and running across the terrace of the next. He smiled to himself as he saw the lights on in the window of the building across the one he was standing on. Home sweet home.
  27. Peter swung inside the window of the room where the lights were on, and looked in. The room was empty. He looked down at himself and cursed. His cock was still really hard and jutting out from his pants like a huge wooden pole stuffed in there. It would've been laughable, but it was kind of hurting him. He thought back once more to how Black Cat pleased his senses more than his current wife. A small amount of guilt bubbled up in him. She had been there with him for a long time and they were married after two years of dating and an engagement. He honestly couldn’t remember if she had been with him all that time or for him, because he was quite sure things had changed after they were engaged itself. She didn’t seem that concerned about him anymore, was less affectionate, and spent longer hours outside trying to get modelling jobs with good agencies … or sometimes agents. He decided to stop thinking too much about it and pay some attention to his dick, which was really starting to hurt him now. He stripped his spandex pants off and tossed them on his bed, walking to the door. He pulled off his shirt as well and the mask, hanging them up on the door hooks. He adjusted his underwear as he opened the door and headed to the bathroom.
  29. A flurry of movement caught his eye and something ran into him from behind. Two arms wrapped around his chest, and a pair of soft lips pressed themselves against his neck.
  31. ‘Welcome home, dear,’ said Mary Jane. ‘Is something wrong? You don't normally have your clothes off at the time you come inside the house.’
  33. Peter sighed, wishing she wouldn't question him so much. He didn’t want to discuss all the implications of what was going on, and he was afraid she would find out what he had been doing. He had lusted after other women when she was being a bitch to him, sometimes in the office, or the secretary of the photography section where he gave in his pictures to the Daily Bugle, or checking out some of the female pizza delivery girls bending over to pick up a stack of pizzas. Just for fun, he dropped his own stack and pointed out her fat ass to the other guys, then walked past her and pretended to slap it as he walked out of the door. The girl never understood why all the guys were laughing so much, and it seemed directed at her. He doubled around the back and came inside to pick up his stack of pizzas to deliver afterwards, giving the girl a wink as he walked out to his scooter. The girl remained there for five minutes, scratching her head to figure out what was wrong and asking the guys what was funny since she wanted to laugh too. She was denied the reason and went away in a huff, but no one cared. It wasn’t that funny, but it was the most fun they’d had in such a humdrum job.
  35. Returning back to the present, he felt MJ trying to reach into his pants and fondle his member. He gently pulled her back out and shook his head. ‘It wasn’t too bad, dear, I had a hard time rescuing people while delivering pizza. As usual. I’ll just head to the shower and clean up, then I’ll go to bed.’
  37. Mary Jane grabbed his cock through his briefs and squeezed it. ‘But, baby, I’m sooooooo horny,’ she said, in what was supposed to be a playful and seductive voice. It pissed off Peter since she had been a real bitch to him earlier. He gently pushed her away, wishing he could give her a backwards kick. Mary Jane tried to grab his butt, but his spider sense alerted him and he leaped forwards, denying her the chance. He turned around to see her pouting like a three-year-old. ‘Babe, please, I know I didn’t have sex with you for so long, but please don’t say no now. I’m ready after getting closer to this audition I’m getting. I want to celebrate that with you now and I’ll do anything you like. Shall we start with a nice rub down in the shower?’ She reached behind her and unhooked her little bra, letting it slide off her body and fall off her arms on to the floor. She hooked her thumbs into her panties and slid them down to her thighs, then started wiggling herself from side to side until they went to her knees. She brought her legs together to loosen the fabric and it fell right down to her ankles. Stepping out of them, she placed her arms on her slender waist, but her whole body had no meat on it to excite Peter. She was very thin and kind of skinny, like most Instagram or ramp models. She swayed her body in front of Peter, turning around and wiggling her petite ass at him. He gave a very soft sigh and wished he had some picture of Felicia’s huge, thicc ass in front of him to get him off. She turned back to him, bending over a little to jiggle her breasts and winked at Peter. ‘Do you like what you see, stud?’
  39. Peter shook his head and smiled. ‘I appreciate it, Mary Jane, but not right now. I’m really tired from all I had to do, so let’s do it tomorrow.’ Mary Jane pouted again, putting both hands on her hips, but Peter wasn’t falling for it. ‘I’ll just finish up soon and you can lie naked next to me so we can cuddle, okay?’
  41. Mary Jane pouted and sulked a little more as she watched Peter turn around and walk to the bathroom, his ass moving in those tight briefs. She so wanted to pinch and prod him, at least help him shower while his strong body pulsed under her hands. She would love to at least give him a handjob in the shower and watch his cum splash all over her, then masturbate in there with the shower head or his hand. But he had denied her even that opportunity. She hoped this wouldn't be a revenge idea or anything since she’d denied him sex for weeks. She turned around and walked to the bedroom naked, hugging her skinny little body. She wondered if she was growing fat or if he was looking for some other type of girl, since he’d seemed a little less interested in her every day.
  43. Peter got to the shower, sighing in relief as he closed the door and stepped into the bathtub. He adjusted the shower head and turned it on. As he felt the warm water splash across his body, he recalled what he’d done with Black Cat so recently. Despite his lethargy at Mary Jane asking him for sex, his cock hardened into a steel bar when he thought of Felicia shaking that fat ass at him, bending over to pick up things, and ordering him to worship and kiss it like the ass kissing slave he’d become for her butt. He moaned as his hand brushed against his cock and it pulsed. It had forgotten or wanted to forget what a skinny bitch MJ was and move on to bigger and greener pastures like Felicia’s huge ass.
  45. Recalling how his nose and mouth had been buried in Felicia’s ass and pussy as she made him kneel and beg for it, Peter felt his cock throb in his hand. He cradled his balls and tried to rub them slowly to make his hardon go away, but it didn’t. Groaning in desperation, he gave up trying to stop his arousal and decided to have a quick wank inside to get his cock to go down. His cock was bobbing around and quite purple in the head from excitement. He placed his hand around his cock and started to move it up and down with firm strokes, smiling as he leaned his head back and thought of her ass moving up and down on it. He recalled how Felicia lowered her fat ass on his dick and began to give him a wonderful assjob. Her ass cheeks were gripping his thick cock hard enough to be like a pussy, asshole, or at least her hands. He thrust between her huge cheeks and tried to get off on them quickly so he could fuck her ass. He’d spurted such a huge load all over her ass and back that she complained that he’d marked her permanently. She jokingly added that he’d have to fuck her forever since she couldn't go near another man, he’d soiled her and made her his. He got so fucking hard at the thought that he lifted her ass up, bent her over the desk and rammed his cock right up her asshole. Ignoring her screaming, he fucked her hard and fast, making a slight abrasion on his cock and inside her butthole since he forgot to put much lube. He shrugged at her squealing and spat several warm loads of spit all over her asshole and his cock before sawing in and out of her again. She kept saying that her asshole would break or he’d rub his skin off, but he was too horny and mad with lust to listen. He’d finished with one of the biggest cumshots of his life inside her ass. When he pulled out, her asshole had dripped and expelled what looked like litres of cum from that tiny hole, and it kept leaking out from her big ass cheeks when she walked around.
  47. Grinning dopily to himself, Peter stroked and tugged on his hard cock as he imagined running his hands over Felicia’s ass, her tits, and burying his nose into her ass crack while his tongue explored her tight little cunt. He felt his balls throbbing with loads of unspent cum which he should’ve deposited in Felicia’s slutty little twat and tits to get her pregnant. She might expel spiders or cats from her pussy later when she gave birth, he thought. The idea amused and aroused him, and he jerked harder as he felt himself getting very close. He recalled how Felicia gave him an amazing blowjob right there against the wall, her dick sucking lips closing around his hard, throbbing cock and moving up and down slowly all over his skin, taking his balls into her mouth and lapping on them gently. She’d even kissed all over his cock and the skin of his balls, taking care not to hurt him, then she swallowed his cock down to his base and looked up at him with slightly watery eyes, begging him to cum down her throat with muffled sounds. He’d been so hard and shaky he almost did bust a nut down her throat, but tried to hold back so he could use her other holes. He’d begged her to slow down, but that mischievous smile and shake of her head meant that she wanted his whole load down her throat. He couldn't hold back after a while and threw his head back with a really loud moan, his first shot of hot cum starting to spurt down her throat. She just closed her lips and throat around his cock, waiting for the next spurts to go down her mouth. He felt himself explode over and over again, filling her mouth —
  49. ‘Peter!’ yelled an angry voice. ‘I want answers, NOW!’
  51. Peter jerked awake in shock, wondering what was wrong. His cock was purple and bursting, and he needed release NOW too. He wondered who was yelling … then realised it was Mary Jane.
  53. Mary Jane burst into the bathroom. Her face was red, she looked quite mad, and Peter realised it meant a lot of trouble. She was waving a phone in his face. HIS phone.
  55. ‘What the fuck are these?’ she demanded, tossing him the phone. Peter fumbled with it and almost dropped it as he tried to see what was there. He saw that there was a photo of Black Cat’s huge ass on the screen. His cock hardened instantly from how limp it had been when she was yelling.
  58. Mary Jane looked down to see his throbbing cock bursting with his balls full of cum. ‘So is this it?’ she snapped. ‘You met this slut somewhere who is giving you pictures, and you get a hard member instantly on seeing her? What about me? Why aren’t you attracted to me anymore? And how much did you pay for this shit?’
  60. Peter dodged out of the way as she tried to grab his phone. ‘Nothing, and stop being so nosey. This is a real woman who must have found my number randomly with technology and is sending me tempting stuff. If only you looked like that, I would never have thought of messing around with someone else.’
  62. MJ went ballistic. ‘So it’s MY fault that this slut is sending you dirty stuff? What’s that picture where she says “Cum back to me, Spidey”? Or the close ups of her tits and ass? And why did she sent you a picture of her boots? The high heels I wear should be enough for you! Tell me what spell this little shit put on you or else!’
  64. Peter didn’t notice what she was saying anymore. He felt his cock harden in his fist as he stroked himself slowly. He started beating off quite hard to the pictures as he watched them. He swiped left. Felicia was bending over to show him her lewd ass with the words ‘Cum back to me, Spidey’ across them. The next was of her sitting down in a chair with her boots out towards the camera. The caption read, ‘I remember how much you loved to lick these, Spidey, wanna do it again?’ He swiped left. The next one showed Black Cat with her tits held up by her palms, and a short video of her jiggling them as she taunted, ‘Do you want to be trapped between these with your face or cock?’ He swiped left, his jerking starting to grow faster and his breathing more erratic. Mary Jane watched with her mouth open. Black Cat was now standing up with her pants torn around the ass, revealing her big butt and hearts tattooed on it. She was holding a switch in her hand, placed strategically over her butt and the caption ‘Who’s been naughty and needs a spanking? Me teasing you with this ass, or you teasing me by keeping that cock all to yourself?’
  66. Peter had enough on seeing that huge ass fill his phone screen. He moaned and started to spray his hot cum all over the bathtub, leaving huge streaks of cum and precum all over the walls and rim of the tub. He swiped left again and saw that it was the end of the show, so he swiped right and focused on Black Cat’s naked ass in front of him as he kept spurting his speed everywhere. He stroked with ferocity he’d never had for MJ, letting his cock move around so he sprayed several places which should’ve remained clean with his cum as he watched the GIF of her ass moving around. He sighed and went limp after a while, sitting down in the bathtub with his face buried in the phone checking what other pictures might be there.
  68. Mary Jane stood there with her mouth open and body seeming to shrink into itself. ‘You liked the pics so much you could wank to them and not satisfy me?’
  70. ‘Not at all, dear,’ lied Peter, swiping to the first picture. ‘I’ll just delete this and come to bed with you. I know what this is, a spamming bot. They’re popping up on phones all the time now.’ He started to save all the pictures to his SD card, giving her a fake reassuring smile as he did. ‘At least this bot got our sex life in order. Go on, I’ll come soon.’
  72. Mary Jane sighed and placed her hands on her hips again. ‘All right, dear, I’ll trust you if you fuck me good tonight.’
  74. She turned and left.
  76. Meanwhile, outside the apartment, Felicia was grinning at the conversation exchange she’d heard. She’d paid a whole $27.99 for this app instead of the $0.99 or $1.00 most apps on the App Store charged, but this was totally worth it. It would track a person’s location on their location ID which you had to get from their username or real name. If it was correct, the app would find them if they were within fifty miles of you and send you back their exact location. You could select directions to find them through walking, cycling, bus, or trams, or just save their location to find them later. You could then track them afterwards. There was an option to choose if you should let it check their last location, or if the app should keep tracking them if you thought they’d move. If yes, it would keep updating the saved location when they moved, and if they went beyond fifty miles, you’d get an alert that they were out of range. You could then choose to keep moving in the direction they were last seen by the app, or cancel the whole operation.
  78. Felicia checked where Peter was. He was still in the bathroom, so she brought the phone camera to her crotch. She tightened it to show a camel toe and snapped the picture, then sent it to him again. The app found his number and FaceTime ID along with iMessage as well.
  80. Peter heard a message tone on his phone. Opening the picture sent, he almost fell out of the tub. There was a tight camel toe of Black Cat, with the caption ‘This is what you were born to lick, suck, and fuck for eternity’. He felt himself grow hard again. He reached for his cock, but knew it wasn’t going to be much use if he stayed in the bath and used up water washing himself several times. He reluctantly climbed out of the bath and walked to the bedroom, naked and dripping. He grabbed a towel from a chair nearby, wiping up what he could. He stared at his phone as he lay down a little away from MJ, who was snoozing gently. He decided not to wake her up and make her mad again or put off his mood. He grinned as he changed his wallpaper to the picture of Black Cat’s ass and laid it face down so that the snooze mode kicked in. He rolled over and closed his eyes, starting to drift off.
  82. Black Cat saw that Peter was in his bedroom. Taking out a tube of lipstick, she applied it on her lips carefully as she checked her reflection in the window. She carefully applied foundation and rouge to her cheeks to freshen them, noticing how her skin glowed more. She took out a duster and gloss and applied them to her catsuit, making it glow more and become shinier than the chrome on a Benz. She used a glass cutter to cut out most of the glass in Spidey’s window, smiling as she did so. She carefully slipped inside, trying not to knock out anything else. Slipping in, she checked the location to his bedroom. She walked forwards with her heels clicking, though not very loudly. Finding the bedroom, she walked inside and looked around to see which side Spidey was on. Noticing him on the far end, she walked forwards slowly with her sexy hips swinging, reaching down to stroke his cheek as she whispered, ‘Spidey, darling … I’m back.’
  84. Peter was asleep though, and having a very vivid dream. He dreamed that he was back in costume and Black Cat was wearing hers. But Mary Jane was strung up in a dungeon with his web since she was such a cunt. She was shedding tears as they used her like a little bitch.
  86. ‘Come on,’ taunted Black Cat. ‘Can’t you take a little whipping? You’re such a little bitch!’
  88. ’N-n-no,’ gasped MJ, drool coming from her mouth and falling on the floor. ‘I can’t take —any more — AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!’
  90. Peter laughed as Felicia swung her whip through the air to MJ’s naked ass. It hit her with a crack and left a stripe on her. She screamed and struggled to get away from it, but the spider silk was unbreakable. She screamed as another lash landed on her back.
  92. ‘Should I break this cunt soon?’ asked Felicia. ‘Peter, darling, get on your knees and sniff my latex ass to confirm if I should lash her until she cries.’
  94. Peter instantly got on his knees, moving his face slowly to Felicia’s ass crack as he looked at MJ tauntingly. MJ cried and pleaded with him, her eyes widening as he pushed his nose into the latex and Felicia raised the whip. She made muffled pleas with him, promise to do anything he wanted, and even cook his steak every night. He shrugged and pointed to Felicia, who picked up a delicious, medium rare steak from under the table in front of them. Poor MJ’s eyes turned to saucers as she knew she was in for some heavy whipping. She kicked, struggled and cried for mercy, but Peter didn’t care. All he wanted was for her to suffer. His nose and face plunged into Felicia’s fat ass.
  96. Felicia raised the whip and with perfect control, brought it close to MJ’s ass. She flinched, but there was no strike. Just as she was about to sigh with relief, she felt the whip strike her ass. She howled in pain, but Felicia was now relentless. She kept raising the whip and striking her on the ass, back, and legs with heavy strokes. MJ howled and wailed, wiggling around to try and get away from the punishment inflicted on her, which was pathetically inadequate. She got heavily lashed and marked as a pet, and she sobbed frantically as she was beaten by the bitch who stole her man. She had no idea if there was anything worse than this. Losing her superhero boyfriend, having him fall for a supervillain, or a woman who was so curvy and sexy she could steal every one of her exes too.
  98. Felicia paused lashing MJ and raised an eyebrow. ‘I’ll stop lashing if you beg for something else, cunt. Beg to be trampled under my high heeled boots.’
  100. MJ started to sob. ‘P-Please, Mistress, I can’t take any more, I’ll die of this. Please have mercy, I can’t stand huge weights — ’
  102. Felicia lashed her across the buttocks again, and MJ screamed the place down in agony.
  106. Felicia laughed cruelly, dropping the whip and ripping the threads off of MJ. ‘Oh, I will … just in a different way. Don’t worry, no more whips.’
  108. She made MJ lie on the floor and rubbed her latex boots across her body. Finding MJ’s hard nipples, she pressed down on them with her heels hard enough to make her moan in discomfort. She stepped on MJ’s stomach, rubbing the heels into her belly button. She even kicked MJ’s ass, literally, and stepped on her legs and knees. MJ cried out as she felt her knee erupt in pain.
  110. ‘What do you think, Peter darling?’ asked Felicia. ‘Should I punish this slut for acting better than me? Just start kissing my ass and licking the latex like you did last time if yes.’
  112. Peter stopped burying his face in her ass and took it out, kissing gently all over her ass cheeks and ass crack. He licked part of the latex and kissed it again, much to MJ’s horror. She looked up pleadingly at Felicia, but there was no mercy on that beautiful face.
  114. Felicia stepped right on MJ’s lower leg and put her full weight on it with her other leg on MJ’s shins. MJ screamed in agony as Felicia walked all over her, putting her in her place. ‘See? You’re beneath me,’ mocked Felicia as she walked up to MJ’s thighs. Balancing very carefully so she didn’t fall and let Peter worship her ass at the same time,  she walked all over MJ’s stomach, enjoying the pained screams of the skinny slut. She walked over to MJ’s breasts and took her time kneading the heels into her nipples, loving how much the bitch screamed and begged for mercy with her hands clasped in front of her. She told MJ to do it again and balanced herself over her nipples with both heels digging into them. The screams of pure agony which filled the air made Felicia’s pussy wetter than the ocean shores. This bitch was being put in her place by Felicia Hardy, and there was no one better to do it. Smiling, she walked up to Felicia’s neck, making her choke without air, and then trampled her face into the ground. MJ felt her cheek being pressed into the ground as Felicia stepped on the other one, squashing her face and making it scrunch up. She felt Felicia get off her and tap her face with her boot, telling her to turn sides. She thought of refusing, but Felicia’s boot forced her cheek around and she felt her full weight on her face, trampling her worthless cunt face into the ground where it belonged. Felicia got off her and kicked MJ in the sides to make her get up. MJ got up slowly and winced as Felicia pushed her face into the ground with her boot. She rubbed her face into it, smiling at her groans of pain.
  116. ‘You’re not free yet,’ smiled Felicia. ‘While you’re getting your whore ass into the air, I’m going to give you some more pain.’
  118. Felicia slowly walked behind MJ so Peter could keep up by kissing her ass, and then raised her heel behind MJ. She slowly started to push her heel into MJ’s asshole, grinning at her pained moans.
  120. ‘Take it all, bitch,’ she panted like she was in heat, rubbing her latex-clad pussy, ‘Get my heel up your asshole and don’t complain!’
  122. MJ lay there like a slave bitch with her face in the ground, crying pathetically as she had a heel forced up her asshole. Felicia managed to push it all in and fucked her with it a few times, sliding it in and out of her hole like a cock. She pulled it out and walked to MJ’s front, pulling Peter along with her.
  124. ‘Open up, cunt,’ she said, raising the heel in front of MJ’s mouth. ‘Suck your ass juices and asshole scent from my heel. Now.’
  126. Before MJ could say anything, she felt a heel being shoved in her mouth. She tasted her own ass on it and some spit. She refused to suck it clean at first, but felt herself choking as it went down her throat. Gulping and choking more, she started to lick the heel clean, earning a ‘Good girl, lick that asshole flavoured heel now!’ from Felicia. She licked and sucked on it, trying to get it all down her throat without gagging. Felicia kept moving her heel around to ensure MJ licked all of it, laughing at how pathetic she looked with a heel of that size in her mouth. When she was done, Felicia made her lick her whole sole clean and told her she looked so good with the heel in her asshole and then her mouth that she could keep it up with a second heel. She started to spit on her other heel and get it ready to shove up MJ’s asshole again, ignoring her crying …
  128. Peter groaned as he woke up. He felt something strange around him. It was soft and wet like … latex? Why would Felicia be there and how did she find him? He remembered that she’d got his number and sent him pics, though, so she might have found his location too. Her ass seemed to be rubbing all over him, and making him horny. He felt odd, as if he was angry at something. Not someone, something. He wanted to fuck someone, not fuck them up. He felt his lust and anger rise without realizing it. He felt her ass rub his cock again, and it twitched, awake again and ready to bang. He felt that he just had to fuck Felicia again before he burst. His cock hardened involuntarily and his rage started building. He moaned as he got up, wondering how Felicia was causing this reaction in him.
  130. ‘Felicia?’ he moaned. ‘I feel so hard and horny for you, how are you doing this? I need to know how you can make someone random so aroused and track them down …’
  132. He stopped dead. He saw the black form similar to her catsuit on him, and the parasitic symbiote was closing around him which he recalled from all those years ago. He gulped and stared around in horror. Perhaps if someone was around, they could help him get out of this thing by ringing a bell or making some similar loud noise …
  141. To be continued ...
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