This Log Kain't Be This Difficult to Give a Name to

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  1. [17:06:04] <@Elena> Last we left off, the <s>three</s> four of you emerged from the room furnished by the Magus Sisters, finding yourselves leaving the area with the extraction circle. All around you, the mountain is broken up from having forcibly merged with otherworldly architecture long, long ago. The broken wall of the well potentially leads back up to safer ground, while other structures down here also
  2. [17:06:04] <@Elena> beckon. Prickles and Elena are talking as you walk along, Prickles seemingly a lot more confident than normal for some reason.
  3. [17:12:01] * Lenore squiiiints, looking around at the "other structures", for anything that looks like something Ammy would wanna' look at.
  4. [17:16:19] <@Elena> It's hard to tell what purpose those structures are for... to the casual observer they'd appear to be like... small temples or something from the outside. But they could just as easily be houses, or other buildings. They're almost pyramidal in shape, but with flattened tops, made of the same dark rock that the stone the extraction circle and the bedroom were carved into. The area with them
  5. [17:16:19] <@Elena> is up and beyond the stairs a bit, past a bit of a 'cliff'. Tall stone poles carry lanterns glowing with blue, flameless light to illuminate the surroundings.
  6. [17:16:34] * Amaryllis is stooped down in front of the extraction circle, carefully examining it and taking the time to copy the design into her journal. Was there other stuff in here aside from some columns? I thought it was the one door to the other room and everything else was above the well's level.
  7. [17:18:54] * Anishoggoth is now known as Lianhua
  8. [17:20:52] <Amaryllis> Once done with that, Ammy approaches the nearest of the buildings to the enclosed room they emerged from, holding up her own lantern even if it isn't strictly needed for lighting the way here.
  9. [17:21:43] <@Elena> The extraction circle and the immediate area are the most obvious thing, but let me describe this better.
  10. [17:23:20] <Lenore> "Hmmmm, These houses sure are kind of weird..."
  11. [17:24:05] <@Elena> There's a sort of tunnel you see going back up that opens up into the larger, more open area of the mountain with a small drop. This is the absolute bottom of the area, and you couldn't really see all this from higher up. In the area of the extraction circle itself there's nothing but the bedroom door, the circle, some stone columns, and the stairs leading back up to the well, which split
  12. [17:24:05] <@Elena> off to the other chamber in a way you didn't see when coming down.
  13. [17:24:51] <Amaryllis> "They are quite literally of another world."
  14. [17:25:49] <@Elena> Elena: "Walking around in the unknown, danger lurking around every corner... isn't this exciting, Lena??" :D
  15. [17:26:05] <@Elena> Prickles: "W-well, when you put it like that..."
  16. [17:27:43] <Lenore> "Oh definitely, mom~!  What're you hoping to bump into?  Maybe we'll fight some cool monsters that exhibit strange magic, or maybe some friends who help us out, or maybe we'll find some ancient texts, or...~ ☆"  She keeps going on a bit.
  17. [17:29:32] <@Elena> "Or a gate to another time, or the home of an handsome and lonely wizard with good people skills, or a dragon guarding its hoard..."
  18. [17:29:35] * Amaryllis is quiet as they walk along, taking care to look over everything closely as they proceed through the new chamber. Are the buildings here mostly homogenous, or are there noticeable standouts here? Do some seem to clearly have analogues in Gaian architecture that can be told?
  19. [17:33:44] <@Elena> They look far more ancient than the wooden buildings higher up, and a different style too. But the ones down here are very much similar to one another, the main difference being in size. It doesn't seem they were much for fancy architecture, but you do see carved murals here and there depicting tonberries standing next to powerful-looking beasts. Curiously, you note some Gaian-standard Eidolons
  20. [17:33:44] <@Elena> like Ifrit or Shiva, but they look slightly different. There are also things like an enormous, ugly bull, an automaton made of stone, and an angel-like humanoid.
  21. [17:34:10] <@Elena> Parallels to Gaian structures are few and far between.
  22. [17:34:34] <Amaryllis> But on the upper levels, they looked more like what you'd expect of wooden Gaian homes?
  23. [17:34:54] <@Elena> Much closer, in any case.
  24. [17:35:26] <Amaryllis> "These must be the Tonberry's original homes, before their world merged with ours."
  25. [17:35:35] <Amaryllis> "Everything above, I suspect was built after the merge."
  26. [17:36:08] <Amaryllis> "This is their Madain Sari." Ammy shuffles up to the murals.
  27. [17:36:31] <Lenore> "Huh!  That's pretty neat, then!"
  28. [17:38:17] <@Elena> "Tonberry? Those cute little green men with the knives?" :D
  29. [17:38:30] <Amaryllis> Is Ark depicted among these?
  30. [17:38:36] <@Elena> "Oh, but that describes your cactus friend, too..."
  31. [17:38:41] <@Elena> Prickles: "M-my blade is not a knife!"
  32. [17:38:47] <@Elena> Not here, no.
  33. [17:40:04] <@Elena> Each building seems to be marked with a different Eidolon, though.
  34. [17:40:08] <Amaryllis> "The one and the same Elena. These are the tales of the Tonberries that have been lost to time..." Ammy shuffles up closer, squinting at the murals. "How curious." She pulls a tablet out of her bag. Upon it is engraved hooded figures kneeling before Ark.
  35. [17:40:54] <Amaryllis> "The chamber with the Extraction Circle must belong to Ark then, if each of these buildings is marked with their own Eidolon."
  36. [17:43:14] <@Elena> Each building also seems to have an open, square doorway with stairs leading up to it.
  37. [17:44:28] * Amaryllis shuffles up to the Shiva-marked building.
  38. [17:44:58] * Lenore skips along with Ammy, keeping an eye out for disreputable monsters~
  39. [17:46:42] <@Elena> "I met a Tonberry once! She tried to make soup out of Bruno!" she says, excitedly. "But then I cast Transform on her and turned her into a human! She was really surprised. ...You know, I don't remember if I ever reversed that..." she frowns, thinking hard.
  40. [17:47:22] <Lenore> "Behemoth soup?  Huh, I wonder if there's a Qu recipe for that!"
  41. [17:47:40] <@Elena> "Probably! We should all have some when we can!"
  42. [17:48:21] <@Elena> Going INSIDE the building, Ammy?
  43. [17:48:26] <Amaryllis> Yup.
  44. [17:49:34] <Amaryllis> "I wonder if the Doom Pub serves Berserker Behemoth." Ammy mutters as she continues on inside.
  45. [17:49:43] <@Elena> Very well, then. You find yourself in a very simple sort of room. The walls and decor are bare, with only a simple, ancient rug rotting away on the floor. A set of stairs in the corner lead down, each step tiny enough for midget feet.
  46. [17:50:07] <@Elena> "Oh, no- that's Berserker Bomb!"
  47. [17:50:28] <Lenore> "Oh, the D-doom Pub...huh...I thought we weren't going to talk about that, Ammy..."
  48. [17:50:40] <@Elena> Prickles: "...."
  49. [17:50:51] * Lenore gives a GENTLE elbow to Ammy.
  50. [17:51:01] <@Elena> He's been quiet for a few minutes, since you started walking past the murals.
  51. [17:51:34] <Amaryllis> "You are right, I apologize. Though, really, it is only -one- of those recipes which should never be spoken of again..."
  52. [17:51:54] * Lenore slows down, eventually coming to a stop. "Something up, Prickly?"
  53. [17:52:13] <@Elena> Prickles: "One of the reliefs back there... don't you think it looked like the Catoblepas?" :<
  54. [17:52:30] <@Elena> You can feel a cold draft coming from the stairwell.
  55. [17:53:16] <Amaryllis> "I admit I did not notice if it did."
  56. [17:54:50] <Amaryllis> "But the stories and myths that come to prominence in each world must vary. Perhaps the catoblepas was a different creature on Terra, or perhaps its fearsome reputation and tales of its danger gave it power to ascend to the ranks of Eidolon."
  57. [17:55:40] <@Elena> Prickles shivers a bit.
  58. [17:55:42] * Amaryllis stoops down and carefully proceeds down the tiny steps. "And perhaps it lost the power of its stories upon reaching Gaia and become once more simply a beast."
  59. [17:55:54] <@Elena> Elena follows curiously.
  60. [17:56:11] <Lenore> "Do you wonder if there's a Cactuar Eidolon, then?"
  61. [17:56:23] <@Elena> Prickles: "That's just silly."
  62. [17:56:27] <Amaryllis> "That would not be impossible."
  63. [17:57:06] <Amaryllis> "How is that silly?"
  64. [17:59:38] <@Elena> You descend into the building, the stairs leading to what appears to be a meat locker. Hunks of unidentifiable meat hang from the ceiling, with ancient bloodstains marking the ice-slick floor. Your breath comes out in steam as the temperature drops sharply, and across the room you see a sort of altar, with the iced-over corpse of a chocobo laying over it, a knife firmly embedded in its chest.
  65. [17:59:38] <@Elena> A statue of a pale, scantily clad woman seems to reach out to the rest of the room, her hand posed as if to snap her fingers. Yep, it's a statue of Shiva.
  66. [18:00:04] <@Elena> Prickles: "I just couldn't see it... we cactuar are far too cowardly at times to be a guardian of the crystal." :<
  67. [18:01:02] <Amaryllis> "There is a story I know..." Ammy begins as she walks across the room, shivering a bit.
  68. [18:02:22] <Lenore> "Although Eidolons have a duty to guard the crystal, it's not the main point of their existance!  I always figured that they"  she thinks a bit.  "Like, manifestations of concepts in the world!  Something like that!"  She winks at Prickly.  "☆ So it wouldn't be too far-fetched for there to be a Cactuar Eidolon! ☆"
  69. [18:02:41] * Amaryllis stoops down at the altar, looking over the chocobo corpse carefully, trying to discern what sort of ritual procedure was being used here to kill and prepare it. "Of a desert city guarded by a great impenetrable sandstorm. At its center was a gem of immense power that gave the sandstorm life."
  70. [18:03:30] <@Elena> Give me a Notice check, Ammy.
  71. [18:04:06] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  72. [18:04:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 10 [2d6=2,5]
  73. [18:05:04] <@Elena> Prickles: "You really think so?" the cactuar shivers a bit more and begins to cling to Lenore's leg for warmth.
  74. [18:06:17] <Amaryllis> "The founders of the city once wandered the desert as nomads, ekeing out a paltry existence. And they all lived in fear of the Storm of a Thousand Needles. An elusive wandering sandstorm that tore through the land with such ferocity that those caught within were minced alive, as if pierced by many points. But the storm never ate at the nomads, despite its reputation. Those caught within found the monsters hounding them to be slain
  75. [18:06:17] <Amaryllis>  and themselves untouched, if sandy."
  76. [18:06:36] * Amaryllis continues on as she leans in closer.
  77. [18:06:57] <@Elena> The chocobo does indeed look ritually scarred. From the extreme precision, in fact, you think the chocobo wasn't struggling at all when they carved it. They might have put it out of its misery beforehand, or they might have given it some sort of anasthesia. But in any case, the flesh is carved with a special rune, with feathers plucked away from the site.
  78. [18:07:15] <@Elena> The knife is plunged into the center of the symbols.
  79. [18:08:24] <@Elena> Elena listens to Ammy's story with interest.
  80. [18:08:27] * Lenore leeeeans in and looks over Shiva. "I guess if your domain is cold, you don't have to worry about dressing warmly, huh?" She then decides to mimick her pose, and snaps her fingers~ ☆
  81. [18:08:27] <Amaryllis> "One brave nomad sought to visit the eye of this terrifying storm, at once the source of much fear for his people and yet also their salvation from the beasts of the desert. And within that eye of the storm he met the King of the Cactuars, the gem upon his crown powering the all around him."
  82. [18:08:32] <Amaryllis> *the storm all around him
  83. [18:09:21] * Lenore then goes back over to listening to Ammy's story~
  84. [18:09:25] <@Elena> The statue doesn't respond, of course.
  85. [18:09:42] <Lenore> Of course.
  86. [18:10:37] <Amaryllis> "The brave nomad brought back with him stories of this great Cactuar, and the storm's elusiveness was matched with the tales of the Cactuars' speed, its power matched by the strength of their own needles. And in time, that which was real faded to myth, and fewer and fewer among the nomad tribe ever saw the storm in person, even as the stories grew."
  87. [18:11:44] <Amaryllis> "It is said that one day, the King of the Cactuars, empowered by the tales told of him, became one of the Pantheon of Eidolons, and he left behind his gem as a last gift to the nomadic people that had made his apotheosis possible." Ammy pauses for a moment to pull out her journal and begin sketching the rune.
  88. [18:12:10] <@Elena> Prickles: "That is a remarkable tale."
  89. [18:12:16] <Amaryllis> "Of course, the tale you know of Cleyra's birth is far different, but does such a story sound so farfetched and silly? Does it not capture the imagination the way any other story of an Eidolon might?"
  90. [18:12:36] <Amaryllis> "It is not so ridiculous to think there could one day be a Cactuar Eidolon."
  91. [18:12:46] <@Elena> "I rather liked it! You have a way with words!"
  92. [18:13:13] <Amaryllis> "Thank you." Ammy turns to give a little bow before continuing her work.
  93. [18:13:34] <@Elena> Roll... Lore Eidolons, Ammy.
  94. [18:13:42] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5
  95. [18:13:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+5: 10 [2d6=4,1]
  96. [18:13:47] <Lenore> "Ammy's the best storyteller, don't you think, Mom~?"
  97. [18:14:23] <@Elena> "I sure do! It's no wonder you're friends with her! ☆"
  98. [18:15:01] <Lenore> "Maybe someday I'll be able to tell stories half as well as Ammy! ☆"
  99. [18:15:52] <@Elena> You begin to decipher the rune as you inscribe it. Its symbolism seems to indicate that as something died, the way it lost its body heat was an offering to Shiva, who governed the cold, and, from what you can interpret, corpses.
  100. [18:16:47] <Lenore> "What do you think Shiva's like, Ammy?  Ramuh's so kindly and old and wise, and Ifrit has a reputation for having a temper and being STRONG, but I'm not so sure about Shiva.  She's just...cold and pretty?  Maybe lonely?"
  101. [18:17:32] <Amaryllis> "You give me too much credit. I take pride in my storytelling, but to call me the best..." Ammy hesitates a moment, then pulls the knife from the chocobo. "There is a certain man I have to thank after all for introducing me to the world of stories."
  102. [18:17:58] <Lenore> "Noah?  Lord Aitchison?  I don't know much about him..."
  103. [18:18:09] <Amaryllis> "It must vary by the stories told of her. The Shiva represented here was lord over corpses."
  104. [18:18:30] <@Elena> It's a tonberry's butcher knife for certain. It seems remarkably preserved.
  105. [18:19:03] <Amaryllis> "I have both of them to thank, has been Noah for sure who has given me the spark of passion for stories."
  106. [18:19:03] <@Elena> "Ohhh, so that's why they used this to store food?? At least that's what it looks like..."
  107. [18:20:10] <@Elena> I'd say it's a Tier 3 Blade with Ice Strike, personally.
  108. [18:20:12] <Amaryllis> "I imagine so." Ammy looks over to see if there's any other meat in here that's been frozen and whether it bears the same marks.
  109. [18:23:51] <@Elena> The meat hanging from the hooks don't bear the ritual scarring. Perhaps that part of the flesh is cut away, or their sacrifices are different from what they prepared as food.
  110. [18:24:44] <Amaryllis> Is this mainly a meat freezer, or are there also general kitchen-y things in here as well?
  111. [18:26:17] <@Elena> There does appear to be a place to prepare food, actually! A blood countertop. Certain herbs hang from strings on the ceiling, but you don't see any sign of an oven or fireplace or anything.
  112. [18:28:37] <Amaryllis> "Odd, is there nothing here to cook the food? Perhaps they were a fan of charcuterie. There would be curing salts then perhaps, or..." She kinda trails off as she looks around this countertop. Are there cups or utensils or anything?
  113. [18:31:45] <@Elena> There's a small cabinet that contains plates, but no cups.
  114. [18:32:12] <@Elena> Elena: "Maybe they didn't want to have open flames in here?"
  115. [18:32:17] <Lenore> "Hmmmm, do you think she was like..."  She thinks a bit, rubbing her hand on her chin, eyes closed, and then she lets out an "Aha!" as she jumps up a bit, eyes opening and body straightening out!  "I know!"  She runs over in front of the statue, hastily grabbing something in her scrunchie hat and snapping her fingers to switch instantly into her black mage girl outfit, which is more scant
  116. [18:32:21] <Lenore> and maybe a bit more like Shiva?  "I am Lady Shiva~!  Mistres~? of Ice!  All who underestimate me shall feel the cold grasp of the abyss!  2Blizzara! ☃"  She snaps her fingers, the snap sending out a barrage of icicles into one of the hanging meat hooks~.  She winks.  "Do you think she could be like that~? ☆"
  117. [18:32:22] <Amaryllis> "Shall we move on?" Ammy turns back to the others and tucks the knife in her bag.
  118. [18:32:34] <Amaryllis> (oh god when did Aori put points into Summon Greater Botherwall?)
  119. [18:32:47] <Lenore> (*Mistress hahahaha shit how did I pull that out)
  120. [18:33:06] <Lenore> (I just decided to have Lenore be extra goofy with her mom around)
  121. [18:33:24] <@Elena> The blizzara comes out as a MUCH larger ice explosion than Lenore expects, ripping the meat to shreads.
  122. [18:33:56] <@Elena> :O "When did you learn Blizzaga, Lenore?"
  123. [18:34:00] <@Elena> *Lena
  124. [18:34:02] * Lenore blinks. "E-eh?"
  125. [18:34:14] <Lenore> "I didn't!  It just kind of..."  She stares.
  126. [18:34:14] <Amaryllis> "Careful! Lenore, this place must resonate with Shiva's domain over ice." Ammy shuffles away from massive ice blast.
  127. [18:35:22] <Lenore> "That'd make sense, yeah!  I should've been a little more careful!"  She lightly taps herself on the head, mock-hitting herself.
  128. [18:36:35] <@Elena> Prickles: "...L-let's move on, yes..."
  129. [18:36:50] * Amaryllis is already shuffling up the stairs.
  130. [18:37:11] <Lenore> Her eyes grow a little wide, and her head tilts.  "Huh...?"  She blinks a few times.
  131. [18:38:54] <@Elena> As you go to leave, you feel the presence of something else nearby... Awareness checks, both of you.
  132. [18:39:02] * Amaryllis stops to turn around. "Is something the matter, Lenore?"
  133. [18:39:06] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  134. [18:39:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 13 [2d6=4,6]
  135. [18:39:18] <@Elena> 2d6 what the fuck is awareness, Prickles asks
  136. [18:39:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Elena, what the fuck is awareness, Prickles asks: 6 [2d6=3,3]
  137. [18:39:53] <Lenore> She turns around, giving out a "Hmmmm...", before bowing to the Shiva statue a little and catching up with the rest.  "I don't think so!  Maybe I'm just a bit more tired than I thought!"
  138. [18:40:00] <Lenore> 2d6+5
  139. [18:40:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+5: 12 [2d6=1,6]
  140. [18:41:22] <@Elena> The both of you notice the worm hydra you saw on the way down the rope, roaming down a narrow ledge on the cliffside above. It occasionally jumps down to a more secure ledge, sending chunks of rock down. It seems like it's coming down to your level, but isn't quite there yet. You don't know if it's after you or not.
  141. [18:43:33] <Amaryllis> "Let us hurry inside again." Ammy turns and looks over the collected buildings. "Which one now?"
  142. [18:44:12] * Lenore nods. "It'd be hard for it to follow us inside one." She eenie-meenie-meini-moe's a building and runs to it. "This one!"
  143. [18:46:01] <@Elena> 1d100
  144. [18:46:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Elena, 1d100: 23 [1d100=23]
  145. [18:46:24] <@Elena> You hurriedly make your way over to the one marked with the automaton creature.
  146. [18:49:31] <@Elena> The inside of this one is more lavishly decorated. The ornate rug in the middle of the room hasn't deteriorated at all, and there are even chairs with cushions, and a bedroll. Lining the area are small statues of the unknown eidolon, set with gems.
  147. [18:50:20] <@Elena> "So... these are houses, too?" she asks, curious.
  148. [18:50:20] * Lenore bends over to examine the rug. "This room's things are pretty well-preserved too, isn't it weird? Shiva's I could get, but this..."
  149. [18:50:22] <Amaryllis> "How is it this building has not rotted away to time the same way the other has? Perhaps a quality of this Eidolon's domain?"
  150. [18:51:12] <@Elena> There's another set of stairs leading down.
  151. [18:52:31] * Amaryllis shuffles downstairs
  152. [18:56:15] * Lenore gives one of the statues a quick lookover before following Ammy down!
  153. [18:56:53] <@Elena> This shrine seems rather different from the last, resembling a full-blown workshop. Many tools hang on the walls, pickaxes, hammers, shovels, and such. A minecart seems to have been in the midst of being assembled. One part of the room has raw, uncut gems laying around, that you're not sure you can identify. Another has metals, piled into smelted ingots. The stone seems to have been deposited
  154. [18:56:53] <@Elena> in a basin in front of a large statue of the eidolon, made entirely out of jade. There's also what resembles an alchemy workshop, with several ingots of gold nearby.
  155. [18:57:19] <@Elena> Not modern, by any means, but usable.
  156. [18:58:16] <@Elena> "Oooh, how interesting! Wonder what they did down here?" :D
  157. [18:58:28] * Amaryllis looks around for actual writings, maybe a name for the Eidolon that is represented here.
  158. [18:58:36] <Lenore> "Oh my!"  She starts running all over the place, going from pile to pile, inspecting it~
  159. [18:58:37] <Amaryllis> Or any runes, if that'll help interpret that.
  160. [18:58:59] <@Elena> You can see various molds in the middle of crafting as well, seems like they're in the shape of knives.
  161. [18:59:07] <@Elena> Lenore, roll Alchemy for me
  162. [18:59:13] <Amaryllis> "A stone golem to represent craftsmanship. Of course."
  163. [18:59:20] <Lenore> "Were they transmuting gold?  What're these gems being used for?  These are some nice crafting, molds!"  On and on she goes...
  164. [18:59:24] <Lenore> 2d6+5 here goes~
  165. [18:59:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, here goes~: 15 [2d6=5,5]
  166. [18:59:28] <Lenore> notbad
  167. [18:59:39] <@Elena> You're actually pretty sure that the craftsman here was trying to transmute gold into lead!
  168. [18:59:53] * Lenore squints. "...huh?"
  169. [19:00:25] <Lenore> "They were...huh?"  She leans in on the gold piles and stuff around them.  "They were...trying to make gold into lead, instead of the other way around."
  170. [19:00:42] <@Elena> "Ohh? That's curious... I wonder why?" she comes over to look.
  171. [19:00:51] <Lenore> "Did they value lead over gold?"  She puts a hand to her mouth, giving out a "Hmmmm!"
  172. [19:01:21] <Amaryllis> "It was another world. Perhaps gold was more common and lead rare."
  173. [19:01:42] <@Elena> Ammy - you find some documentation on some well-preserved, wafer thin stone plates, prepared almost as if whoever was here anticipated these being found in the future. The creature is known to them as Golem, and represents labor, endurance, mining, protection, structure, and many, many other things.
  174. [19:02:29] <Amaryllis> "It could be a matter of practicality as well." Ammy carefully takes the stone plates. "Golem. A shame this Eidolon is no longer among the living tales of our world."
  175. [19:02:52] <Amaryllis> "I do not imagine such a creature would value soft gold over hard and heavy lead."
  176. [19:02:54] <Lenore> "I recall lead being somewhat useful to repelling magic, but there are better things...Hmmmm...."
  177. [19:03:09] <Lenore> "That is a good point, maybe it's that?"
  178. [19:03:22] <@Elena> "I'm having lots of fun!~"
  179. [19:03:45] <Amaryllis> "And yet there are gems as well." Ammy shuffles over to a pile of them.
  180. [19:04:54] <@Elena> The gems, as stated, are uncut, but there are a variety of colors. Reds and yellows, and sparkling blues, and translucents. A handsaw nearby seems professionally edged with diamond.
  181. [19:05:14] <Lenore> "With all these gems, you have to wonder if Golem and Carbuncle would be friends!"
  182. [19:05:27] <@Elena> Diamond, being as brittle as it is, however, likely required replacing often on something like a handsaw.
  183. [19:06:51] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps so. It is a shame we shall never know." Ammy leaves the pile of gems alone.
  184. [19:07:11] <@Elena> Strange, though.
  185. [19:07:28] <@Elena> Between this and the Shiva room, it looks like these places were abandoned in the midst of work.
  186. [19:09:17] <Lenore> "It's weird that it looks like everything ended so...suddenly, though!"  She says this as she gets up from examining the gems more closely.  "I would've figured the Tonberries had a slow decline, but this suggests they all died at once!  But then, where are the bodies and skeletons?"
  187. [19:10:04] <Amaryllis> "There is little damage here, and, as you said, no skeletons. They must have fled. I would not be surprised if ther civilization were eliminated in some way, similar to the tragedy at Madain Sari twenty years ago."
  188. [19:10:53] * Amaryllis starts shuffling upstairs again. "Let us go. I am sure we can out more within the other buildings, but we should do so before that creature finds us."
  189. [19:11:32] <@Elena> "Well, they're still around in some parts of the world, but I don't think I've ever seen anything like this!"
  190. [19:11:43] <@Elena> "They're so adorable!"
  191. [19:11:55] <Amaryllis> "You think so?"
  192. [19:12:02] <@Elena> "You don't???"
  193. [19:12:28] <Lenore> "You did say you met a Tonberry, right mom?"
  194. [19:12:40] <@Elena> The older woman looks a bit surprised. "They walk so slowly with those cute little innocent yellow eyes, and walk up to you and try SO hard to stab out your kneecaps~ It's precious!"
  195. [19:13:07] <@Elena> "Mhm! It was... oh, where was it?"
  196. [19:13:11] * Lenore blinks. "I have to admit, mom, I thought you mistook one for a Qu with how you talked about them before, but..."
  197. [19:13:16] <Amaryllis> "But, they are not simply wanton murderers or needlessly violent in that way..."
  198. [19:14:00] * Lenore silently crosses her fingers and hopes the answer isn't "Your father's basement" or anything like that.
  199. [19:14:16] <@Elena> "Oh right, it was Treno!"
  200. [19:14:54] * Lenore 's jaw drops. "What!?"
  201. [19:15:32] <@Elena> "Or maybe Lindblum..." Hum... that's going to bother her.
  202. [19:15:43] <@Elena> "But it was definitely a city, and it was night!"
  203. [19:16:10] <@Elena> Prickles: "H-how can you mix up Lindblum and Treno when you've been to both...?"
  204. [19:16:35] <@Elena> "Oh, who sweats the small details, anyway?"
  205. [19:16:35] * Lenore groans a bit. "Next you're going to tell me that you thought the last time we met up was yesterday..."
  206. [19:16:36] <Amaryllis> "If it had been day then we could rule out Treno."
  207. [19:16:54] * Amaryllis peeks outside to see if that hydra's nearby now.
  208. [19:16:55] <@Elena> "It feels like it!" she replies, honestly.
  209. [19:17:08] <@Elena> It's wandering around outside on the ground, now.
  210. [19:17:10] <Amaryllis> "What happened to this Tonberry you met?"
  211. [19:17:43] <@Elena> It's sniffing for something, and you see it lunge out and grab a body. ...Looks like some scholar that fell or something. The creature worries the corpse a bit with its horrible, gaping maws.
  212. [19:17:58] <@Elena> "I think she stumbled off into the darkness!"
  213. [19:19:08] <@Elena> Prickles: "What a horrible creature..." :<
  214. [19:19:19] <Lenore> " said you turned her into a human?  What'd she look like?"
  215. [19:19:25] <Amaryllis> "Quick, let us make our way to the next building while it is occupied."
  216. [19:21:13] <@Elena> She thinks. "Green hair... yellow eyes... Like if your friend had an eight year old sister with pigtails! She was adorable~"
  217. [19:21:55] * Amaryllis turns back and blinks. "...And you simply left her this way? How long ago was this?"
  218. [19:21:59] <Lenore> "Like...if..."  She stares at Ammy.
  219. [19:22:35] <@Elena> "Mmm... a few years ago, I think! Not THAT long ago! I don't really remember, though." :D
  220. [19:22:58] * Amaryllis stares back at Lenore, a quizzical expression on her face.
  221. [19:23:27] <Lenore> "Huh, you do look a lot like a Tonberry, I never noticed!"
  222. [19:24:17] <@Elena> "I knew someone that dolled themselves up like a chocobo. Some people just like to have their own style like that!"
  223. [19:25:07] * Lenore nods twice. "Ammy's even cooler than I thought!"
  224. [19:25:41] <Amaryllis> "I am quite tall to be one, don't you think?" Ammy twirls a bit of hair around her finger. "This is not dye, by the way. It simply is this color, not a fashion statement."
  225. [19:25:57] <@Elena> The lot of you hurry along, which building do you pick this time?
  226. [19:26:01] <Amaryllis> "In any case, shall we move on?"
  227. [19:26:17] <Amaryllis> Honestly, probably an adjacent one.
  228. [19:26:29] <Lenore> "Mmmhm...I'm kind of jealous, your hair is very vibrant~!"
  229. [19:26:29] <Amaryllis> Because that thing's not gonna stay chewing that scholar forever.
  230. [19:26:48] <@Elena> 1d100
  231. [19:26:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Elena, 1d100: 71 [1d100=71]
  232. [19:27:01] <Amaryllis> "You think so?"
  233. [19:28:13] <@Elena> This one doesn't have any sort of decoration in the main entranceway. Not even a rug. Just clean, smooth stone.
  234. [19:28:19] <@Elena> The stairs lead down as normal.
  235. [19:28:19] <Lenore> "Yeah!  But I guess there's lots of people who'd die to have my hair, too!"
  236. [19:28:32] <@Elena> "Always dye before die!"
  237. [19:28:35] <Amaryllis> What was the Eidolon marking this building?
  238. [19:28:41] <@Elena> The Catoblepas.
  239. [19:28:51] <Amaryllis> "...sorry, Mr. Prickles."
  240. [19:29:10] <@Elena> Prickles: "..." the cactuar just looks around, shivering.
  241. [19:30:06] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps each building here was home to a single summoner, their station in life decided upon by the Eidolon they were bound to." Ammy muses, looking around at the smooth stone. "In that case, I wonder what was done here."
  242. [19:30:39] <@Elena> This time, the area at the bottom of the stairs seems to be some sort of... memorial hall. Many, many stone slabs have been erected, and they and the walls are covered in the names of those who came before, their titles, their deeds. Lanterns adorn the room solemnly.
  243. [19:30:40] <Amaryllis> She picks up Mr. Prickles in a comforting hug, then proceeds down the stairs.
  244. [19:30:49] <@Elena> Prickles squeezes you too. ;-;
  245. [19:30:50] <Lenore> "Maybe sculpting?"  She says, walking down the stairs as she gives Prickly a sympathetic pat on the head.
  246. [19:31:39] <@Elena> A single stone Tonberry decorates the middle of the room, holding a functioning lantern.
  247. [19:31:56] <Amaryllis> "A hall of heroes." Ammy shuffles up to that stone tonberry.
  248. [19:32:25] <@Elena> The lantern is raised higher than normally carried. No knife is visible. It seems remarkably well-sculpted.
  249. [19:32:45] <@Elena> It's about the actual size of a tonberry, too, not larger than life.
  250. [19:33:06] <@Elena> Elena: "This was all really elaborate..."
  251. [19:33:10] <Amaryllis> "The lantern is to guide the souls of the departed." Ammy mutters.
  252. [19:33:43] <Lenore> "Neat, I like this!"  She carefully looks around at the engravings around the place.
  253. [19:34:56] * Amaryllis thinks for a moment, then turns to Elena.
  254. [19:35:28] <Amaryllis> "...Could you attempt to cast Esuna upon this sculpture?"
  255. [19:35:53] <Lenore> "Oh!  No wait, Mr. Prickles!"
  256. [19:35:59] <Lenore> "Do you have a Golden Needle?"
  257. [19:36:15] <Amaryllis> (he doesn't in his inventory, I checked)
  258. [19:36:23] <Lenore> (Oh.)
  259. [19:36:43] <@Elena> The engravings do seem to depict some rather lofty heroes of the Tonberries, but it seems they also honor the hard workers, the craftsman, the miners...
  260. [19:36:50] <@Elena> Prickles: "...."
  261. [19:36:50] <Lenore> ( face)
  262. [19:36:52] <Lenore> (When I realize)
  263. [19:36:53] <@Elena> Prickles: "Yes, yes I do."
  264. [19:36:56] <Lenore> (I have a Soft in my inventory)
  265. [19:37:06] <@Elena> The cactuar suddenly hops down from Ammy's arms.
  266. [19:37:19] <@Elena> And then explodes with energy!
  267. [19:37:23] <Amaryllis> "Oh, yes, then that."
  268. [19:37:37] <Lenore> "...what?"
  269. [19:37:42] * Lenore staaaaaaaaaaaaare.
  270. [19:37:43] <@Elena> Limit Break!
  271. [19:38:14] <@Elena> Prickles turns a golden sheen, suddenly, and launches dozens of needles at the statue of the Tonberry.
  272. [19:38:30] * Amaryllis backs up a little at sudden Prickles glow and holy shit those needles
  273. [19:38:54] <Lenore> (amazing)
  274. [19:39:09] <@Elena> (This is technically his level 10 limit break but fuck it)
  275. [19:39:22] <@Elena> The Gold Needles penetrate the stone, and lines of light begin to spread from their points of impact.
  276. [19:39:49] <@Elena> Suddenly, the stone breaks apart! And a live Tonberry stumbles forward, collapsing onto the floor.
  277. [19:40:06] <Amaryllis> "That is quite amazing Mr. Prickles." Ammy rushes forward to catch the tonberry.
  278. [19:40:22] <Lenore> "Wow."  She holds a hand to her mouth, her eyes as wide as they can go.
  279. [19:40:27] <@Elena> Prickles kind of wobbles around, regaining his usual color, and flops down.
  280. [19:40:47] <@Elena> Elena just wiiiiidemouths at Prickles' feat! "Impressive!"
  281. [19:40:58] <Lenore> Blink!  She gets out of her stupor and rushes to Prickles.  "Are you okay!?"
  282. [19:40:59] <Amaryllis> "Are you alright?" Ammy asks toward, well, both of the Tonberry and Prickles now.
  283. [19:41:35] <@Elena> Prickles: "F-fine..."
  284. [19:41:42] <@Elena> Tonberry: "Oooh...."
  285. [19:41:47] <@Elena> Tonberry: "Where... am I?"
  286. [19:42:03] <Amaryllis> "Within the hall of the Catoblepas."
  287. [19:43:03] <@Elena> Tonberry: "Catoblepasssss...?" it blearily looks around. "Ssssshoat..."
  288. [19:43:52] <@Elena> The diminutive creature pushes itself to its feet and tries to stumble past you, heading for the stairs.
  289. [19:44:06] <@Elena> "Ooh, careful there!"
  290. [19:44:19] <Amaryllis> "Wait! How long has it been since you were awake?"
  291. [19:44:46] <Amaryllis> "I am sorry to be the one to bear this bad news, but this city has long been abandoned by your kin."
  292. [19:44:48] <@Elena> Tonberry: "I know not. I musssst..."
  293. [19:45:07] <@Elena> The tonberry pulls itself up the stairs and to the entrance, quietly staring out at the cavern.
  294. [19:45:20] <@Elena> Tonberry: "Ssssso... they did not make it."
  295. [19:45:43] * Amaryllis follows it closely, making sure the hydra creature doesn't swoop down at it or anything.
  296. [19:46:23] <@Elena> The tonberry turns around, expecting another face at its eye level, sees Prickles, and then notices everyone's legs, stumbling backward against the wall as it just now sees what you are.
  297. [19:46:33] * Amaryllis stoops down and rests a comforting hand on its shoulder. "Tell me your story then. What happened here?"
  298. [19:47:08] <@Elena> The tonberry just sort of... slumps, looking up at the lot of you.
  299. [19:47:29] <@Elena> Tonberry: "My name... is Krosssss...."
  300. [19:47:33] * Elena is now known as Kross
  301. [19:48:05] <Amaryllis> "I am called Amaryllis."
  302. [19:48:29] <Lenore> "Oh, um, I'm Lenore!  Or Lena, if you prefer!"
  303. [19:48:38] <@Kross> "I am a ssssummoner. He who callsss the ssssentinel of sssstone, Sssshoat."
  304. [19:49:32] <@Kross> "We were under attack... Monsterssss led by a human from our ancient homeland... Garland wasssss our ruin..."
  305. [19:49:46] <@Kross> The tonberry shakes its head.
  306. [19:50:02] <Amaryllis> "Garland." Ammy sighs and shakes her head too. "He was the end of the human Summoners as well."
  307. [19:50:14] <Lenore> "Oh, I that's how it is..."
  308. [19:51:02] <Amaryllis> "I am sorry for the loss of your people. But know that your tales will yet live on. I promise you, I will personally ensure that they are not forgotten."
  309. [19:51:08] <@Kross> Kross sighs. "...Our people are sssslain, then. Unable to combat hisssss entranssssing light, my lassst order to Ssshoat wasss to petrify me."
  310. [19:52:55] <@Kross> Prickles: "So you survived that way..."
  311. [19:53:32] <@Kross> "...our talesss... that will have to do."
  312. [19:54:42] <Amaryllis> "Some of your kind yet survive to roam this world, hiding themselves in its dark corners. But not many..."
  313. [19:54:59] <@Kross> The tonberry looks up, a bit hopeful. "Then I will find them..."
  314. [19:55:06] <@Kross> "What... isss thisss catoblepasss you sssspoke of?" he asks after a moment, curious.
  315. [19:55:32] <Amaryllis> "I believe it is the one you call Shoat. We have our own names for these legends."
  316. [19:55:48] * Amaryllis points at a few in turn. "Ifrit, Shiva..."
  317. [19:55:56] <@Kross> "I no longer feel Ssshoat's touch..."
  318. [19:56:22] <@Kross> (Just to clarify, the Catoblepas isn't a unique monster)
  319. [19:56:35] <@Kross> (There's quite a few of them on the Forgotten Continent)
  320. [19:56:41] <Amaryllis> "I am sorry. The creature we know as a Catoblepas is no Eidolon, it is a common beast. Perhaps the strength of its tales waned too much."
  321. [19:57:01] <@Kross> "...or perhapsss itssss sspawn...
  322. [19:57:14] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps, yes."
  323. [19:58:06] <@Kross> " matter. My life issss endebted to you all." the tonberry picks himself up off the floor and stretches. "If there issss anything I may do, come find me. ...but I mussst find my people."
  324. [19:58:19] <@Kross> Prickles: "I'm glad I was able to save someone from that fate..."
  325. [19:58:26] <@Kross> Prickles achieved a Goal!
  326. [19:58:44] <@Kross> His confidence was boosted!
  327. [19:59:57] <@Kross> Prickles will now consistently level up with the party!
  328. [19:59:58] <Amaryllis> "Wait," Ammy shuffles up after Kross.
  329. [20:00:09] <@Kross> The tonberry turns as you call. "Yesss?"
  330. [20:00:19] <Lenore> "I'm glad we were able to help you!"
  331. [20:00:29] <@Kross> Elena: "Uh-huh!"
  332. [20:02:15] <Amaryllis> She takes a deep breath. "The knife is to feed our families. The lantern is to guide the souls of the dead. And every Tonberry must struggle against the beast that lives within them. These are among the traditions and creeds of your people, that how you would wish the world to remember them? There is much I have not been able to learn simply by exploring this place, much you could teach me or help me with..."
  333. [20:03:26] <@Kross> He considers.
  334. [20:03:42] <@Kross> "I will linger if you have quessstionsss."
  335. [20:03:52] * Lenore blinks inquisitively, but remains silent.
  336. [20:04:07] <Amaryllis> "You are quite possibly the very last of the Tonberries who originally lived here, the last of their Summoners."
  337. [20:04:16] <@Kross> "I cannot sssspeak for my entire tribe, however."
  338. [20:04:38] <Amaryllis> "Of course not."
  339. [20:04:42] <@Kross> He lets that hang on his shoulders for a moment.
  340. [20:05:00] <@Kross> 1d100
  341. [20:05:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Kross, 1d100: 21 [1d100=21]
  342. [20:05:55] <Amaryllis> "But..." Ammy turns back and gives a glance back at Lenore, Prickles and Elena, then faces Kross again. "I wonder."
  343. [20:07:22] <Amaryllis> "I wonder if they would take offense if their story were changed in some manner, as all tales must evolve and change. Your reputation in this world now is foul, and you are branded as monsters and murderers - I will warn you of that now. And I do not intend to make those the tales known by those who will come after us."
  344. [20:09:40] <Amaryllis> "But I believe that the knife and the lantern can mean much more in this world, that the flame of the lantern can guide not only those who have left us but those who live now, in the unfolding story of our world. It can be the storyteller's fire, around which everyone gathers to hear the tales of the world and what can be."
  345. [20:10:00] <Amaryllis> "If this offends you or your tribe, however..." Ammy trails off.
  346. [20:11:59] * DiceMaid-9001 is now known as RichterBelmont
  347. [20:15:06] <@Kross> The tonberry considers.
  348. [20:17:59] <@Kross> "We ssspread our interpretationssss, and yet we fell to ruin regardlessssss... I would sssssay to you describe ussss fully and let ussss be judged accordingly, the good deedssss with the bad. But perhapsssss I am sssssimply old fasssshioned. If you are a ssssstoryteller, then we ssssshall sseeeee what you add to our legassssssy."
  349. [20:18:36] <@Kross> His forked tongue flickers a bit as he speaks, as he has an almost thoughtful expression.
  350. [20:20:24] * Amaryllis nods. "I am a storyteller, yes, and so it is in my nature to embellish, to add and subtract as makes a good tale, not necessarily the wholly truthful tale." Ammy reaches over and takes the Tonberry's hands in her own. "However, if it is your wish, I shall not shy away from the fact each Tonberry does have to struggle with a beast within, and that the consequences of such may oft be tragic. T'would be too much of an omission.
  351. [20:21:16] <@Kross> "It sssshould be caussssssssioned, yessss."
  352. [20:21:37] <@Kross> He bows his head to you, holding your hand. "Thank you."
  353. [20:22:02] <@Kross> He then moves to pick up his lantern.
  354. [20:22:04] * Amaryllis concentrates for a moment, recalling the way the shadows danced around in the tablet room before, then trying to do the same. (intuitive shadeblade!) At the same time, she draws the power of the dark sword into herself, holding the power in a non-threatening way. Her eyes glow softly as she stares into his. "...Do know this, no matter what happens, I do mean the absolute best for your kind's tales and their legacy."
  355. [20:22:35] <Amaryllis> "And I am honored to carry that light forward into the world from now on."
  356. [20:22:49] <@Kross> He pauses a moment, then nods.
  357. [20:24:03] <Amaryllis> "Thank you. I shall seek you again if I have more to ask." Ammy stands up straight again.
  358. [20:24:05] <@Kross> He once again peers out of the building. "...I mussst find a weapon if I am to esssscape from thissss plasssse. What a loathssssome creature that issss wandering."
  359. [20:24:48] <@Kross> Elena: "So what do you make of all this, Lena?" :O
  360. [20:24:56] * Amaryllis pulls out the icy blade she recovered earlier and holds it out to Kross, handle side toward him.
  361. [20:25:06] <@Kross> !
  362. [20:25:11] <@Kross> "Thisssss belonged to..."
  363. [20:25:15] <Amaryllis> "Do not worry, I have my own as well." And with a flick of her wrist she calls up her own blade.
  364. [20:25:20] <@Kross> He takes it, sadly. "Thank you again."
  365. [20:25:34] <@Kross> He looks over at your knife as well, and nods. "It isssss a good one."
  366. [20:26:02] <Amaryllis> "It belonged to a friend, did it? I am sure he will stay at your side and protect you through it."
  367. [20:26:10] <@Kross> "Ssshe."
  368. [20:26:22] <@Kross> But he does nod again. "Until we meet again..."
  369. [20:26:22] <Amaryllis> "My apologies. She."
  370. [20:26:59] <@Kross> Kross hops off with surprisingly speed and agility. The worm hydra looks up, roars, and begins to pursue.
  371. [20:27:01] * Amaryllis nods back then picks up her lantern, dismissing her knife again and returning to Lenore and the others.
  372. [20:27:07] <Lenore> "Hmmm, I'm not sure!  But I'm definitely sure it's a good thing.  It's almost like seeing two people who should've known each other before meeting for the first time!  Y'know, like seperated at birth twins?"
  373. [20:27:43] * Kross is now known as Elena
  374. [20:31:23] <Amaryllis> "My apologies for the delay. Shall we continue our exploration?" Ammy looks at everyone a bit awkwardly.
  375. [20:31:57] <Lenore> "It's fine!  I'm ready to go!"
  376. [20:32:02] * Lenore smiles~
  377. [20:32:46] <@Elena> Elena and Prickles nod, and you begin to head out!
  378. [20:34:08] <@Elena> There are other, similar buildings down here, or you could try to head back up to look at the more recent structures.
  379. [20:36:03] * Amaryllis takes a moment simply glancing around at everything here, her gaze following Kross and the hydra creature until they disappear, and then settling on the buildings around. She seems a little lost in thought.
  380. [20:38:29] <@Elena> Elena bounces a bit on her feet. "What next? I'm almost itching to fight something!"
  381. [20:38:54] <Lenore> "Maybe we should try getting rid of that Hydra?   A surprise attack might help!"
  382. [20:41:12] <Amaryllis> "Are you sure we should go out seeking a fight? I am sure something will want to come after us eventually regardless of our intent."
  383. [20:42:36] <@Elena> "Aww, well, okay."
  384. [20:42:57] <Lenore> "That thing's going to keep going around here, and I have a bad feeling it'll try to chase after us when we try to leave, since we won't have buildings to use as shelter then...but if you don't wnat to..."
  385. [20:43:10] <@Elena> Prickles nods. "I'll protect you no matter what may come, so have no fear." he states in a brave voice.
  386. [20:43:14] * Amaryllis sighs. "Perhaps you have a point."
  387. [20:43:36] <Amaryllis> "It is quite quick, however, and it has a head start on us." Ammy looks out toward the path it took following Kross.
  388. [20:43:59] <Amaryllis> "Thank you, Mr. Prickles."
  389. [20:44:14] <@Elena> You don't see it at present, Kross seemed to be leading it back up. The tonberry was very fast and agile compared to what you know of Tonberries, and lead it up some rock ledges.
  390. [20:44:44] <@Elena> The ledges are rathe narrow, a sheer climb for the hydra, but more than possible to try to navigate yourselves with some effort.
  391. [20:46:03] <Lenore> "Hmmm..."
  392. [20:46:09] <Lenore> "Maybe we don't have to, then."
  393. [20:46:47] <Amaryllis> "I do not fancy the climb back up, either way."
  394. [20:47:41] <@Elena> If you're going back up, you'll either need to climb up the ledges, or back up the rope.
  395. [20:49:43] <Amaryllis> "I do wish to see more of the buildings down here, as well as pay another visit to the chamber we found first near the Extraction Circle. But if you wish to explore elsewhere, it may be a good change of pace."
  396. [20:50:03] <Lenore> "Honestly, now that I've found the sigil, I'm okay with wherever~"
  397. [20:50:42] <Amaryllis> "You are certain there is nothing else the Magus Sisters left behind here?"
  398. [20:51:50] <Amaryllis> "Well, let us simply see what we will find for now, then." Ammy starts shuffling off toward the opposite side of this set of buildings, to see what's over there.
  399. [20:52:31] * @Elena starts on a new bottle of whiskey, following along happily. "And we still have to find Bruno! I hope he isn't soup by now..."
  400. [20:53:05] <Amaryllis> "Where...would a behemoth go in a place such as this? To find food, perhaps."
  401. [20:54:09] <Amaryllis> There's something a little different about how Ammy's carrying herself now as she shuffles about. She seems more satisfied maybe, or a little less burdened.
  402. [20:54:17] <@Elena> You make your way through the roughly flattened cavern floor heading for the other side to check out the buildings there. There's a much larger pyramidal structure over here that you didn't see at first because it's halfway embedded in the wall.
  403. [20:55:53] <@Elena> You notice that a large, assorted pile of wood has been gathered on top of it, a bit like a bird's nest, if the large pieces of timber were twigs.
  404. [20:56:49] <Amaryllis> "A nest? That is certainly not part of the original construction." Ammy shuffles off closer to the structure.
  405. [20:58:17] <Lenore> "Maybe it's a town hall?  The nest is weird, though!"
  406. [20:58:58] <Amaryllis> "Careful, it is likely the roost of a monster living here."
  407. [20:59:31] * Lenore nods. "I'm curious what kind of bird nests in a volcano!"
  408. [21:00:01] <Amaryllis> "Likely a troublesome one." Ammy grimaces a little but continues approaching.
  409. [21:01:41] <@Elena> As you near the construction, a shadow passes by overhead.
  410. [21:01:51] <Amaryllis> "Bloody hell."
  411. [21:02:06] * Lenore begins reflexively chanting.
  412. [21:02:13] <@Elena> You can't tell what it is at this depth, but it hasn't approached yet.
  413. [21:02:30] <@Elena> You can see the stairs leading up into the building, a doorway much too small for whatever likely lives in that nest.
  414. [21:03:17] <Amaryllis> "Well, sod it. We've come this far already. It will probably ambush us as we leave the building, but I do not wish to give up an opportunity to learn more."
  415. [21:03:52] * Amaryllis starts up the stairs.
  416. [21:05:08] <Lenore> "...well, okay!"  She quits chanting and starts running up alongside Ammy~
  417. [21:06:08] <@Elena> You quickly rush inside! This large building does seem to be a host for administrative functions, at least you think so. There's a throne-like seat far in the back, and more stairs leading further down into the structure. The throne has a symbol carved into its back, a crown with a star above it.
  418. [21:06:59] <Lenore> "Definitely a town hall!  Or a Mayor's house!  Or a King's house!"
  419. [21:07:08] * Amaryllis scribbles this symbol into her journal.
  420. [21:07:09] <@Elena> Not much of a throne room, though. The chair is made of the same rock as everything else and doesn't look the least big comfortable. There is a hole in the back for a tonberry's tail.
  421. [21:07:22] <@Elena> *bit
  422. [21:08:09] <Amaryllis> Are there bookshelves or anything else of interest in this immediate entrance area? If not, Ammy starts heading down the stairs.
  423. [21:09:40] * Lenore walks over to the throne and inspects the hole in the chair. "Huh. It's weird realizing they need these holes."
  424. [21:11:09] <Amaryllis> "Well, I do not imagine their tails are as flexible as those of genomes."
  425. [21:11:12] <@Elena> No bookshelves... But on the first sublevel, you find a sort of... meeting room? There's a large stone table with seats set around it, and off towards the back, benches almost like church pews set up.
  426. [21:13:36] <@Elena> The stairs seem to descend further, as well.
  427. [21:14:13] <Lenore> "More stairs!"  She heads to them before Ammy inevitably heads to them.
  428. [21:14:42] * Amaryllis shuffles on down the stairs as well then.
  429. [21:15:09] <@Elena> On the next sublevel is a sort of archive. The shelves are metal and hold more carved stone plates. Tonberries must not have known the secret to making paper.
  430. [21:15:44] <@Elena> The further down you go, the more something becomes apparent though.
  431. [21:15:57] <@Elena> You can both hear a thump thump like a faint heartbeat.
  432. [21:16:10] <Lenore> "Do you hear that?  What is that?"
  433. [21:16:53] * Amaryllis stops, pauses, then reaches into her bag and pulls out her small hourglass of sand from Madain Sari.
  434. [21:17:12] <@Elena> Thump thump.
  435. [21:17:20] <Amaryllis> "I am not entirely sure. Let us investigate further."
  436. [21:17:26] <@Elena> The sand in the hourglass pulses with each thump, but it's not coming from there.
  437. [21:18:33] <Lenore> "Well all right, but I have a baaaad feeling about whatever it is!"  She keeps following Ammy, eyes and ears on the lookout.
  438. [21:18:36] <Amaryllis> "It is said in Madain Sari, where I collected this sand, that one can hear the heartbeat of the planet. I wonder if the same can be said of this place. Two such sites, both occupied by Summoner tribes..." Ammy trails off and continues down the stairs, with a glance back to the archives.
  439. [21:18:39] <@Elena> The stone plates on this level are many and varied, and seem to be sorted with pictures rather than by title.
  440. [21:19:50] * Amaryllis reaches into her bag and pulls out her Tantarian as well. "I apologize for having left you in here so long. Well, there are some stone 'books' you may find interesting after we figure out what this thumping is..."
  441. [21:19:56] <@Elena> As you descend the stairs a third time, you found yourselves on what seems to be the last sublevel. The entire room is bathed in a faint, greenish light. A river of energy flows through a channel underneath a stone ship, a statue of Ark.
  442. [21:20:14] <@Elena> Reliefs on the wall seem to depict different stages of Tonberry history.
  443. [21:21:11] <@Elena> A very recently made sign, written in a flowery hand, stands in front of the river, warning "Please do not drink! - Mindy."
  444. [21:21:40] <Lenore> "Well!  That's...strange!"
  445. [21:22:53] * Amaryllis glances all around at the reliefs.
  446. [21:23:07] <@Elena> On the left, the images depict tonberries swimming in the water, with strange, rounded lanterns containing glowing rocks, wielding tridents with blades instead of prongs. The sillouhette of a boat is far above them, outlined by the sun.
  447. [21:25:03] <@Elena> Further on shows the tonberries leaving their watery homes behind, wilting in the harsh light of the sun, and going to seek shelter. On land, the large weapons are too unwieldy, and no more of the special rocks can be found. Some turn back to the water, but others begin to inhabit caves. One tonberry looks skyward in daylight, seeing the same boat far above in the sky, once again shrouded by
  448. [21:25:03] <@Elena> the sun.
  449. [21:26:58] * Lenore is looking over the glyphs, squinting. "From strange to stranger..."
  450. [21:27:09] <@Elena> Still onwards a carving shows the tonberries learning of fire, and how to fashion smaller blades. The ceiling of a cave collapses one day from an earthquake, and monsters begin to pour in. But the humanoid Ark comes down as well, destroying the creatures.
  451. [21:28:11] <@Elena> The tonberries begin to repair their home, carve the rock, make their homes their own. One is seen calling forth Ark on his own initiative to combat what looks like Golem.
  452. [21:28:51] <@Elena> The last part of the carvings show many eidolons living side by side with the tonberries, deep underground.
  453. [21:28:56] * Amaryllis walks around the room as she wordlessly examines the reliefs, making notes in her journal as she goes.
  454. [21:31:07] * Lenore , after looking at the reliefs for a while, starts looking over the energy stream. "Hmmmm..."
  455. [21:31:12] <@Elena> "Huuuuh. That boat must have been pretty important! It's in each section..."
  456. [21:31:23] <Lenore> C-can I do a Lore: Magic to figure out this stream?
  457. [21:31:28] <@Elena> The river seems to be made of a pulsing, green plasma.
  458. [21:31:31] <@Elena> Go for it!
  459. [21:31:37] <Lenore> 2d6+5 Oh yeah!
  460. [21:31:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Oh yeah!: 14 [2d6=5,4]
  461. [21:31:54] <Amaryllis> Would lore: eidolon be applicable here, or would Ammy recognize the pulse from Madain Sari's?
  462. [21:32:46] <@Elena> Hm, roll that too then
  463. [21:32:52] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5
  464. [21:32:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+5: 9 [2d6=1,3]
  465. [21:34:06] <@Elena> Lenore, you think this stream is life energy that may distantly connect to the Manafont, and the Crystal itself.
  466. [21:34:18] <@Elena> Ammy - you have suspicions, but you can't say for sure.
  467. [21:34:36] * Amaryllis stoops down and runs a hand through the stream.
  468. [21:36:24] <@Elena> It's very warm, not quite liquid but still tangible.
  469. [21:36:37] <@Elena> If you pull any out, it flows away through the air like the wind.
  470. [21:36:49] <@Elena> HP restored!
  471. [21:37:15] <@Elena> Any wounds you may have simply seal up from touching the stuff.
  472. [21:37:40] <Amaryllis> "...Reach your hand into it Lenore. It feels very rejuvenating." Ammy sticks her arm deeper into the stream with a sigh of relief.
  473. [21:37:59] <Amaryllis> "...So why is there the warning?"
  474. [21:38:32] <@Elena> Elena touches it too. "Ooh, neat!"
  475. [21:39:17] <@Elena> Prickles: "M-maybe it's poisonous if imbibed..."
  476. [21:39:23] <@Elena> He prods the stuff cautiously.
  477. [21:40:02] <@Elena> By the way, the lot of you are no longer under the effects of Degenerator either.
  478. [21:40:35] <Amaryllis> "I think I feel that bloody spell wearing off too."
  479. [21:41:49] * Amaryllis looks closely at the stuff as she pulls some out and lets it drift off of her hand.
  480. [21:42:04] <@Elena> It's very lightweight and whispy.
  481. [21:42:18] <@Elena> Almost stress relieving, too.
  482. [21:42:58] * Amaryllis stares at it, then pulls up another bit with her hand. "...well, it is not drinking..." She breathes in a little as it slides off.
  483. [21:43:51] * Lenore reaches her hand into it. "Wow, feels great!" She pulls out.
  484. [21:44:26] <@Elena> It feels like a sharp slap to the face when you do that, Ammy, sending you reeling backwards a few steps.
  485. [21:44:43] <@Elena> Who knows what would have happened if you actually DRANK it. Could you imagine who'd have to be dumb enough to do that?
  486. [21:44:46] <Amaryllis> "Augh!"
  487. [21:44:51] * Lenore flips around! "You all right, Ammy?"
  488. [21:45:11] <Amaryllis> "It appears the warning is well-placed."
  489. [21:45:13] <Amaryllis> "I'm fine."
  490. [21:48:53] <@Elena> Elena: "Are you sure? Well, okay..."
  491. [21:49:17] <@Elena> She thinks a moment, then pulls out an empty glass bottle and bottles some.
  492. [21:49:27] <@Elena> "But who knows how this might come in handy~"
  493. [21:49:45] <@Elena> Prickles: "So is this another shrine dedicated to an eidolon?"
  494. [21:49:57] <Amaryllis> "Good thinking. Touching it is safe, at least, and helpful." Ammy grabs an empty potion bottle and does the same.
  495. [21:50:23] * Amaryllis nods. "Just as the Tonberry civilization evolved, so did the Eidolon Ark along with it. As if it were a guardian of their race."
  496. [21:50:32] <@Elena> You receive the equivalent of a Party Effect Hi Potion.
  497. [21:50:37] <Amaryllis> "So I must wonder what will become of Ark now..."
  498. [21:52:37] <Amaryllis> "There appeared to be more archives on the level above. I shall be there if you need me." Ammy shuffles off to the stairs again.
  499. [21:53:20] <@Elena> hmm...
  500. [21:53:23] <Lenore> "Hmmmmm..."
  501. [21:53:41] <Lenore> "So connected to the Crystal..."
  502. [21:54:07] * Lenore looks at the stream, specifically where it...originates in the room? Does it like, come from holes in the wall and exit from there too?
  503. [21:54:57] * Amaryllis is setting down her Tantarian on a shelf as she looks at the stone plates nearby.
  504. [21:55:05] * Anise is now known as Anislug
  505. [21:56:48] <@Elena> It seems to come out of an underground channel. It looks like the portion in the room was carved to suit it, but otherwise some kind of natural tunnel just beyond.
  506. [21:57:15] <@Elena> You wouldn't be able to go in unless you submerged yourself
  507. [21:57:32] <Amaryllis> (let's do it)
  508. [21:57:42] <Lenore> (LET'S BECOME ENERGY BEINGS)
  509. [21:59:14] <Lenore> "Well, checking that out doesn't look safe...It's weird though, I know Madain Sari and this place have links to this stream, but...shouldn't there be other places, too?"
  510. [22:01:40] <@Elena> "I don't know! That's a good question." :O
  511. [22:02:40] <Lenore> "I think the Iifa Tree has a link to this, too...maybe that's what I should be checking out!"  She nods to herself as she goes on.  "Oh well, let's see what Ammy's up to!"  Hopskip off to Ammy~
  512. [22:05:18] <@Elena> "Leeenaaa! Your friend's just looking at their 'books', we could go look for Bruno together, if you like, just you and me? I feel a thirst for adventure coming on~ 8,0★ "
  513. [22:05:33] <Amaryllis> Did Ammy find anything interesting among the stone plates?
  514. [22:06:40] <@Elena> There's quite a lot of information. Historical records, food supply notes, 'current' summoners, creation myths...
  515. [22:06:47] <@Elena> Census information
  516. [22:07:08] <Amaryllis> Creation myths! Ammy reads and copies that stuff. General history too.
  517. [22:07:21] <@Elena> There's even a rather thick block of stone that has rock sheets separated by metal rings, that seems to be a work of fiction.
  518. [22:07:48] <Lenore> "Bruno?"  She perks up!  "Yeah, we REALLY should go find Bruno, good idea, Mom!"
  519. [22:08:06] <@Elena> Prickles: "Then I'll stay here and protect Miss Amaryllis."
  520. [22:09:21] <@Elena> Aaaaaand I think we'll close here for now because I need to actually think on the stuff beyond this point and prepare that information. :3
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