Serafall's power

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  1. Kaichou continued after breathing out.
  3. “Perhaps those magicians may come to assault my sister at the audition hall so we have to guard her. Though I don’t think my sister would be defeated that easily even if she was assaulted. However, she may cause serious damage to the human world by going wild, so we have the duty to keep her down in order to prevent that from happening.”
  5. T-That’s certainly true…… If she tries, this person can destroy a whole island with a single shot of her demonic power! It would be a serious problem if the person who is in charge of diplomatic matters changes the map of the human world.
  7. Leviathan-sama got teary-eyed due to her devoted sister, so she hugged Kaichou.
  9. “Sob, Sona-tan sure does have a lot of concern about meeee! For her to come to the audition with me because she’s worried about me! Your Onee-san is emotionally mooooved!”
  11. Volume 15, Life 1
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