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  1. Most Lost Child
  3. Ode to the Most Lost Child-
  4. You are not alone
  5. Even if you’re homestuck,
  6. And don’t own a phone;
  7. You are not alone.
  9. Ode to the Most Lost Child-
  10. You walked from the light,
  11. Your heart is set on nothing else,
  12. But happiness, right?
  13. Yet you still loathe the nights.
  15. Ode to the Most Lost Child-
  16. You care for her yourself,
  17. Can’t rely on anyone else;
  18. It’s a burden and an honor,
  19. Above anything else.
  21. Ode to the Most Lost Child-
  22. Have you giggled yet?
  23. I doubt it since I haven’t said
  24. A happy word since we met.
  26. Ode to the Most Lost Child-
  27. Dream of amber waves of grain,
  28. Someday you’ll be in a place like that again;
  29. And even when you see red, you should remember too,
  30. Words of comfort will always surround and walk with you.
  32. Ode to the Most Lost Child-
  33. Laugh instead of cry,
  34. Don’t forget the moments shared between you and I;
  35. And when the moon rises high in the night sky,
  36. Howl like the wolf you are,
  37. Tell the stars goodnight.
  39. Ode to the Most Lost Child-
  40. You are not alone.
  41. Even if you’re homestuck,
  42. You’ll never be alone.
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