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  1. >"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!"
  2. >You look around and smile a little nervously at your family members.
  3. >They're all grinning and singing along, and you mother is lowering a cake to the table in front of you.
  4. >"Happy birthday dear Annnnooonnnymousss..."
  5. >"Happy birthday to you!"
  6. >You close your eyes and blow the candles out, making a wish.
  7. >Please just kill me now.
  8. >"Yayyyyyy!"
  9. >Arms in the air, your family is laughing and smiling and shoving presents into your lap.
  10. >Your dad walks over and gives you a slap on the back.
  11. >You don’t feel it.
  12. >"Good job lasting this long son. Makin' me proud."
  13. "T-thanks dad."
  14. >Your dad furrows his brow a little at that.
  15. >”What’s up?”
  16. >You just pretend not to hear him and unwrap a gift instead of answering.
  17. >It’s a cheapo plushy of a generic unicorn.
  18. >You jump up, knocking down your chair in your hurry to toss the pony plush back onto the table and get away from it.
  19. >”HAHAHA!”
  20. >Your crazy Scottish uncle walks up, not realizing your terror.
  21. >He picks up the plushie and waggles it in your face, still laughing.
  22. >You nearly puke in fear, but he still doesn’t seem to see, your father on the other hand looks even more concerned now.
  23. >But before he can say anything, your uncle booms:
  24. >”Ey! got er gut chukle out er tat eh lad?”
  25. >”I- I-“
  26. >”But dern’t yu worreh lad!”
  27. >Your uncle shoves his hand into the rump of the plushie and rips out a phone, along with a ton of stuffing that goes flying all over.
  28. >He sets it in your hand and you nearly drop it, your hands numb and stiff.
  29. >”Ther ya’re. HAHAHAHA!”
  30. >And off your uncle goes again to down some more beer.
  31. >You flinch, getting a shock of pain from your gut.
  32. >”What’s wrong Anonymous.”
  33. >Your dad is staring straight into your eyes, dead serious.
  34. >You try to fake a smile.
  35. “Oh n-nothing, just… Feeling a little sick is all!”
  36. >He’s not buying it.
  37. >Your mom is beside you now too, grabbing at your shirt.
  38. ”Mom what-“
  39. >”You’re bleeding!”
  40. >She shows it to you, a growing bloody patch spreading and soaking through the fabric.
  41. >You push her away and back into a corner, clutching desperately at your chest, trying to cover up the blood.
  42. ”Just… It’s fine okay.”
  43. >Everyone is staring at you now, with increasingly shocked expressions.
  44. >You look down at your chest, seeing the now copious amount of blood welling out of some unseen wound on your chest.
  45. >Your dad goes to step towards you, but you put your hand up.
  46. “STOP! Stop… I’m…”
  47. >You’re crying now, tears rolling down your cheeks as you try to choke back your sobs to speak.
  48. “I’m *hah* I’m feh-fine…”
  49. >”You are obviously not fine Anonymous.”
  50. >Your mom is in tears and dialing 911 on her cellphone.
  52. >”WHAT. IS. WRONG. What happened!”
  53. >You stare at your father, as stony faced as you can trying to wipe away the tears in your eyes.
  54. >Then you laugh.
  55. >Just the pure ridiculousness.
  56. “Hah. Well I sure as fuck didn’t see myself here today.”
  57. >You laugh and cry on, tearing off your shirt.
  58. >Gasps of shock from your family ensue.
  59. >There’s a hole in your chest, and bits of your flesh are stripping away around the area of your stomach.
  60. >But you don’t feel a single bit of it.
  61. >Still laughing, you start to tug at the strips of skin and muscle.
  62. >Your family is still just looking on, far too shocked to properly react.
  63. >Your mother has completely shut down, bumbling and sobbing over the phone with the 911 responder.
  64. “Dad?”
  65. >The floor is completely covered in your blood and chunks of your flesh, and your father is absolutely entranced by it.
  66. >Bah, mere scraps of an imperfect vessel.
  67. “Dad.”
  68. >He looks at you.
  69. “I’m…”
  70. >You rip away the rest of your chest, you can feel yourself transcending further and further.
  71. >Soon true nirvana will be yours.
  72. “Hahaha… I am.”
  73. >Vision fades, you fall to your knees still tearing away, snapping ribs that are no longer yours and throwing them aside.
  74. >Your eyes roll back into your head and you smile, perfectly at peace.
  75. >…
  76. >”W-what are you Anonymous?”
  77. >Suddenly vision abounds and you come flying from your carrier.
  78. >You flick your new mane out of the way, feeling the soft blonde hair drape across your neck.
  79. >Your father is staring down at what used to be your corpse, your mother has fainted, your uncle is chugging back a bottle of rum and your grandparents are sitting down trying to calm their old hearts.
  80. >Well that just won’t do!
  81. >You trot up to your dad, hooves clacking on the floor, tail swishing.
  82. >”Oh my god… What…”
  83. >You poke his leg.
  84. >In abject terror, your dad stares down at you, not quite understanding your transcendence beyond your old, pitiable and imperfect form.
  85. >So you inform him with a playful smile on your snout.
  86. >Your new voice was beyond anything you could have expected of even the greatest of the Equuus’thlaleopugress.
  87. “I’m a pony! Could you brush my mane?”
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