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  1. http://www.hotchatdirect.com/us/ac/i/chat-i2ld-nc14_t.php?lid=c-i2ld&kw=acus11a&c1=12-&u=Ashley92&a=19&i=11a&c2=12819295791342688090
  4. Ashley92 (1:54): hi
  5. You (1:55): nmn hlhln
  6. Ashley92 (1:55): are you single? Hm?
  7. You (1:55): hv jkb
  8. You (1:55): i'm gay
  9. Ashley92 (1:55): great, im from bonney lake, yoiu here?
  10. You (1:55): yes. I'm gay though
  11. Ashley92 (1:55): wanna go grab a cup of coffee?
  12. You (1:55): if you're okay with me being gay and if you realize it's 2am, sure
  13. Ashley92 (1:56): We can get to know each other...i would like that :)
  14. Ashley92 (1:56): so do you have your type of girls
  15. Ashley92 (1:56): Do you love to have fun?
  16. You (1:56): I have ED, and love men.
  17. Ashley92 (1:56): We can even go out and party, later we can go to my place :)
  18. You (1:56): so if you mean fun as in "GAY SEX" then yes
  19. Ashley92 (1:56): add me and ill give you my mobile and address
  20. You (1:56): I AM GAY. I THINK YOU'RE GROSS
  21. Ashley92 (1:56): oh i cant wait...i want you :)
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