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  1. [04:53:55] She turns the key and walks on in, not thinking to knock since she's so accustomed to essentially being part of the house. The warmer atmosphere of the inside relaxes her and she sighs softly, stepping on in and looking around the room. It was a pleasant thing, seeing the estate still being populated to some degree. In her hands she carried crate. Of what? No one knows, but it's a crate.
  2. "Ah.. Hello there. I didn't realize there would be a gues--- "
  3. She feels a sense of "Tall" behind her shortly
  4. "I suppose we're nearly ALL here now.. How delightful! "
  5. (Faye Lavina)
  6. [04:55:43] Tallith blinks slowly as she looks down at Faye, then gives a sweeping once-over to the rest of the room.
  7. One clawed hand rises to wave at Bartholomew.
  8. (Tallith Ophidia)
  9. [04:59:18] Ciara turns sharply, regarding the new voices with a mixture of relief and stress. Her voice begins as bubbly, and welcoming.
  10. "Ah! Fi--"
  11. Yet it quickly is caught, then reverted to the more distant, formal tone that she had held with Bartholomew.
  12. "Faye, Tallith. A pleasure to have you both visiting. Tea has only recently just been served, but I'm certain we could make amends if you intend to stay long?"
  13. (Ciara Ophidia)
  14. [05:05:31] "...Well was it with my teapot?"
  15. She asks with a raised brow, wondering if anyone but herself in this house knew how to operate such a thing. Mistakes could lead to brutal consequences, and these weren't things she wanted to see happen again. With a strained heave-ho, she walks towards the kitchen looking a tad fatigued. Honestly she couldn't wait to just set it down somewhere and take a break. On her way she nods her head politely to Bartholomew, she can't quite remember if they've introduced, but she certainly remembers seeing him around often.
  16. "Tea would be amazing regardless, thank you for offering. No hurry however. I intend to let my feet rest before I even think of departing again. Picking up your own orders are such a hefty bother"
  17. (Faye Lavina)
  18. [05:07:30] Tallith's head swivels to regard Ciara. Something seemed to click inside her head, as the Ookami simply turned to depart.
  19. "No. Enjoy your night."
  20. (Tallith Ophidia)
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