Ratiomaster - utorrent 3.2.3 client

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  1. <!-- Put this in a file "utorrent_3.2.3.client" in the clients directory of rationmaster -->
  2. <client name="uTorrent 3.2.3" author="gigi_900" version="1.0" processname="utorrent">
  3.   <query>info_hash={infohash}&amp;peer_id={peerid}&amp;port={port}&amp;uploaded={uploaded}&amp;downloaded={downloaded}&amp;left={left}&amp;key={key}{event}&amp;numwant={numwant}&amp;compact=1&amp;no_peer_id=1</query>
  4.   <headers>Host: {host}_nl_User-Agent: uTorrent/3230(28705)_nl_Accept-Encoding: gzip_nl_</headers>
  5.   <peer_id prefix="-UT3230-" type="random" length="12" urlencoding="true" upperCase="false" value=""/>
  6.   <key type="hex" length="8" urlencoding="false" upperCase="true" value=""/>
  7.   <protocol value="HTTP/1.1"/>
  8.   <hash upperCase="false"/>
  9. </client>
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