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  1. noel : here do you know what aaron is on about
  2. noel : on the forums
  3. noel : about me spreading something about him or whatever
  4. noel : whats that all about
  5. shilling: nis phone number
  6. shilling: and his adress
  7. noel : what?
  8. noel : what
  9. noel : lol
  10. noel : his phone number and adress
  11. shilling: you gave it to alpha and he sent aaron texts
  12. noel : no
  13. noel : his information
  14. noel : is available
  15. noel : to the entire fucking public
  16. noel : 4lpha searched his whois of his website
  17. noel : and sent pics of his house and shit in the discord
  18. noel :
  19. noel : see for yourself
  20. noel : type in there
  21. noel : wait that isnt icann
  22. noel :
  23. noel : look
  24. noel : he doesnt have whois privacy
  25. noel : anyone who knows the slightest thing about doxing can find literally everything out about him in an instant
  26. noel : it happened to me in the past
  27. noel : even when i had whois privacy
  28. noel : certain websites still show it
  29. noel : i had ppl deliver pizza to my door and all sorts
  30. noel : is that actually what hes on about
  31. shilling: joe told us you had the info saved when you contorl of the forums and kept it saved all along
  32. noel : wtf no
  33. noel : none of the information is on the forums
  34. noel : u dont put any of that shit into xenforo when u register
  35. noel : and from what i can remember aaron's account wasn't even registered fully
  36. noel : because i made the account for him through xenforo
  37. noel : and i manually verified it for him
  38. noel : so he didnt even put an email in
  39. noel : im actually so mad
  40. noel : you couldnt fucking make this up
  41. noel : what reason would i have to spread his shit about
  42. noel : ha gotcha !  i sended ur phone number and adress !
  43. noel : pwned kid !
  44. noel : like wtf
  45. noel : i have no ill intent towards anyone in J
  46. shilling: well you say one thing joe says another everyone else says another
  47. shilling: THE FUCK DO I DO?
  48. noel : well idk
  49. noel : its just fucking bs
  50. noel : literally
  51. noel : im being denied from the clan
  52. noel : and im being cast out
  53. noel : for crimes i didnt commit
  54. noel : its so blown out of proportion its unbelievable
  55. noel : there was literally no second of thought behind me taking down the forums, I even remember House egging me on
  56. noel : and as much as I like him
  57. noel : I'm sorry but the double standards are unreal
  58. noel : its so frustrating
  59. noel : whats more annoying is that ppl like u
  60. noel : i asked u
  61. noel : if you'd be my master
  62. noel : and u were like yeah
  63. noel : not that long ago
  64. noel : a month ago at most
  65. noel : if i got accepted
  66. noel : and now its like
  67. noel : ah no noel is tihs 1337 hacker who's going round giving out your information
  68. noel : the only area any of that information resided was in that conversation between me house and 4lpha
  69. noel : none of it went outside of there except when House changed his name to Aaron's name backwards
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