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  1. DirectX: 11.
  2. DXDIAG:
  3. MSInfo: Pastebin (as per your thread's instructions) says that the paste comes to over 512kb and will not host it without a Pro account.
  5. Loaded up Div. 2 after today's (18 April) maintenance/patch and I was able to be in the game world for 3-5 minutes before the game crashed.
  7. Crash 1: In Base of Operations, opened Map > Projects, closed map, freeze.
  8. Crash 2: Move to Red Dragon CP by fast travel. Leave CP. Freeze.
  9. Crash 3: Leave Red Dragon CP. Move towards Hospital Infirmary CP. Engage AI and the game freezes.
  10. Crash 4: Left Red Dragon, moved through area to test, found some loot, encountered Bounty NPC, froze when bounty dropped.
  12. As of 00:01 BST 18 April, the game worked perfectly well for me and since launch I've clocked 188 hours. I've verified the game's files (between crashes 2 & 3), but this hasn't had any effect, nor has any of the other recommendations in the general Ubi Troubleshooting guide (between crashes 3 & 4). Before each freeze the game was running smoothly, 30+ FPS, no hesitations or hiccups. Once the game froze the screen went black for 2 seconds then reverted to the frozen game.
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