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Apr 14th, 2015
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  1. >Do you believe there should be a more diverse representation of women and minorities in games?
  2. I have the question, do you believe that a more diverse representation of women and minorities would actually add anything beneficial towards making video games better, other than your strange obsession when seeing every video game have a trans-black person? Another thing, do you honestly believe SJWs are just asking for devs to "consider" their ideas when they go on their twitter campaigns or tumblrs or whatever and complain as hard as possible about a game they don't like?
  4. I have another question too, why is it that when I see people talking about diversity and how it's so important to video games, it's almost always white people? I mean the only black person I've seen who actually wants more diversity in games, didn't even play games all that much, meanwhile the majority of blacks that happen to play video games are largely fine with the representation, I know this might be a shocker to you but most people only just want to play the game, but much like that woman I referenced earlier that's colorblind,misogynistic and ivory tower way of thinking.
  6. The only kind of diversity that matters is the ideas that you incorporate into the design of your game.
  8. Another thing I notice about SJW when they argue about their points on video games, they always says they're "improving" video games, which is probably why they got all pissy when Ken Levine said that experiences matters, not gender or race.
  10. That being said, I don't mind it but I certainly don't think it really important topic.
  12. Slightly unrelated: I wonder if SJWs short-circuit and cry when their "precious oppressed and marginalized" sla... I mean people don't agree with them, I never seen a white person argue against David Caroll, it's always just the occasional black person.
  14. >What about this list of 5 games with non objectified women?
  15. This is a cute argument, mainly because anything that doesn't even have a minor role in the story/universe of the game could be considered an object just by merit of not having any meaningful interaction with the player, is it objectification that the cops that show up in GTA are male? Nope, it isn't it's just a male NPC/PC that happens to be a police officer, just like how there's female NPCs that happens to be a hooker/stripper
  17. >The existence of a few exceptions doesn't erase the enormous disparity in the industry as a whole.
  18. Are you seriously complaining about that a male dominated medium would have mostly male characters? What a fucking shocker,what's next you're going to tell me most perfume wearers are female?
  20. Now you might say "but they're talking about objectification!" honestly, tell yourself, how many games or games series you have played in the past 10 or so years that actually treated women as nothing more than eyecandy for the player? And I don't mean attractive women, that's a bullshit argument because then that means even a well written character would still be just "objectified" eye candy.
  21. >But she's a goal object! Nothing more than a big gold star with a female body!
  22. Any dev could of easily made the main objective a big gold star, but since Damsel in Distress/Rescue is a very easy thing to write then developers follow that trope because it works, it's just that this time instead of Westley rescuing Buttercup, it's Mario rescuing Peach.
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