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  1. The advantage of a normalized database, is its **general-purpose structure**, that is,
  2. on a normalized table we **can execute any type of query** —even those that are least expected at the time of database design.
  3. Several Normal Forms (NF) are defined in relational database theory. Identified by a number and the abbreviation NF,
  4. the normal forms with higher numbers are less exposed to anomalies.
  5. The first three Normal Forms were developed by E. F. Codd, and often we say that a table is "normalized" when it is in 3NF, that is,
  6. when the following rules are met:
  8.     There are no multi-value attributes
  9.     There are no non-prime attributes, functionally dependent on a subset of a candidate key
  10.     There are no non-prime attributes, transitively dependent on a candidate key
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