Jun 23rd, 2012
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  1. [01:49:09] <Beatrice> The date is sometime after the 21st! Beatrice is where one would normally guess to locate her - lounging around the Mystical Aptitude building, reading some old, raggedy book or another. Outside of her usual activities, she's rarely found elsewhere.
  2. [01:50:11] <Beatrice> (I was playing a game of hide and seek with the bottle opener. Asshole didn't tell me we were playing so it took a while to figure it out.)
  3. [01:50:56] <Yulia> Having felt a little curious, Yulia scouts out the Mystical Aptitude building, seemingly searching for something. A blue Scizor with a towel over his right pincer floats attentively behind her.
  4. [01:53:29] <Beatrice> While Yulia has been here before I'm not sure you were there for the initial description. The classroom is basically a wing of what appears to be a haunted house in the middle of the graveyard. The rest of the house serves as a dormitory. So she's fairly easy to locate in one of the more open 'lounge' areas of the building.
  5. [01:54:02] <Yulia> "A curious place to get reading done, indeed."
  6. [01:56:26] * Beatrice looks up from the book slowly with both eyes, no bandage or eyepatch at the moment. She marks the page, closes it softly and sets it aside. "Ze ghosts of ze manor know better zan to disturb me by now, and not many students live here at all. So it is usually fairly quiet. Bonjour, Yulia."
  7. [01:56:41] <Yulia> "Curious."
  8. [01:56:50] <Yulia> "Perhaps the voices of the dead would disturb my studies."
  9. [01:56:58] <Yulia> "I prefer the stadium dorms for that reason."
  10. [01:58:58] <Beatrice> "Really? Zis rather reminds me of home, myself. Much quieter at zat. However I am aware it is apparantly unnerving to other students."
  11. [01:59:15] <Yulia> "The dead do not -unnerve- me, so to speak."
  12. [01:59:21] <Yulia> "I simply prefer my silence."
  13. [01:59:41] * Yulia and Nicodemus exchange glances, confirming this fact.
  14. [02:00:03] <Yulia> "Not much here reminds me of home other than my own dorm and the library."
  15. [02:03:18] <Beatrice> She shrugs. "Each to zeir own. I will admit I have grown used to zeir prattling. It is even comforting in a sense. A white sound." Samedi 'cheshires' into sight, for lack of better description, resting on her shoulder.
  16. [02:03:47] <Yulia> "And what do they argue about?"
  17. [02:03:57] <Beatrice> "Zough while I cannot speak for all of Kingshire I could imagine zis building was simply plucked from ze historical district and moved over here at one point. Hm."
  18. [02:04:31] <Yulia> "I would know. It is not."
  19. [02:04:54] <Beatrice> (3: that awkward moment when.)
  20. [02:06:01] <Beatrice> She looks around casually for a few moments. "At ze moment...from ze sounds of it who consumed ze best dream zis week. Normally it is not much different from zat. Best prank, trick, impersonation of a minor celebrity..."
  21. [02:06:52] <Yulia> "It makes me wonder what it is in their nature that makes them prefer such things."
  22. [02:07:13] <Yulia> "An interesting study to undertake during my stay here, perhaps."
  23. [02:10:44] <Beatrice> "I find it is highly up to ze individual spirit, but a common trend always seems to be boredom." The giratinakitty yawns, as if in agreement.
  24. [02:11:33] <Yulia> A burst of light from Yulia's belt interrupts, followed by a small puff of purple smoke from the ground.
  25. [02:11:33] <Yulia> The smoke burst itself seems rather pathetic - the "poof" is almost sickly.
  26. [02:11:40] <Beatrice> "
  27. [02:11:57] <Yulia> Nevertheless, at its origin is a quagsire holding a voodoo doll in one hand, and a tribal spear, decorated with Braviary feathers in the other.
  28. [02:12:22] <Yulia> He proudly bears a colorful tiki mask and tribal paints all over his body.
  29. [02:12:33] <Yulia> "......"
  30. [02:12:48] <Yulia> "Oh, bloody hell."
  31. [02:13:24] <Beatrice> "It is a topic I have honestly not given much zought. I preusme it might have something to do with dreams born from fear or apprehension being tasti - ..." she stares at the quagsire.
  32. [02:13:37] <Yulia> "....."
  33. [02:13:41] <Yulia> "He confuses me."
  34. [02:13:53] <Yulia> "Most attempts at answers are foiled."
  35. [02:14:40] <Yulia> Ephraim emits a low, ominous "Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag."
  36. [02:14:49] <Beatrice> "Oh, none of my possessions I see. Hm. Ze mask had me for a second."
  37. [02:15:09] <Yulia> "I have no idea where he gets them."
  38. [02:15:28] <Yulia> "Though the fact that you might know a bit about what he's imitating is interesting."
  39. [02:16:12] <Yulia> Nicodemus searches the building for a kitchen.
  40. [02:18:04] <Beatrice> She tilts her head. "Hm. I guess you would not know given ze circumstances. Very well. Would you mind accompanying me to my room?"
  41. [02:19:51] <Yulia> "Certainly, but for what reason?"
  42. [02:20:10] <Yulia> Nicodemus quickly returns, not finding much.
  43. [02:22:11] <Beatrice> "Mmm. It will probably be more clear when you see," She hops up and guides Yulia and her compatriots through the building.
  44. [02:24:13] <Beatrice> The room is actually rather spacious. Two very large beds, easily big enough to fit 4 people each on either side of the room. One side seems fairly normal. Desks, a desktop computer, posters, average stuff. The other side, however...
  45. [02:24:22] <Yulia> Yulia follows, with Nicodemus floating and Ephraim waddling right behind. The latter occasionally pokes things on the way with his spear.
  46. [02:28:02] <Beatrice> One desk is completely covered in a chemistry set of sorts. Beakers, vials, tubes with strange colored liquids, the works. Even a black cauldren over a bunsen burner. On top of a dressor is a huge mess of old tomes, scrolls, odds and ends. A collection of voodoo dolls sits on top of a shelf above the bed. Many of them bearing resemblance to the others she's met. There's even one of
  47. [02:28:28] <Yulia> "....should I be concerned about those dolls?"
  48. [02:28:50] <Yulia> "Or that Kangaskhan, for that matter."
  49. [02:30:43] <Beatrice> Beatrice chucks the book she's holding at the dressor as they enter, telekinetically aiding it in landing without toppling everything. "Oh, zis?" She mindfloats the doll over. "I made one for everyone involved in zis struggle. For medicinal purposes. A...form of accupressure, if zat makes sense. Mojo, positive energies."
  50. [02:31:26] <Yulia> "....indeed." It's clear she does not fully understand, but she rolls with it.
  51. [02:32:01] <Yulia> Ephraim is facing the more unusual side of the room, unblinkingly staring at the array of mystical tools. :]
  52. [02:32:03] <Beatrice> "Ze Kangaskhan...I am unsure what to do with it honestly. It came with a humonculus creation kit Professor Sideiron gave me. Some sort of two for one deal I believe?"
  53. [02:32:34] <Yulia> "I cannot honestly think of a use for a mummified Kangaskhan, but I am not the expert here."
  54. [02:33:24] <Yulia> When he gets bored enough, Ephraim lightly pokes Samedi with his spear. Poke. Poke. Pokepokepoke.
  55. [02:33:24] <Beatrice> "Annnd to answer your question from earlier...I suppose ze term you would be familiar with is to say I am a witch doctor. A voodoo practitioner."
  56. [02:33:34] <Yulia> The Quagsire doesn't really know what he's doing.
  57. [02:33:50] <Yulia> "And that is what Ephraim believes he is?"
  58. [02:35:54] <Beatrice> The cat just sorta stares at him funny as the spear goes right through him. goasts. "I believe zat is ze intention, zough ze spear is of ze wrong feathers for such a role."
  59. [02:36:38] <Yulia> Failing that, he waves the doll and spear around and starts chanting.
  60. [02:36:48] <Beatrice> "Ze...wrong tribe entirely. Bravescars did not practice hexing," she nods to the spear.
  61. [02:37:06] <Yulia> Nicodemus faceclaws.
  62. [02:37:26] <Yulia> Clank.
  63. [02:37:51] <Yulia> "Mmmm. Tribal specialties. Something I may wish to look into during the next trip to the library."
  64. [02:37:55] <Yulia> "Tell me more about your craft."
  65. [02:38:05] <Yulia> "....and whether or not Ephraim is attempting something dangerous."
  66. [02:38:17] <Beatrice> <I think he saw a tv drama about back home and got funny ideas, Trice.> the cat seems to be quirking an eyebrow.
  67. [02:40:38] <Beatrice> "Hmmm. Alright zen," she pulls up her desk chair and sits down. "I am from ze Eastern Isles. Darkfeather City, to be exact. Ze tribe zat used to live zere was known for zeir hexxers and shamans more zan zeir warriors. My family descends from ze original tribe. Or...well at least half of it does."
  68. [02:41:04] <Yulia> "Elaborate."
  69. [02:45:03] <Beatrice> "It's...a fairly long tale. Hm." She thinks for a bit on how to answer this.
  70. [02:46:29] <Beatrice> "I do not wish to bore you with my family's history. What I can say in ze simplest manner is ze wildling half were known for being gifted with psionics or mysticism, as well as practitioners of voodoo. And...zen down ze road one of zem married a Faust."
  71. [02:48:48] <Yulia> "Mmmmm."
  72. [02:48:57] <Yulia> Ephraim wavewavewavewaves more.
  73. [02:49:00] <Beatrice> "Zough it was more complicated zan zat, basically ze families completely merged. Ze Fausts were well known for being ghost specialists, and had a history with Giratina. Ze other side, much ze same. And many generations later, here I am, inherited of most ze family's lineage."
  74. [02:49:27] <Yulia> "Hopefully, not a dangerous relationship with Giratina."
  75. [02:50:31] <Beatrice> "Including zat zing." She points at a Spiritomb keystone that's sitting on her dresser as a paperweight. "He's sleeping at ze moment. His name is Pandora. His last master - " (May or may not have been the first Unovan Champion Damien hasn't figured that out yet :B)
  76. [02:51:29] <Beatrice> Trice laughs. "I am unsure. I am not sure if you were aware, I was taking care of his egg until a few days ago when he reincarnated."
  77. [02:52:24] <Yulia> "...-interesting-. One would thing such a reincarnation would be dangerous to be around, however."
  78. [02:53:56] <Yulia> It is at this point that Yulia begins taking notes.
  79. [02:54:11] <Yulia> Ephraim, on the other hand, has only managed to summon a small puff of purple smoke.
  80. [02:54:22] <Beatrice> "I was unsure what to expect myself. He was actually rather...cute? Like a draconic Larvesta almost."
  81. [02:56:18] <Yulia> "....cute?" Yulia finds this rather hard to believe.
  82. [02:56:24] <Beatrice> "It seems someone slew him in his realm, and I am still not quite sure how his egg ended up in my care...zough given ze circumstances with ze Baron and Baronness it was quite alarming."
  83. [02:57:35] <Beatrice> "Well, lord of ghosts or not, he is still in a state of infancy after emerging from his egg."
  84. [02:59:56] <Beatrice> <I give our tiki warrior here 10 minutes before he accidently summon's up that damn hipster's Rotom beatbox from down the hall.> The cat is not amused with the impression.
  85. [03:00:54] <Yulia> Satisfied with the smoke, Ephraim simply flops over on his side. :]
  86. [03:01:11] <Yulia> "Or not."
  87. [03:05:56] <Beatrice> "And...well, outside of zat, given what you see here probably speaks for itself. I brew medicinal elixers, can hex others, have studied in spellcraft..." She counts on her fingers, seeming to forget something as she pauses. <And raise the dead.> The cat finishes. "Ah, yes. And my affinity for Ghosts."
  88. [03:08:46] <Yulia> "Intriguing. I had not thought to read up on witchcraft before this."
  89. [03:09:10] <Beatrice> "Mmmm."
  90. [03:09:25] <Yulia> "Studies of the mind largely takes up my time."
  91. [03:11:59] <Beatrice> "I hold zat ze name of it is just zat, a name. One side of my family insisted it was alchemy, ze other insisted witchcraft, but in ze end ze actions are ze same." She snaps her fingers and makes a spark of fire. "Igniting particles in ze air around us, or drawing on ze spiritual energy within one's self." In the other hand she makes a small shadow ball, twirls it around some. "Ze
  92. [03:11:59] <Beatrice> mediums might be slightly different but ze end result all ze same. I simply chose ze more arcane route of study."
  93. [03:12:40] <Beatrice> "As I am to understand you are a telepath as well? I will admit I...have neglected my own capabilities in favor of others outside ze immediately useful, like moving objects around."
  94. [03:14:02] <Yulia> "Taken to a different extreme - I am a clairsentient of some experience."
  95. [03:16:05] <Beatrice> (cast I hate you this train song wrecked my train of thought here.)
  96. [03:16:18] <castfromhp> (TRAIN TRAIN! I LOVE MY STATION!)
  97. [03:16:35] <Rini> (this is actually my fault)
  98. [03:17:20] <Beatrice> "Hm...who did you learn from? Or was it more innate?"
  99. [03:17:57] <Yulia> "Innate, to some extent. Psychic abilities in my bloodline are....erratic between generations."
  100. [03:18:06] <Yulia> "As is mysticism."
  101. [03:18:44] <Yulia> "As such, when either appears, it is quickly nurtured while others in the family are left to more natural pursuits."
  102. [03:21:10] * Beatrice nods. "As was ze case with my own family until...well, ze merger. Now it tends to be one or ze other."
  103. [03:22:33] <Beatrice> "Do you...have any siblings?"
  104. [03:22:38] <Yulia> "Four."
  105. [03:22:41] <Yulia> "Three of them older."
  106. [03:23:31] <Yulia> "Why do you ask?"
  107. [03:25:21] <Beatrice> "Just...curious, ze way you describe it makes it sound as if you were segregated from zem."
  108. [03:26:49] <Yulia> "To an extent. Most of our time was spent studying."
  109. [03:27:59] <Yulia> "It is...something of a bloodline based -duty- to be skilled. To be educated to the highest degree available."
  110. [03:28:51] <Yulia> "To be an intellectual in the broadest sense of the word."
  111. [03:30:35] <Beatrice> "...Well I can imagine why you wanted to be here instead zen. My own homeschooling was...well, less zan traditional."
  112. [03:32:31] <Yulia> "What were you taught?"
  113. [03:34:41] <Beatrice> She picks Samedi off her shoulders and plops him in her lap. "I believe I was six when it started. My parents gave me Samedi as an Eevee for my birthday, and I was instructed to find out how to make him a Spectreon on my own. After zat it was...basically up to what I wanted to within my capability. Zere is sort of a slight stipulation in our family. Girls pursue ze league, boys
  114. [03:34:41] <Beatrice> join the military. " <I think the quagsire is learning faster than you di-wakflhahfa> She pinches the back of his neck and he stops abruptly.
  115. [03:36:59] <Yulia> Ephraim rolllllllls, seemingly in response. :]
  116. [03:41:35] <Yulia> "An interesting arrangement. Do you have any siblings?"
  117. [03:43:59] <Beatrice> she nods. "Oui. My elder brother. He attended here a few years previous as well, and zen...after he returned home I did not see much of him, given his profession."
  118. [03:44:47] <Yulia> "A profession in the military, I assume?"
  119. [03:47:00] <Beatrice> "Indeed. I will say I do not envy him. If anything I am left with many more options zan he had."
  120. [03:50:09] * Yulia nods. "In any case, this has been quite enlightening. Perhaps you should visit my dorm sometime, in return."
  121. [03:51:12] <Beatrice> "Hmmm. I will have to take you up on zat. I frequent ze stadium anyway for training."
  122. [03:53:11] <Yulia> "I offer a few practical services, as well - namely, psycohological and investigative."
  123. [03:55:26] <Beatrice> The cat looks up at Trice. <Don't do it. She'll find out what you did to the -akfdhhaflkhh.> "Investigative? Well, I do believe I heard you are assisting Frederica with ze underwear bandit, so I suppose zat makes sense."
  124. [03:57:24] * Yulia nods. "The case is slightly trickier than expected."
  125. [03:59:29] <Beatrice> "Well, good luck with zat. As I understand whoever it is has gone to huge extents to conceal zeir identity."
  126. [04:03:46] <Yulia> "So much so that even psychic methods are of little aid."
  127. [04:04:21] <Yulia> "A plan to catch this bandit will be....difficult to conjure. Whoever they are...they're very good."
  128. [04:09:51] <Beatrice> "Mhm. Zey tried borrowing some of my ghosts previously, I heard ze results were lackluster."
  129. [04:12:20] <Yulia> "In any case, it is something for me to mull over tonight."
  130. [04:13:02] <Yulia> Nicodemus picks up Ephraim, who offers no resistance. He still grips his spear and voodoo doll absent-mindedly. :]
  131. [04:14:01] <Beatrice> She nods. "Good night, zen, Yulia."
  132. [04:14:57] * Yulia nods. "Likewise. You know where to find me, should you require my services."
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