Size Matters (2019)

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  1. This scene involves SPH, femdom, intense humiliation, psychological d/s, mild cbt, feminization, spanking, mutual masturbation, and forced cum-eating.
  3. All lines are spoken by a British female with pauses inserted for implied responses from the male character. Verbal Tone cues are in ( ).
  6. Size Matters
  8. Oh Christ.  Just stop it now.  You’re not in love with me. We’re roommates for Fucks sake.  
  10. (Sigh)
  12. -Yes I remember our kiss.  We snogged once ages ago, and we were both drunk.  Besides, your ex is one of my best mates so just forget about it.
  14. (Pause)
  16. -Look, you’re a super nice bloke and you aren’t tough on the eyes but even if I were gagging for it, it would never happen.
  18. (Exasperated)
  19. -WHY?  I don’t want to be rude but if the truth is what you need to hear — you’re….too...small.
  21. (Silence)
  23. -What do I mean??? You know exactly what I mean. Sorry babe, but size matters.
  25. -Oh please, don’t embarrass yourself,  it’s no use denying it. You dated one of my mates for 2 years. Do you think girls don’t share details?  Oh yes We just love comparing notes - the shape of our man’s cock, the length, the GIRTH!  We share it all and I know you aren’t packing much down there sooooo…
  27. -Don’t all sad about it.  I mean it’s not your fault you have a...ahem...shortcoming.  
  29. (Disbelieving)
  30. -What?  You have an average sized penis? Oh really?
  32. -Darling, that’s what all little-dicked boys say.  Let me ask you one question.  How many girls have ever called your cock big?  How many have said, ‘yes stud fuck me, fill me with that big dick’. Or  ‘Let me suck that fat cock’, hmm?
  34. (Silence)
  36. -Awww, you’re blushing.  That’s cute.  Are you angry?...embarrassed?  You know there’s one simple way to settle this once and for all?...Give me one sec to fetch something.
  38. (Sound of a drawer opening and closing)
  40. -Here we go.  A….12 inch wooden ruler?  Don’t you have a metric ruler?  Oh never mind, this’ll do.  Ok, big boy, drop your trousers.
  42. (Pause)
  44. -What?  Is there a problem?  Get on with it, let’s have a good look at that average sized cock of yours. Come on now.
  46. -Sheepish all of a sudden are we?  I see, well I’ll make a deal with you.  If you have a truly averaged sized prick then I promise to get you off.  That’s right — here and now.  I’ll even get on my knees and look up at you with big doe eyes while I do it.  I’m really quite good at that you know .  Now that image must have been one that you’ve wanked to once or twice since we’ve been flatmates, yeah?
  48. -So come on, nothing to lose.  Off with them.  This is your chance lover-boy.
  50. -Good boy — upp-upp — shirt first.  Give me a good strip tease laddie.  There we go.  Not a bad bod, good to see you take care of yourself,  Yes yes off with the socks and trainers.
  52. -Ok now for the big reveal — WAIT WAIT!!! What’s the bet? How long is average?  Let’s see this ruler is in inches, so an average cock would be what, 7 inches?
  54. (disbelief)
  55. -SIX?  Are you joking?  Six looks awfully small to me. How about Six and a half?  That seems fair.  
  57. -You’re hesitating.  Having second thoughts?  Ok fine, six inches it is, but if I’m going to get you off for having a mere six inch dick, then if you dont...measure up, well then, you have to be my servant boy for the rest of the day.  You do what I say, where I say, how I say.  Deal?
  59. -Aw good.  Ok here we go.  Drum roll please. Annnnnnnd…
  61. (silence followed by giggles)
  63. -Well I don’t think we’ll need the ruler then.
  65. (More giggles)
  67. -That’s even worse then we gossiped about.  I cannot believe anyone put up with that little thing for 2 whole years.  Aww, Poor thing.  It’s enough to put a girl off sex.
  69. -Well, yeah I can see that it’s soft.  I’d hope it gets bigger when hard, but come on, honestly you aren’t working with much there.  Let me get this ruler under there.  Soooo that’s what, like 2 and a half inches.
  71. -Well It’s not my fault you’re soft. So make it bigger then.  Come on.  I’ll just bounce this wee thingy up and down on the ruler here and get the blood flowing.  
  73. (Giggles)
  75. -Ok so we got to three inches, that’s a start.  Come on, what gets you hard?  What are the filthy thoughts you wank to when locked away in your room?
  77. (Shock)
  78. -Anal sex?!?!? With me?!?!? REALLY?   Well I can assure you that you have a better chance of seeing God then putting that tiny specimen up my arse.
  80. -But if you like bottoms maybe THIS will get a rise out of you.
  82. (Spank spank spank)
  84. -Oh stop protesting.  It doesn’t hurt that much. Who doesn’t enjoy a good spanked bum.
  86. -Aha!  I knew it!  That did get a rise out of you!!  Oh you naughty naughty boy! We’re pushing 4 inches now.  Put your hands down boy, I need a clear target.
  88. (Spank spank spank)
  90. -Come on you sassy little bitch, there we go.  Now your tiny todger is waking up.
  92. (Spank spank spank)
  94. -Don’t squirm, your little fella loves it.  Look at it throbbing.  You’re at 5 inches,  but it’s pretty taut. Not sure how much left you’ve got in there.  Come on, little guy I’m rooting for you!
  96. (Spank spank spank))
  98. -5 and a quarter-  noooo don’t stop now!   It’s almost big enough to be called an actual cock!
  100. -Hmm, let me get down for a closer look.  It’s a shame you cant get a bit longer.  The girth isn’t much either.  And those balls are barely there.  Your scrotum is a bit tight.  Are u still nervous?  Dont you like seeing me on my knees in front of your throbbing member?  Can you feel my sweet breath caressing it?  Come on big boy, get it up to 6 and I’ll swallow the whole of it in one go.  What would you give to have me suck you off til you pop off gobs of cum down my throat?
  102. -Mmmmm, ohhhh
  103. (Heavy breathing- teasing)
  105. (Shocked and Angry)
  108. (Tense silence)
  112. -Boi-o you have no idea what sorry is!
  114. -You just thought what??? You thought ‘Hey here’s a girl that would love to suck on the worlds most unimpressive dick? Why don’t I just grab her by the hair and pull?!?! Did you really think I’d be mesmerized by it and forget all about the fact that it looks like it belongs on a toddler?  Or Is that just your idea of how a MAN is supposed to act?   That’s the kind of thing footballers talk about in the locker room while they snap towels at each other’s arses right?  ‘I grabbed this cunts head and shoved it on my cock and she fucking loved it’  That’s exactly how thick headed jocks act, waving their cocks in girls faces, expecting us to drop to our knees the second we catch sight of their impressive pricks.  Except, you aren’t a jock, and you sure as shit don’t have anything to proudly show off.
  116. (Softer voice, a harsh whisper)
  117. -So you know what?....You need to learn your proper place. I need to put some manners on you and break you of this silly notion that you have ANY right at all to act like a MAN.
  119. -Time to flip the script babe.
  121. (Feigned surprise)
  122. -What if I just grab you HERE and squeeze?  Oh, Is my grip on your balls tight?  What if I squeeze a bit more, eh?  You see since you aren’t a stud, since the sight of your genitals provokes laughter and not awe.  Since your package evokes pity, not desire, you don’t get to act part of the stud. You’re more the bitch.  How are we going to teach you that? Eh?
  124. (Curt)
  125. -On your knees
  127. -I can squeeze harder.  I said on your knees.  NOW!
  129. -That’s a Good boy.  Next time I am made to repeat myself it will cost you, are we clear?
  131. -Good, that’s better. Knees apart, yes that’s it, No hiding.  Lets see your little fella dangle and bob. There we go.
  133. -Nervous?  You should be.  You fucked up.  And you’re going to pay.  But you know, already this feels better don’t you think?  More natural,  Me standing and you kneeling? Me ordering and you following? Yes, now what are we going to do with you. How do we Re-educate a pea-dicked little boy who has been conditioned to believe that he’s a big tough man?
  135. -Ahh I have an idea. Close your eyes.  Don’t be scared, if I were going to kick your tiny balls I surely would have done it by now.  I know you’re feeling vulnerable, kneeing naked, legs spread and eyes closed.  That’s the point.  How do you think us girls feel daily walking around in these short skirts and thin blouses.  Vulnerability is the essence of  femininity.  Men are bigger and stronger, able to overpower us and there is little we can do about it.  But women have cunning,...and cunts.  A potent combination if there ever was one.
  137. -Now hands out, I’ve got a present for you.  Oh you’re precious, you dont know whether to smile or cower.  Well I won’t leave you in suspense. Give me one second.  
  139. -There we go. I think by the feel you can guess what I’ve given you.
  141. - Ok, you can look now.
  143. - You like them?  Black satin, lace ruffle.  They aren’t the prettiest pair that I own but then again I didn’t think anybody would be seeing them today, least of all you.
  145. -You look like a deer in headlights. Just what I was hoping for. You have no idea what to do with those do you? You’re already losing the masculine facade. Brilliant.
  147. -You see have immediately brought those knickers right to their face to get the scent of me.  They’d want to know how turned on they’d made me.  How wet — how ready I was for mating.  They’d be stroking their thick veiny cocks while deeply inhaling my fragrance.  I’d be moments away from being bent over and unceremoniously fucked right here where I stand.  I wouldn’t really have a say in the matter.  Not that I’d object mind you.  That’s kind of the point.  Once a man catches the scent of moist cunt, well, instinct takes over.  And for us girls, there is a certain freedom in being taken by a strong alpha male.  Being mounted, opened up...filled up.  That’s why we like big cocks you see.  They give us a feeling of fullness that the little ones fail to achieve.  They touch us deep inside and control us. The best ones make us their mere pleasure puppets. You see when an alpha senses a mare in heat, he dominates.  Without question, without thought.  And we willingly submit.
  149. -But not with you, my little Beta boy.  No, you’re being very obedient, holding my panties in your outstretched hands.  Almost like you’re receiving communion in church.  That’s good.  That’s as it should be.  For you this is an act of Worship.  My pussy is your temple.  An object to be praised, not ravished.
  151. -And Since you’re being such a good pet I’ll allow you to inhale my fragrance
  153. -No-no, not yet.  You must earn it.  As with everything from now on, you must earn your rewards.  You must prove yourself worthy of my time.  Worthy of my attention.
  155. - Here’s what we are going to do.  I will allow you the privilege, but after you’ve had a good sniff you are going to put them on for me.
  157. (Silence)
  159. -Ah I can see you staring at them with a conflicted look on your pretty confused face.  Trying to decide if it’s worth it?  Well let me help you, it’s not a choice.  This is what’s happening so clear your pretty little mind of all questions, of all conflict.  Embrace your submission, you don’t need to think, I’ve done it for you.  All you need to do is obey.  It’s as simple as could be.
  161. -So go on, bring the knickers to your face, inhale the girly smells.  This is how how our bodies were made to respond.  Feel the dampness.  Rub it into your nose.  There’s quite a bit of girl-juice on there.  Spanking you and having you by the balls surprisingly got me going.  
  163. -And judging by the look of it, you’re enjoying this as well.  Your penis is the least small and least soft Ive seen it.  You’re a natural submissive.  So the next part should be easy. Now it’s time to slip those pretty knickers on.  
  165. -Yes, good pet.  Let me see you.  Don’t be shy.  Ohhhhhh, what a pretty sight, so obedient.  This isnt the first time you’ve worn panties I’m guessing.  Whose were your first?...your sisters? ex-girlfriends? ...surely not mine?!?!?  Oh, shame on you, you dirty little pantry thief!  Well they look adorable on you with that tiny thing poking out the top.  Your balls fit snugly in there, that’s amazing.  I’ll bet when you’re soft those panties would fit your entire little package.  I can’t wait to see that.  Ok just stay like that.  Knees apart, just let me get one quick pic.  
  167. (Camera click)
  169. -There we go.
  171. -Just perfect, what a slutty pic.  Tell me, how do you feel in those panties?  Do you feel as slutty as you look because let me tell you, you look like...such...a...slut.  A perfect stupid girlie slut really.
  173. -And to think It was only moments ago that you thought you were going to get a blowie from your longtime crush and now here you are, wearing a pair of her panties, kneeling on the floor, knees spread wide, awaiting your next instruction.  How mortifying for you.
  175. -But it’s better this way isn’t it?  Now you can clear your mind and focus on pleasing me.  Silly little sluts like you are so much happier when they clear their minds and obey their superiors.  And that’s what you are, deep down isn’t it?  A silly stupid slut who is addicted to porn and masturbation. How many times a day do you wank?  I’ll bet you are a porn obsessed little wanker who can’t keep his hands off his tiny genitals.  You don’t need to answer, we’ve been flatmates long enough.  I know all about your porn habits - femdom sites, really?!?! My god, you are a filthy git.  What, you thought I didn’t know?  And those, what do they call them?  cuckold sites?  I must admit, that little discovery was a bit of a shock at first.  But now Im beginning to understand you.
  177. -The good news is that you don’t have to worry about any of that anymore.  You don’t need to hole up in your bedroom and furiously wank to porn or to filthy thoughts of me.  I’ll make you my slut and free you from all that self-abuse and self-loathing.  You can embrace your true self as you are now.
  179. -You’re so adorable when you blush like that.  I know you’re feeling intense shame right now. And that’s as it should be. You’ve behaved shamefully today, but not to worry.  You will be punished and that will make everything right.  And after you’ll receive a nice reward.
  181. - Ah, that piqued your interest!  Yes, punishment and reward.  You know how sluts are rewarded don’t you?  What do little sluts love more than anything in the whole world? Come on, those girls in your porn movies are always screaming for it, Surely you must have a guess.  Tell me, What do those sluts crave?
  183. (Silence)
  185. -Oh look at your little brain whirl!  
  187. -What?  speak up, I can’t hear you. They crave….
  189. -Did you say cock?  Oh my, those panties are really having an effect on you aren’t they. You are further along than I thought.  Sluts crave cock?  Sluts want to be rewarded with cock?   Hmmm, well that wasn’t the response that I was looking for, but is that what you’d like my pet? Is that the reward you’re craving, hmm?
  191. -Would you like me to strap on a big cock?  A full 7 inches, not some little cockette like you’ve got.  7 inches could teach you a few things.  I bet I could fuck better than you.  I wouldn’t be timid with it either.  I’d open you right up, at both ends.
  193. -Are you shaking?  Good god pet, relax, Well yes sluts do love cock, big ones, but the answer I was looking for is cumming.  Sluts get rewarded with orgasms silly.  A good thing too, you’re not ready for...well nevermind.
  195. -Right, so would you like to come Pet?
  197. -Yes yes, you’re quite the excited puppy now.  But first the punishment, and then the reward.  How do you think we punish sluts then?  I’ll give you a hint, the answer isn’t cock!  Only teasing.
  199. -Why don’t I just show you.  Be good lad and go fetch me my hairbrush.  The wide wooden one.  It’s in my bureau.
  201. -Wait,  I think I prefer you to crawl.  Yes, crawl.  Don’t look at me like that or I’ll cancel your reward. That’s a boy. Those black knickers do look lovely on your pale white bottom.  We’ll soon get to see how they look against a red backdrop.
  203. (Pause)
  205. -Ok present the hairbrush to me.
  207. -Well done, now lower your panties, just a bit, and over my lap. Take care not to crease my skirt.  There you go.  Now I’m going to keep your little fella trapped between my thighs.  DO NOT EVEN THINK OF MAKING A MESS OR YOU WILL BE LICKING IT UP OFF THE FLOOR. Do I make myself clear?
  209. -What’s that? Did you say ‘yes miss’?  Oh I like that, but try ‘yes mistress’.  Oh that’s lovely sounding.
  211. -I hope you are ready for your spanking young lady.  Let me just adjust your panties there.  Ok, here we go.
  213. (Pause)
  215. (Spank spank spank spank spank)
  217. -You took those very well. I’m proud of you.
  219. -What do you say?
  221. -Thank you mistress’ is correct. Such a good girl.
  223. (Spank spank spank spank)
  225. -Careful now, don’t squirm too much.  we wouldn’t want any accidents now would we.  
  227. (Spank spank spank spank spank)
  229. (Spank spank spank spank spank)
  231. -Oh my your bottom is turning a lovely shade of pink.
  233. (spank spank spank spank spank)
  235. (spank spank spank spank spank)
  237. -Whats that darling?  Please Misstress? please what?  Oh, You’re close are you.  Well young lady you do not have permission to cum so I suggest you focus your thoughts elsewhere.  Disobedience will dealt with quite severely I assure you.  Perhaps I need to put more effort into your punishment.
  239. (Spank spank spank spank spank)
  241. -Oh my,, we are turning red indeed.  That looks like it hurts. Get your hands away from your bottom I’m not thru with you yet.
  243. (Spank spank spank spank spank)
  245. -Ok that’s enough for now. I need to cool down or I’ll send myself over the edge.  Who knew administering a sound beating was such fun?
  247. -Oh Stop your whimpering and thank me properly for your correction.
  249. (Pause)
  251. -Thats a girl.
  253. -Look at that bright red bottom.  It’s so sexy.  Let me feel the heat, oh that’s lovely.
  255. -I have some cream we can rub into it later to soothe it.  But first your reward.
  257. -I must say I’m a bit disappointed that you didnt pop off over my lap.  I quite like the thought of you lapping up your sticky mess.  It makes me tingle.
  259. -Now then, panties up.  Yes I know it’s uncomfortable.  Now let's head to the loo.  
  261. -Right then, this is where you will be allowed your release.  I am going to supervise as I will be supervising all your releases from now on. Do you understand?  Gone are the days when you sneak around the flat wanking to whatever strikes your fancy, am I clear?
  263. -Ok then, kneel down in front there and lift the lid, and the seat.  Is it clean and tidy?  Good.  , I’ll sit up here on the tank.
  265. -I won’t have any messes now.  Whatever doesn’t go in the bowl goes in your mouth, that’s the rule.
  267. -Tuttut! Did I tell you to remove your panties?  A girl takes down her panties when she desires to be penetrated?  Are you planning on being penetrated?  
  269. -No?  Then pull them back up.
  271. -You are going to need to control your girly urges but today is a special day and I will allow you to play with your clitty.  Have you played with your clitty in panties before?  Well no matter, I’ll show you how.  Because you have an unusual clit there I will allow you to move the panties to the side so you have better access.  There we go.
  273. -Now a proper lady doesn’t grab her clitty like a cock and wank away. No, a lady wets her fingers with her mouth.  Go on.  And then she gently strokes it.  Give it a try.
  275. -That’s the way.  Rub the tip.  Enjoy all those nerve endings.  You’re a natural.
  277. -Look up here, I want you looking at me while you stroke.  Maintain eye contact.  I am the source of your pleasure. I am your Queen, your priestess, and your governess.  
  279. -Lord this is getting me hot. Phew.
  281. -Whats wrong? You look frustrated.  Are you having trouble touching yourself like a proper girl?  
  283. -Hmm, would it help if I took off my top?  I’ll bet you’ve touched yourself countless times thinking about my perfect breasts.  How you’d touch them if given the chance? Yeah? How you’d lick them?  Umm I thought so.  How you’d cream all over them?  
  285. -Yeah?  So bold.
  287. -Ok I’ll take my top off but don’t you dare break eye contact.  Let me just get this off.  
  289. -And my bra.
  291. -Goodness I’m going to soak thru my skirt if we keep this up.
  293. -Your eyes are as big as saucers. Trying to get a good look are you?
  295. -They are spectacular I assure you, but no looking.  Eyes on my eyes.
  297. -Aww I saw that.  Couldn’t resist could you?.  What did I say about breaking eye contact?
  299. -That’s gonna cost you.  I’m lowering the seat.  Smaller target now.  And remember, anything that doesn’t end up in the bowl ends up in your mouth so I hope you have good aim.
  301. -Keep stroking for me
  303. -I’m getting quite worked up myself and may have to join you for a cum.
  305. -Do not break eye contact.
  307. -Im going to hike my skirt up.  That’s better.  Eyes up here.  Just like I told you. I lick my fingers and start a nice circular rotation right on my clit.
  309. (With moaning and masturbating sounds)
  311. -Oh god.  That’s feels nice.   I’m on fire.  Seeing you on your knees, pantied, red arsed.  Oh I’m going to cum quickly.  Having you as my personal slut.  At my beck and call.  Ready to pamper me, obey me, degrade yourself for me.
  313. -Dont you dare look down!  You aren’t worthy of looking at my smooth pussy.  My hot wet cunt.  It’s sooo ready to be fucked right now. Oh god I need a man.  A big god-cocked man to penetrate me, stretch me, to fill me up with his seed.  I’d have him take me over and over again right in front of you.  He’d show you just how a real man fucks.  We’d laugh at your little clitty.  
  315. (Sounds approaching orgasm)
  317. -And after hes finished using me, finished filling me.  Do you know what Id do?  I’d lay you down and bring my freshly fucked cunt right over your face and lower myself down onto your waiting open mouth.   I’d sit down right on that pretty face of yours and grind out an orgasm while you savor the taste of our lust.  And you’d love it.  You’d relish it like the good little whore that you are.
  319. (Getting close to cumming)
  321. -Oh you naughty girl.  You’re staring right at my quim now.  Well take a good look slut because you broke the rules again and that too is going to cost you.  Let me just close the lid then. You know what that means don’t you?  If you want to come you are going to have to lick it all off the lid.  I can tell that you’re close.  I am too .  How badly do you want it?  You can stop right now.  You dont have to cum, but if you do you’ll forever be a cumslut.  Oh god I’m going to cum.  Are you going to cum with me?  I hope you’re fucking hungry boy.
  323. -Oh I’m going to cum. Oh god I’m going to cum.
  325. -Cum now come now come with me. Oh goddddddddd.
  327. (Panting orgasmic noises)
  329. (Pause)
  331. (Post orgasmic noises)
  333. (Pause then Matter of factly)
  335. -Let me give you tip.  It’s better if you get it while it’s still warm.
  337. -Dont shake your head at me.  This is happening.  You lost the bet and you will lick up that cum.  I know you don’t want to.  I understand all your desire is gone now.  That’s the point, my precious little soon-to-be cumslut.  Submission is the point.  No pleasure without pain and no pain without submission.  You will submit to my desire and my desire is that you pay for your transgression.  I’m sure you’ve tasted your precum before so stop being such a prude.  It’s no different from what you were hoping out of me not so long ago.  To swallow your load.  It’s all a part of the feminine experience and it’s non-negotiable so I suggest you get to it.
  339. -Staring at it won’t work either.  Let me hop down and help you.  I’m going to reach down and grab these little empty balls and give them a nice squeeze.  
  341. -That’s not pleasant at all I’d imagine.  Now I’m going to increase the pressure until all those little Worship puddles you teased out onto the  lid are allllll gone.  Here, let me get a nice hold of your hair and I’ll guide you.
  345. -Good girl.  Here we go.  Yes that’s right.  Don’t make that face.  It’s an acquired taste. Just be glad its your own and not straight from one of my lovers.
  347. -Almost done.  There’s a good slut.  
  349. (Laughter)
  351. -Oh dear you’re face is covered with cum.  No, no don't wipe it off just yet.
  353. -Smile!
  354. (Camera click)
  356. -I’ve got quite a collection going.
  358. -Oh shite, I’m going to be late for my recital.
  360. -But while im gone I’ve got a few tasks for You to complete.  
  362. -First off you’re going to throw away all your boy underpants, you won’t be needing any of that nonsense anymore
  364. -Then a couple of errands.  Go to a lingerie shop and pick up some nice knickers for yourself.  I won’t have you wearing mine everyday.  Find a pretty young salesgirl and ask her to help you.  Do not fib and tell her you are buying for a girlfriend.  You are to be sure she understands they are for you to wear.  Ask her if you can try some of the things on.  I expect you to come home with some sexy things and some slutty things.
  366. -And finally I want you to drop into the sex shop and pick up a few items.  I’ll text you the address and the list of items.  You’ll ask for Sarah and tell her I sent you.  She’ll help you get fitted.
  368. -Hmm? Fitted for what?  
  370. -For a cockette cage silly.  I told you no wanking without my permission and you honestly don’t think I planned on using the honor system do you? There are a handful of other things I’ll have you get for your training as well.
  372. -Yes darling, your training.  Things are going to change around here.
  374. -Today was just the beginning…
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