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  1. Ledd stood face to face with the hulking brute... a massive tank-like android stomping down the hallway of a robotics manufacturer. Their R&D section, likely to steal some expensive parts. She ran forward and punched him in the leg, causing the villain to fall to his knees. She wasted no time grabbing his wrist to try and pull it behind his back, but he was still a bit too tough for her. She grunted out some commands, "C'mon big fella... got to come quietly!" she shouted out, giving him a swift punch to the back, hoping to blow a hole in him. The robot remained solid, slowly turning his head to face her. His expression was empty, and he slowly made an attempt to grab her, only for her to duck and give him another punch to the back. The brute remained functioning, if pinned down momentarily as Ledd muttered to herself, "Honestly what's your endgame? I- agh!" there was a sharp impact to the back of her head, a human woman holding a long cattleprod-like device had struck her at the base of her skull.
  3. Ledd trembled as her eyes went wild with electrical impulses, falling to the ground and letting the brute stand up. She steadied herself and stood to face her attacker, still trembling, "Who...? You're. The ring-leader, I assume?" The thin human woman shrugged, and adjusted her long black coat, thin glasses and short red hair. "More or less. I think I'll go by Chopshop, and I was GOING to have Ardy here steal me a top of the line brain for himself," she explained, patting the huge android on the arm as he slowly stood up. The human woman pressed a button on her staff, and it collapsed into a small wand-like rod, "But, if you're already here..." she paused, throwing the rod which snapped onto Ledd's forehead like a magnet!
  5. The robot fell back down to her knees, quivering and twitching as the electromagnetic signals coursed through her, "I... don't like... feels not a good... help." she weakly whispered as Chopshop stepped closer, walked around Ledd, getting a better look, Ardy following her curiously. Chopshop pointed down at the back of Ledd's head, "Right here. Pull it out here."
  7. Ardy cracked his robotic knuckles, and then gripped Ledd's neck, holding her in one hand as she weakly strugged, before he plunged his palm over the top of her head and ripped her entire upper and back of her skull out. She looked fine from the front, but everything behind her eyes was now loose weakly sparking wiring. He unclenched his fist and showed his master the hard drive and CPU he had yanked out... she grinned. "Excellent, carry me home! You'll be so much smarter now~" she muttered, as Ardy hefted her up onto his shoulders and slowly lumbered out of the hallway as the robot vacantly drooled on her tits...
  9. With a pop, the rod on her head ran out of power! She looked down at the small black thing... what was it? "What... where?" she mumbled, before standing up and starting to stumble forward... her tits warmed up as the backup processor inside them whirred to life. She saw text in her eyes, 'BACKUP BRAIN ACTIVATED: CENTRAL PROCESSOR MISSING!' she giggled, "Hehe, I sure wish I knew what that said!" she said, before stumbling out of the lab, vacantly groping her own tits and scrambling her circuits more as her empty head sparked and whirred, the former heroine eventually collapsing just outside the ruin building, lying on the pavement and masturbating furiously. In time, the police would scoop her up and try to interrogate her, only to receive blowjobs and empty stares in response. They'd have to send her back for repairs... once they were done with their thorough interrogation.
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