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  1. After living among the neglected and underprivileged in the Brazilian Amazon, I took a deep interest in the causes of poverty and the systemic failure and oppression in the world economic system.
  3. I want to have enough understanding to help people do something about it. Would it be Transition Towns? Time banking? Digital wallets? Not on the Amazon basin would any of that be viable.
  5. I liked a lot of what I saw in Venus Project and Zeitgeist Movement about the need to evolve the culture, but no roadmap yet exists in those. There could be one, but it won’t come from the leadership of those movements.  I think the term “resource-based economy” RBE has been hijacked and neutralized by being associated with outdated and discredited modes of communism and centralized, command economy.
  7. I want to participate in creating the means for people to make that roadmap, or at least, encourage a critical mass of people to see that it is possible. Then more people will try to do the “impossible.” It has to start with de-obfuscating disempowering beliefs and accurately defining key terms and concepts.
  9. I would like to introduce to people the notion I like to call “data-driven economy,” which was inspired by the book Wikinomics. This is far from an AI controlled world; it is the web of people with access to the data they need to make wise decisions.
  11. A result of my studies at the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability’s (IFLAS) Money and Society course is my essay The Psycho-Linguistics of Sustainable Economy,  Essentially, my thesis was that the money system is a mass-psychological control system.
  13. The essay critiques monetary reform alternatives (like time banking, community scrip, and cryptocurrencies) and eventually it became a landing page for an entire wiki.
  15. I discovered in my research several important bodies of work that I wish to effectively communicate to those concerned about the trajectory of the world and what effective things we can do to bring about the best possible scenario.
  17. The wiki advocates a scientific treatment of data-driven “open economics” and gives a sketch of the building blocks of open value networks and the enabling technologies to drive it, the physical layer being wireless mesh networks, and logical  and data layers being systems like IPFS, Holochains, CEPTR, Metacurrency, and Noomap.
  19. Currently I’m an amateur writer -- that is, I write “for the love of it,” not for the money. I have not yet figured out how to make a living as writer, so I am a starving writer -- and critic, translator and curator on topics from monetary systems, to geopolitics and the Deep State, psychological manipulation and disinformation, and censorship, as well as human potential and self-hacking.
  21. I want to write more about the needed measures and countermeasures: self-knowledge, distributed networks and information systems, collaborative intelligence, and so on.
  23. I have realized that the way for me to make an effective contribution is to present, explain, advocate tools that are the most likely to be pivotal to a critical mass of people who will bring about a positive transformation.
  25. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us and it must begin with self-honesty and development of genuine, meaningful, and functional relationships.
  27. QUESTIONS: yes, I have many questions but for now I am interested to know if there is yet a more definite time frame than "summer" - though I reckon that is difficult to estimate before it is known who can show up when.
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