Luigi's Sexy Mansion

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  1. In the halls of the enormous haunted mansion, there were the sounds of slhicking and moaning.
  3. "Nngh...Hmhn.."
  4. A soft, quiet voice let out perverted sounds, and if one were to listen close enough, they would hear the source of shlick noises.
  6. *Twitch*
  8. First, her cat ears.
  10. *Twitch*
  12. Then, her tail.
  14. *Twitch*
  16. Finally, her entire body twitches and convulses at once, and with a sound mixed between a purr and a moan,  Booette orgasms for the 4th time since Luigi arrived.
  18. "Haah.. If only I had the courage to do more than just imagine his dick inside me..." Booette muttered to herself. Since the green plumber named Luigi had arrived, Booette had found herself constantly imagining sexual experiences with him. She wanted nothing more than to fuck Luigi; to fuck an actual human being. Sure, there were other ghosts around, but there was no way they could compare to a humans cock! However, there was one big problem; Booette was too shy to directly approach Luigi! No matter how hard she tried to muster the courage, Booette just couldn't manifest her physical form for him. Hell, she couldn't even look at him without becoming invisible out of fear. What would Luigi think of her? What if he gets frightened and runs away? This was an once in a lifetime opportunity, which meant that if Booette screwed up, she would never get another chance with a human.
  20. "Nyahh! What am I thinking?!" Booette found herself shaking at the thoughts. "I've gotta go through with this! I can't back down now! But.. how can I approach him? He would most certainly be scared if I-" Booette was cut off by a loud cry.
  22. "Maaarioooo!!" Someone shouted from the end of the hall that Booette was in. As quickly as she could, Booette made her body invisible. The voice was from none other than Luigi, who had been searching for his brother. Booette was now face to face (although she was invisible) with her potential sex partner. At once, two things happened to her: she became extremely wet, and she got an idea. Using her ghost powers, Booette changed her usual dress and crown into marios outfit. She then made herself visible again. "W-Waah!" Luigi screamed, as "Mario" suddenly appeared infront of him. "W-wait.. bro, is it-a really you?"
  24. "T-That's right, hon- I mean, brother! It is I! Mah-wio!" Booette struggled to respond.
  25. "Wow, uhh.. what's-a with your voice brother? And your face is so.. pale yet red.. A-and your chest.. ears.. Is that a tail?!"
  26. "Wah! I completely forgot about... I mean! It's-a nya-thing, brother," Booette was now attempting, and failing, to make her voice deeper and more italian, "All that-a mahttuhs is that were together now.."
  28. "Right.." Luigi reluctantly responded. It was obvious that this wasn't who he was looking for. There was an awkward silence between the two. Booette had made it this far, but she wasn't sure how to go about things. She was so horny that she could orgasm if she stared too long. So many thoughts and emotions ran through her at once, and just as she was about to launch, Luigi suddenly tackled her. "You hollow son of a bitch! Where did you-a take my brother?!" Luigi was filled with rage. He knew that Booette wasn't his brother, and after all the time he spent searching for Mario and being harassed by ghosts, he was tired and angry. Booette was both surprised and turned on by this. This was just like one of her many fantasies, and she could feel herself orgasming. She wanted more, and she would get more. She began to speak in a slow, slutty voice, "I KILLED him, Luigi!~ His body is cold and dead on the ground in the mansion! You were too late! Tehehe..." Luigi was fuming, "You mothafuckan brother killer! I'll fuck you up! I'll fuck all of you up!" "Oh, please, fuck me! I inisist!" Booette, now naked, wasn't hiding her wants any longer; she wanted Luigi inside her. Luigi pulled down his pants, revealing his enormous mushroom penis. He violently inserted his dick inside Booette, and wrapped his hands around her neck as he began to fuck her. "Y-Yes!" Booette choked out. "Thrust your -cough- Big Mushroom Cock in my g-ghost vaginya!" Luigi began to vigoursly fuck Booette, his huge mushroom penis visible through Booettes transparent body. Booette's screams filled the mansion, and ghosts from every corner began to form a circle around her. Booette was even further turned on by being watched, and her mind began to go blank.
  30. Luigi's raging mushroom hate boner lasted for almost an hour before he reached his climax. All of his pent up emotions were turned into dick fuel, and Luigi ejaculated inside Booette harder than he had ever ejaculated before. As Luigi's cum filled Booette, she purred and orgasmed for the 31st time since he started. As Luigi finished, he fainted, having released all of his plumber rage. Booette layed on the ground for a while, breathing heavily. It was true. Human dick was much.. MUCH better than ghost dick!
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