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Dec 22nd, 2011
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  1. [11:51] * Chitalian ( has joined #KHWiki-social
  2. [11:52] * Chitalian slow claps for Crono
  3. [11:52] <Chitalian> Although he did still insult DTN in that speech :/=
  4. [11:53] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> wait, wait, what did I miss?
  5. [11:53] <Chitalian> Have you seen Crono's speech?
  6. [11:53] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> No. Where'
  7. [11:53] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> ?
  8. [11:54] <Chitalian> .net
  9. [11:54] <Chitalian> It's on the RC
  10. [11:54] <The17m|FFXIII>
  11. [11:54] <The17m|FFXIII>
  12. [11:54] <The17m|FFXIII> Honestly, I still don't see how DTN is such a bad leader. Well, probably because I never had any problems with him
  13. [11:56] <Chitalian> Even so, he wasn't that unfunny :/
  14. [11:56] <Chitalian> He made me chuckle once in a while.
  15. [11:57] <The17m|FFXIII> I admit the Homestuck reference is annoying, but yeah, he's not completely unfunny
  16. [11:58] <The17m|FFXIII> Besides that, I honestly don't get why everybody hates him.
  17. [11:57] <Chitalian> Me neither.
  18. [11:57] <Chitalian> Although he can be a little stubborn, he's not a bad person at all.
  19. [11:58] <ErryK|ACR> I have nothing to say. *glues eyes to tv*
  20. [11:58] <Chitalian> Yeah, we all know why you dislike him
  21. [11:58] <The17m|FFXIII> Yeah, it's not like he became a dictator or some sort
  22. [11:58] * The17m|FFXIII is reading it
  23. [11:59] <ErryK|ACR> I'm not implying about that.
  24. [11:59] <ErryK|ACR> I'm implying about a whole different thing.
  25. [11:59] <Chitalian> I know, I know.
  26. [12:00] <Chitalian> Not you, ErryK, the above post was towards 17m :P
  27. [12:00] <Lukethehedgehog> Erry: Probably because you were one of those who drove him away
  28. [12:01] <ErryK|ACR> Am I offending him now? Am I elated to see him go?
  29. [12:01] <ErryK|ACR> Tell me, Luke, what makes you think I WANTED to drive him away?
  30. [12:10] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Ahhhh, so much red in Crono bubble >< my eyes
  31. [12:10] <Presentblade0> Lol
  32. [12:10] <Presentblade0> I'm readng it
  33. [12:10] <Presentblade0> And DTN's page
  34. [12:10] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> I did both already
  35. [12:10] <Presentblade0> Another Godtext has been born
  36. [12:10] <Presentblade0> .-.
  37. [12:10] <ErryK|ACR> At least it's not a really blaring red.
  38. [12:11] <ErryK|ACR> Like the one in theepicme's talk box.
  39. [12:11] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> I have my reasons to dislike his ethics (DTN), never said he was a bad editor tho
  40. [12:11] <The17m|FFXIII> Crono needs some green for this bubble XD
  41. [12:19] <Chitalian> Freaking Christ, why'd you guys have to make DTN leave again Q.Q
  42. [12:20] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> I just voiced my opinion. and I didnt seem to be wrong, since Im not the only one to believe he could be a jerk. Again, I never said he was the most useless editor ever
  43. [12:20] * Dark-EnigmaXIII shrugs
  44. [12:20] <The17m|FFXIII> Okay, seriously, why do you think he's a jerk DE?
  45. [12:21] <The17m|FFXIII> I never understood why everyone hates him :/
  46. [12:22] <Chitalian> How much you guys wanna bet that DTN'll come back at some point?
  47. [12:23] <The17m|FFXIII> You can't jut throw away something that you've done for years :/
  48. [12:23] <The17m|FFXIII> *just
  49. [12:23] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Well, as Sox says, his treatment of users wasnt the best in my eyes. While that is a trait I could place on quite a few people, he used to stretch things and not disrepect users and takes things too far
  50. [12:24] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> last time we have a forum over at wikia and he posted, he started answering to a user and ended up pretty much attacking my whole community.
  51. [12:24] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Lemmes see if I find it
  52. [12:25] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> but that was already handled before he commented
  53. [12:25] <The17m|FFXIII> Oh God the hating noobs thing. Seriously, most newcomers are obviously kids, why do most of you have to attack them so much >_>
  54. [12:25] <The17m|FFXIII> Linky?
  55. [12:25] <Chitalian> Guys, if you have inter-personal conflicts, please settle them now.
  56. [12:25] <Tabbeh> 17m: y not? :c
  57. [12:25] <Chitalian> I don't want anybody else to leave because somebody was "hated" out of the community.
  58. [12:26] <The17m|FFXIII> As in inter-wiki? Then I have none.
  59. [12:26] <Presentblade0> Hm.
  60. [12:26] <Presentblade0> I do not believe that I have any problems with anyone.
  61. [12:26] <Pea14733> I don't have problems with anyone.
  62. [12:26] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Also, as stated here, he denigrated my community in an attempt to gain an addiliation with the FF wiki, instead of accepting a dual affiliation
  63. [12:26] <Dark-EnigmaXIII>
  64. [12:27] <The17m|FFXIII> Tabbeh: For serious answer: Because now, we have this whole "veterans over at are douchebags" thing going on. For less serious answer: Because now there will be less people that can offer us
  66. pancakes
  67. [12:27] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> 2 and third post of CLC
  68. [12:27] <Tabbeh> ...
  69. [12:27] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> and before you say anything
  70. [12:27] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> He was already warned by me in front of Kryten
  71. [12:27] <Tabbeh> Funny, I am kind of a d-bag.
  72. [12:27] <Chitalian> Well, did DTN know that?
  73. [12:28] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> How would I know? I assume that Kryten should have told him
  74. [12:28] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> but his answer was unnecesarily aggressive.
  75. [12:29] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> You guys may side with him, but that is a prime example of why I dislike his ethics
  76. [12:30] <Chitalian> *sigh*
  77. [12:30] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> again, his ethics <<
  78. [12:31] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> You can also see there that I cleary said that I recognonized all his edits and work
  79. [12:31] <The17m|FFXIII> Okay, that IS rude.
  80. [12:31] <The17m|FFXIII> Now I can see why you guys hate him
  81. [12:31] <Chitalian> ._.
  82. [12:31] <The17m|FFXIII> Well, I don't side with anyone here
  83. [12:31] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> But understand our position
  84. [12:32] <Chitalian> I do agree with the 2nd paragraph in DTN's post on that forum.
  85. [12:32] <The17m|FFXIII> "That is all, you may resume your dramatic fallout plans now." That's what I was talking about.
  86. [12:32] <Chitalian> But the third was was a tad rude.
  87. [12:32] <The17m|FFXIII> Tabbeh: Aren't we all? ;)
  88. [12:34] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Also, master, I can show you the FFwiki forum for you to see what he said about us
  89. [12:34] <The17m|FFXIII> Alright, link me
  90. [12:35] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Note also that I always tried to get an affiliation for both wikis <<
  91. [12:35] <ErryK|ACR> MERGE ALREADY.
  92. [12:36] <The17m|FFXIII> Okay, about the merge
  93. [12:36] <The17m|FFXIII> We need to promise something
  94. [12:36] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> So, it make me feel kind stupid while I fought hard for a double affiliation, and then have him trying to get it for only this wiki
  95. [12:36] <The17m|FFXIII> 1. Put our differences aside
  96. [12:36] <Tabbeh> In my honest opinion, (as tl;dr as it was), you guys were like this-that behind him, and DTN was just saying something, what, completely true.
  97. [12:36] * Tabbeh headtilts. Confuseface.
  98. [12:36] <The17m|FFXIII> 2. Whenever there are problems between 2 users, telk about it, and came up with a solid conclusion.
  99. [12:37] <Chitalian> Again, why we should keep the Heartless Manufactory.
  100. [12:37] <The17m|FFXIII> And 3, what Tabbeh said. No talking behind other people's backs/
  101. [12:38] <Pea14733> I once blasted my anger directly to Uxie
  102. [12:38] <The17m|FFXIII> Seriously, that was a fucking problem IRL and now it got here, nothing good will come if you're talking about people behind their back. You hate them that much, just tell them about it
  103. [12:39] <Chitalian> Or just keep it to yourself.
  104. [12:40] <Tabbeh> Well, 17m, as 'right' as that sounds, I don't feel something like that can be solved, especially online. In a chatroom.
  105. [12:41] <Tabbeh> I mean, people can go PM. Or open a private channel for that. Or whatever, really, if they're clever enough.
  106. [12:42] <The17m|FFXIII> Right, I didn't give much of a thought about that one...
  107. [12:42] <The17m|FFXIII> ...So then basically, put differences aside. That's rule 1 and rule 2 is to follow rule 1.
  108. [12:43] <The17m|FFXIII> "They've dropped professionalism in hopes of becoming more like a fansite, focusing less on the mainspace and more on the userspace and user talkspace" Yeah this part isn't neccessary
  109. [12:43] <Chitalian> No, that was the plan.
  110. [12:43] <Chitalian> That wasn't meant to be an insult.
  111. [12:43] <The17m|FFXIII> It sounds rude though
  112. [12:44] <The17m|FFXIII> He could've just leave with "Currently, that wiki is in the process of changing into a fan-oriented site, more focused on the world of the game series rather than presenting all of the information that a wiki
  114. does"
  115. [12:44] <The17m|FFXIII> That seems enough for me
  116. [12:44] * Chitalian shrugs
  117. [12:44] <Chitalian> Doesn't sound rude to me.
  118. [12:44] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> That line he added, specifically from him, sounded like if he was accusing us of wiki princess. And we all know what he think of them,,,
  119. [12:45] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> But guys, to make this clear
  120. [12:45] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> I DID NOT hated him. I didnt agree with his work ethic.
  121. [12:45] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> In fact, I was the first to offer myself to him when there was suspect of stolen material from .net to the Keyhole
  122. [12:45] <The17m|FFXIII> Well, to me, that part is basically saying "They edit their profiles and discuss with each other more than editing." No offense, Keyhole users.
  123. [12:46] <Pea14733> Everyone is frustrated when the plan didn't go accordingly. 17m.
  124. [12:46] <The17m|FFXIII> What plan? ._.
  125. [12:47] <Tabbeh> The one you brought up, I think
  126. [12:47] <Pea14733> ^Yup
  127. [12:48] <The17m|FFXIII> ...I still don't get it, the affiliation plan, the merging plan, or the one wiki and one fansite plan?
  128. [12:48] <Pea14733> The original plan of the split.
  129. [12:48] <Chitalian> Probably the wiki and the fansite plan.
  130. [12:48] <Tabbeh> The last one.
  131. [12:50] * Dark-EnigmaXIII is wondering how many people blame the plain failure on him <<
  132. [12:51] <Tabbeh> ... wat
  133. [12:51] <Pea14733> I wish the roundtable will be really non-drama.
  134. [12:51] <The17m|FFXIII> ...What I thought the plan worked?
  135. [12:51] <Pea14733> I mean, I'm not quite sure that it will be drama-free discussion.
  136. [12:52] <ErryK|ACR> planes, wee.
  137. [12:52] * ErryK|ACR is now known as ErryK
  138. [12:52] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Not really. Due to me taking over the Keyhole after a little bit, we became an encyclopedia, and much more free one (Not saying this one is opressing)
  139. [12:52] <The17m|FFXIII> We continue what we did, and the Keyhole is still editing only they're less pressured
  140. [12:52] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> But the plan was for the Keyhole NOT to continue beign an encyclopedia like it is
  141. [12:55] <The17m|FFXIII> Okay I'm getting confused here, how is The Keyhole "dying", less activity on the mainspace?
  142. [12:56] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> It isnt
  143. [12:56] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> I see. But the Keyhole its not dying ._.
  144. [12:56] <The17m|FFXIII> I meant on this one:
  145. [12:56] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> OH
  146. [12:57] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Nha, that was due to a lot of pressure on me and Sox backs.
  147. [12:57] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> We took small breaks and things a lot easier, and let other users work more, and it was solved
  148. [12:58] <Pea14733> Oh
  149. [12:58] <The17m|FFXIII> ...SO basically, the main plan DID work out right?
  150. [12:58] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> ... if the main plan was escape wikia, yes
  151. [12:58] <Presentblade0> ...phew.
  152. [12:58] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> but the khwikia was supposed to become a fansite of sort, or die
  153. [12:58] <Presentblade0> Done.
  154. [12:59] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> and that didnt happen
  155. [12:59] <Presentblade0> Done reading the Second Godtext.
  156. [12:59] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> No need to thank me <<
  157. [12:59] <Chitalian> You read the one on DTN's Userpage too, right?
  158. [12:59] <Presentblade0> Yes, and Crono's post.
  159. [12:59] <The17m|FFXIII> Didn't happen how? Because most of the community demands to work more professionally?
  160. [12:59] <Chitalian> Crono's isn't actually that long, he spaces it out quite a bit.
  161. [13:00] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Because we are still an encyclopedia
  162. [13:00] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> that follow the same goals, even trough different ways
  163. [13:01] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> the wikia was supposed to die and become obsolete, or become a site to lead users into .net
  164. [13:01] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> none of that happened.
  165. [13:02] <The17m|FFXIII> ...Whoa, okay, if the fansite you're talking about is more like a forum, then there was no way you could've pulled that off since the very beginning. I thought you were going to be a relaxed database that
  167. allows speculations and artworks?
  168. [13:02] <The17m|FFXIII> ...Um yeah, you shouldn't say that DE
  169. [13:02] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Say what?
  170. [13:03] <The17m|FFXIII> "the wikia was supposed to die and become obsolete, or become a site to lead users into .net"
  171. [13:03] <The17m|FFXIII> That's a very negative view of The Keyhole, IMO
  172. [13:04] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> but that was the plan ._.
  173. [13:04] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> I didnt happen that way, of course
  174. [13:04] <The17m|FFXIII> NO. The plan was for you guys to be a relaxed database, not some sort of a bridge for us or just die like that
  175. [13:05] <The17m|FFXIII> ...I just realized I've strayed a long way from what we were talking about
  176. [13:05] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Then what its Kryten complaining about in here ?
  177. [13:05] <Presentblade0> BRB
  178. [13:05] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Isnt he complaining that we became a database? ._.
  179. [13:06] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> besides the fact he blamed us for the decaying in .net community when he says "In the politest of terms, the fact that the community has split at all is totally the fault of these users"
  180. [13:06] <Chitalian> He's complaining that it was pointless to be an encyclopedia, yes.
  181. [13:06] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Then Im not that far off
  182. [13:07] <Chitalian> He's sort of right. The fact that there was a "wiki war" is in part due to your users. Our users too are at fault, though.
  183. [13:08] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> no, no, no, he's not blaming us for a wiki war
  184. [13:08] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> there wasnt one, btw
  185. [13:08] <Chitalian> I'm just using the term.
  186. [13:08] <Chitalian> It's shorter than the alternatives.
  187. [13:08] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> he's blaiming us for the lack of activity in .net
  188. [13:08] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> because the keyhole is pretty active
  189. [13:09] <Chitalian> The Keyhole is part of the reason why .net lost activity.
  190. [13:09] <The17m|FFXIII> Rightm the original plan, was what I said. And then some users (apparantly, as Kryten said, came from the came to The Keyhole, and decided to turn it into another encyclopedia
  191. [13:09] * Chitalian is now known as Chitalian|Shower
  192. [13:09] <The17m|FFXIII> ...
  193. [13:09] <The17m|FFXIII> I'm confused.
  194. [13:09] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> It's a complicate topic
  195. [13:09] <Pea14733> I think....
  196. [13:09] <The17m|FFXIII> How is The Keyhole, in any way, made lost its activity?
  197. [13:09] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> idk, ask Kryten :|
  198. [13:10] <The17m|FFXIII> I mean, we already settled which one of us are going to work there and work here
  199. [13:10] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> By driving attention away from it, perhaps
  200. [13:10] <Pea14733> 1. People gets over here, hated being a professional-ish editor and gets back
  201. [13:11] <Pea14733> 2. Then they felt they have to do something with the Keyhole.
  202. [13:11] <Pea14733> Boom.
  203. [13:12] <The17m|FFXIII> Whoa, when do we ever hate a professional editor?
  204. [13:12] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> He meant the opposited
  205. [13:12] * Tabbeh is far from professional.
  206. [13:13] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> They users disliked so much proffesionalism
  207. [13:13] <Pea14733> ^
  208. [13:13] * Chitalian|Shower is now known as Chitalian
  209. [13:13] <Pea14733> They got misunderstandings, and left.
  210. [13:13] <Chitalian> Misconceptions thrive among The Keyhole users.
  211. [13:13] <Pea14733> Yup, that's the point
  212. [13:14] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Some of them came to .net, tho. The misconception they have were made from their experience here
  213. [13:14] <Chitalian> They edited for less than a week.
  214. [13:14] <Chitalian> I don't even know how InfinityLimit can form an opinion of us, he/she was here for a few days.
  215. [13:15] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> he
  216. [13:15] <The17m|FFXIII> So new users came to The Keyhole, with the intention of editing a wiki, and didn't know that they're a fan oriented website?
  217. [13:15] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> no....
  218. [13:15] <The17m|FFXIII> ...
  219. [13:15] <Pea14733> Maybe he has been secretly watching
  220. [13:15] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> That's where you are wrong
  221. [13:15] <Chitalian> Well, not a fan-oriented site anymore.
  222. [13:15] <Chitalian> Wikia gets the most traffic, so most users go there.
  223. [13:15] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> I took over it (Admit it, I did it) and keep the site an encyclopedia
  224. [13:15] <Chitalian> The Keyhole decided to continue with building an encyclopedia.
  225. [13:15] <The17m|FFXIII> It's either I'm getting stupid or I'm completely lost here
  226. [13:16] <Chitalian> So most users didn't even know that there was another encyclopedia at .net
  227. [13:16] <The17m|FFXIII> Basically new users wanted The Keyhole to be an encyclopedia, correct?
  228. [13:16] <Chitalian> Nah, DE wanted it :P
  229. [13:16] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Yes, and I got the support from the community
  230. [13:16] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> Believe it or not, it was a one man revolution <<
  231. [13:17] <Pea14733> XD
  232. [13:17] <The17m|FFXIII> Oh... OHHHH.
  233. [13:17] <The17m|FFXIII> So what Kryten said about "old khwikia users" meant the now users?
  234. [13:19] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> This was an enligthening discussion ._.
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