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Mar 4th, 2021
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  1. Architecture can be scary
  2. Stop copying and pasting methods!
  3. How do coroutines even work?
  4. Is "Var" bad/dangerous?
  5. Where does this method go !?
  6. Why "should I use json" is the wrong question
  7. Why do I have to keep multiplying by delta time?
  8. Fixed update, what's the difference?
  9. Why tests hate monobehaviours
  10. Null, the application killer!
  11. Why I order my code "weird"
  12. Dlls and coding in unity...without unity!
  13. Batteries included, make scripts less confusing
  14. Fancy custom inspectors!
  15. Stop pasting logs everywhere in your code!
  16. How to easily swap out ui
  17. Can save files ever really be safe from hackers?
  18. Don't use FindObjecttsOfType!
  19. When enums are the WRONG answer
  20. Your scripts shouldn't talk to strangers!
  21. Events are great! Until they are not
  22. Responding to "all these methods make games slow!"
  23. Hack your own unity game!
  24. start vs awake, why pick that one?
  25. Variables and serialized field the "right" way
  26. Coroutines aren't threaded!?
  27. Games are Different from apps. MVC is not the answer!
  28. interface or abstract class? The diamond problem!
  29. How monobehaviours work
  30. Read the code of your steam games!
  31. Is too many classes bad?
  32. Exceptions, are they Exceptional?
  33. Why commands are awesome
  34. Don't do it yourself, API it!
  35. How do I pass info between scripts
  36. Lerp is simpler than you think
  37. Do you really need else statements?
  38. Singletons and other monsters
  39. Naming things is easier than you think!
  40. When "bool" is a code smell
  41. C# Sugar, make code fancy!
  42. The Project window is NOT a file system!
  43. Unity color feature you are not using!
  44. Protect yourself from 3rd party assets!
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