Don't let humans walk around naked

Oct 4th, 2018
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  1. >"...Is it really that much of a problem?"
  2. "Well, some of the parents have come complaining to me. They keep saying that their colts see you walking around like you do might rub off on them."
  3. >"You know I wear these clothes for a reason, right?"
  4. "I know, I know, and you should have every right to wear them. Celestia forbid I or anypony else tell a stallion what do wear. But..."
  5. >Anon sighed
  6. >The poor colt was sitting in one of your biggest chairs--which was still two sizes too small for him--looking down at his hands
  7. >It had been a rough couple of weeks for Anonymous
  8. >It had taken quite a while, months and month in fact, but the magic in the air was beginning to sweep into him, and because of it your one and only hyoo-man friend was finding himself changing
  9. >His body was transforming--not to drastically mind you, barely at all really--but what little change there was vexed him to no end
  10. >His body hair had begun to grow at a dizzying rate
  11. >His canines had also grown longer and sharper for whatever reason
  12. >There were also some things that Anon was purposefully vague about, as were the doctors at Ponyville General who were carefully monitoring what was going on
  13. >A lot of stallion's would have cracked under this sort of stress, but Anon was a tough one
  14. >The hair issue had been solved by the spa sisters, who knew of a spell to burn hairs down to their roots
  15. >Very painful--Anon had screamed like a little girl when the spell was cast--but now he only needed to shave his face four times a week to keep presentable
  16. >The teeth had been trickier
  17. >Filing them down too much could have ruined them completely
  18. >You had called in a favor from Minuette, and she had managed to turn those terrifying fangs into something much more normal
  19. >All in all, everything was going relatively well, and you were positive that you and Anon would be able to deal with anything else that happened to him
  22. >But now another wrench was tossed in this whole bucking mess
  23. >A lot of the stallions around town-- the fathers and elderly stallions mostly-- were fed up with Anon
  24. >Most specifically, they were sick of his clothing
  25. >A colt wasn't supposed to wear all that he did out in public, they had told you time and again
  26. >Some poor mare was going to do something stupid if he kept strutting around in his socks like some floozy
  27. >You had tried to explain to them that clothing didn't have the same meaning as it did here
  28. >Anon wore those clothes as protection, and wearing clothing was so ingrained in his race that walking around without them was considered illegal
  29. >But they didn't listen, and they were getting louder and more demanding
  30. >You had tried to shield Anon from this, Celestia dammit, even Starlight was doing her best to help, but it had all boiled over today
  31. >Mr. Cake had walked up to Anon this morning and had chewed him out in front of half the town
  32. >Anon was never one to shy away from a verbal argument, but he hadn't said a thing as Mrs. Cake had worked him over
  33. >You could tell that the stallion's anger had bothered him, especially when some other stallions from the crowd had began shouting as well
  34. >"You know I'm not trying to flaunt anything. I wear a damn suit every day. You can't even SEE my socks," Anon said, keeping his eyes glued onto his hands
  35. "You placed a hoof on his leg
  36. "I know. And you're socks aren't even the long--"
  37. >Heyheyhey, easy there Sparkle
  38. >Don't say any horse apples that'll get you in trouble
  39. >You coughed into your hoof
  40. "What I mean to say is they they're functional. You know that, I know that, heck, Mr. Cake knows that. You know how some stallions get though, Anon."
  41. >"I know. It's just..."
  42. >Anon waved a hand, his face scrunched up in discomfort
  43. >"You guys have done a heck of a lot for me. Not just you, but everyone in this town, and if I'm doing something so bad that Mr. Cake of all ponies is telling me about it..."
  45. "You're not doing anything bad, Anon," you assured. "It's just... some ponies that don't know you might consider it inappropriate."
  46. >Your ears fold against your skull as Anon sinks a little farther into his chair
  47. >Darnit
  48. >You're messing up filly
  49. "Don't worry about it, Anon. I'll go right over to Mr. Cake's now and have a talk with him. With a little luck we can all come together and come to some sort of agreement."
  50. >Anon put his head in his hands
  51. >"You know that won't work
  52. "It'll--"
  53. >...
  54. >Shit, he's not wrong
  55. >You closed your mouth, looking down at the floor
  56. "...Anon?"
  57. >"Hmm?"
  58. "You could... you know," you said, waving a hoof at him
  59. >Anon peaked through his fingers to look at you
  60. >"I'd once again like to remind you that my junk is at eye level with you," he said
  61. "And I'd like to remind you that nopony will mind," you replied. "Minotaurs are your size and their genitals are in the exact same place and nopony bats an eyelash. I promise you that you'll be no different."
  62. >Anon sighed
  63. >"Would you believe me with I told you that the idea of me walking around outside nude makes me uncomfortable?"
  64. "There's no reason to be," you said, giving his leg a few more pats. "There's nothing wrong with your body, Anon, and I honestly can't see how it's all that comfortable wearing everything you do."
  65. >Anon snorted
  66. >"A lot of times it isn't," he admitted
  67. >You gave him a smile
  68. "Maybe doing it all at once is a bad idea? Easing into it might be the best thing, have you walk around here in the nude, mayve for just a few hours at a time and slowly work our way up, huh?"
  69. >For a second, you feared that you had said something wrong
  70. >Anon seemed to shrink into just that little bit more, his worry becoming painfully clear
  71. >But then he took a deep breath, nodding
  72. >"Alright. If it'll make everyone happier then I guess I can give it a try," he said, standing up
  73. >He looked down at you as he unbuttoned the first few buttons of his jacket
  75. >Hey now filly
  76. "Are you sure you want to do it right now?" you asked. "We could always do this tomorrow. Maybe give you a little while to think it over?
  77. >"May as well start now," Anon said. "Otherwise I might never do it and end up hiding in this fucking castle until the day I die. Now do me a favor and turn around, would ya? I might be giving this a chance but I'm not letting someone watch me undress just yet."
  78. >You quickly turned around, smiling from ear to ear
  79. >A small part of you felt kind of proud
  80. >Anon was willing to compromise like a true friend, not throw some hissyfit
  81. >And sure, he might not to comfortable with this, he might even refuse to do it after today, but what counted was that he was willing to try
  82. >You only wished more ponies were as opened minded about change as him
  83. >There was some rustling, some grunting, and the sound of clothes dropping to the floor and being picked up
  84. >Another few seconds passed before Anon cleared his throat
  85. >"Alright... you can turn around if you want."
  86. >You slowly turned around
  87. >Sure enough, Anon's clothes were sitting on the table, neatly folded
  88. >The hyoo-man was as naked as you
  89. >It took a good deal of effort not to cock your head to the side
  90. >You had never seen Anon totally naked before
  91. >No pony but a few doctors and nurses had that privilege
  92. >And now that you could your inner scientist was threatening to surface
  93. >He was built like a thinner minotaur
  94. >His arms weren't as muscular but longer
  95. >His chest had some definition, and his legs were much thicker than you expected
  96. >It also seemed that the hair removal spell hadn't been completely applied to his groin, since you could see a bit there
  97. >And speaking of his groin, he didn't appear to have a sheath, or a quasi sheath as you had theorized
  98. >You might have spent a good long while just staring at him, but mama Sparkle didn't raise no rude mare
  99. >You looked up at Anon with a grin
  100. "See? Easy right?"
  102. >Anon shifted from side to side, obviously trying his hardest not to cover himself with his hands
  103. >"It's not... the worst thing I've ever done," he said, his hands opened and closing
  104. >You took a step toward him
  105. "I'm proud of you, Anon. You really--"
  106. >As you took another step, you breathed in
  107. through your nose
  108. >A scent filled your nostrils unlike anything you had ever smelled
  109. >It was amazing
  110. >No food, no flower, no soap, nothing magical or natural smelled this good
  111. >It hit your brain like a thunderclap, making you freeze
  112. >With the smell came heat
  113. >It went from your nose down to your barrel, causing you to stiffen
  114. >You snorted, surprised and confused
  115. >Anon frowned
  116. >"You alright there, Twi?"
  117. >You opened your mouth, trying to say something
  118. "Hah..."
  119. >You take another breath
  120. >The scent is stronger now
  121. >Your back legs jerk as the fire rushes through your flanks
  122. >You let out a squeak, your wings popping open
  123. >Your pupils dilate and your eyes grow huge
  124. >Anon takes a step toward you, looking concerned, making the smell even stronger
  125. >You find yourself shaking, tuft floofing out
  126. >Questions as who what the hay was going on fell by the wayside
  127. >In its place came a urge
  128. >A primal, animalistic urge
  129. >Another inhale, another smack to your senses
  130. >A noise escapes you
  131. >With some startlement, you realize it's a moan
  132. "Heeeee~"
  133. >You clench your back legs are you feel your tail starting to rise
  134. >The corners of your vision began to grow hazy, and there was a very familiar, VERY unwanted build up happening inside of you
  135. >Ohbuckohbuckohbuck
  136. >YouneededtogetoutofhererightnowyouwerelosingyourbuckingmindRUNRUNRUN!
  137. >"Twi--"
  138. >Concentrating with all of your might, you teleported outside of the room
  139. >Thankfully, you had enough mind to teleport out into the hallway, not up in a mountain somewhere
  140. >Starlight was standing by the door, her ear pressed against it
  141. >As you popped in next to her she turned toward you
  142. >"So how did it go, Twilight? Is Anon--"
  143. "Starlight... hit... me," you wheezed
  145. >Starlight blinked
  146. >"I... what?"
  147. "Hit... me... for... Celestia's sake," you said, shaking harder than you have ever in your life. "Before... I do... something... I regret..."
  148. >"What--"
  149. "I'll... bucking... RAPE... YOU..."
  150. >Starlight, without skipping a beat, reared back a hoof and punched you in the face
  151. >Your head snapped to the side as stars exploded across your vision
  152. >The feeling of lust evaporated as pain exploded from your jaw down your spine
  153. >HAH!
  154. >It worked
  155. >...
  157. >With a yelp, you hit the ground, clenching your jaw
  158. >You rolled around for a bit, swearing and cursing as Starlight looked down at you, concerned
  159. >Eventually, you found yourself staring up at the ceiling
  160. "...Thank you, Starlight."
  161. >"You're... welcome?" she replied.
  162. >You tongued at one of your teeth, grimacing
  163. >Buck
  164. >Did that feel loose or were you just imagining things?
  165. >...
  166. >Nope
  167. >It was loose
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