Tenma's App for Cosmos Tier 1

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  1. Key: CalvinaLerouge
  2. Character: Tenma
  3. Skill or Transformation: Saint of Cosmos Tier 1 [Cosmos Unlocking]
  5. An old, yet a new resident of Oasis, Tenma had only now realized that living here might be more dangerous than it was worth. Before heading just outside of the Academy where most people reside, she had planned to set sail and leave the islands possibly.  Despite her knowledge, she yet to hear of such power before, maybe she has forgotten about it as she was more interested in studying and keeping her head down for now. Either way, as someone of a scholarly sort, Tenma could not stand by and NOT inquire further to this Cosmos and Armor. So, she had approached the young man, known as Jin, and had asked for him to teach her what he could about the subject.
  7. He would accept and tutor her best he could, handing her books on the subjects of History and Stars, and explained to her about the fact that the Power of a Saint. The proper term for those who use the power of the Saints and Cloths comes not from the Cloth itself. But from the Universe itself viewing you as worthy and granting you access to the nigh-limitless power of the Cosmos. He had instructed her to reach out to the Universe with all of her feelings.
  8. What had ensued afterward was a bit of trial and error, of mostly
  10.  Error as Tenma tried to channel and contact the Cosmos but was unable to do so correctly. Her training in Power Controlling was messing up her feelings for the power that would be granted by this. As such, after he first two tries, Jin offered that while she had a good base down for trying. It still was not the right energy she was channeling through herself. So, to make her understand, he directed his own Cosmos visibly in an attempt to show and allow Tenma to feel and understand how to do so.
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