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The Poem of the Bear

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  1. The Poem of the Bear
  3. In the ancient woods of yore
  4. There lived a bear with taste for gore
  5. This bear was evil to the core
  6. Violence filled his every pore
  8. He lived in shadows, hid from light
  9. And ravaged anything in sight
  10. An ursine demon filled with spite
  11. Many felt his crimson bite
  13. Many Heroes of the age
  14. Were swallowed in his blinding rage
  15. Although advised by many a sage
  16. Not to let the bear engage
  18. Even Priestess of The Moon
  19. With a bottled regen rune
  20. Faced the demon by Elune
  21. But the bear was spell immune
  23. Dragon Knight did bravely dare
  24. To farm the woods without a care
  25. But someone warned him: "Best beware!"
  26. "Behind you there's a fucking bear!"
  28. Dragon knew what this had meant
  29. He will be raped without consent
  30. In his mournful, bleak lament
  31. He miss clicked on accident
  33. He stunned a creep with Dragon's tail
  34. Indeed it was an epic fail
  35. He tried to run to no avail
  36. The bear had ripped him scale from scale
  38. Many others tried to fight
  39. Morphling, Naga, Chaos knight
  40. They got a taste of ursine might
  41. Their hollow screams had pierced the night
  43. In the end the Ancient fell
  44. Priestess died while at the well
  45. The bear exclaimed one final yell
  46. "I am Ursa. Go to hell!"
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