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  1. on rightclick with diamond hoe:
  2.     name of held item contains "Anti"
  3.     set {_cooldown} to difference between {skill.%player%.lastused} and now
  4.     if {_cooldown} is less than 2 seconds:
  5.         stop
  6.     play sound pack "entity.villager.death" to player at location of player
  7.     shoot an arrow from player at speed 100
  8.     set {skill.%player%.lastused} to now
  9.     set {_num} to 0.5
  10.     set {_Particle} to location of the block {_num} meter in front of player's head
  11.     loop 250 times:
  12.         show 10 Redstone particles at {_Particle} with color 15, 0, 0 offset by 0, 0, 0 with speed 30
  13.         set {_num} to {_num} + 0.5
  14.         set {_Particle} to location of the block {_num} meter infront of player's head
  15.         if the block {_num} meter infront of player's head is not air:
  16.             stop loop
  18. on damage:
  19.     projectile is arrow
  20.     attacker's tool is diamond hoe
  21.     set damage to 6.5
  23. on projectile hit:
  24.     if projectile is an arrow:
  25.         delete projectile
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