Daedalize's run 5/7/12

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  1. (7:02:22 PM) TheRaven: Taggart walks in, with his usual gear.
  2. (7:02:43 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg walks in immediately thereafter. He's almost completely awake by now.
  3. (7:03:10 PM) NAC: Cameron shows up, new flashlight tucked away into his medical kit.
  4. (7:03:19 PM) Daedalize: The room is slightly crowded, as a pair of researchers poke about a set of scuba suits on the rack. They look altered, somehow. Cassidy is supervising, and waves to the team idly as they file in.
  5. (7:03:32 PM) Fifthman: Cecil's got his camera and forensics kit. He's bouncing into the sub bay.
  6. (7:03:55 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg raises an eyebrow, leaning over to examine the new suits. Altered how?
  7. (7:04:08 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance walks in, squinting slightly against the light. He notices Cecil and is spurred to don his Gas Mask.
  8. (7:04:59 PM) TheRaven: "Don't bother with that Terrance, looks like we're going for a swim."
  9. (7:05:10 PM) Daedalize: The tanks look a bit larger, and there are more hoses than you remember. Even the material of the suits looks to have been reinforced.
  10. (7:05:56 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg shrugs, leaning against a wall and rubbing the crud out of the corners of his eyes.
  11. (7:06:21 PM) TheRaven: "For a while, by the looks of it."
  12. (7:06:22 PM) Daedalize: "Swim and more. You won't be taking these suits off while you're over there, if our estimations are correct."
  13. (7:06:40 PM) TheRaven: "Well, that sounds promising."
  14. (7:06:40 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance knows that Taggart is right, but he just doesn't want Cecil sneaking in any more photos. He eyes the suits. Engineering to deduce the purpose of the new stuff?
  15. (7:06:45 PM) NAC: Cameron groans. "Do they have them in my size?"
  16. (7:06:50 PM) Fifthman: "Oooh, we're going scuba diving?"
  17. (7:07:33 PM) PresidentEvil: "Sounds like we're going somewhere without breathable atmosphere."
  18. (7:09:14 PM) Daedalize: "Well, there's nitrogen-heavy air bubbling up out of the pool, along with slowly rising nitric acid concentrations. Nitrogen-heavy to the exclusion of oxygen, that is. And given that gas is diffusing out of the water, we can assume the atmospheric pressure on the other side is high. You're most likely going to wind up on another planet."
  19. (7:09:49 PM) TheRaven: "Awesome. Do we think the air's going to be corrosive as well?"
  20. (7:10:01 PM) PresidentEvil: "Are we planting a flag when we get there?"
  21. (7:10:20 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance does not like the sound of this. "Will our weapons work?"
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  23. (7:11:30 PM) TheRaven: "Smokeless powder is self-oxidizing, don't worry about it. Might have to adjust your gas system a bit."
  24. (7:11:37 PM) Daedalize: "Probably not, the acid is just a side-effect of nitrogen bubbling through water. And there's no reason your guns shouldn't work, no."
  25. (7:12:02 PM) PresidentEvil: "So we are planting a flag then." Greg says, smirking ever so slightly.
  26. (7:12:14 PM) Uncandescent: "What about explosives."
  27. (7:12:49 PM) TheRaven: "Explosives are good too, unless they're incendiary."
  28. (7:12:53 PM) NAC: "What happens if the suit rips while were over there?" Cameron grunts, looking through his medical supplies.
  29. (7:13:29 PM) PresidentEvil: "Depends on the pressure."
  30. (7:13:32 PM) Fifthman: "And how do we use the suits?"
  31. (7:14:14 PM) Uncandescent: Satisfied on the weapons front for the moment, Terrance looks to the suits again. "How much damage can those take?"
  32. (7:16:27 PM) Daedalize: "Well, if the suit rips over your face, you'd probably suffocate. So try not to headbutt anything. The body portion is isolated from the rest with pressure seals, though you might wind up with contusions or somesuch from the pressure change."
  33. (7:17:02 PM) TheRaven: "Great. Let's get going."
  34. (7:17:38 PM) PresidentEvil: "Huh. New planet. Now I can tell girls in bars that I'm an astronaut."
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  36. (7:18:10 PM) Fifthman: "I know, right? That'll be awesome, except for that last part. I'm happy with mine." Cecil smirks.
  37. (7:18:21 PM) Daedalize: "The two mooks going over the suits will help you into them. Oh, and you've only got enough air for about six hours, so try not to get nabbed by aliens. See you when you get back." Cassidy exits, stage right.
  38. (7:18:35 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg yawns and, if the technicians are done fiddling, begins suiting up and packing his gear.
  39. (7:18:49 PM) Chronos [~Eric@337F113C.8FBF9A03.2313AD37.IP] entered the room.
  40. (7:19:17 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance is so not liking this right now. Besides the actively lethal atmosphere, there's no way those suits have enough pockets...
  41. (7:19:41 PM) NAC: Cameron sighs and goes up to the suits. Might as well get dressed.
  42. (7:20:13 PM) Daedalize: Said mooks help the team suit up in the modified suits before standing out of the way. Through the windows, they might be able to make out the fizzing surface of the pool.
  43. (7:20:20 PM) Fifthman: Cecil looks at the hands, and frowns. Can he operate a camera with the gloves?
  44. (7:20:51 PM) Daedalize: He can. They're not too thickly padded, for better or worse.
  45. (7:20:52 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance walks up to the suits, checking them over for vulnerabilities and what not to let get hit. How are the oxygen tanks positioned?
  46. (7:21:08 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg takes a few experimental steps around the room in his suit. Is it any heavier or stiffer than the standard drysuit?
  47. (7:21:39 PM) TheRaven: Taggart suits up. "Okay, I don't want anyone engaging at close range if at all possible. Watch your sectors, and stay out of firing arcs if you can."
  48. (7:21:49 PM) Daedalize: Oxygen tanks are on the back, to one side so as to allow for weapon holsters. These suits are heavier, but other than that feel about the same.
  49. (7:22:26 PM) NAC: Cameron nod to Taggart. "Wasn't planning on it this time."
  50. (7:22:29 PM) Fifthman: Cecil squirms his way into a Cecil-sized suit. He tests the range of movement.
  51. (7:22:44 PM) PresidentEvil: "Alright ladies, let's get going!" Greg says, picking up his drybagged gear and heading out of the room and to the shore of the pool.
  52. (7:23:20 PM) TheRaven: Taggart follows.
  53. (7:23:24 PM) Daedalize: Fizz fizz fizz, goes the pool.
  54. (7:23:45 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance gets in the suit, and flexes experimentally to get used to the feel.
  55. (7:24:09 PM) Fifthman: Cecil puts the camera around his neck, before standing behind the others.
  56. (7:24:29 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg waits until everyone is assembled on the shore and, after one final pressure check, begins wading into the pool.
  57. (7:24:50 PM) TheRaven: Taggart bags his gear and checks his suit before starting in.
  58. (7:25:16 PM) NAC: Cameron follows the two and makes sure his medical supplies are attached before he wades in.
  59. (7:25:27 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance manages to fit about half of his equipment into the suits sealed pockets, and reluctantly deposits the the rest in a cardboard box supplied by on of the techs.
  60. (7:25:31 PM) Daedalize: It's fairly easy to track the emergence point, based on the bubbles rising through the water.
  61. (7:25:47 PM) NAC: "Tingly." He remarks.
  62. (7:26:30 PM) Fifthman: Cecil points a camera to himself and snaps the picture. He sends a phone call before he heads to the bubbles, leaving the phone behind.
  63. (7:27:05 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg heads out to the approximate center of the bubbles and dives, clicking on his headlamp and searching for the emergence point.
  64. (7:27:17 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance walks outside, going over the suits vital spots and the locations of the tubes as he wades in.
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  66. (7:30:52 PM) TheRaven: Taggart does the same, of course.
  67. (7:31:14 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance dives too.
  68. (7:31:36 PM) PresidentEvil: <<So, why is it always deathtraps?>>
  69. (7:32:23 PM) TheRaven: <<More interesting that way.>>
  70. (7:32:43 PM) NAC: <<If it wasn't, it'd be creepier.>>
  71. (7:32:54 PM) Fifthman: <<It isn't always deathtraps. Sometimes it's stormy islands and lighthouses. Sometimes it's flying whales and golden trees on floating islands.>>
  72. (7:33:17 PM) Daedalize: The bubbles become more concentrated as they descend, clouding their vision.
  73. (7:33:49 PM) NAC: <<The stormy island tried to kill us. Death trap.>>
  74. (7:33:56 PM) Daedalize: It gets darker, too. Quite dark, in fact.
  75. (7:34:00 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance keeps an eye out for nitrogen water monsters.
  76. (7:34:09 PM) TheRaven: <<Gave me one hell of a headache.>>
  77. (7:34:11 PM) NAC: The suits have flashlights attached to the helmets, right?
  78. (7:34:11 PM) Uncandescent: He switches on his headlamp.
  79. (7:34:19 PM) PresidentEvil: <<All places that tried to kill us, Cecil. Why can't we wash up on a planet of swimsuit models for once?>>
  80. (7:34:53 PM) Fifthman: <<That BDSM hotel didn't count?>>
  81. (7:35:09 PM) Daedalize: The team suddenly finds themselves tugged to one side. A current, and a strong one at that.
  82. (7:35:19 PM) PresidentEvil: <<A planet of swimsuit models that doesn't try to kill- Whoa, you feel that?>>
  83. (7:35:29 PM) Fifthman: <<Whoo, yeah, felt that.>>
  84. (7:35:54 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance lightly pushes against it, not enough to resist it but enough to remain in control of his trajectory.
  85. (7:35:55 PM) NAC: <<This is going to be fun.>> Cameron grunts
  86. (7:36:06 PM) Daedalize: They're being swept along, still underwater and in the dark. They could try to resist, or go along with it.
  87. (7:36:07 PM) TheRaven: <<Well this ought to be interesting.>>
  88. (7:36:18 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Think we've got our e-hole.>> Greg reorients himself and tries to stay with the others.
  89. (7:36:39 PM) Fifthman: Cecil tries to keep with the others as well.
  90. (7:36:56 PM) NAC: Cameron doesn't try to swim against the current, so he sticks with the others.
  91. (7:36:58 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance shines his light about. Does he see anything?
  92. (7:37:11 PM) TheRaven: Taggart doesn't bother resisting. Shit's gonna happen either way.
  93. (7:37:47 PM) Daedalize: Not while underwater, Terrance.
  94. (7:38:15 PM) Fifthman: <<Tags, your call. We goin in or not?>>
  95. (7:38:41 PM) Uncandescent: He keeps an eye out for those water monsters. Or more preferably, a surface.
  96. (7:38:50 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Do they give us a choice, Cecil?>>
  97. (7:39:13 PM) TheRaven: <<Not like we won't be anyways.>>
  98. (7:39:41 PM) Daedalize: The surface is above them, for obvious reasons. Going up would be going against the current, though.
  99. (7:39:45 PM) Daedalize: Perception, everyone.
  100. (7:40:06 PM) Uncandescent: 6df+6
  101. (7:40:07 PM) PresidentEvil: 6df+5 Sure.
  102. (7:40:07 PM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: Sure.: 5 (6df+5=-, +, 0, -, 0, +)
  103. (7:40:09 PM) NAC: 6df+5
  104. (7:40:12 PM) Fifthman: 6df+9 Cecil misses nothing.
  105. (7:40:12 PM) Glacon: Fifthman: Cecil misses nothing.: 11 (6df+9=+, +, -, +, -, +)
  106. (7:40:13 PM) Uncandescent: 6df+6
  107. (7:40:13 PM) Glacon: Uncandescent: 4 (6df+6=0, 0, +, -, -, -)
  108. (7:40:21 PM) NAC: 6df+5 I hate you too glacon
  109. (7:40:21 PM) Glacon: NAC: I hate you too glacon: 7 (6df+5=-, +, +, +, +, -)
  110. (7:40:46 PM) TheRaven: 6df+6 whee
  111. (7:40:46 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: whee: 6 (6df+6=+, +, -, -, -, +)
  112. (7:41:06 PM) Uncandescent: How is it so dark if they can see a surface?
  113. (7:41:16 PM) PresidentEvil: Exactly.
  114. (7:41:35 PM) Daedalize: Headlamps.
  115. (7:44:13 PM) Daedalize: Cecil picks up on a slight sound, translating back through the water from downstream.
  116. (7:45:02 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance attempts to fight against the current and head for the surface. The faster he's out of the water and actually able to defend himself, the better.
  117. (7:45:13 PM) Daedalize: Ath, Terrance.
  118. (7:45:39 PM) Uncandescent: 6df+5 Fight the powah!
  119. (7:45:39 PM) Glacon: Uncandescent: Fight the powah!: 6 (6df+5=+, +, 0, -, +, -)
  120. (7:45:54 PM) Fifthman: <<Guys, you hear that? Definitely not background noise.>> Cecil points an arm to the sound as he tries to keep with the others. <<Coming from downstream.>>
  121. (7:46:16 PM) PresidentEvil: <<I can't hear anything through this fizzing, Cecil.>>
  122. (7:46:47 PM) TheRaven: <<What was it?>>
  123. (7:46:55 PM) Proto_Lost [Mibbit@6D993529.BDE9800.815AE96E.IP] entered the room.
  124. (7:46:56 PM) Daedalize: Terrance breaches the surface, finding himself staring up at a rocky ceiling. Rocky walls, too. A tunnel of some kind, presumably hollowed out by this underground river.
  125. (7:47:40 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Terrence, you see anything?>>
  126. (7:47:40 PM) Fifthman: <<Definitely wasn't fizzing. I'm gonna grab a closer look.>> Cecil looks around. Anything to brace himself on?
  127. (7:48:24 PM) TheRaven: Taggart goes for the surface as well.
  128. (7:48:27 PM) TheRaven: 6df+6 ath!
  129. (7:48:28 PM) Uncandescent: <<We're in a tunnel. Probably an underground river.>> He shines his light about some more. Any sign of anything but rock walls?
  130. (7:48:28 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: ath!: 5 (6df+6=-, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
  131. (7:49:03 PM) NAC: Cameron heads for the surface <<Sound from downstream, avoid downstream.>> Cameron grunts.
  132. (7:49:10 PM) Daedalize: Not much, Cecil. The bottom of the river is smooth stone, any grips or handholds long since eroded. Taggart breaches the surface as well, and his superior hearing picks up on the same sound Cecil heard underwater. Up here, it's a sort of dull roar in the distance.
  133. (7:49:14 PM) NAC: 6df+8 POWER STROKES
  134. (7:49:15 PM) Glacon: NAC: POWER STROKES: 6 (6df+8=0, -, -, -, 0, +)
  135. (7:49:25 PM) PresidentEvil: 6df+6 Greg also heads up.
  136. (7:49:26 PM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: Greg also heads up.: 5 (6df+6=+, -, -, -, +, 0)
  137. (7:49:30 PM) Daedalize: Cameron, same as Taggart.
  138. (7:49:48 PM) TheRaven: <<Something in the distance. Loud. Waterfall, maybe?"
  139. (7:49:50 PM) TheRaven: >>
  140. (7:49:51 PM) Daedalize: Greg also surfaces, but like Terrance, hears nothing.
  141. (7:50:14 PM) Uncandescent: How wide is the tunnel?
  142. (7:52:09 PM) Daedalize: Around fifty meters. There is a slight lip just above where the water meets the walls, not high enough to climb onto, but perhaps enough to grab ahold.
  143. (7:52:37 PM) Fifthman: <<Cameron, sound from downstream means something interesting. I'll head in first if you guys don't see anything interesting up there.>>
  144. (7:53:10 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance swims over to said lip and grabs on.
  145. (7:53:19 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg does the same.
  146. (7:53:23 PM) NAC: Cameron dittos
  147. (7:53:40 PM) TheRaven: <<Don't go too far, Cecil. Might be a waterfall or rapids or some shit.>> Taggart goes for the ledge too.
  148. (7:54:39 PM) Fifthman: Cecil tries for the ledge as well. <<But do you see anything else up there?>>
  149. (7:54:46 PM) Chronos left the room.
  150. (7:54:48 PM) Daedalize: It strains their fingers to support the whole body weight against the current, but they're stable for now.
  151. (7:55:05 PM) Fifthman: 6df+1 this won't end well
  152. (7:55:06 PM) Glacon: Fifthman: this won't end well: 5 (6df+1=+, +, +, 0, +, 0)
  153. (7:55:22 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Rocks and water, Cecil.>>
  154. (7:55:34 PM) Daedalize: Cecil can't see the ledge while still underwater.
  155. (7:55:45 PM) TheRaven: <<Should look for some kind of shoreline. I'd rather not go over another waterfall.>>
  156. (7:56:08 PM) Fifthman: Cecil swims up to the ledge, then.
  157. (7:56:08 PM) Uncandescent: From his new position, Terrance shines his headlamp along the cavern walls in search of some sign of... well, something. Markings, holes, even moss. He would be okay with moss.
  158. (7:56:11 PM) Daedalize: In fact, with most of the group staying behind, he's becoming separated from them quite rapidly.
  159. (7:56:27 PM) Fifthman: Cecil then gets to the surface.
  160. (7:56:32 PM) Uncandescent: Roll Perception?
  161. (7:56:34 PM) NAC: Cameron begins going along the edge of the tunnel, grabbing onto the lip to support himself.
  162. (7:56:45 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Only one way to do that, Tagg. Forward, but carefully.>> Greg starts inching down the tunnel.
  163. (7:56:45 PM) Daedalize: Yes, Terrance.
  164. (7:57:09 PM) Daedalize: Cecil, Ath for surfacing.
  165. (7:57:31 PM) Uncandescent: 6df+6 Signs of life? Maybe intelligence?
  166. (7:57:31 PM) Glacon: Uncandescent: Signs of life? Maybe intelligence?: 2 (6df+6=-, -, -, +, -, -)
  167. (7:57:40 PM) Uncandescent: ...
  168. (7:58:03 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance gets a sudden headache and doesn't see shit.
  169. (7:58:08 PM) Fifthman: 6df+5 tagging Excitement Magnet
  170. (7:58:09 PM) Glacon: Fifthman: tagging Excitement Magnet: 7 (6df+5=+, +, -, +, 0, 0)
  171. (7:58:17 PM) TheRaven: 6df+6 perceiving things.
  172. (7:58:18 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: perceiving things.: 6 (6df+6=+, 0, 0, 0, 0, -)
  173. (7:58:29 PM) NAC: 6df+6 probably not perceiving things.
  174. (7:58:31 PM) Glacon: NAC: probably not perceiving things.: 7 (6df+6=-, -, +, 0, +, +)
  175. (7:59:00 PM) Daedalize: Cecil manages to surface in the water. Terrance was the only one taking initiative to look around, so only he gets to roll Perception.
  176. (8:00:24 PM) Daedalize: Cecil, up here the sound is especially clear. You are reminded of crashing waves at the seashore.
  177. (8:00:40 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance closes his eyes and faces back to the wall, trying not to let his pain be evident to the others. After a few deep breathes, he begins inching along the lip. "A sound?"
  178. (8:00:50 PM) NAC: Cameron looks down at the water, headlamp on. What color is it?
  179. (8:01:09 PM) Fifthman: <<Yeah. Definitely waterfall.>> Cecil goes for the ledge.
  180. (8:01:43 PM) Daedalize: Brown-black, Cameron. Muddy-colored.
  181. (8:02:04 PM) NAC: Poor visibility then?
  182. (8:02:05 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Anyone remember to bring a sample case? I sure as hell didn't.>>
  183. (8:02:18 PM) Daedalize: Quite poor.
  184. (8:02:48 PM) TheRaven: <<Not me.>>
  185. (8:02:49 PM) Fifthman: <<What will you guys do without me? Let's get settled somewhere where won't get swept away.>>
  186. (8:02:58 PM) Daedalize: The majority of the team is now crowded up against the side of the tunnel, hanging off of the wall as water laps at their waists.
  187. (8:03:05 PM) TheRaven: <<Told you it was a waterfall.>>
  188. (8:03:27 PM) NAC: <<And somewhere where we can see our feet.>> Cameron agrees with Cecil.
  189. (8:05:00 PM) TheRaven: <<Sounds good to me.>>
  190. (8:05:29 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Okay then, let's keep our eyes open.>> Greg keeps shuffling, looking for a more convenient rest place.
  191. (8:05:43 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance continues to inch. Does the lip seem to be widening or narrowing at all?
  192. (8:06:16 PM) Fifthman: Cecil makes his way back to the team, if they're not going down the waterfall.
  193. (8:06:33 PM) Daedalize: Not particularly, Terrance. It's approximately even.
  194. (8:06:47 PM) Uncandescent: Wait. Are they inching towards or away from the current?
  195. (8:07:27 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg is just inching whichever way everyone else goes.
  196. (8:07:40 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance would like to inch away from the waterfall.
  197. (8:07:59 PM) TheRaven: Taggart goes with the group.
  198. (8:08:04 PM) Uncandescent: Do I have to roll Ath for that?
  199. (8:08:47 PM) Daedalize: Nope. Terrance begins inching back upstream, assuming the others don't get in the way.
  200. (8:10:53 PM) TheRaven: Taggart is heading up too.
  201. (8:11:23 PM) Uncandescent: Upon hearing Cecil's words, Terrance decides that going //away// from the waterfall would most likely be the best decision. "We should go upstream."
  202. (8:12:29 PM) NAC: Cameron nods and goes along with the group heading up.
  203. (8:12:42 PM) Daedalize: 1d5
  204. (8:12:42 PM) Glacon: Daedalize: 5 (1d5=5)
  205. (8:12:49 PM) PresidentEvil: So Greg is doing the same.
  206. (8:13:06 PM) Fifthman: Cecil will take a last glance in the direction of the waterfall before he heads up.
  207. (8:13:46 PM) Fifthman is now known as Fifth
  208. (8:14:04 PM) Fifthman [] entered the room.
  209. (8:14:17 PM) Daedalize: Terrance feels the stone under his hands jostle slightly as he moves along. It feels... unstable.
  210. (8:14:27 PM) Fifth left the room (quit: Quit: Serenity precedes success.).
  211. (8:14:29 PM) Daedalize: Perception, Terrance.
  212. (8:14:41 PM) Uncandescent: 6df+6 Eyes, don't fail me now.
  213. (8:14:42 PM) Glacon: Uncandescent: Eyes, don't fail me now.: 6 (6df+6=+, +, -, -, -, +)
  214. (8:15:49 PM) NAC: (Yeah I gotta drop out of the run, some one needs the machine. Sorry guys.)
  215. (8:16:34 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance doesn't think about Cameron not being there, because he was totally never there.
  216. (8:16:48 PM) Daedalize: Terrance notices a series of cracks running through the side of the tunnel, just ahead. Small cracks, but numerous.
  217. (8:18:29 PM) Uncandescent: Engineering to determine the stability of the ledge?
  218. (8:18:34 PM) Daedalize: The rock appears to have been stressed by something, though what is not clear. Perhaps a parallel tunnel collapse?
  219. (8:19:14 PM) Daedalize: No need for Engineering, it's obviously not in good condition.
  220. (8:19:46 PM) Uncandescent: But can I roll to figure out if it will hold the group's weight?
  221. (8:20:05 PM) Uncandescent: Or just not break away when they grab it?
  222. (8:20:28 PM) Daedalize: It's highly unlikely that they'll be able to continue without incident.
  223. (8:21:30 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance comes to a stop, and makes a stopping gesture to the others. "The ledge is fractured."
  224. (8:21:51 PM) TheRaven: "Shit. How bad?"
  225. (8:22:00 PM) Uncandescent: "Bad enough."
  226. (8:22:10 PM) PresidentEvil: <<No way to continue?>>
  227. (8:22:17 PM) TheRaven: Taggart looks around for any alternatives to this ledge.
  228. (8:22:29 PM) Fifthman: Cecil leans out to see what's upstream.
  229. (8:24:08 PM) Daedalize: The tunnel has a slight curve to it, preventing Cecil from seeing very far. And besides this slight ledge, it's almost perfectly smooth.
  230. (8:26:23 PM) TheRaven: "Dammit."
  231. (8:26:42 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Guess we're heading back down then.>>
  232. (8:26:44 PM) Uncandescent: How strong is the current?
  233. (8:27:43 PM) Daedalize: Strong enough that, coupled with the smooth surfaces all around, winding up downstream is almost inevitable for all but exceptional swimmers.
  234. (8:28:12 PM) Uncandescent: Alright. Is there another lip on the other side of the tunnel?
  235. (8:28:47 PM) Daedalize: Nope. Only on the inner edge of the curve.
  236. (8:29:33 PM) Uncandescent: How far do the cracks extend on the ledge? Could they just swim around the cracked part?
  237. (8:30:36 PM) Daedalize: Possibly. It'd risk splitting the group up, though, if anyone fell behind.
  238. (8:31:01 PM) Uncandescent: "Swimming around the cracks is possible."
  239. (8:31:35 PM) PresidentEvil: "And the current?"
  240. (8:31:42 PM) TheRaven: "Do we want to risk it, or have a look what's further down?"
  241. (8:31:54 PM) Fifthman: "Maybe send one guy up first to see how far those cracks extend."
  242. (8:32:00 PM) Uncandescent: "It's a short distance." He says in response to Greg.
  243. (8:33:15 PM) PresidentEvil: "I say we head downstream. I don't wanna risk getting split up on an alien planet."
  244. (8:33:36 PM) TheRaven: "Alright."
  245. (8:33:45 PM) PresidentEvil: "So it's settled then."
  246. (8:33:53 PM) Fifthman: Cecil checks his air. How much has he got left?
  247. (8:34:57 PM) Glacon left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  248. (8:35:04 PM) TheRaven: Taggart starts shuffling downstream.
  249. (8:35:05 PM) Daedalize: A number of hours' worth.
  250. (8:35:33 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg is right behind Taggart.
  251. (8:35:59 PM) Fifthman: Cecil's on point, since he was the furthest downstream. He turns and starts sliding back to the waterfall.
  252. (8:36:42 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance does not want to go downstream. He knows this won't be merry or at all like a dream. But he follows the others, as they inch along, and when did I start posting in rhyming song?
  253. (8:37:21 PM) (notice) Scantron invited CROM into the channel.
  254. (8:37:21 PM) CROM [] entered the room.
  255. (8:37:56 PM) Daedalize: Downstream they go, with the current this time. Those who have been hanging on the longest will note their fingers are getting sore.
  256. (8:38:14 PM) Fifthman: Once they get close to the waterfall, Cecil listens closely. If the drop were far, the sound wouldn't be as loud. How far away does the waterfall sound?
  257. (8:38:23 PM) Daedalize: Everyone roll 1d4
  258. (8:38:25 PM) Glacon [] entered the room.
  259. (8:38:32 PM) TheRaven: 1d4
  260. (8:38:32 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: 3 (1d4=3)
  261. (8:38:32 PM) CROM: TheRaven: 1 (1d4=1)
  262. (8:38:34 PM) Fifthman: 1d4
  263. (8:38:35 PM) Glacon: Fifthman: 4 (1d4=4)
  264. (8:38:35 PM) CROM: Fifthman: 3 (1d4=3)
  265. (8:38:35 PM) CROM left the room (Kicked by Daedalize (Daedalize)).
  266. (8:39:34 PM) PresidentEvil: 1d4
  267. (8:39:34 PM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: 1 (1d4=1)
  268. (8:39:40 PM) Uncandescent: 1d4
  269. (8:39:40 PM) Glacon: Uncandescent: 4 (1d4=4)
  270. (8:40:34 PM) Daedalize: Terrance and Cecil are stricken by terrible finger cramps. -2 to tasks involving hands, and roll Ath to keep hanging on
  271. (8:40:59 PM) Uncandescent: 6df+5 Real funny, Glacon
  272. (8:40:59 PM) Glacon: Uncandescent: Real funny, Glacon: 2 (6df+5=-, -, 0, -, 0, 0)
  273. (8:41:06 PM) Fifthman: 6df+1 away I go!
  274. (8:41:06 PM) Glacon: Fifthman: away I go!: 3 (6df+1=+, +, -, 0, +, 0)
  275. (8:43:07 PM) Daedalize: Cecil maintains his grip, but Terrance finds himself slipping down into the water.
  276. (8:44:04 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg tries to grab Terrence with one arm and haul him back up. Ath?
  277. (8:44:33 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance suddenly and painfully loses his grip on the ledge. He starts to slip away.
  278. (8:45:17 PM) Daedalize: Now floating freely in the current, he begins floating off down the tunnel at a faster pace than the hangers-on can match.
  279. (8:45:55 PM) Daedalize: Greg's attempt to reach for him only jeopardizes his own hold. Into the water he goes!
  280. (8:46:02 PM) PresidentEvil: =/
  281. (8:46:28 PM) Fifthman: Cecil can only watch as the others get swept away. He continues slowly to the waterfall.
  282. (8:46:35 PM) TheRaven: Taggart holds the fuck on.
  283. (8:47:22 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance frantically attempts to swim against the current and get back to the ledge, ignoring his hands' attempts to bend backwards.
  284. (8:48:21 PM) Uncandescent: Roll Ath?
  285. (8:48:43 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg does the same, attempting to get close to Terrence. Ath as well?
  286. (8:49:35 PM) Daedalize: Greg can make the attempt, however Terrance's cramped hands are incapable of reacquiring a hold.
  287. (8:50:19 PM) Daedalize: Meanwhile, that roar grows ever closer. It's loud enough for even Terrance and Greg's dull ears to register it.
  288. (8:50:23 PM) PresidentEvil: 6df+6 swim Greg swim!
  289. (8:50:23 PM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: swim Greg swim!: 7 (6df+6=-, +, +, +, 0, -)
  290. (8:51:05 PM) Fifthman: Wait, the roar's loud. The waterfall can't be that bad a drop if it's loud.
  291. (8:51:09 PM) Daedalize: Greg reaches the ledge again, a ways further down the tunnel from where Taggart and Cecil are, and grabs ahold.
  292. (8:51:21 PM) Fifthman: Regardless, Cecil continues slowly.
  293. (8:51:25 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg wasn't trying to do that.
  294. (8:51:32 PM) PresidentEvil: He was trying to reach Terrence and grab him.
  295. (8:51:37 PM) PresidentEvil: Sorry for being ambiguous.
  296. (8:51:53 PM) DrSavage left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  297. (8:51:56 PM) Daedalize: Ah. Greg manages to grab ahold of Terrance, then, instead of the ledge.
  298. (8:51:56 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance makes his way over the ledge, but his scrabbling hands can't find any purchase on the ledge with his aching fingers. He drifts away from the wall, planning, thinking, trying not to accept the inevitable.
  299. (8:52:59 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks a bit surprised as Greg grabs hold of his arm.
  300. (8:53:04 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg roughly grabs Terrence by the scruff of the neck, and tries to get Terrence to the ledge. <<Come on, kick you lazy fuck!>>
  301. (8:53:14 PM) Uncandescent: Redact
  302. (8:53:31 PM) PresidentEvil: And redoubles his efforts to reach the ledge again. <<Taggart! Get a carabiner or something!>>
  303. (8:53:53 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks a bit surprised as Greg grabs hold of him, but after a half-second he begins kicking to propel them back towards the wall.
  304. (8:54:33 PM) Daedalize: Ath, both of you.
  305. (8:54:48 PM) PresidentEvil: 6df+6 feet don't fail me now
  306. (8:54:49 PM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: feet don't fail me now: 4 (6df+6=0, -, 0, -, -, +)
  307. (8:56:50 PM) Uncandescent: 6df+5 Likewise
  308. (8:56:51 PM) Glacon: Uncandescent: Likewise: 7 (6df+5=0, -, 0, +, +, +)
  309. (8:58:07 PM) Daedalize: Greg manages to get one hand on the wall, but he can't maintain his grip while supporting both of them. Either he lets go of Terrance to save himself, or they both go down.
  310. (8:58:34 PM) TheRaven: Could Taggart grab for Greg without losing his grip?
  311. (8:58:54 PM) PresidentEvil: That's why Greg was asking Taggart for a carabiner or something.
  312. (8:59:10 PM) PresidentEvil: If Taggart has one, Greg will yell "Clip him!" right about now.]
  313. (8:59:24 PM) Fifthman: Cecil continues sliding down the waterfall. He's slowly but steadily making his way to the mouth of the falls.
  314. (8:59:32 PM) Daedalize: They're a good ways downstream from Taggart and Cecil, having been sped up by the current.
  315. (8:59:36 PM) Fifthman: Sliding down the current.
  316. (8:59:37 PM) Uncandescent: Could Terrance try and wrap his arms around Greg's neck to support himself?
  317. (8:59:58 PM) Uncandescent: In a non-lethal and completely heterosexual way, of course.
  318. (9:00:05 PM) Daedalize: He could, but that wouldn't reduce the weight issue.
  319. (9:00:16 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg tries his best to throw-shove Terrence towards the ledge <<Grab hold!!>> he yells.
  320. (9:00:21 PM) Daedalize: Cecil, you're nowhere near the presumed waterfall. Still upstream with Taggart.
  321. (9:00:58 PM) TheRaven: "Goddammit, goddammit, goddammit..."
  322. (9:01:05 PM) Uncandescent: Can Terrance try and grab on with his cripple hands?
  323. (9:01:13 PM) PresidentEvil: Ath? And he's aware this will prevent him from grabbing it himself.
  324. (9:02:12 PM) Daedalize: Ath to grab ahold, Terrance. At -2 due to cramp hands
  325. (9:02:34 PM) PresidentEvil: Can Greg use his Ath to help Terrence in some way?
  326. (9:02:53 PM) Daedalize: He's already throwing Terrance at the cost of himself, so no roll.
  327. (9:03:04 PM) Uncandescent: 6df+7 Tagging Good With His Hands You've never let me down before. Why start now?
  328. (9:03:04 PM) Glacon: Uncandescent: Tagging Good With His Hands You've never let me down before. Why start now?: 7 (6df+7=0, +, -, -, 0, +)
  329. (9:03:25 PM) Mactavish left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  330. (9:04:00 PM) Daedalize: Terrance manages to support himself, though those hand cramps /really/ hurt. Meanwhile, Greg's push has propelled him away from the wall, and he is dragged off downstream by the flow.
  331. (9:04:26 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance's fingers lock into place on the ledge with a low groan.
  332. (9:04:56 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg will try to swim back to the wall and climb on at a point downstream.
  333. (9:05:38 PM) TheRaven: Taggart hangs onto that damn wall and keeps shuffling with Cecil.
  334. (9:05:47 PM) Daedalize: Too late! The falls are here, and Greg is dragged over the edge.
  335. (9:06:03 PM) PresidentEvil: <<OHH SHIII->>
  336. (9:06:57 PM) Fifthman: Cecil times Greg's scream.
  337. (9:07:21 PM) TheRaven: "Fuck!"
  338. (9:07:40 PM) Daedalize: He falls a good four feet before hitting a ledge below the falls, then is rolled by the force of the water off that ledge to fall another five or six feet. This continues down the entire set of falls until he splashes into the basin at the very bottom, maybe twenty feet total, with some nasty bruises and aching muscles but no major damage.
  339. (9:07:51 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance breathes heavily as Greg falls to his doom.
  340. (9:07:57 PM) Daedalize: -1 Body, -4 Ath and Pdef, due to aches and pains
  341. (9:08:22 PM) PresidentEvil: And Greg screams the entire way down. Something like "OWW! FUCK! ROCKS! MOTHERFUCKER!!!"
  342. (9:08:40 PM) TheRaven: <<Greg! Report, over!>>
  343. (9:08:56 PM) Fifthman: Cecil catches that. He was ready for the first "OWW." But not "FUCK!", "ROCKS!", or "MOTHERFUCKER!"
  344. (9:09:09 PM) Fifthman: <<Greg! Are you okay?>>
  345. (9:09:27 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance would //like// to grab his radio and demand Greg's position, but he's fairly sure that if he lets go he won't be able to grab back on.
  346. (9:09:44 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg is panting heavily. <<I'm fine, guys. Only need one to have kids, right? It's about a 20 foot drop, with a lot of rocky ledges and shit. Watch yourselves.>>
  347. (9:09:52 PM) Soulless|Wandering is now known as Soulless
  348. (9:10:04 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg just tries to stay afloat for the moment.
  349. (9:11:41 PM) Fifthman: <<Yeah, that first scream didn't take that long to stop. I didn't expect there to be other stuff for you to drop off of.>>
  350. (9:11:47 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance just hangs onto the wall, a moss for all of his ability to move.
  351. (9:12:02 PM) Daedalize: Greg may notice that there's more light in this new cavern than anywhere in the tunnel. Some sort of crystalline mass on the roof, just above the gap where the water pours in, glows softly with a reddish hue.
  352. (9:12:43 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg lies on his back, treads water gently, and tries to get a better look. Perception?
  353. (9:13:05 PM) TheRaven: Taggart shuffles along with everyone who grabbed a wall.
  354. (9:13:29 PM) Daedalize: He's getting as good a view from here as he's likely to get, but Perception anyway.
  355. (9:14:05 PM) Daedalize: Taggart and Cecil catch up to Terrance, finding him still hanging from the ledge where Greg flung him.
  356. (9:14:37 PM) PresidentEvil: 6df+5 pretty colors
  357. (9:14:37 PM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: pretty colors: 3 (6df+5=0, 0, -, 0, 0, -)
  358. (9:14:39 PM) Fifthman: How far away are they from the ledge?
  359. (9:14:44 PM) Fifthman: Or, the waterfall?
  360. (9:15:35 PM) Daedalize: Greg is too tired to notice anything.
  361. (9:15:53 PM) PresidentEvil: He blinks spots out of his vision. Man, maybe he fell harder than he thought.
  362. (9:16:12 PM) Daedalize: Only a dozen meters or so upstream from it. The ledge thins out immediately leading up to the falls, though.
  363. (9:17:07 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks over as they approach, deciding that the ache in his hands has subsided enough. He starts carefully inching forward, at a slower pace than before.
  364. (9:17:20 PM) Uncandescent: Forward meaning towards the falls.
  365. (9:19:52 PM) PresidentEvil: While he's doing that, Greg decides to take a look around him for a shoreline. Perception again?
  366. (9:20:38 PM) Daedalize: Greg, while you're currently floating in the basin, there is a slight rise in the floor of the cavern, which produces a dry spot to the right of the falls.
  367. (9:21:03 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg half swims, half crawls to it and sits there, panting and catching his breath.
  368. (9:22:01 PM) Uncandescent: As Terrance inches slowly along, he notices the aforementioned narrowing of the ledge. How narrow is it getting?
  369. (9:22:58 PM) TheRaven: Taggart looks at the falls. Any way down without injuring yourself?
  370. (9:23:03 PM) Daedalize: Too narrow to hold onto. Going down the falls is going to be tricky, if they don't want to get bashed up like Greg.
  371. (9:23:44 PM) Fifthman: <<Tags, what do you see?>>
  372. (9:23:47 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance stops and thinks.
  373. (9:24:01 PM) Uncandescent: "The ledge gets too narrow."
  374. (9:24:08 PM) Daedalize: They could go down backwards, try to lower themselves from ledge to ledge while maintaining their footing against the rushing water, but it'd take excellent footwork.
  375. (9:24:12 PM) TheRaven: Percep to ath to get down?
  376. (9:24:56 PM) Daedalize: It's impossible to see the ledges from their position above the falls. They might be able to get more info from Greg, though.
  377. (9:25:00 PM) Fifthman: <<Think it's possible to just jump past the ledges?>>
  378. (9:25:48 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Not if you like having intact legbones.>> Can Greg Percep to everyone else's Ath?
  379. (9:25:55 PM) Daedalize: He can!
  380. (9:26:23 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Alright, guys, I've got a pretty good view of the falls. Be careful and I'll talk you down.>>
  381. (9:26:41 PM) Fifthman: <<Are they that far out? I really wanna banzai this waterfall.>>
  382. (9:27:04 PM) Uncandescent: It's better than the express trip. Terrance begins to slowly inch forward again, wincing as his hands start moving.
  383. (9:27:20 PM) PresidentEvil: 6df+5 Percep maneuver
  384. (9:27:21 PM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: Percep maneuver: 5 (6df+5=0, 0, +, 0, 0, -)
  385. (9:28:07 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg has trouble seeing around the mist and spray, and waits to get a better look while everyone else gets into position.
  386. (9:28:26 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance goes as far as he can and stops, fingers aching.
  387. (9:28:48 PM) PresidentEvil: <<What would you push against? Water's too deep.>>
  388. (9:29:22 PM) Fifthman: <<Exactly. I was thinking I could just jump past all the ledges.>>
  389. (9:29:45 PM) Fifthman: <<Think I could do that and spare you the trouble? How bad's the jump, anyway?>>
  390. (9:30:04 PM) PresidentEvil: <<20 feet into shallow water. And the ledges are too narrow.>>
  391. (9:31:01 PM) PresidentEvil: 6df+5 Here we go again...
  392. (9:31:01 PM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: Here we go again...: 6 (6df+5=0, +, +, -, 0, 0)
  393. (9:31:37 PM) padri is now known as padreating
  394. (9:32:03 PM) Fifthman: Cecil frowns. <<Fine, Greg. But if I get to the bottom and I decide it's deep enough for a jump, you owe me a drink.>>
  395. (9:32:40 PM) PresidentEvil: <<I don't owe you shit, Cecil.>>
  396. (9:34:03 PM) Fifthman: <<Not yet you don't.>> Cecil's voice is quite playful.
  397. (9:37:07 PM) Fifthman: Cecil glances at his air again. We've spent a lot of time in this tunnel.
  398. (9:37:33 PM) Fifthman: And his fingers have been on this ledge for a while. Taggart's been on this ledge longer, too.
  399. (9:39:25 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance gets the vague feeling that the mechanics of the universe itself was just briefly called into question.
  400. (9:39:47 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg also spends an AP. <<Okay, guys, the first ledge is about 5 feet right below you... Then about 6 feet down on the left.>>
  401. (9:39:56 PM) PresidentEvil: <<From there you can see the rest pretty clearly.>>
  402. (9:40:20 PM) Uncandescent: It's weird and existential and he quickly stops thinking about it as he readies himself for the descent.
  403. (9:42:19 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance visualizes it, readies himself, and starts making his way down the waterfall.
  404. (9:43:11 PM) Uncandescent: 6df+9 Tagging maneuver, unimpaired since I assume I'm just using my feet.
  405. (9:43:11 PM) Glacon: Uncandescent: Tagging maneuver, unimpaired since I assume I'm just using my feet.: 9 (6df+9=0, +, 0, 0, 0, -)
  406. (9:44:28 PM) TheRaven: 6df+10 Taggart makes his way down the waterfall (maneuver tagged, of course).
  407. (9:44:28 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: Taggart makes his way down the waterfall (maneuver tagged, of course).: 12 (6df+10=+, 0, -, +, 0, +)
  408. (9:46:13 PM) Fifthman: Cecil lets go, and he makes his way down the waterfall as well.
  409. (9:46:28 PM) Fifthman: 6df+5 Down I go!
  410. (9:46:28 PM) Glacon: Fifthman: Down I go!: 5 (6df+5=+, 0, -, +, 0, -)
  411. (9:49:17 PM) padreating is now known as padri
  412. (9:49:51 PM) Daedalize: Cecil isn't as sure on his feet as the others, and finds himself slipping on the rocks, falling backwards and tumbling down much as Greg did before. -1 Body, same penalties as Greg got.
  413. (9:50:11 PM) Daedalize: Taggart and Terrance make it down without incident, at least.
  414. (9:50:47 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg reluctantly gets back to his feet, grimacing and grunting. <<Looks like you owe /me/ a drink now, eh Cecil?>>
  415. (9:51:46 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance goes from ledge to ledge with infinite care. After his feet touch solid ground, he lets out an enormous breath that he wasn't entirely aware he was holding.
  416. (9:52:38 PM) TheRaven: Taggart drops into the water fairly easily. "Well, that could've gone worse."
  417. (9:52:46 PM) Fifthman: After punctuating each impact with an expletive in every language he knows, Cecil lets himself deadmanfloat at the bottom of the basin. How deep is the pool?
  418. (10:06:52 PM) Scantron is now known as ScanAFK
  419. (10:07:14 PM) ScanAFK is now known as Scanchores
  420. (10:17:41 PM) Daedalize: Not very deep at all. Maybe a couple of feet? The bottom of this basin is silt or sand, not stone, indicating that the water drains downwards from here.
  421. (10:18:30 PM) Scanchores is now known as Scantron
  422. (10:18:47 PM) Fifthman: Cecil tests his movement. Anything broken?
  423. (10:18:56 PM) TheRaven: "So, where to next?"
  424. (10:19:06 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks around. Is there a shore? Does the river keep going? If so, how far?
  425. (10:19:21 PM) PresidentEvil: He'll find out when Greg walks over and abruptly hauls him up. <<Alright, soldier, on your feet. We gotta keep moving and find the end of this cave.>>
  426. (10:20:57 PM) Daedalize: Everyone except Greg, Perception.
  427. (10:21:15 PM) Fifthman: Cecil looks upward. This cave does look nice. He snaps a picture of the waterfall and the crystals glowing red, groaning as he struggles to lift his camera. "Ow. Ow."
  428. (10:21:25 PM) Fifthman: 6df+9 Radar Cecil!
  429. (10:21:25 PM) Glacon: Fifthman: Radar Cecil!: 10 (6df+9=-, +, 0, +, +, -)
  430. (10:21:35 PM) TheRaven: 6df+6
  431. (10:21:35 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: 9 (6df+6=+, +, +, -, +, 0)
  432. (10:21:45 PM) Uncandescent: 6df+6 Rock monsters? River monster? River monsters made out of rock? Rock monsters made out of //river?//
  433. (10:21:46 PM) Glacon: Uncandescent: Rock monsters? River monster? River monsters made out of rock? Rock monsters made out of //river?//: 5 (6df+6=+, -, +, -, -, 0)
  434. (10:23:07 PM) Daedalize: Cecil and Taggart notice something. The light permeating the room is dull and red, but there's a flicker of brighter, whiter light just behind the falls, at the back of the lowest ledge.
  435. (10:23:41 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance is just the most unperceptive guy today.
  436. (10:24:02 PM) TheRaven: "Over here. Looks like a door behind the falls." He heads toward it.
  437. (10:24:29 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Quitcher bitchin', Cecil. I smashed an outcrop with my 'sack, but do you hear me complaining? Let's move.>> He starts off with Taggart, helping Cecil along if he needs it.
  438. (10:25:20 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance stops staring at the light source and looks to where Taggart is talking about.
  439. (10:25:50 PM) Fifthman: Cecil shrugs off Greg as he limp-wades behind the falls with Taggart.
  440. (10:26:09 PM) Scantron is now known as ScanAFK
  441. (10:26:10 PM) Daedalize: It's not a door, but there is a gap between the rock of the ledge and the wall of the chamber they're in. It's a tight fit, but they could squeeze through with a modicum of effort.
  442. (10:26:33 PM) TheRaven: <<Well, this looks like it's worth a shot.>>
  443. (10:26:47 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Better than staying here. Forward march, kids.>>
  444. (10:26:54 PM) Daedalize: The light is coming from somewhere beyond the gap. It flickers in and out of view, as though moving around... or as if something is moving around in front of it.
  445. (10:27:30 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance peers into the slot, and decides its better than going downstream towards another waterfall. He rubs his hands gently as he lets the others go first.
  446. (10:27:40 PM) TheRaven: What roll to go through?
  447. (10:27:43 PM) Fifthman: Cecil pushes forward. <<Lemme get through first. I'm smallest.>>
  448. (10:27:56 PM) Daedalize: No roll needed.
  449. (10:28:39 PM) TheRaven: <<Like hell, Cecil.>>
  450. (10:29:07 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg undoes the drybag strapped to his thigh and withdraws his sidearm, chambering a round and flicking the safety off. <<I'll go.>>
  451. (10:29:53 PM) Feierbird [] entered the room.
  452. (10:30:16 PM) mode (+o Feierbird) by ChanServ
  453. (10:30:18 PM) Fifthman: <<Pleeeease?>> Puppy eyes don't work well through the helmet of a hazard suit, do they?
  454. (10:31:00 PM) PresidentEvil: <<I think you should take it easy for a bit now, Crash Gordon.>>
  455. (10:32:03 PM) Fifthman: <<Awww.>>
  456. (10:32:49 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Coming through.>> Greg slips past Taggart and begins working his way through the fissure.
  457. (10:33:39 PM) Uncandescent: Can Terrance roll Medical to work the cramps out of his hands?
  458. (10:36:56 PM) Daedalize: After several minutes inching through the gap, Greg comes out to find himself overlooking a small tunnel. There's a figure, a human figure, down there, pacing back and forth in front of a fluorescent lantern.
  459. (10:37:15 PM) TheRaven: Taggart slips his sidearm out of the dry bag along with his rifle. The rifle gets put on his back for now.
  460. (10:37:46 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg hangs back for a moment, holding up a fist in a signal for taggart to stop.
  461. (10:38:12 PM) TheRaven: He does. <<Got something?>>
  462. (10:38:20 PM) NAC is now known as NAC|Vidjagame
  463. (10:38:51 PM) Daedalize: The man (judging by the form of the suit he's wearing) is staring at the floor as he paces. It's mechanical, how he walks. Three steps towards one wall, turning without looking up at all, three steps back.
  464. (10:39:35 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Guy movin, below us. Maybe male, maybe unarmed.>>
  465. (10:39:51 PM) TheRaven: <<Roger. Keep an eye on him.>>
  466. (10:40:37 PM) Daedalize: Said suit is... futuristic. All sleek and white, though filthy with dust and dirt. No sign of weapons, or any accessories other than that lantern on the ground. The face is hidden by a helmet, which has only a thin strip for a visor.
  467. (10:40:49 PM) TheRaven: Taggart starts moving through the crevice. <<Coming up on your six.>>
  468. (10:41:12 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg slo-o-owly works the tomahawk free from the sheath on the hip. He didn't drybag it because fuck off water, it's carbon fiber and titanium. <<Snatch him?>>
  469. (10:41:12 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance presses his back against a wall, keeping an eye on the others. Can Terrance roll Medical to work the cramps out of his hands?
  470. (10:41:39 PM) Fifthman: Cecil makes his way through the fissure as soon as he's able, sliding through behind Taggart. <<You want me to talk to him?>>
  471. (10:41:42 PM) TheRaven: <<Wait a second.>>
  472. (10:41:46 PM) Daedalize: Beyond that figure, the tunnel extends off into darkness.
  473. (10:42:10 PM) Daedalize: Terrance, there isn't much for it but time. The aches are beginning to fade now that he's giving his hands a rest, though.
  474. (10:42:16 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg moves a few steps aside to let Taggart through.
  475. (10:42:45 PM) Fifthman: Cecil's close behind Taggart. Can he see the guy now?
  476. (10:43:09 PM) Daedalize: Assuming Taggart is out of the gap, yes.
  477. (10:43:09 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance gives his hands a last flex before pulling out his sidearm. He stays out of the crevasse, prepared to cover their escape if things get violent.
  478. (10:43:32 PM) TheRaven: He is. He kneels next to Greg and observes the man.
  479. (10:43:52 PM) Fifthman: <<Three steps forward, stops. turns. Three steps back.>>
  480. (10:44:20 PM) PresidentEvil: <<When he turns away... Taggart, can you drop and try to sneak up behind him?>>
  481. (10:44:32 PM) Fifthman: <<Lemme distract him, Greg.>>
  482. (10:44:38 PM) Daedalize: It's clear that the man doesn't know the ledge is there. The light barely reaches the group up on it, and it's unlikely the man below could reach it even if he tried.
  483. (10:44:45 PM) TheRaven: <<I'm not much for sneaking. Terrance, get in here.>>
  484. (10:45:27 PM) Fifthman: <<If he is hostile, you guys can shoot him up after I talk to him.>> Cecil walks forward.
  485. (10:45:52 PM) Fifthman: 6df+9 Perception to defend. Cecil's not armed right now, but he wants to stay safe in case things go bad.
  486. (10:45:53 PM) Glacon: Fifthman: Perception to defend. Cecil's not armed right now, but he wants to stay safe in case things go bad.: 7 (6df+9=-, +, 0, -, 0, -)
  487. (10:46:01 PM) PresidentEvil: <<If he's even remotely hostile, we're taking the shot. Go.>>
  488. (10:46:16 PM) Daedalize: Cecil, you'll have to drop down if you want to talk to the guy, which will make a fair bit of noise unless you're /really/ careful about it. Roll Sneak.
  489. (10:46:25 PM) Daedalize: If you want to, that is.
  490. (10:46:28 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg turns to taggart and jerks his head towards the rifle on Taggart's back, in a "You gonna get that?" sort of motion.
  491. (10:46:30 PM) Daedalize: Or you could just barge over.
  492. (10:46:35 PM) TheRaven: 6df+6 percep to ranged, Taggart tracks the guy with his rifle.
  493. (10:46:36 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: percep to ranged, Taggart tracks the guy with his rifle.: 7 (6df+6=+, -, +, +, -, 0)
  494. (10:46:40 PM) Fifthman: There's a ledge down?
  495. (10:46:43 PM) TheRaven: <<Got it.>>
  496. (10:46:50 PM) PresidentEvil: Err, redact.
  497. (10:46:59 PM) Daedalize: You are all up on a ledge overlooking the tunnel, yes.
  498. (10:47:12 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance's player starts paying attention again after getting kicked a shitload.
  499. (10:47:12 PM) Fifthman: Cecil checks his suit. Does he have a loudspeaker?
  500. (10:47:47 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance squeezes through the crevasse. "What's the situation."
  501. (10:49:17 PM) TheRaven: <<We may need your sneaking skills in a second.>>
  502. (10:49:20 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Guy below us. Cecil is trying to... negotiate.>>
  503. (10:49:46 PM) Daedalize: No, Cecil does not have a loudspeaker on his scuba suit.
  504. (10:50:32 PM) Fifthman: 6df+7 Cecil attempts to sneak far enough away from the group to draw attention to him alone, without drawing attention to the rest of the away team.
  505. (10:50:32 PM) Glacon: Fifthman: Cecil attempts to sneak far enough away from the group to draw attention to him alone, without drawing attention to the rest of the away team.: 8 (6df+7=0, 0, +, -, +, 0)
  506. (10:50:46 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance gives a nod and looks over the guy, then looks to Cecil and prepares for the small man to get laser stabbed.
  507. (10:51:34 PM) Uncandescent: How big is the chamber they are in?
  508. (10:52:58 PM) Daedalize: Cecil manages to drop down without being noticed. As stated before, unless one knew to be looking for the ledge, they wouldn't be likely to notice it.
  509. (10:53:23 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Target has not seen you, proceed.>>
  510. (10:53:51 PM) Fifthman: Cecil looks the suit over. Does the suit look like it has any weapons?
  511. (10:54:01 PM) Daedalize: It does not.
  512. (10:54:24 PM) Fifthman: Cecil raps his knuckles on his faceplate.
  513. (10:54:27 PM) Fifthman: Or his helmet.
  514. (10:55:06 PM) Daedalize: ...the helmet of the man pacing back and forth?
  515. (10:55:15 PM) Fifthman: On his own helmet, sorry.
  516. (10:55:39 PM) Fifthman: He'll try to stand a good distance away.
  517. (10:55:58 PM) Fifthman: Whatever seems friendly for guys in hazard suits that can't talk to each other except through charades.
  518. (10:57:27 PM) Dawny [] entered the room.
  519. (10:57:27 PM) mode (+v Dawny) by ChanServ
  520. (10:57:34 PM) Fifthman: Knock knock knock, goes Cecil's knuckles on his helmet. Can the guy hear?
  521. (10:58:11 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg watches. Inside his helmet, a bead of sweat drips down his brow.
  522. (10:59:57 PM) Daedalize: The man looks up at the sound. For a moment, he just stares at Cecil, as though unsure of what he's seeing.
  523. (11:00:57 PM) Fifthman: Cecil smiles. He nods, first, then waves hello.
  524. (11:01:03 PM) Tox|Laptop [] entered the room.
  525. (11:01:03 PM) mode (+o Tox|Laptop) by ChanServ
  526. (11:01:16 PM) Chronos [~Eric@337F113C.8FBF9A03.2313AD37.IP] entered the room.
  527. (11:01:34 PM) Daedalize: Without a motion, some sort of speaker turns on, projecting the man's voice in a slightly tinny quality. "H-Hello? Are you? Am I... oh god, I've lost it." Irish accent, maybe late 20s at most.
  528. (11:01:35 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance prepares for shit to his the fan.
  529. (11:01:57 PM) Daedalize: He backs away for a second, then trips over his lantern, falling flat on his ass.
  530. (11:02:10 PM) Fifthman: Cecil shakes his head. <<Guys, I don't think he's hostile.>>
  531. (11:02:15 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance did not, however, expect that.
  532. (11:02:23 PM) Daedalize: "Oh god. Oh fuck. I'm going crazy. I'm finally going crazy."
  533. (11:02:36 PM) Fifthman: Cecil attempts to reassure the man.
  534. (11:02:39 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg tenses at the sudden movement, but doesn't fire. <<Holding position for now.>>
  535. (11:03:02 PM) Fifthman: 6df+7 Persuasion - I'm your friend, buddy. I'm human.
  536. (11:03:02 PM) Glacon: Fifthman: Persuasion - I'm your friend, buddy. I'm human.: 6 (6df+7=0, 0, 0, 0, -, 0)
  537. (11:03:44 PM) Fifthman: He attempts to reassure him that he is in fact, human, and real, and helpful.
  538. (11:04:00 PM) Fifthman: Is there sand on the floor? Or something he can write on?
  539. (11:04:29 PM) Daedalize: He could, y'know, talk. The suit would muffle his voice somewhat, but wouldn't block it completely.
  540. (11:05:32 PM) Fifthman: In which case, he uses his persuasion attempt to slowly advance. He'll talk, into his radio and aloud. "I'm Cecil. We're friends."
  541. (11:06:40 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Cecil, hold your position! We need a clear shot?>>
  542. (11:07:13 PM) PresidentEvil: (That last one should be another !)
  543. (11:07:15 PM) Daedalize: "Oh, Christ. Go away. Can't I just starve to death the normal way? Do I have to go nutters into the bargain? Fuck, now I'm talking to meself. If the others were here, they'd get a bloody good laugh out of this."
  544. (11:07:27 PM) Proto_Lost left the room (quit:
  545. (11:07:30 PM) Proto_Lost [Mibbit@6D993529.BDE9800.815AE96E.IP] entered the room.
  546. (11:07:51 PM) Proto_Lost left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  547. (11:09:53 PM) Fifthman: "I got lost down here too. How long have you been here? You mentioned starving, sir. How much air have you got left?" Cecil checks his own gauge.
  548. (11:10:19 PM) Proto_Lost [Mibbit@6D993529.BDE9800.815AE96E.IP] entered the room.
  549. (11:11:42 PM) Daedalize: He just stares, and by the sound of it, he's muttering, though whatever speaker system is installed in that suit keeps projecting the sound. "Suit must be leaking. Should've just pulled me helmet off, got it over with, but no, now I get to suffocate slowly and go mad from the nitrous."
  550. (11:12:06 PM) Uncandescent: <<Give him proof.>>
  551. (11:12:25 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Cecil! We're burning daylight, here. Let's get going and let him think he's crazy.>>
  552. (11:12:56 PM) Fifthman: "Hey, this guy's got a suit leak. We can't just leave him here!"
  553. (11:13:21 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Sure we can.>>
  554. (11:13:42 PM) Uncandescent: <<Ask how he got here. He might know our objective.>>
  555. (11:13:53 PM) TheRaven: Taggart drops down off the ledge. <<Greg, cover me.>> He walks over to the man and Cecil.
  556. (11:14:20 PM) Fifthman: "Hey, look. We're here to help. How did you get here?"
  557. (11:14:35 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Got your back.>> Greg continues to train his sidearm on the guy.
  558. (11:15:06 PM) Daedalize: "Oh, now there's two of ya. I can have a damn tea party." It might occur to Cecil and Taggart that, while wearing the suits, they're indistinguishable apart from height.
  559. (11:15:40 PM) TheRaven: "Who are you, and how'd you get here?"
  560. (11:16:50 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance chills, not thinking about their air supply. Not at all.
  561. (11:17:24 PM) Daedalize: "Thanks, yeah, but I'd rather just die than have an imaginary rescue team." He leans back to stare at the ceiling. "What, s'this punishment? I piss off a Sidhe, have I? Have they got Sidhe on Chiron?"
  562. (11:18:06 PM) TheRaven: "We're not imaginary, man. Came in through the pool. I'm guessing you didn't."
  563. (11:18:20 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance is actually very aware that they are on a time limit. <<Touch him. Provide proof.>>
  564. (11:18:30 PM) Fifthman: Cecil walks up to him and hugs him.
  565. (11:18:30 PM) Daedalize: "Grams always said they'd get me, I figured she was just off her loop. And now I'm off my loop. So that's a nice bit o' irony."
  566. (11:18:36 PM) Fifthman: "You're gonna be okay, mister."
  567. (11:18:55 PM) PresidentEvil: <<No shot, say again, back the fuck off!>>
  568. (11:18:56 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance makes an 'are you serious' face.
  569. (11:21:04 PM) TheRaven: "Could you at least tell us what's going on here?"
  570. (11:21:08 PM) Daedalize: He doesn't seem to notice for a second. Then he tries to jump back while still sitting down, which results in him toppling over with Cecil on top of him. "Oh! Shit! You're real! I felt that, you're real!"
  571. (11:21:31 PM) Fifthman: "Of course I am, silly! That's what we've been trying to tell you!"
  572. (11:21:37 PM) TheRaven: "Well played, Cecil."
  573. (11:22:24 PM) Fifthman: "And... Ow. OW! GetoffmylegpleaseIfellonitearlier!"
  574. (11:22:29 PM) Daedalize: He actually makes to return Cecil's hug before realizing the awkward situation they're in, and squirms, pinned down. "Er, uh... shit, could you get off me, please? Not to seem ungrateful, just..."
  575. (11:22:39 PM) Fifthman: "Wait,
  576. (11:22:43 PM) Daedalize: Cecil is on top of him, not the other way around.
  577. (11:22:57 PM) Fifthman: Cecil rolls over and gets up.
  578. (11:23:09 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Shit. Terrence, let's go.>> Greg sighs, before hopping down. Ow! Leg! Nuts!
  579. (11:23:33 PM) Fifthman: "Ow, Leg, leg!" Cecil gets up. "
  580. (11:23:33 PM) Uncandescent: He just... he just hugged him. What... just...
  581. (11:23:51 PM) Fifthman: "Okay! So I'm Cecil, that's Tags, that's Greg, and that's Terry."
  582. (11:24:08 PM) Fifthman: "We kinda all look the same, so don't worry about getting our names wrong."
  583. (11:24:22 PM) Uncandescent: Position revealed, Terrance resists the urge to face palm and slips silently to the ground.
  584. (11:24:33 PM) Daedalize: He manages to hoist himself to his feet once freed, brushing himself off. "Um, yeah, sorry, just... didn't recognize your gear. Who are you guys, anyway? Which colony? I didn't think we had anyone to do mine rescues."
  585. (11:24:35 PM) Uncandescent: <<Don't call me that.>>
  586. (11:24:57 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg waves halfheartedly. <<We're from, uh... Colony 354.>> he ad-libs.
  587. (11:24:58 PM) TheRaven: "Colony?"
  588. (11:25:17 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg nudges Taggart with his foot.
  589. (11:25:39 PM) Fifthman: Cecil plays along. "Think of us as volunteer rescuers!"
  590. (11:26:28 PM) Fifthman: "Our gear's pretty old because we're underfunded. Limited air supply, can you believe it?"
  591. (11:26:37 PM) Daedalize: "354? That one of the Sheng-Ji bases? Fuck, didn't know they had that many already. Not to insult or anything, glad to have you."
  592. (11:27:29 PM) PresidentEvil: <<No insult taken. Now why don't you bring us up to speed on the situation here.>>
  593. (11:27:45 PM) Daedalize: "Um... shit, what am I thinking, I need to get you guys back to the others. If we can find them. Been wandering down here for who knows how long, had given up hope. You guys have a route topside mapped out?>>
  594. (11:27:49 PM) Daedalize: ->> +"
  595. (11:28:04 PM) TheRaven: "Not...exactly."
  596. (11:28:14 PM) Uncandescent: <<We... lost it.>>
  597. (11:28:47 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Whole tunnel came down, woudntchaknow.>>
  598. (11:28:51 PM) Daedalize: "Ah, fuck. Collapse, I suppose? Same thing happened to us, that's why we're down here. All three of us that're left."
  599. (11:29:03 PM) PresidentEvil: <<What're your names?>>
  600. (11:29:22 PM) ScanAFK left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  601. (11:30:02 PM) Daedalize: "Hope Mickey and Samuel are still together. That's the others, I'm Paul, Paul Skye."
  602. (11:32:38 PM) Fifthman: "We came from up there. Is that where you come from? Everything seems to be going downstream from there."
  603. (11:32:38 PM) Daedalize: "Right, so, back this way, we can talk as we go. No time to waste, don't want them offing themselves if they haven't already. You miners, or charters?"
  604. (11:33:04 PM) Daedalize: He grabs his lantern off the floor and starts to walk up the tunnel, gesturing for them to follow.
  605. (11:34:06 PM) Uncandescent: "Why aren't you with them." Terrance puts forth, dodging the question.
  606. (11:34:12 PM) TheRaven: Taggart does. <<I feel kinda bad lying to this guy.>>
  607. (11:34:40 PM) PresidentEvil: <<I don't.>> Greg replies, holstering his pistol and falling in.
  608. (11:35:21 PM) Daedalize: "Well, they wanted to stick with the machines, I figured I'd look for a way out. Better than sticking around waiting to starve."
  609. (11:35:49 PM) Uncandescent: "You didn't look busy."
  610. (11:36:09 PM) TheRaven: "What kind of machines?"
  611. (11:36:21 PM) Fifthman: "Jeez, Terry, lay off the guy. He's been down here for days."
  612. (11:37:49 PM) Uncandescent: <<Keep the focus on him, and we don't have to give details. And we don't //have// details.>> He says quietly into the radio.
  613. (11:38:15 PM) Fifthman: "You'll have to excuse my friend's manners, he's always kinda rude. But it is a fair question, Mr. Skye. Why not backtrack?"
  614. (11:39:06 PM) Uncandescent: <<And //dont// call me that.>>
  615. (11:40:17 PM) Fifthman: "And yeah, what kind of equipment do you have here?"
  616. (11:41:27 PM) Daedalize: "Has it been days? We don't have any clocks, probably to keep our minds on the job, not on when our shift ends. And the bloody tunneler's what I mean, the one that punched through a support column and brought the whole exit system down on us. All those fancy sensors and hardness scales, and it can't tell there's a column half a meter ahead?"
  617. (11:42:01 PM) PresidentEvil: <<That's design by committee for you.>>
  618. (11:42:44 PM) Fifthman: "Think you can get it working again? Terry's pretty good at fixing machines, he might be able to lend a hand."
  619. (11:43:59 PM) Daedalize: "Not to degrade the thing, better than doing all the digging by hand like the Drengin mines make you, but why not let a human drive instead of some fancy pre-sentient algorithm package?"
  620. (11:44:23 PM) TheRaven: <<Translation: we're fucked.>>
  621. (11:44:26 PM) Daedalize: "No clue how to fix it, Sam's the techie of us. I just chart the tunnel it digs."
  622. (11:44:54 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance resists the urge to glare at Cecil by virtue that an alien tunneling machine might be interesting to work on, but he gets the distinct feeling it's above his expertise.
  623. (11:45:18 PM) Daedalize: "Huge system down here, really. Not many this intricate at this depth." He gestures off to the side as they pass yet another branching fissure.
  624. (11:45:54 PM) Fifthman: "Yeah, we got swepd down a stream on our way here. You know anything about that?"
  625. (11:46:24 PM) PresidentEvil: Greg mentally facepalms. Water samples! That's what he wanted to ask Cecil about!
  626. (11:47:49 PM) Daedalize: "Stream? Like water? Haven't seen any myself. Fuck, maybe we're near one of the induced aquifers. It'd explain the instability, at least."
  627. (11:48:26 PM) TheRaven: "What's the atmosphere like down here? We need the suits?"
  628. (11:49:59 PM) Daedalize: "Still nitrous, if that's what you mean. No idea about the exact composition, we just keep the suits on."
  629. (11:50:08 PM) TheRaven: "Damn."
  630. (11:50:27 PM) Tox|Laptop is now known as Tox|Shower
  631. (11:51:38 PM) Daedalize: Perception, everyone.
  632. (11:51:43 PM) TheRaven: 6df+6
  633. (11:51:43 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: 6 (6df+6=+, 0, 0, 0, -, 0)
  634. (11:51:45 PM) Fifthman: 6df+9 Cecil misses nothing.
  635. (11:51:45 PM) Glacon: Fifthman: Cecil misses nothing.: 8 (6df+9=-, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
  636. (11:51:46 PM) PresidentEvil: 6df+5 Sure.
  637. (11:51:46 PM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: Sure.: 5 (6df+5=+, +, -, -, -, +)
  638. (11:51:57 PM) Uncandescent: 6df+6 My eyes are wide goddamn open.
  639. (11:51:57 PM) Glacon: Uncandescent: My eyes are wide goddamn open.: 8 (6df+6=+, -, +, +, +, -)
  640. (11:52:51 PM) Daedalize: Cecil and Terrance can make out a sound in the distance. Whining, shrill, with a bit of a rough edge to it. Could be that mining machine Paul mentioned.
  641. (11:53:31 PM) Fifthman: "Sounds like your friends got your tunneler working again."
  642. (11:53:55 PM) PresidentEvil: <<Means they're probably here.>>
  643. (11:54:22 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance picks out the faint echo and takes it as a sign they're getting close. An idea strikes him, and he struggles to word it properly. "Any... problems with the wildlife?" He tries to make it sound like he might be joking, but he's not terribly successful at the tone.
  644. (11:54:24 PM) Daedalize: "Hm? You hear something?"
  645. (11:55:27 PM) TheRaven: "I don't. Bloody suit."
  646. (11:55:31 PM) Daedalize: "Wildlife? Don't have any, that I know of. The bio nerds keep trying to get stuff to grow."
  647. (11:56:00 PM) Fifthman: "There's water here, so there might be a good chance of that."
  648. (11:56:40 PM) Daedalize: "What, all the way down here? No light for the plants, is there?"
  649. (11:57:16 PM) Fifthman: "Still better than all the other rocks with no atmo or water at all, right?"
  650. (11:57:35 PM) Fifthman: Cecil's pulling this shit out of his ass, but it might work.
  651. (11:58:46 PM) Uncandescent: Terrance is fairly sure that whatever he pulls out of his ass is just as likely to bite him there.
  652. (11:59:07 PM) Dawny is now known as DawnyBRB
  653. (11:59:08 PM) Daedalize: "I suppose. Hey, I think I hear it, too!" The sound is loud enough by now that everyone can here it.
  654. (12:00:03 AM) TheRaven: "Think they found a way out?"
  655. (12:00:45 AM) PresidentEvil: "Only one way to find out. Onward!"
  656. (12:00:53 AM) Daedalize: "Maybe. I left my charts with them, Sam might know how to read them. Always figured he was after me job. Though if he gets us out of here, he's welcome to it."
  657. (12:01:25 AM) Daedalize: Paul picks up the pace, nodding for the others to hurry.
  658. (12:01:44 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg also picks up the pace... as much as he's able.
  659. (12:01:46 AM) TheRaven: Taggart does.
  660. (12:01:48 AM) Tox|Shower is now known as Tox|Laptop
  661. (12:01:54 AM) Fifthman: And Cecil just limps as quickly as he can.
  662. (12:03:28 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance comes after as well, keeping a look out while flexing his hands.
  663. (12:03:45 AM) Uncandescent: Are there crystals in the tunnels? Or just their head lamps?
  664. (12:06:03 AM) Daedalize: No crystals here. They haven't seen a one since they left the waterfall cavern.
  665. (12:06:21 AM) Tox|Laptop1 [] entered the room.
  666. (12:07:11 AM) TheRaven: "So what are you mining down here, anyways?"
  667. (12:07:12 AM) Tox|Laptop left the room (quit: NickServ (GHOST command used by Tox|Laptop1)).
  668. (12:07:16 AM) Tox|Laptop1 is now known as Tox|Laptop
  669. (12:08:17 AM) Tox|Laptop is now known as Guest26879
  670. (12:08:27 AM) Uncandescent: Really? //Really// ? Just come out and scream 'we don't belong here.'
  671. (12:08:46 AM) PresidentEvil: <<Taggart, you...>>
  672. (12:08:51 AM) Guest26879 left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
  673. (12:09:10 AM) Daedalize: "Rare earths, like everyone. Can't say which, I'd lose my contract. No offense."
  674. (12:09:30 AM) TheRaven: He nods. <<I'm not a total idiot.>>
  675. (12:10:02 AM) PresidentEvil: <<It's cool. How many in your crew before the...>> Greg trails off, for emphasis.
  676. (12:10:09 AM) Salmander [] entered the room.
  677. (12:10:09 AM) mode (+qo Salmander Salmander) by ChanServ
  678. (12:11:21 AM) TheRaven: <<He's not on our freq, remember?>>
  679. (12:11:33 AM) Daedalize: Faint light is visible up ahead, from around the third branch on the right. The whine of the mining engine sounds to be coming from that direction, too.
  680. (12:11:54 AM) Fifthman: Cecil takes a quick look down the other two branches.
  681. (12:12:21 AM) PresidentEvil: There should be quotes around that one, sorry.
  682. (12:12:24 AM) Daedalize: Dark, Cecil. Too dark to see very far.
  683. (12:12:30 AM) TheRaven: Redact.
  684. (12:13:07 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance drifts to the back of the group, prepared for anything.
  685. (12:14:34 AM) Daedalize: "Didn't lose anyone, yet. Hopefully they've gotten us through and out, and we won't lose anybo-" They come around the bend and into view of the tunneler, which is currently sitting at a near 45 degree angle, drilling a hole in the ground.
  686. (12:14:48 AM) Tox|Laptop [] entered the room.
  687. (12:14:48 AM) mode (+o Tox|Laptop) by ChanServ
  688. (12:15:02 AM) TheRaven: "Well..."
  689. (12:15:07 AM) Daedalize: More interesting is the amount of blood surrounding the hole. Apparently, stone isn't the only thing it drilled through.
  690. (12:15:16 AM) PresidentEvil: "Oh, boy."
  691. (12:15:32 AM) TheRaven: Taggart unslings his rifle and cracks his neck. "This just got interesting."
  692. (12:15:41 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance's eyes widen and his grip on his pistol tightens.
  693. (12:16:03 AM) Fifthman: Cecil steps back and gets behind the rest of the group. "You're /sure/ there isn't wildlife here?"
  694. (12:16:13 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg holsters his handgun and unbags his machinegun, quickly chambering a round. <<Sweep the room?>> he asks Taggart.
  695. (12:16:39 AM) Daedalize: "Oh, fuck. Oh god. SAM! MICK!" Paul bolts across the chamber, clambering up the side of the machine to the control panel.
  696. (12:17:01 AM) TheRaven: <<Hold for now. Cover each other.>>
  697. (12:17:05 AM) Daedalize: There are no signs of life in the area, which is well-lit by an array of floodlights on the tunneler itself.
  698. (12:17:52 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance debates murder and suicide for a moment, and decides its probably suicide. But on the off chance its not, he scans his surroundings for movement.
  699. (12:18:00 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg stays in place, examining the room.
  700. (12:18:02 AM) PresidentEvil: 6df+5
  701. (12:18:04 AM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: 4 (6df+5=+, -, -, -, 0, +)
  702. (12:18:23 AM) Fifthman: Cecil looks toward the hole and keeps lookout for threats.
  703. (12:18:28 AM) Fifthman: 6df+9 maneuver to defend
  704. (12:18:28 AM) Glacon: Fifthman: maneuver to defend: 8 (6df+9=0, 0, -, +, -, 0)
  705. (12:18:37 AM) Fifthman: Actually, scratch that.
  706. (12:18:46 AM) Fifthman: Cecil goes to Paul's side.
  707. (12:19:38 AM) Daedalize: The drills begin to spin down as Paul switches the machine off. Over their dying whine, sobs can be heard from up at the controls. Paul has just slumped over across the panel, bawling for the world to hear.
  708. (12:19:58 AM) Fifthman: Hm.
  709. (12:20:10 AM) TheRaven: <<Well, fuck.>>
  710. (12:20:11 AM) PresidentEvil: <<Cecil, handle him. Terrence, take left. Taggart, cover us. Move.>>
  711. (12:20:12 AM) Fifthman: 6df+9 Perception: is his reaction genuine? Or is he acting?
  712. (12:20:13 AM) Glacon: Fifthman: Perception: is his reaction genuine? Or is he acting?: 9 (6df+9=-, -, +, +, +, -)
  713. (12:20:30 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg rolls out, taking the right flank and starting to sweep the room carefully.
  714. (12:20:30 AM) TheRaven: Taggart moves up and looks into the hole.
  715. (12:20:52 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance moves to the left, over to the bloody drill. He kneels down and examines it.
  716. (12:20:58 AM) Daedalize: It's as genuine as any Cecil's seen. The guy's shaking, having to gasp for breath as he runs out of air between sobs.
  717. (12:21:51 AM) BiggerJ [] entered the room.
  718. (12:21:53 AM) Fifthman: It's real. Cecil gives him room to breathe as he scans the room for evidence.
  719. (12:22:02 AM) Daedalize: The drills [] are coated in a thin sheen of blood, what little wasn't flung off of them by the centripetal force as they spun.
  720. (12:22:18 AM) Fifthman: He goes to the drill controls. How hard are they to interpret?
  721. (12:22:32 AM) TheRaven: And down the hole?
  722. (12:23:12 AM) PresidentEvil: Does Greg find anything?
  723. (12:23:29 AM) Daedalize: Fairly simple, at least to power it on and off. The hole doesn't appear to go anywhere in particular, it's just a pit carved into the stone floor.
  724. (12:23:47 AM) Daedalize: On one side of the chamber is a half-collapsed tunnel, presumably the one the group came down.
  725. (12:23:56 AM) Daedalize: (Paul's group, that is)
  726. (12:24:36 AM) Daedalize: Paul is still sobbing, though some words are audible now. "Why! Why! The machine was working, you could've... we could've..."
  727. (12:24:50 AM) TheRaven: <<Someone want to bring that thing around and see about getting us out?>>
  728. (12:25:06 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance makes a slow circle around the drill. Any sign of body parts or a person other than the blood?
  729. (12:25:16 AM) PresidentEvil: <<I don't even know if the controls are in English.>> Greg sighs. <<Cecil! Handle. Him.>>
  730. (12:25:19 AM) Fifthman: <<Terry, I'm not sure I wanna mess with this thing. Also, can you make sure that's actually blood as opposed to pool water?>>
  731. (12:26:17 AM) Fifthman: "Hey, hey, Paul. Listen to me. My friend's going to try to get the machine working so we can get out of here. Let's go." Cecil places his hand on his shoulder.
  732. (12:26:59 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance takes the man's anguished scream and files it away for thought. It didn't make much sense to kill each other or yourself with the thing you could use to escape, but then, assuming people always act logically isn't realistic.
  733. (12:27:03 AM) Daedalize: No body parts. Those drills look powerful enough to reduce a corpse to powder though, assuming it was in full contact.
  734. (12:28:05 AM) Daedalize: Though, getting into full contact would be quite hard. You'd have to either run full-sprint into the drill, and hope it didn't hurl you off to one side, or jump down from atop the machine and let gravity hold you in place.
  735. (12:28:18 AM) PresidentEvil: <<Wait a minute... wait. Terrence, don't start the machine up yet.>> Greg hustles over to Cecil and Paul. "You! You said something about pre-sentient algorithms! What did you mean?"
  736. (12:28:34 AM) Chronos left the room.
  737. (12:29:01 AM) Uncandescent: Yes, it doesn't make much sense. Then this was either on purpose or staged. Terrance takes a closer look at the drill to determine if the blood is in fact blood. Perception, or Medical?
  738. (12:29:11 AM) Daedalize: Paul's sobs are beginning to quiet. "The pre-... it's all technobabble to me, I don't know! Sam would've, but... oh god, Sam!" He starts sobbing again.
  739. (12:29:37 AM) TheRaven: "You're not telling me this bastard can think, are you?"
  740. (12:29:56 AM) PresidentEvil: "Exactly, Taggart!"
  741. (12:30:15 AM) Daedalize: Given that pool water is indistinguishable from blood at anything above the microscope level, telling them apart isn't really doable.
  742. (12:30:20 AM) PresidentEvil: "It went from pre-sentient to sentient, and decided it didn't like taking orders from three squishy humans."
  743. (12:30:34 AM) PresidentEvil: "You guys know the rest."
  744. (12:30:35 AM) Chronos [~Eric@337F113C.8FBF9A03.2313AD37.IP] entered the room.
  745. (12:30:47 AM) Uncandescent: I didn't say anything about Pool water. I said can I tell if it's blood.
  746. (12:31:40 AM) Fifthman: "Something's not right."
  747. (12:31:52 AM) Fifthman: "There's no suit parts, or body parts around here."
  748. (12:32:18 AM) Uncandescent: As opposed to something that looks like blood, but is more viscous, or something.
  749. (12:32:55 AM) PresidentEvil: "Terrence, get away from the drill heads for the moment. Can't be too careful."
  750. (12:33:05 AM) Uncandescent: 6df+3 I just realized I have nothing to Tag for this.
  751. (12:33:05 AM) Glacon: Uncandescent: I just realized I have nothing to Tag for this.: 2 (6df+3=+, -, -, 0, -, +)
  752. (12:33:25 AM) Daedalize: Terrance knows not the ways of blood.
  753. (12:33:38 AM) Uncandescent: Indeed.
  754. (12:34:14 AM) Fifthman: Cecil takes a second look around to confirm that there are indeed no suit or body parts in the vicinity.
  755. (12:34:29 AM) Uncandescent: He stands up and moves away from the drill. He's pretty sure 'sentient' isn't being used the way Greg thinks it's being used, but he can't be too sure.
  756. (12:34:53 AM) Daedalize: No signs of such parts. It occurs to him, however, that any such parts would likely wind up down in the pit being dug.
  757. (12:35:04 AM) Daedalize: He'd have to go down there to look.
  758. (12:35:44 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance makes a circle around the entirety of the machine. Perception to find evidence?
  759. (12:35:47 AM) Fifthman: <<We won't know for sure unless we pull the drill out of the hole.>>
  760. (12:36:02 AM) TheRaven: <<Let's not even try. I don't trust this thing.>>
  761. (12:36:02 AM) Daedalize: Paul sniffles, breathing heavily. "Gotta... gotta go... get out of here..." He moves to start the drill up again.
  762. (12:36:40 AM) PresidentEvil: <<I don't wanna start this thing up unless we're all standing well away from the heads.>> "And!" he yells, slappng Paul's hand away. "There's some kind of emergency stop we can use."
  763. (12:37:16 AM) Daedalize: Terrance, Mdef.
  764. (12:38:09 AM) Uncandescent: 6df+5 What, really? Is the drill psychic?
  765. (12:38:09 AM) Glacon: Uncandescent: What, really? Is the drill psychic?: 3 (6df+5=0, -, -, 0, +, -)
  766. (12:38:35 AM) TheRaven: Taggart has the foresight to load up a mag of FMJ, just in case he needs to stop a big evil drillbot.
  767. (12:39:39 AM) Daedalize: Terrance has a sudden certainty that he is not going to get a grip on this mystery unless he gets down in that pit to look around.
  768. (12:41:00 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance stops about mid-way down the vehicle and realizes that he never checked the pit. If there's a body, that's where it'll be. He walks quickly around the drill to the controls. Cecil, Greg, and Paul are there, right
  769. (12:41:03 AM) DawnyBRB is now known as Dawny
  770. (12:41:04 AM) Uncandescent: *?
  771. (12:41:57 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg is there.
  772. (12:42:58 AM) Fifthman: Cecil's up top too.
  773. (12:43:02 AM) TheRaven: Taggart is standing well back from the drill, covering any potential entrance vectors.
  774. (12:43:23 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance gently elbows past them and looks at the controls. Can he figure out how to make it move back a bit?
  775. (12:44:02 AM) Daedalize: He can turn it on, and there's some form of touch-screen next to that control that presumably handles everything else.
  776. (12:44:34 AM) Uncandescent: Can the machine be turned on without turning the drill on?
  777. (12:44:59 AM) PresidentEvil: Is there any sort of emergency stop? Lever, chain, big red button?
  778. (12:45:21 AM) Daedalize: Nope. At least not with the present settings. No emergency stop that they can discern, though it isn't exactly a familiar system.
  779. (12:45:58 AM) Uncandescent: <<If there's a body, it's in the hole. I'm moving the drill back.>>
  780. (12:46:18 AM) TheRaven: <<Don't touch that thing.>>
  781. (12:46:21 AM) Fifthman: "Can you wait for us to get into the tunnels?"
  782. (12:46:43 AM) Fifthman: "If this thing's gonna go rampant on us I wanna be well away from it."
  783. (12:46:44 AM) PresidentEvil: "I say we stay up here. Safest place from the drill is on the drill."
  784. (12:46:55 AM) Fifthman: "That's true too."
  785. (12:46:56 AM) Daedalize: Paul is just standing back out of the way, shivering slightly.
  786. (12:47:28 AM) Uncandescent: <<Make a decision.>> He says to the two of them a bit impatiently.
  787. (12:47:54 AM) Daedalize: Compelling Excitement Magnet on Cecil. Y/N?
  788. (12:48:03 AM) PresidentEvil: <<Your call, Taggart?>>
  789. (12:48:08 AM) Fifthman: Accept.
  790. (12:48:34 AM) Daedalize: Cecil, who knows what could be down in that pit? You really need to get a good look down there.
  791. (12:49:00 AM) Daedalize: It'll be interestiiiing.
  792. (12:49:08 AM) Daedalize: You know you want to.
  793. (12:49:18 AM) Fifthman: But there's a big shiny drill there! We can wait until it goes back, right?
  794. (12:49:38 AM) Daedalize: Of course! Just get the drill out of the way, and then head on down!
  795. (12:50:07 AM) Fifthman: "Okay, Terry, what are you waiting for? Get the drill back!"
  796. (12:50:45 AM) Daedalize: Taggart, Mdef as well.
  797. (12:51:05 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance flips the switch turning it on and looks over the touch screen. <<Don't call me that.>> Is the touch screen fairly easy to decipher?
  798. (12:51:07 AM) TheRaven: 6df+10 tagging I Know What I'm Doing because fuck it, I've got AP to spare.
  799. (12:51:08 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: tagging I Know What I'm Doing because fuck it, I've got AP to spare.: 11 (6df+10=+, 0, -, +, +, -)
  800. (12:51:15 AM) PresidentEvil: "Guys, let's not rush this. We need to be careful. Taggart, back me up on this?"
  801. (12:51:46 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks at Greg and taps his oxygen gauge.
  802. (12:52:06 AM) Daedalize: Taggart finds himself with an odd tickle at the back of his head. Kinda irritating, but that's all.
  803. (12:52:14 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg taps his own oxygen gauge with his middle finger.
  804. (12:52:31 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks away back to the touch screen.
  805. (12:52:43 AM) Daedalize: It is, Terrance. A bit like a video game, forward and backward, side to side, angle of the drill...
  806. (12:53:02 AM) Daedalize: There's the on/off for the drill, right there.
  807. (12:53:19 AM) TheRaven: <<I've got a mag full of FMJ here if that thing goes rogue.>> He looks the Paul. "Where's the engine on this thing?"
  808. (12:54:01 AM) Uncandescent: Convenient. He flips the drill off, then after a moment or two of awkward jerking, Terrance manages to make the vehicle move back in a relatively straight line.
  809. (12:54:56 AM) TheRaven: <<Oh god /dammit/ Terrance.>>
  810. (12:54:58 AM) Fifthman: Cecil winces as the machine jerks. "Ow, ow. Smooth driving, Terry," Cecil teases playfully.
  811. (12:55:19 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg's not sure what he's supposed to shoot at, so he points his gun straight down and waits.
  812. (12:55:19 AM) Daedalize: Paul just shudders at the sound of the drill spinning up, gesturing to the back of the machine. As Terrance flips it off, though, he suddenly leaps into action, darting forwards for the railing between the control platform and the drills below. Greg and Cecil are the only ones in position to notice, Terrance being preoccupied. What do?
  813. (12:55:50 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg will attempt to bring him down with a machinegun butt to the face.
  814. (12:56:03 AM) Daedalize: Melee, Greg.
  815. (12:56:20 AM) PresidentEvil: 6df+8 tagging The Professional
  816. (12:56:21 AM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: tagging The Professional: 7 (6df+8=+, 0, +, -, -, -)
  817. (12:57:13 AM) Daedalize: 6df+6 Hey, it's a hardhat zone!
  818. (12:57:13 AM) Glacon: Daedalize: Hey, it's a hardhat zone!: 7 (6df+6=+, 0, 0, +, -, 0)
  819. (12:57:37 AM) Fifthman: Cecil attempts to snatch his leg to trip him down.
  820. (12:57:42 AM) Daedalize: The blow staggers him slightly, but he continues stumbling forwards.
  821. (12:57:49 AM) Daedalize: Cecil, Ath.
  822. (12:58:00 AM) Daedalize: Hand cramp penalty has faded, btw.
  823. (12:58:10 AM) Uncandescent: Sweetness.
  824. (12:58:16 AM) Fifthman: 6df-3 Gimp grab!
  825. (12:58:17 AM) Glacon: Fifthman: Gimp grab!: -6 (6df-3=0, -, -, 0, 0, -)
  826. (12:58:30 AM) Fifthman: Cecil swipes at air.
  827. (12:58:54 AM) PresidentEvil: <<Taggart take the shot!>> Greg manages to yell. Maybe.
  828. (12:58:56 AM) PresidentEvil: Does he?
  829. (12:59:20 AM) TheRaven: 6df+9 Taggart goes for a leg shot on the guy, nothing lethal.
  830. (12:59:20 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: Taggart goes for a leg shot on the guy, nothing lethal.: 13 (6df+9=+, +, +, 0, +, 0)
  831. (12:59:23 AM) Daedalize: Sadly, the bruised and battered Cecil isn't nearly quick enough. Paul tumbles forward over the railings without a sound, right into the spinning-down drill. It's not as quick as it would've been, but it does the job, a sickening crunch filling the air.
  832. (12:59:38 AM) Fifthman: Cecil winces away from the sight.
  833. (12:59:57 AM) Daedalize: Taggart can't react in time, being down on the ground and only being informed as it happens.
  834. (1:00:09 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks up as that happens, then quickly looks away.
  835. (1:00:19 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg just stares grimly. <<Shut the drill down.>>
  836. (1:00:36 AM) TheRaven: "Well, shit."
  837. (1:00:50 AM) Daedalize: The drill is already spinning down, the body just serving to speed up the process a bit.
  838. (1:00:58 AM) Uncandescent: The drill is already shut down. It was turning off when he jumped into it.
  839. (1:01:23 AM) PresidentEvil: Redact, then.
  840. (1:01:34 AM) Daedalize: Silence fills the room. Terrance, Cecil, you really ought to get that drill out of the way before anyone else gets hurt.
  841. (1:01:39 AM) Uncandescent: "What just happened."
  842. (1:01:49 AM) Lurker is now known as Lurk_Sleeps
  843. (1:01:50 AM) PresidentEvil: "...Suicide?"
  844. (1:02:52 AM) Fifthman: "Terry, get the drill out of the way. Come on."
  845. (1:02:56 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance stares at the display for a long moment. Suddenly artificial intelligence didn't seem so far-fetched.
  846. (1:03:35 AM) Uncandescent: He starts moving the drill backwards. Is there enough room in the cavern to turn it completely around?
  847. (1:05:12 AM) Daedalize: There is, just barely.
  848. (1:06:34 AM) Uncandescent: Well, he does that. No point in leaving it pointed straight at them, anyway. After a bit of maneuvering, the drill is faced away from the hole and Terrance disembarks, heading for the hole.
  849. (1:07:09 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg hops down right after him.
  850. (1:07:36 AM) Fifthman: Cecil also goes down. We need to confirm this for good.
  851. (1:08:26 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance approaches the hole carefully. At least two people have died for no apparent reason, and he has an inkling that the reason might be in the hole. As he approaches the edge, he peers in.
  852. (1:08:46 AM) Daedalize: That hole is actually pretty damn deep, now the drill's out of the way. In fact, it doesn't seem likely that the drill could have dug all that. The slope of the pit breaks off at a point, widening out into some kind of chamber below.
  853. (1:08:58 AM) Daedalize: The slope is slick with blood and hints of entrails.
  854. (1:09:12 AM) PresidentEvil: <<So... Anyone got a flare?>>
  855. (1:09:37 AM) Fifthman: <<I can poke my camera in the hole and take a picture.>>
  856. (1:09:54 AM) Uncandescent: <<Nitrogen based atmosphere. You know how it'll react?>> He says to Greg.
  857. (1:09:56 AM) TheRaven: Taggart approaches the hole as well, thinking it's not a good idea to stand in front of that drill.
  858. (1:10:30 AM) Daedalize: Cecil, you should just go down there if you want to take pictures! Who knows what kind of neat stuff you'd find?
  859. (1:10:42 AM) TheRaven: <<$5 that's a hole full of space lizards or something.>>
  860. (1:10:44 AM) PresidentEvil: <<Chemlight? Anything?>>
  861. (1:10:51 AM) Fifthman: <<Yeah. Going down there. Be back up in a moment.>>
  862. (1:11:02 AM) PresidentEvil: <<I won't take that bet, Taggart. Wouldn't be fair to you.>>
  863. (1:11:09 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance steps aside and lets Cecil go.
  864. (1:11:17 AM) PresidentEvil: <<It's quite obvious we're dealing with space ghosts, here.>>
  865. (1:11:56 AM) Fifthman: Cecil hops down and puts his camera through the hole.
  866. (1:12:02 AM) Fifthman: Click.
  867. (1:12:03 AM) Uncandescent: <<Or a telepathic organism.>> Terrance says, remembering his last venture into an underground tunnel system.
  868. (1:12:18 AM) PresidentEvil: <<Don't give the hole ideas Terrence.>>
  869. (1:13:29 AM) Daedalize: Cecil finds that this slope is a good bit more slippery and crumbly than he'd expected. Ath to avoid falling!
  870. (1:14:21 AM) Fifthman: 6df+1 tagging Excitement Magnet - dear Glacon please don't let me fall I have stephi to go back to
  871. (1:14:21 AM) Glacon: Fifthman: tagging Excitement Magnet - dear Glacon please don't let me fall I have stephi to go back to: -1 (6df+1=0, +, 0, -, -, -)
  872. (1:15:36 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks over at the butt of the drill as Cecil heads down. They said there weren't any organisms down here... But they could be wrong. Except there wouldn't be anything to hunt. To sustain itself on. Unless it ate rocks. A tunneling mechanism?
  873. (1:16:00 AM) Daedalize: He slips, flailing for a handhold, but doesn't manage to grab on. Down into the darkness he goes, landing harshly on his back some fifteen feet below the aperture. The surface below him is slick with liquid, and... smooth. Cold. Metallic.
  874. (1:16:24 AM) Fifthman: Cecil slips. "Whoop."
  875. (1:16:32 AM) Fifthman: He lands. "Aaagh."
  876. (1:17:10 AM) Daedalize: -1 Body, Cecil
  877. (1:17:11 AM) Fifthman: He slides. "A-a--AAAAHHH!" And down he goes, screaming until he hits the bottom.
  878. (1:17:15 AM) TheRaven: Taggart walks over to the pit and looks down, headlamp on.
  879. (1:17:38 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks away from the drill. <<Chen, report.>>
  880. (1:17:39 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg leans over. <<...Don't suppose anyone brought a rope?>>
  881. (1:17:42 AM) Fifthman: crunch.
  882. (1:17:57 AM) Daedalize: Taggart, the only way you're getting a good angle down there is walking down the slope where Cecil just tripped and fell. Sure you want to?
  883. (1:18:01 AM) Fifthman: Cecil groans as he rolls around. Anything broken?
  884. (1:18:39 AM) Daedalize: Nothing of his. Plenty of broken bits of other people around, by the feel of it. And Cecil suddenly has a feeling he knows what the liquid is.
  885. (1:18:46 AM) Daedalize: (Blood, just FYI)
  886. (1:18:51 AM) TheRaven: He does not want to. Fuck no.
  887. (1:19:20 AM) Fifthman: <<Aaagh. I'm fine.>> Cecil rolls over and gets back to his knees.
  888. (1:19:26 AM) Fifthman: Hands and knees.
  889. (1:19:39 AM) Daedalize: Cecil, Perception for spotting things in this darkness.
  890. (1:19:53 AM) Fifthman: 6df+9 Cecil misses nothing.
  891. (1:19:53 AM) Glacon: Fifthman: Cecil misses nothing.: 12 (6df+9=+, 0, +, +, -, +)
  892. (1:20:24 AM) Fifthman: <<It's a pretty long drop, guys.>>
  893. (1:20:32 AM) Fifthman: <<Definitely lots of body parts around.>>
  894. (1:20:45 AM) TheRaven: <<Body parts...oh, fucking hell.>>
  895. (1:21:02 AM) NAC|Vidjagame is now known as NAC
  896. (1:21:24 AM) PresidentEvil: <<Shit. Well, we know what happened to the other two guys.>>
  897. (1:21:25 AM) Daedalize: With his perfect night vision, Cecil can make out the general shape of the floor on which he rests. It's smooth, but curved, a sort of buried hemisphere, with smaller sphere embedded in it at regular intervals. These spheres look about large enough to hold a small person; Cecil himself could probably fit in one.
  898. (1:21:35 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance crouches down, then slowly begins sliding down while trying to ignore the viscera. Rolling Ath.
  899. (1:21:43 AM) TheRaven: <<Anyone have rope?>>
  900. (1:21:55 AM) PresidentEvil: <<Question is, how did they crush themselves under the drill?>>
  901. (1:21:55 AM) Fifthman: Cecil relays the description to the rest of the party.
  902. (1:22:09 AM) Daedalize: He has a sudden impulse to break one open, see what lies inside. That one, over there, Cecil. See it? Doesn't it look interesting?
  903. (1:22:24 AM) Fifthman: <<It feels like one of those funny playground balls. I'm gonna see what's inside one of them.>>
  904. (1:22:38 AM) Uncandescent: 6df+9 Tagging Good With His Hands Terrance uses his hand to slow his descent until he is on the rim of the pit, looking into the chamber.
  905. (1:22:39 AM) Glacon: Uncandescent: Tagging Good With His Hands Terrance uses his hand to slow his descent until he is on the rim of the pit, looking into the chamber.: 11 (6df+9=-, 0, +, 0, +, +)
  906. (1:23:03 AM) Fifthman: <<There's a bunch of bumps. This looks pretty cool. I wanna see what's in one of them.>>
  907. (1:23:16 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg goes after Terrence. <<Don't think so, Taggart.>>
  908. (1:23:18 AM) Daedalize: In the shaft of light filtering past him, Terrance can see Cecil and the small pool of blood and human remains that he landed in.
  909. (1:23:25 AM) TheRaven: <<Don't touch anything, Cecil.>>
  910. (1:23:32 AM) Fifthman: <<But I need to know!>>
  911. (1:23:37 AM) Daedalize: The spheres are out of sight in the dark, though.
  912. (1:23:54 AM) Uncandescent: Anything notable about the remains?
  913. (1:24:08 AM) PresidentEvil: 6df+2 Totally gonna fail it
  914. (1:24:08 AM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: Totally gonna fail it: 3 (6df+2=0, 0, 0, -, +, +)
  915. (1:24:09 AM) Daedalize: Terrance, wouldn't it be best if Cecil got those spheres open? It might be the key to figuring all of this out!
  916. (1:24:13 AM) Fifthman: Cecil goes to look for a way to open one of the spheres.
  917. (1:24:15 AM) TheRaven: <<Oh, fuck it. Coming down.>>
  918. (1:24:20 AM) TheRaven: 6df+6 ath to go!
  919. (1:24:21 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: ath to go!: 6 (6df+6=+, -, +, +, -, -)
  920. (1:24:26 AM) Uncandescent: I thought I couldn't see the spheres?
  921. (1:24:48 AM) Daedalize: Cecil mentioned them to you.
  922. (1:24:54 AM) Uncandescent: Kay.
  923. (1:25:10 AM) Daedalize: Taggart, are you jumping down to join Cecil?
  924. (1:25:13 AM) Fifthman: He goes to one and knocks on it, testing its strength.
  925. (1:25:23 AM) TheRaven: Yeah.
  926. (1:25:33 AM) Uncandescent: Is there anyway down into the pit that isn't exceptionally painful?
  927. (1:26:05 AM) PresidentEvil: Does Greg slip?
  928. (1:26:14 AM) Daedalize: Cecil notes a pattern of lines across the surface of the sphere. Maybe he could pry it open? It doesn't look very strong, he could get it with his fingers.
  929. (1:26:25 AM) Fifthman: Cecil tries that.
  930. (1:26:44 AM) Daedalize: Greg does not slip. Taggart, dropping intentionally rather than by accident, manages to avoid injury, though the drop still rattles him a bit.
  931. (1:27:12 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg drops right after Taggart, wincing immediately beforehand.
  932. (1:27:40 AM) TheRaven: *Thump* <<Okay, let's see what we've got down here.>> He looks around.
  933. (1:27:49 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance makes the intentional not painful drop as well, bending his knees as he lands and taking a moment to get his bearings.
  934. (1:27:57 AM) Daedalize: It works, Cecil! Light shines out from the crack, illuminating his face. Red light. And slightly obscured by the light, a face?
  935. (1:28:14 AM) Daedalize: Greg, Terrance, roll for the drop as Taggart did.
  936. (1:28:21 AM) Fifthman: <<Red light? There's a face in one of these!>>
  937. (1:28:34 AM) Fifthman: What kind of face?
  938. (1:28:36 AM) TheRaven: <<I swear this was the plot to a Stephen King book...>>
  939. (1:28:39 AM) Uncandescent: 6df+5 I brought you cookies, Glacon.
  940. (1:28:39 AM) Glacon: Uncandescent: I brought you cookies, Glacon.: 5 (6df+5=0, -, -, +, 0, +)
  941. (1:28:42 AM) PresidentEvil: 6df+2 This is gonna suck...
  942. (1:28:42 AM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: This is gonna suck...: 2 (6df+2=-, +, 0, 0, +, -)
  943. (1:29:16 AM) Daedalize: It's not a human face, though. Wide forehead, bug eyes. It looks, if anything, like a stereotypical Roswell Gray, if a bit more red than gray.
  944. (1:29:35 AM) Daedalize: It blinks at him. Mdef, Cecil.
  945. (1:29:44 AM) Fifthman: Cecil autofails.
  946. (1:30:10 AM) Daedalize: Cecil, you need to protect this creature! It's on a very important mission!
  947. (1:30:15 AM) Uncandescent: Greg and Terrance?
  948. (1:30:21 AM) Daedalize: You can't let it get hurt, or everything will be ruined!
  949. (1:30:48 AM) Fifthman: Everything? What do you mean, everything?
  950. (1:30:50 AM) Daedalize: Terrance manages the drop, but Greg manages to slip and fall on his back, almost exactly as Cecil did before. It'd be funny if it didn't hurt so much.
  951. (1:30:55 AM) Daedalize: -1 Body to Greg
  952. (1:31:07 AM) PresidentEvil: <<OOF!>> Greg hobbles to his feet.
  953. (1:31:18 AM) Daedalize: Everything! The world will be doomed to destruction!
  954. (1:31:23 AM) Fifthman: Oh noes!
  955. (1:31:30 AM) Fifthman: Cecil snaps the door shut.
  956. (1:31:44 AM) PresidentEvil: <<So what was in there, Cecil?>>
  957. (1:31:46 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance gets to standing and moves over to Cecil to make sure he doesn't mess it up.
  958. (1:32:02 AM) TheRaven: <<What's over there?>>
  959. (1:32:02 AM) Fifthman: <<There was a face. An alien. We have to protect it!>>
  960. (1:32:13 AM) PresidentEvil: <<...Why?>>
  961. (1:32:41 AM) Uncandescent: <<Let me see.>> Terrance looks over the sphere, then reaches for one of the lines.
  962. (1:33:05 AM) Fifthman: <<No!>>
  963. (1:33:11 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg points his gun over Terrence's shoulder, ready to... intervene... if need be.
  964. (1:33:12 AM) Fifthman: He shields it with his body.
  965. (1:33:21 AM) PresidentEvil: <<Cecil, get out of the way.>>
  966. (1:33:24 AM) TheRaven: <<... We're standing on top of a goddamned UFO, aren't we.>> Taggart immediately starts looking for anything to take as a trophy.
  967. (1:33:33 AM) Fifthman: <<You don't understand we have to keep them safe!>>
  968. (1:33:40 AM) PresidentEvil: <<Why, Cecil?>>
  969. (1:33:46 AM) Daedalize: Terrance, Greg, Mdef. Terrance at -4 due to prior failure
  970. (1:33:55 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance gives him Cecil a look. It is a 'I can kick your ass with my pinkie' look.
  971. (1:34:08 AM) Fifthman: Yeah, Mr. voice in head? What's going to destroy the world?
  972. (1:34:19 AM) Uncandescent: 6df+1 I just want to figure out what's going on!
  973. (1:34:20 AM) Glacon: Uncandescent: I just want to figure out what's going on!: 0 (6df+1=+, 0, +, -, -, -)
  974. (1:34:22 AM) Fifthman: I'm trusting you right now!
  975. (1:34:29 AM) Fifthman: Trust works both ways, you know!
  976. (1:34:48 AM) Daedalize: The crystal monsters, Cecil! They're out there, you saw them! They're just waiting for a chance to attack, when you least expect it!
  977. (1:35:05 AM) PresidentEvil: 6df+4 Greg is sick of these mindjacking aliens on his monday-through-friday run.
  978. (1:35:05 AM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: Greg is sick of these mindjacking aliens on his monday-through-friday run.: 7 (6df+4=+, +, +, +, -, 0)
  979. (1:35:22 AM) Daedalize: Terrance, you see? This is what they figured out, what they needed to get to before the crystal monsters did!
  980. (1:35:36 AM) Fifthman: Sweet fortune, the crystal monsters! No!
  981. (1:35:37 AM) Daedalize: They gave their lives for this, you have to finish their work!
  982. (1:35:56 AM) Daedalize: Greg gets the same itch in the back of the head that Taggart did, not that he knows to compare.
  983. (1:36:34 AM) Uncandescent: <<This isn't the objective. We need to get out of here.>>
  984. (1:36:38 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg shivers, slightly. <<Cecil, how the fuck do you know this? How did the aliens tell you all that in a few seconds?>>
  985. (1:36:54 AM) TheRaven: Taggart looks around. Does the chamber seem to be larger than just the ship?
  986. (1:36:57 AM) Daedalize: The sphere begins collapsing to pieces, revealing the gray in its entirety. It scrambles up behind Cecil, using him as cover while it bolts for another of the spheres.
  987. (1:37:13 AM) TheRaven: <<Oh fuck me, it's alive.>>
  988. (1:37:21 AM) Fifthman: I'll protect you, Mr. Gray!
  989. (1:37:31 AM) Daedalize: Left behind among the pieces of the sphere is a shaft of red light, shining up into the darkness.
  990. (1:37:41 AM) Fifthman: Cecil lets himself get dragged along.
  991. (1:37:51 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance looks at it with mild surprise, then back to the others. <<It's harmless. Let's get out of here.>>
  992. (1:37:56 AM) TheRaven: Taggart switches his ammo to the usual Ruag hollowpoint.
  993. (1:38:24 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg tries to draw a bead. <<No it's not! It's in Cecil's head or something!">>
  994. (1:38:32 AM) PresidentEvil: 6df+5 Perception to Ranged
  995. (1:38:32 AM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: Perception to Ranged: 8 (6df+5=+, +, +, 0, -, +)
  996. (1:39:04 AM) TheRaven: 6df+6 same as Pres. "Awfully big head on these things, makes an easy target."
  997. (1:39:05 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: same as Pres. "Awfully big head on these things, makes an easy target.": 6 (6df+6=+, -, -, 0, +, 0)
  998. (1:39:16 AM) Daedalize: The sphere the gray is heading for is very slightly larger than the others, and has a different pattern of lines on it. The alien presses its hands to the surface, and the lines light up in red, the sphere opening up in a precise, geometric pattern, not at all like how the other one fell apart.
  999. (1:39:19 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance sees Taggart switching ammo and grabs the barrel of the gun, pointing it downward. He catches Greg aiming out of the corner of his eye, and raises his sidearm at him. <<I said they're harmless!>>
  1000. (1:40:08 AM) PresidentEvil: <<Taggart, handle him!>> Greg yells, rattling off a short, sharp burst.
  1001. (1:40:13 AM) PresidentEvil: 6df+11 Rangin'
  1002. (1:40:13 AM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: Rangin': 8 (6df+11=-, 0, 0, -, -, 0)
  1003. (1:40:22 AM) Daedalize: 1d2
  1004. (1:40:22 AM) Glacon: Daedalize: 1 (1d2=1)
  1005. (1:40:29 AM) TheRaven: <<Get the fuck out of the way, Terrance!>>
  1006. (1:40:34 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance kicks Taggart to the ground.
  1007. (1:40:40 AM) Uncandescent: 6df+5 Make me!
  1008. (1:40:40 AM) Glacon: Uncandescent: Make me!: 8 (6df+5=+, 0, +, 0, 0, +)
  1009. (1:40:48 AM) Daedalize: 6df+8 MIND SHIELD
  1010. (1:40:48 AM) Glacon: Daedalize: MIND SHIELD: 6 (6df+8=-, +, +, -, -, -)
  1011. (1:41:03 AM) Salmander left the room (quit: Quit: ow can a robot think with his elbows in the sink?).
  1012. (1:41:16 AM) TheRaven: 6df+7
  1013. (1:41:16 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: 7 (6df+7=0, +, 0, 0, 0, -)
  1014. (1:41:43 AM) Uncandescent: Taggart is knocked to the ground, but the barrel is wrenched free from Terrance's grasp.
  1015. (1:41:50 AM) Daedalize: Several of the shots are knocked off course by impact with an unseen surface, but one lands in the alien's chest, causing it to emit a shrill cry.
  1016. (1:42:11 AM) Daedalize: Cecil, Terrance, what are they doing? You have to stop them, the crystals must be affecting their minds!
  1017. (1:42:16 AM) Fifthman: Cecil screams with the alien's wound.
  1018. (1:42:56 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance shoots for Taggart's gun arm, unless he wants to do something first.
  1019. (1:43:05 AM) Fifthman: He frantically pulls out his revolver and aims. "Don't! Stop! You don't want to do this!"
  1020. (1:43:09 AM) Daedalize: That sphere continues opening up, revealing a large hole in the sphere, through which some kind of panel rises. A control panel, perhaps.
  1021. (1:43:21 AM) PresidentEvil: Aims for who, Cecil?
  1022. (1:43:26 AM) Mr_Wilt [~Mr_Wilt@A0889ECE.1023C973.306722CC.IP] entered the room.
  1023. (1:43:26 AM) mode (+ao Mr_Wilt Mr_Wilt) by ChanServ
  1024. (1:43:37 AM) Fifthman: Cecil shoots Taggart!
  1025. (1:43:46 AM) PresidentEvil: Dae, how close is everyone to the alien and the panel?
  1026. (1:43:57 AM) PresidentEvil: Is anyone close than about 5 meters?
  1027. (1:44:12 AM) TheRaven: 6df+8 tagging I Know What I'm Doing, sweep kick aimed at Terrance's legs.
  1028. (1:44:13 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: tagging I Know What I'm Doing, sweep kick aimed at Terrance's legs.: 8 (6df+8=+, 0, 0, -, 0, 0)
  1029. (1:44:17 AM) Fifthman: 6df+4 I will free them from the crystals!
  1030. (1:44:17 AM) Glacon: Fifthman: I will free them from the crystals!: 6 (6df+4=0, -, 0, +, +, +)
  1031. (1:44:20 AM) Daedalize: Cecil is right up next to it. Greg is presumably a bit closer than the fighting Terrance and Taggart, but they're all right around where they first fell down.
  1032. (1:44:31 AM) Uncandescent: 6df+5 Master of dodging!... or not.
  1033. (1:44:31 AM) Glacon: Uncandescent: Master of dodging!... or not.: 5 (6df+5=-, -, +, +, +, -)
  1034. (1:44:43 AM) TheRaven: 6df+7 pdef against Cecil
  1035. (1:44:44 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: pdef against Cecil: 8 (6df+7=+, -, +, +, -, 0)
  1036. (1:45:02 AM) PresidentEvil: So Cecil is the only one within... Grenade range, you say?
  1037. (1:45:09 AM) Daedalize: He is, yes.
  1038. (1:45:21 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance moves his aim away from Greg towards Taggart, but the sweep kick catches him off guard and he falls to the ground.
  1039. (1:45:28 AM) TheRaven: Taggart knocks Terrance over, quickly standing and placing a boot very firmly on his chest. He draws his sidearm and points it at Cecil.
  1040. (1:45:40 AM) TheRaven: "Try that again and you'll be dead before you pull the trigger."
  1041. (1:46:01 AM) Daedalize: The alien, clutching its chest wound, ducks behind the risen control panel, doing something with it out of the others' sight.
  1042. (1:46:03 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg does not grenade the alien. Instead, he lets out another burst... aimed square at the control panel.
  1043. (1:46:04 AM) Fifthman: "You don't understand, Tags! The crystals are in your head!"
  1044. (1:46:13 AM) PresidentEvil: 6df+11 tagging The Professional
  1045. (1:46:14 AM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: tagging The Professional: 15 (6df+11=-, +, +, +, +, +)
  1046. (1:46:47 AM) Daedalize: The bullets ping off of the panel's housing, ricocheting in all directions.
  1047. (1:46:50 AM) Uncandescent: 6df+6 Ranged, aiming for Taggart's arm aiming at Cecil. Terrance brings his sidearm around. "Talk is cheap."
  1048. (1:46:50 AM) Daedalize: 1d2
  1049. (1:46:50 AM) Glacon: Uncandescent: Ranged, aiming for Taggart's arm aiming at Cecil. Terrance brings his sidearm around. "Talk is cheap.": 6 (6df+6=0, 0, +, 0, -, 0)
  1050. (1:46:50 AM) Glacon: Daedalize: 2 (1d2=2)
  1051. (1:46:58 AM) Daedalize: Cecil, Pdef against Greg.
  1052. (1:47:15 AM) Fifthman: 6df+2 yeah this is gonna hurt
  1053. (1:47:15 AM) Glacon: Fifthman: yeah this is gonna hurt: 3 (6df+2=-, +, 0, +, +, -)
  1054. (1:48:03 AM) Daedalize: Cecil is hit! Bad! -3 Body, as bullets and pieces of shattered bullets riddle his limbs and torso
  1055. (1:48:10 AM) TheRaven: 6df+4 a quickly-delivered boot to Terrance's face as soon as he raises his weapon,
  1056. (1:48:10 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: a quickly-delivered boot to Terrance's face as soon as he raises his weapon,: 5 (6df+4=0, +, -, -, +, +)
  1057. (1:48:24 AM) Fifthman: Cecil collapses.
  1058. (1:48:45 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg, when it is his turn, will start to run towards the alien and the panel.
  1059. (1:49:21 AM) Daedalize: Cecil's mask is intact, but the rest of his suit is depressurizing rapidly, exposing his skin to the high-pressure air. This is not conducive to his health.
  1060. (1:49:39 AM) PresidentEvil: Don't you mean overpressurizing?
  1061. (1:49:46 AM) Daedalize: Same difference.
  1062. (1:49:52 AM) PresidentEvil: Kay.
  1063. (1:49:54 AM) Daedalize: It's a bad thing.
  1064. (1:50:14 AM) Fifthman: Cecil gasps for air, coughing blood onto the inside of his faceplate.
  1065. (1:50:32 AM) Daedalize: Meanwhile, the other spheres around them are beginning to light up of their own accord, presumably as a result of whatever the gray at the controls is doing.
  1066. (1:50:52 AM) TheRaven: 6df+7 do you want to die today, Terrance?
  1067. (1:50:52 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: do you want to die today, Terrance?: 9 (6df+7=+, -, -, +, +, +)
  1068. (1:50:58 AM) Fifthman: He curls up, clutching desperately at the holes to try to keep his wounds sealed.
  1069. (1:51:09 AM) Uncandescent: Taggart's arm jerks out of the way.
  1070. (1:51:18 AM) TheRaven: A clear miss. Now, Pdef against a boot, Terrance.
  1071. (1:51:31 AM) Uncandescent: 6df+5 I'll block it with my face!
  1072. (1:51:31 AM) Glacon: Uncandescent: I'll block it with my face!: 7 (6df+5=+, 0, +, 0, -, +)
  1073. (1:51:51 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance manages to jerk his head aside.
  1074. (1:52:31 AM) Fifthman: It hurts. It really hurts. I want to go home.
  1075. (1:53:35 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance attempts to grab Taggart's leg and throw him off to the side. (Throw probably isn't the right word, but you know what I mean.) Ath vs Ath
  1076. (1:53:50 AM) Uncandescent: 6df+5 Yeah, pretty much all of my stats are 5.
  1077. (1:53:51 AM) Glacon: Uncandescent: Yeah, pretty much all of my stats are 5.: 4 (6df+5=+, -, 0, -, 0, 0)
  1078. (1:54:00 AM) PresidentEvil: Actually, redact that. Greg is running towards Cecil, machinegun slung. With one hand, he reaches for his belt and grabs a hand grenade.
  1079. (1:54:41 AM) Fifthman: His breaths become shorter. Please. I want to go home. I don't want to die here. Not now, not when everything just turned /right/...
  1080. (1:54:45 AM) PresidentEvil: When he reaches Cecil, he will pull the pin (keeping the spoon depressed), drag Cecil to safety with his other arm, and then throw the grenade as soon as they're both far enough away.
  1081. (1:54:56 AM) PresidentEvil: Is this acceptable, Dae? Or too much in one turn?
  1082. (1:55:05 AM) Daedalize: Terrance, Taggart, you might begin to notice a bit of a problem. The floor is opening up beneath the two of you.
  1083. (1:55:10 AM) Daedalize: PresidentEvil: Acceptable.
  1084. (1:55:22 AM) TheRaven: 6df+6 ath!
  1085. (1:55:22 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: ath!: 6 (6df+6=-, +, 0, 0, -, +)
  1086. (1:55:24 AM) Fifthman: He coughs again. I can't see. I can't see. Everything's red.
  1087. (1:55:43 AM) Daedalize: The spheres pulse, lights going off on some of them, growing brighter on others. It's all very complex.
  1088. (1:56:05 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance tries to move it ineffectually. <<Look! If we let them go, we can leave! That's the objective!>>
  1089. (1:56:10 AM) TheRaven: Taggart decides to get the fuck out of the way, leaving Terrance alone.
  1090. (1:56:23 AM) PresidentEvil: Once Greg has dragged Cecil outside of the sphere's range, he releases the spoon and chucks the grenade.
  1091. (1:56:36 AM) PresidentEvil: 6df+2 <<Fuck your objective, Terrence!>>
  1092. (1:56:37 AM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: <<Fuck your objective, Terrence!>>: 3 (6df+2=+, 0, 0, 0, +, -)
  1093. (1:56:44 AM) PresidentEvil: Grenade's range*
  1094. (1:57:10 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance sees the grenade fly and grits his teeth. Ranged to shoot it out of the air?
  1095. (1:58:13 AM) Daedalize: The grenade lands behind the console, a cry going up for a moment before it is silenced by the explosion. The spheres suddenly go dark around them, but... Terrance, Taggart, Ath.
  1096. (1:58:44 AM) TheRaven: 6df+10 tagging I Know What I'm Doing, last AP (I think)
  1097. (1:58:44 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: tagging I Know What I'm Doing, last AP (I think): 8 (6df+10=-, 0, 0, 0, -, 0)
  1098. (1:58:51 AM) Uncandescent: 6df+5 "You idiot!" Terrance gets to his feet and books it.
  1099. (1:58:51 AM) Glacon: Uncandescent: "You idiot!" Terrance gets to his feet and books it.: 3 (6df+5=-, 0, 0, 0, -, 0)
  1100. (1:59:57 AM) Fifthman: Cecil hears an explosion. There was an explosion. Where was it?
  1101. (2:00:15 AM) Daedalize: The floor opens up in a spiral fashion, revealing some sort of silo below. Taggart makes it out of the way, but Terrance was bolting in the wrong direction, and only barely catches hold of the rim of the new, gaping hole.
  1102. (2:00:21 AM) Fifthman: He can't see it.
  1103. (2:00:43 AM) Daedalize: Oh, those things down there look dangerous, Terrance. Like several dozen tiny missiles.
  1104. (2:01:14 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance drops his pistol and holds on for dear life, glancing down at the missles. A white-out would be nice anytime now.
  1105. (2:01:26 AM) Daedalize: Cecil and Terrance, by the way, suddenly lose all those compulsions. What the fuck were they thinking?
  1106. (2:01:36 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg tries to think, come on Greg *think* you idiot! Emergency patches or... or something! There has to be something! Is there anything he can use to fix Cecil?
  1107. (2:01:47 AM) PresidentEvil: Roll med? Engineering to patch the suit?
  1108. (2:01:49 AM) Fifthman: Compulsions? Cecil's dying. I think that's enough to break them.
  1109. (2:02:03 AM) TheRaven: Taggart moves to pick up Terrance's pistol, how dangerous would that be?
  1110. (2:02:17 AM) Uncandescent: The pistol fell into the silo, so pretty dangerous.
  1111. (2:02:24 AM) Daedalize: Terrance's pistol just fell down into the missile pit, so pret-
  1112. (2:02:29 AM) TheRaven: Well fuck it, no.
  1113. (2:02:47 AM) PresidentEvil: Screw your pistol, Terrence! Cecil's dying here!
  1114. (2:03:02 AM) PresidentEvil: Does Greg have an option or is this the end for our brave hero?
  1115. (2:03:16 AM) Daedalize: Medical works, Greg. Go for it.
  1116. (2:03:32 AM) PresidentEvil: 6df+2 Worth a shot.
  1117. (2:03:32 AM) Glacon: PresidentEvil: Worth a shot.: 2 (6df+2=-, -, +, 0, 0, +)
  1118. (2:04:07 AM) Daedalize: There's a whirring beneath Terrance in the silo. Red lights fill up the opening. He might want someone to help him out of the way before those things fire...
  1119. (2:04:50 AM) PresidentEvil: Roll your wounds, Fifthman?
  1120. (2:05:03 AM) Fifthman: 6df+5 please Glacon be merciful
  1121. (2:05:04 AM) Glacon: Fifthman: please Glacon be merciful: 6 (6df+5=+, +, +, -, 0, -)
  1122. (2:05:41 AM) PresidentEvil: Guess not. Greg can't stabilize Cecil's wounds.
  1123. (2:05:56 AM) Daedalize: Thin beams of red project up from the edges of the ship-hemisphere, converging in the air above the silo. Something is happening...
  1124. (2:06:25 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance suddenly realizes that protecting the strange alien organisms makes absolutely no sense. He glances down at what definitely appear to be missles, and tries to pull himself up. Is there a place he can do that?
  1125. (2:06:46 AM) Daedalize: Something red and bulbous forms in the air. Terrance can try, but he might need help. Roll Ath.
  1126. (2:07:19 AM) PresidentEvil: He just kneels there, holding Cecil's hand and hoping Taggart can handle the rest. <<Stay with me Cecil. Stay with me!>>
  1127. (2:07:30 AM) Daedalize: The thing in the air spins, flattening outwards like a ball of pizza dough. It stretches and bends in implausible ways, yet ways that somehow make a good deal of sense.
  1128. (2:07:33 AM) Fifthman: Cecil inhales, but he doesn't suck in air. Something wet. Coppery. He exhales, and sprays more blood over his faceplate.
  1129. (2:07:47 AM) Uncandescent: 6df+9 Tagging Good With His Hands Terrance grips the edge and lifts himself up, then sends his hands scrabbling for purchase on the smooth metal.
  1130. (2:07:47 AM) Glacon: Uncandescent: Tagging Good With His Hands Terrance grips the edge and lifts himself up, then sends his hands scrabbling for purchase on the smooth metal.: 9 (6df+9=0, 0, -, +, -, +)
  1131. (2:07:51 AM) PresidentEvil: Isn't it Raven's turn by now?
  1132. (2:08:00 AM) TheRaven: What is there for Taggart to do?
  1133. (2:08:07 AM) Daedalize: Terrance makes it out without that do-nothing asshole Taggart's help.
  1134. (2:08:23 AM) PresidentEvil: Try to help Greg stabilize his dying teammate, Taggart. GOD.
  1135. (2:08:27 AM) TheRaven: No medical, and there's nothing in need of an ass-kicking other than Terrance.
  1136. (2:08:35 AM) PresidentEvil: There's missiles.
  1137. (2:09:22 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance rolls over and takes a few breathes, then gets up and takes stock of the situation. Glancing down at the silo, he figures missles are rarely good, so he reaches into a pocket, pulls out a grenade, lets it drop, and books it.
  1138. (2:09:24 AM) Daedalize: The red has shifted, becoming a disk... no, a cone, a vortex stretching up into something that isn't quite there. A shrill tone emanates from the silo.
  1139. (2:09:48 AM) Fifthman: There's a voice. A voice. Stay with me, it says. Stay with me.
  1140. (2:09:57 AM) Uncandescent: 6df+5 This is me booking it. Glacon, I made you goddamn muffins this time.
  1141. (2:09:57 AM) Glacon: Uncandescent: This is me booking it. Glacon, I made you goddamn muffins this time.: 7 (6df+5=+, +, 0, -, 0, +)
  1142. (2:10:05 AM) Daedalize: The missiles begin to rise, shooting up into the vortex, taking the grenade with them somehow.
  1143. (2:10:14 AM) TheRaven: Taggart watches closely.
  1144. (2:10:26 AM) PresidentEvil: <<Don't go, Cecil! Stay with me! Listen to my voice, *focus*!>>
  1145. (2:11:03 AM) Daedalize: They aren't quite missiles, though, from this point of view. Too slim, too wide at the tip. The tips flash, and those paying enough attention may notice that same shrill tone echoing on their radios.
  1146. (2:11:21 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg isn't. He's focused on Cecil.
  1147. (2:11:21 AM) TheRaven: <<Fuckin' antennas!>>
  1148. (2:11:36 AM) Fifthman: Whose voice is that? I can hear words, but they all filtered through a scream.
  1149. (2:11:37 AM) Daedalize: They disappear into the vortex, the grenade going with them to... wherever. But the vortex remains.
  1150. (2:12:06 AM) Uncandescent: If they were creatures, then he has no remorse. They entered his head.
  1151. (2:12:37 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance stops and turns, watching the maybe rockets fly off to their death.
  1152. (2:12:48 AM) Daedalize: It begins tugging at them. They can see other loose objects, the bits of corpse and stone, being sucked up into that strange portal, which flickers with something like lightning seen through clouds.
  1153. (2:13:03 AM) Fifthman: "Stay with me," it says. Stephi, is that you? "Stay with me! Listen to my voice! Focus!" Cecil breathes again, a short, wet gasp.
  1154. (2:13:16 AM) PresidentEvil: <<Cecil... you have to stay strong. You have to live, for her, Cecil! For Stephi!>>
  1155. (2:13:34 AM) TheRaven: <<Jump!>>
  1156. (2:13:40 AM) Daedalize: Oh dear, it's lifting them right off their feet. Or backs, in Cecil's case. Everything's just being drawn up into the red vortex.
  1157. (2:13:43 AM) Uncandescent: And this day just keeps getting worse. Terrance looks around. Is there anything to grab onto? Anything that looks stable enough to not get sucked into the void?
  1158. (2:13:52 AM) TheRaven: Taggart does.
  1159. (2:14:01 AM) Daedalize: Not really, Terrance. Everything is so slick and smooth.
  1160. (2:14:34 AM) PresidentEvil: Greg just holds onto Cecil tightly and tries to shield him from whatever may be on the other side of that vortex.
  1161. (2:14:47 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance's feet slide across the surface for a few vain moments before he's lifted into the air.
  1162. (2:15:28 AM) Fifthman: They're... flying? Sweet fortune, this must be what death feels like. I'm flying.
  1163. (2:16:33 AM) Daedalize: Their vision blurs (or blurs differently than before, for Cecil) as they rise towards the red light. They are passing the event horizon. My god, it's full of stars.
  1164. (2:16:39 AM) Uncandescent: Terrance floats through the air, making an effort to keep facing the portal. Whatever awaits, at least he has the life support to face it...
  1165. (2:16:48 AM) Daedalize: Then their vision whites out, and they're in the Pool again.
  1166. (2:17:10 AM) Fifthman: Not now. Please, not now. I didn't mind it before, but please, let me live. No. No white light. I'm not ready.
  1167. (2:17:40 AM) Daedalize: #farrecon
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