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Aug 22nd, 2019
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  1. Hey Tolls.
  2. I just got kicked from the community due to depleting the AD+15 boost. I wanted to explain myself. I completely understand why I was striked in the Siege boost, but I am convinced I don’t deserve to be kicked out. I know I am new to Gallywix and a lot of the new people have been causing alot of problems. I played great in that AD we boosted. I did the same overall dmg as the Hunter boosting with us, even beat him on some single target fights. So far, I have boosted 7 +15 Keys. I boosted 5 on one night and none of those got depleted. I boosted them all together with Canex, feel free to ask him how I played in those keys. Let’s focus on the AD Key. I played well. If I’m honest it was one of my best performances so far. Especially on Kicks. The most important spell to kick in AD is the Venom Blast casted by the Witch-Doctor. I had 6 overall kicks on Venom blast, the same amount as the Tank and Hunter together. They both only kicked it 3 times. I also gouged all the shield casts and Venom Blast casts etc. The moment the key was over I asked Canex If I did anything wrong that caused the Deplete. He said to me: “You did nothing wrong. The Tank shouldn’t have pulled those packs.” I was speaking with him on voice when I got kicked and I asked him again and he still said that it was not my fault. I get being punished for depleting a key if I had any part in depleting it. I am innocent. Please don’t punish me for something I didn’t do. I would even voluntarily submit to a 1 month or even 2-month suspension from +15 to prove my worth in +10’s or Mechagon HM/Normal runs. Or take away another 100k or 150k from my balance and let me work for you guys for free. I worked hard to get into Gallywix. I am willing do anything necessary to earn back your trust and show you that I am capable to boost in the great name of the Gallywix Boosting Community.
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