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  1. pts = {"sanity":2,"energy":0,"morale":4}  
  3. def thompsontwins():
  4.     if pts["morale"]>=3 and pts["energy"]>=5 and pts["sanity"]>=2:
  5.         thompsontwins_options = ["A","B"]
  6.     elif pts["morale"]<3 and pts["energy"]<5 and pts["sanity"]<2:
  7.         thompsontwins_options = ["B"]
  8.     user_choice = ""
  9.     if user_choice not in thompsontwins_options:
  10.         pts["energy"]+=4
  11.         pts["sanity"]+=2
  12.         print('''
  13. You currently have ''',pts)
  14.         print('''
  15. We fuss and we fight and delight...
  16. With my eyes closed, I tried to shrug off what Detective Isaac said.
  17. While I'm trying to calm myself, I felt a sharp nudge on my shoulder as if someone purposely tried to bump into me.
  18. Annoyed, I opened my eyes, took out the buds in my ears and coldly looked at who might've done it.
  19. It just happened to be Mia and Jackson, too busy trying to suck each others' faces off.
  20. No wonder people hate them, but of course, I can't openly say that I hate Jackson.
  21. I look around, and I lock eyes with Tony. He seemed... different. Weird. Black.
  22. Before I could get a second thought, the door opened and I saw Detective Isaac's bothered face, we locked eyes and I immediately knew he wanted to talk to me.
  23. I quietly walked out of the room. I turn around once more, only to see Tony looking at Jackson and Mia intensively.
  24. Shoot.
  25. "So, I think you know where this is going. Who do you think it is?"
  26. I hesitated a little and then thought that every little thing might help with the investigation.
  27. "Tony."
  29. He nods. Paces, too, like he's looking for something. Ideas.
  30. "Will you need help?"
  31. "No. Just lay low for now."
  32. So I go back to the classroom and just start talking to my friends. Elijah was telling us a sick story, until it was interrupted. Tony. He seems angry. He comes our way and throws a punch.
  33. I don't know what happened. It's like I lost time. But there Tony was, dead. In front of us.
  34. "What happened?"
  35. I approach Jackson who had a confused face plastered. I pushed him, "What happened?"
  36. We go back and forth with aggressiveness, to the point wherein I walk out.
  37. What the hell? Everything's so confusing, because right now, I'm standing in the hallway, holding an alcohol lamp and hair spray.
  38. I don't know what to do. What will I do? I start pacing. I look at all the lockers.
  39. The water bottle on the floor, too.
  41. A) KICK IT (-3 morale; -5 energy; -4 sanity)
  42. B) IGNORE IT (+2 morale; +2 energy; -2 sanity)
  43.          ''')
  45.         user_choice = str(input("Enter choice: "))
  46.     if pts["morale"]>=3 and pts["energy"]>=5 and pts["sanity"]>=2:
  47.       if user_choice == thompsontwins_options[0]:
  48.         kickit()
  49.       elif user_choice == thompsontwins_options[1]:
  50.         ignoreit()
  51.     elif pts["morale"]<=3 and pts["energy"]<=5 and pts["sanity"]<=2:
  52.       if user_choice == thompsontwins_options[0]:
  53.         ignoreit()
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