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Performance rules

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  1. A performance is a dramatic portrayal of your topic’s significance in history and must be an
  2. original production. It should be scripted based on research of your chosen topic and should
  3. have dramatic appeal, but not at the expense of historical information.
  5. • Performances may not exceed ten minutes in length. Timing starts
  6. at the beginning of the performance following the announcement
  7. of the title and student name(s).
  9. • You will be allowed five minutes to set up and five minutes to
  10. remove any props needed for your performance.
  11.         NOTE: You should allow several empty seconds in your performance
  12.         to account for unplanned pauses (e.g., applause, forgotten lines, etc.).
  14. Introduction
  15. • The title of your entry and the names of the participants must
  16. be the first and only announcements prior to the start of the
  17. performance.
  19. Media Devices
  20. • Use of slides, mp3 players, computers, or other media within your
  21. performance is permitted. You must provide and run all equipment
  22. and carry out any special lighting or sound effects.
  23. • Only those student(s) listed as entrants may participate in the
  24. production
  26. The script for the performance should not be included with the
  27. written material presented to the judges.
  29. • You may have assistance in producing your costume, but the
  30. design, choice of fabrics, etc., must be your own. Or, you may rent
  31. a costume. Remember: simple is best.
  33. • Three copies of your title page, process paper, and bibliography
  34. should be presented to the judges for review. Be sure to bring an
  35. additional copy for your own reference. Refer to Part III, Rules 16-18,
  36. for citation and style information.
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