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Sep 2nd, 2014
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  1. Kris Ligman - Former News Editor for Gamasutra. Senior curator for Critical Distance.
  4. Kris Ligman also served as a Juror twice and a Super Juror once for the IndieCade in 2013.
  5. Source -
  7. List of winners for that year:
  9. Notice Anna Anthropy.
  11. Keep in mind that IndieCade Night Games 2013 is the same category that Robin Arnott (Night Games Chair, one of the five guys) and Maya Kramer (Night Games Coordinator, alleged five guy, also alleged to be sleeping with the founder of Indie Game Festival) were involved in. The one that had Crypt of the Necrodancer (which Maya was a PR rep for) and Depression Quest (made by Zoe Quinn, who allegedly fucked both Robin and Maya) as entrees.
  12. Source -
  14. Critical Distance (Kris Ligman) does a piece on The Escapist called "Tropes vs. Anita Sarkeesian and Gamers Against Games"
  16. In the first paragraph plugs a StoryBundle ( ) featuring the following authors, whom he implicitly names: Anna Anthropy (lived with Patricia Hernandez, Kotaku contributor, whom wrote several favorable articles about her); Colin Campbell (Senior Writer for Polygon; gave professional references for Jenna Pitcher, the writer of the IGN article and Leigh Alexander, writer of the Gamasutra piece and Zoe Quinn defender; and Zoya Street (Historian for Silverstring Media, colleague of Maya Kramer).
  18. Are there any further connections of Kris Ligman with Silverstring Media? Is Colin Campbell involved in any way? Colin Campbells LinkedIn profile is private, so I was unable to dig in his professional contacts. A search for Kris Ligman on Patreon turned up nothing. Still, is this indicative of even more incestuous relationships within the indie game community? Or am I reaching?
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