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  1. ***1.)  No spamming chat***
  2. ```- All in fairness, we need to keep the chat calm and clean
  3. - Don't be spamming with that Ctr C and V.
  4. - As well don't be smashing your head against the keyboard.```
  6. ***2.) Keep VC civil***
  7. ```- Our voice chats must be friendly. We may shitpost from times, but don't take things to another level.
  8. - Don't be yelling at someone trying to wind someone up.```
  10. ***3.) Post in correct channels***
  11. ```- We want everything to well organized.
  12. - It'll be weird just to see a shitpost in music chat don't cha think? ```
  14. ***4.) Respect mods authority***
  15. ```- We're human too! We can goof up sometimes.
  16. - If you have a problem with us, you could attempt to talk to us about it ```
  18. ***5.) No arguing over punishments/kicks and bans***
  19. ```- Most of the time our bans are usually right
  20. - If we banned a friend of yours, they can always appeal the ban```
  22. ***6.) No unsolicited DMs***
  23. ```- No one likes random DM's out of the blue.
  24. - This won't apply unless if you ask them beforehand.```
  26. ***7.) Nothing that breaks discord ToS***
  27. ```- It's not our rules, it's discords.
  28. - We have to reinforce them or our community we've built will be for nothing ```
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