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SCP:SL - Vault 81 INFO

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  1. <b><size=30><align="center"><color="blue">-=(Vault 81)=-</color></align></size=30></b>
  2. <link="https://discord.gg/NKKScSW"><b><size=20><align="center"><Discord Here></align><size=20></b></link>
  3. <b><size=15><align="left"><color="blue">Rules</color></align></size=15></b>
  4. <size="10"><b><color="yellow">1.</color></b> Game-breaking modifications, bugs, and glitches are strictly prohibited.
  5. <b><color="yellow">2.</color></b> Mic-spam is allowed under the conditions that it's not ear rape or constantly annoying.
  6. <b><color="yellow">3.</color></b> Teaming with other teams is only temporarily allowed - as is teaming with SCPs - if it's for a shared reason.
  7. <b><color="yellow">4.</color></b> Chaos Insurgency, Class D, and SCP's are allowed to team indefinitely.
  8. <b><color="yellow">5.</color></b> Political, racist, or discriminative content or conversations are prohibited.
  9. <b><color="yellow">6.</color></b> Hacking or cheating is a bannable, and game-reportable offense.
  10. <b><color="yellow">7.</color></b> Do not purposefully troll, or make gameplay difficult for other players, such as destroying keycards intently.
  11. <b><color="yellow">8.</color></b> Do not delay rounds intently. If you, or a group, are the last you must open doors or come out of hiding.
  12. <b><color="yellow">9.</color></b> Staff has the final say, and may overrule rules if necessary in instances. Appeals and reports can be made on the discord.
  13. <b><color="yellow">10.</color></b> Ghosting, or giving away other player locations, is prohibited unless a player is delaying a round.
  14. <b><color="yellow">11.</color></b> Intentionally attempting to lock or kill teammates by closing and locking doors is a bannable offense.
  15. <b><color="yellow">12.</color></b> Do not impersonate other players or staff members.
  16. <b><color="yellow">13.</color></b> Be respectful of others and staff.</size="10">
  17. <b><size=15><color="blue">Plugins & Changes (Full Server Changes In Discord)</color></size=20></b>
  18. <size="10"><link="https://github.com/Grover-c13/Smod2"><b><color="yellow">> Smod2:</color></b> SCP173's door opens faster, SCP health has been increased, spawn protection is 10 seconds, and more listed in the server Discord.</link>
  19. <link="https://github.com/Rnen/SCP008"><b><color="yellow">> SCP008:</color></b> SCP049-02 (Zombie) has a 50% chance of turning/curing someone into a zombie when they kill another player.</link>
  20. <link="https://github.com/secondfry/SCP-SL-Smod2-SF-s-Default-Items"><b><color="yellow">> Default Items:</color></b> Better starting items for each class.</link>
  21. <link="https://github.com/storm37000/SCPSL_Smod_DefaultAmmo"><b><color="yellow">> Default Ammo:</color></b> Increased ammo for every class (450 for everyone).</link>
  22. <link="https://github.com/Cyanox62/BetterDisarming"><b><color="yellow">> Better Disarming:</color></b> NTF can change into Chaos when escaping disarmed. Chaos is vice-versa.</link>
  23. <link="https://github.com/storm37000/SCPSL_Smod_LaterJoin"><b><color="yellow">> Later Join:</color></b> Players can join up to 60 seconds after a round starts.</link>
  24. <link="https://github.com/storm37000/SCPSL_Smod_914_held_items"><b><color="yellow">> 914 Held Items:</color></b> Items in your inventory being held can now be upgraded - instead of having to drop everything.</link>
  25. <link="https://github.com/storm37000/SCPSL_Smod_StayShut"><b><color="yellow">> Stay Shut:</color></b> Facility gates will remain closed instead of opening to trap players inside - forcing them to disable the warhead or die.</link>
  26. <link="https://github.com/Rnen/AdminToolbox"><b><color="yellow">> Admin Toolbox:</color></b> Gives staff essential moderation commands.</link></size="10">
  27. <b><size=15><align="left"><color="blue">Staff</color></size=20></b>
  28. <size="10"><b><color="yellow">> Server Owner:</color> Trap</b>
  29. <b><color="yellow">> Admins:</color> Vex</b>
  30. <b><color="yellow">> Moderators:</color> thegamingskye</b></size="10">
  31. <b><size=15><color="blue">914 Changes & Uses</color></size=15></b>
  32. <size=10><b><color="yellow">> FINE:</color></b> Scientist -> Class D | Class D -> Scientist</color>
  33. <b><color="yellow">> COARSE:</color></b> SPC049-02 -> Class D</size=10>
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