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  1. Name: Levi (real name Lewis, but goes by Levi) Ramone
  2. Age: 15
  3. Chumhandle: rhythmicInsomnia
  4. Land: Land of Art and Logic
  5. God Tier: Butler of Heart
  6. Species: Limbi (fan race that's basically just humans but heightened senses)
  7. Looks: A hoodie wearing sleep deprived artist. Looks like he eats four cups of ramen a day, because he does. He looks like the stereotypical insomniac artist, because he does commissions 24/7 and is an expert artist, so resorted to stereotypes. Has gray-black hair, and sunburnt caucasian skin.
  8. Personality: Sarcastic, cold, deadpan, and monotone. Pretty awkward and not good with large crowds of people. Underneath the layers, he's a sweet guy and somehow a good therapist.
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