Coco Adel Gives You A Wedgie

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  1. Your reputation at Beacon Academy was getting lower and lower with each wedgie you received. Everyday you either had to worry about Ruby giving you a squeaky clean, Weiss hanging you off the flagpole, Blake mummifying you in your underwear, or Yang ripping your tighty whities right off you. You were starting to run low on underwear, and you were constantly in a state of fear for your ass. With all the wedgies you receiving left and right, you were starting to look less and less like a student, and more and more like a wedgie puppet.
  3. And because of all the wedgies Team RWBY had been dishing out, you were currently running away from the four person team, desperately hoping to escape their wrath. You darted down the hall, your speed having increased since you began running from them, and now you bolted through the corridor. Unfortunately for you, right as you cut a corner and into the courtyard, you crashed right into someone, sending the both of you tumbling to the ground into a pile of mud.
  5. Groaning, you look up to see none other than Coco Adel. The fashionista wasn't even looking at you, and instead was looking down at her outfit that was now completely covered in mud. The girl looked as if she had just been stabbed as her mouth gaped open in horror. Knowing what you had done, you tried to stand up and explain your situation to her, but Coco wasn't listening. Coco only knew two things: her outfit was ruined, and you were the one who had caused it. And those two thoughts alone fueled Coco to rise from the mud and onto her feet, glaring right at you.
  7. "You... you're going to pay for this" Coco growled. As you tried to explain yourself, Coco grabbed you and turned you around before shoving her hands down the back of your pants. You sighed and accepted your fate as Coco's hands gripped your legholes and heaved them up your ass as hard as she could.
  9. You let out a high shriek as the tighty whities left the safety of your pants and shot right up your crack, stuffing your ass with white cotton. You clenched your cheeks desperately as you were brought to your tiptoes by Coco's harsh tugs, the leader of Team CFVY rapidly yanking the underwear with a savage intensity. Each pull was harder than the last and effectively got more of your tighty whities deeper inside of you than you ever thought possible. As the underwear was pulled up to your neck, you were now starting to wish Team RWBY was giving the wedgie instead.
  11. Still not thinking you had learned your lesson despite the fact that your tighty whities were probably permanently lodged in your ass, Coco decided to take things up a notch. Keeping a firm hold on your undies with one hand, Coco reached down with the other and scooped up a large clump of mud. She then immediately dropped it down the back of your underwear before giving one particularly hard yank up to the sky. A scream left your throat now as the mud along with the cotton was launched up your ass, giving you the worse messy wedgie ever given.
  13. As Coco happily gave you her best messy wedgie, she finally decided to rip your tighty whities right off you. Your hands cupping your crotch, you groaned as you fell to the ground, landing in the mud once again. Coco wiped the mud off of her outfit before stepping over you, muttering to herself about the cost of her outfit. Fortunately for you, your lay in the mud didn't last long, for Team RWBY found you all by yourself. And they were happy to have found their wedgie puppet again, but not too happy that you didn't have underwear. However, they weren't worried.
  15. They would make it work.
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