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  1. [02:31:47] EVE System > Begin talking here to send a conversation request
  2. [02:32:07] l2azor Clear > You threaten to DD one of my members again you will have a dead titan. Dont let it happen again.
  3. [02:33:33] Demjon > disrupt another on of my ops without going through diplo and we are going to have a problem
  4. [02:34:01] l2azor Clear > You are disrupting a PVP fleet after being told to unachor a bubble on a jb highway by an FC.
  5. [02:34:49] l2azor Clear > Tell me to move the JB, i dare ya.
  6. [02:34:50] Demjon > this op was cleared with my ceo, if u had an op through our sysetem us should inform us
  7. [02:35:08] l2azor Clear > PJ knows that PVP fleets from init proper take priority over anything.
  8. [02:35:18] Demjon > well i don't
  9. [02:35:19] l2azor Clear > and i have good rappore with PJ,
  10. [02:35:47] l2azor Clear > well guess what, maybe you should learn who you should listen to and whos words actually mean something in this alliance.
  11. [02:35:51] Demjon > u need to infor us
  12. [02:35:55] l2azor Clear > the FC did
  13. [02:35:57] l2azor Clear > on the fleet
  14. [02:35:59] l2azor Clear > going one way
  15. [02:36:02] Demjon > before hand and I don't just do what u want
  16. [02:36:04] l2azor Clear > and then killed it going the other.
  17. [02:36:14] l2azor Clear > before hand doesnt happen on a response fleet for a titan kill
  18. [02:36:27] l2azor Clear > Sometimes important fleets arent planned.
  19. [02:36:34] Demjon > I don't know ur fc's from anyone else
  20. [02:36:37] l2azor Clear > like saving or killing a tackled titan.
  21. [02:36:57] l2azor Clear > when someone leading 50-100 nerds through your system says something all in init ships you should probably listen
  22. [02:37:08] l2azor Clear > and not just do exactly the opposite of what they say.
  23. [02:37:24] l2azor Clear > But be aggressive again and threaten to dd one of my guys, you will have a dead titan friend.
  24. [02:37:29] l2azor Clear > have a good day.
  25. [02:37:31] Demjon > im not under ur command
  26. [02:37:44] l2azor Clear > NO your a renter. your under everyone.
  27. [02:37:48] Demjon > ur thanny threatens my fleet again and i will dd
  28. [02:38:19] l2azor Clear > he didnt threaten anything besides killing the bubbles.
  29. [02:38:31] l2azor Clear > again. im not going to argue with you, so again have a good day.
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