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Unknown Name For Clasher

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  1. Primary Fire
  2. Chain Whip
  3. The user throws out a chain whip that has a circle like a radius if you are hit with the chain you take body damage if you get hit with
  4. the sythe you take headshot damage. (You can use this every 3 seconds)
  6. Secondary Fire
  7. Slash Dash
  8. The user brings out a kunai and throws it if you user uses the kunai attack again within 4 seconds the user teleports to the kunai if
  9. the kunai hits another player the player who got hit with the kunai gets slowed for 5 seconds (use this every 12 seconds.
  10. Ability 1
  11. Smokebomb
  13. The user throws a smoke bomb at the ground if it when it makes contact with an object/player the player gets stunned for.7 seconds
  14. If the smoke bomb lands on the user the user turns invisible for 8 seconds. (you can use this every 9 seconds)
  16. Ultimate
  17. The user charges up his blade and releases a large slash in the air if it hits another player they take 150 damage.
  18. (Notes)
  19. No, I am, not a weeb no, the Kunai is not a flying Raijin no this is not a Genji remake and yes i have not done the dmgs excluding the Ultimate.
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