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  2. cIaisy hat den Chat betreten
  3. PinguinZero: Whats up dolly
  4. cIaisy: heya pinguin :3
  5. cIaisy: not a lot, you?
  6. PinguinZero  he would grin down at her. his gaze instnatly traveling over her petite delicate bimbo frame. obviously objectifying her with his manner  
  7. PinguinZero: Just hanging around, relaxing.
  8. PinguinZero: you looking like a proper bimbo toy now.
  9. PinguinZero: though you need more plastic in your tits.
  10. cIaisy  giggles lightly and steps closer to him, holding onto his arm and looking up at him, nodding dumbly
  11. cIaisy: relaxing is good for a saturday Sir ^-^
  12. PinguinZero  he would smile down at her before grabbing with his strong left palm into her blonde curls.she could feel his strong jerk on her scalp as he head is being forced into herneck. he places his lips onto her plump filled ones and kisses her firmly..pushing his tongue sloopily into her mouthcunt ,exchanging some spit before he pulls back again.. spitting a large wad onto her nose.."Well for me its already sunday. But I dont expect you to understand time zones. ITs a difficult topic."
  13. cIaisy  sqeaks lightly, shocked by his sudden hand in my hair and it's tugging. I'd quickly fall into a submissive state as he'd force himself on me, shoving his tongue in my wet mouth, pushing it in deep as i moaned and sucked on it. When he'd spit on my nose i'd blush and wiggle it, replying "Yes Sir... bimbo's aren't very good at even telling the time, it confuses me often"
  14. PinguinZero  he would laugh down at her in a humiliating manner. he takes out a duncap out of his pocket that has a blank space at the front. he releases her hair and places the duncap onto her head, the string holding it on her head as he takes her lipstick from her purse. writting onto the duncap "Dumb cum toilet." he grins at his work before he starts to unbelt his jeans ..taking out his musky smelling fat white cock ."I just wrote smart girl onto your duncap. Get down onto your knees and show me that you are at least a good ball washer bimbo whore."
  15. PinguinZero: snap back to reality bitch
  16. cIaisy  blinks when he'd put the cap on me, unaware what he'd wrote on it, i'd thank him and get onto my knees as soon as he'd undo his jeans. I'd nod, looking up at him before sliding my tongue up along the length of his cock, moaning loudly as i held his cock up and licked and sucked on his heavy, salty balls now.
  17. PinguinZero  he would grin down at her.. his massive frame above her would make her look even smaller while she tastes his fat balls that are still stained from some other cunts juices. he would grab into her head and let her feel his manly control over her stupid empty airhead.."you are doing good. Get all the way down my balls you little dumbo. We should watch some bimbo training videos together at some point. you like flashy videos im sure ,with cartoons too you dumb slave."
  18. PinguinZero: snap back to reality bitch
  19. cIaisy  moans more when he'd grab my head to regain more control over my dummy brain. I'd eagerly lick up at his balls, enjoying the taste of them, not caring if they tasted of another cunt, just wanting to please him and clean them for him. Listening as he'd made suggestions about watching Bimbo training videos with me and i'd squeal excitedly and waggle my butt as if i was a puppy.
  20. PinguinZero  he would laugh at her happy reaction..petting her head as if she was a bitch. he grinds his sloopy balls against her mouthcunt justbefore they are all clean ..pulling back and grinding his cock across her face.. pushing his palm onto the top of his shaft and grinding against her face as he sandwiches his cock with his palm and her face..completely musking her in his scent  
  21. PinguinZero  he snaps with his fingers infront of her dumb numb face
  22. PinguinZero  laughing at her that she cant keep focus with her fucking airhead
  23. cIaisy  closes my eyes and presses my head up, wanting him to know i was enjoying his petting, all whilst still using my tongue to clean his balls. I'd moan and sit obediently as he forcibly rubbed his cock all over my face, pressing it over my nose and mouth, making it a little hard for me to breath
  24. PinguinZero  he places his fat cockhead against her filled lips. with a strong thrust he rams his lenght without mercy into her slim young throat..grabbing her pathetic top and ripping it rather painfully from her chest while his nuts squezzze against her little chin..starting to grunt above her as he starts to ram his lenght down her throat in a abusive manner
  25. cIaisy  i'd squirm back as he forced his cock deep in my throat, feeling him towering over me as i felt my mind regress and shrink into a fuckdoll mentality. Enjoys the brutality of his thrusts and hearing his grunts, the enjoyment he was getting from using me like this just made me cream my panties.
  26. PinguinZero  "nghhh yess yess..!!" he growls in lust while his hips brutally smack against her yung bimbo fuckface. taking her throat like it was some cheap china fleshlight hole. railing her throat with his massive girth and making her delicate throat bulge out repeatingly.. his balls squezze messingly against her chin and seperate with precum and juice between them.. enjoyimg every gagging sound she is doing ."Take off your fucking panties lets see if you can do multitask you dumb fucking airhead !! Relax your asshole with your fingers so I can stuff it after your throat " knowing that it would be an hercules task for her to suck and take off her panties at the same time.also his massive cock would barely fit inside her ass probably
  27. cIaisy  blushing hard, not from embarassment but from how hard he was using me, turning me into a stupid little cock-swallowing slut. I'd feel a mix of juices drip down from my mouth and land on my tits as i followed his instructions slowly, sliding down my panties, slowing down my sucking as he had predicted, i wasn't actually physically able to multitask as i was simply a sex doll, used for my holes for pleasure purposes only. He'd watch as i struggled to take off my panties and still keep his cock in my mouth but i did it eventually. My finger pushing at my tight puckered asshole as i looked up at him dumbly.
  28. PinguinZero  he would laugh during the act of her strugling so bad..he spits a large wad onto her dumb bimbo face ashe looks so numb as always up to him.. slowly he pulls his sloopy cock with a plop out of her throat..and instantly she receives a firm smack of his backhand across her left face side.. like a piece of shit without respect he hits her across the room before grabbing for her hips while she lays on the floor..pulling them up..her ass up ,face down..really natural position as he smacks her ass ."Spread your ass and beg for the permission to stroke my alpha cock with your asshole bimbo skank. Try to use your fucking empty head once for some decent words.!"
  29. PinguinZero  with her fucking head on the floor he smacks her with his flat palm."FOCUS"
  30. cIaisy  squeals in pain when he'd smack me hard, causing me to collapse onto the floor infront of him. I'd shiver from the shock of it but quickly regain my composure. I'd again, do as he'd say, not wanting to upset him anymore, spreading my ass like a good fuck doll. "Daddy p...please use my asshole for your pleasure, it is yours to use and empty your cum in to... It's very tight and welcoming Daddy, please slide in to it..."
  31. PinguinZero  "nghh "he grins widely again..mounting her like a cheap hole and placing his thick precum stained cockhead against her tight rim. with slow but forcing shoves he rams his lenght slowly into her ass..spreading her muscle widely around his veiny white shaft..he goes balls deep into her hugging walls.."NGHH SHIT" he grunts in lust ..he supports his weight on her upper back with his hands and starts to rail into her ass from above..repeatingly and with a faster pace every second he violates her asshole
  32. cIaisy  whimpers and cries into my hands as he pushed and shoved his way into my tight asshole. The pain would only make me tense up more,making it even more tighter and pleasureable for him
  33. PinguinZero  he grunts so lustfully above her as he basically rapes her tight bimbo asshole..fucking the rest piece of her brains out while he moans "BEG FOR MY JIZZ INSIDE YOU YOU FUCKING DUMB EMPTY HEADED CUM DUMP!"
  34. cIaisy  feels him take over my body and my mind figuritively and literally. I'd manage to string a couple of words together, "Da-daddy p..please cum, empty your baby batter in m..mee Dadddyyy"
  35. PinguinZero  "YES YES YES YES "he grunts above her during the brutal echoing smacks that fill the room..he rams all the way down to her guts and his balls tighten..his cock starts to twitch inside herbrutally and he pumps hot sticky loads deep down her ass...emptying his balls like she was some kind of tissue for his jizz..simply pulling out of her dumb fucked body
  36. cIaisy  lays my face on the floor and my chest, as my ass propped up for him, wiggling as he pumped in and out of my tight ass sleeve. I'd cry into the floor as he continued to use me as a mere fucking utensil. I'd enjoy that he was getting pleasure from using me and finally using me as a cum rag and filling me, luckily in my ass as i'm not on birth control.
  37. PinguinZero: Nghh
  38. PinguinZero: The more I pump semen into you, the smarter you get. DId you know that?
  39. PinguinZero  he grins while he stands above her wasted body with his cock dripping from juices
  40. PinguinZero: thats some biology but you are to dumb to get it I guess
  41. cIaisy  giggles dumbly and blinks "t-thank you Daddy for...for making me smarter" blushes as i held my butt and rubbed it because it was still a bit sore
  42. PinguinZero  he grins down at her.."you are welcome. I always take care of my useful fleshlights."
  43. PinguinZero: You will become the smartest china fleshlight with Daddy !
  44. PinguinZero: Daddy had a good nut inside your ass
  45. cIaisy: thank you Daddy i'm so happy i was of some use to you Daddy
  46. PinguinZero: its your purpose and your only purpose
  47. cIaisy  nods and smiles dumbly, thinking of how Daddy used my ass for his pleasure and rubs my cunt idly, not realising i was doing it
  48. PinguinZero: mhmm
  49. PinguinZero: I can really read your intelligence level from your face
  50. cIaisy: but Daddy you like me being a brain dead fuck dolly.. i'm more fun that way
  51. PinguinZero: I didnt say it was a bad thing -grins-
  52. PinguinZero: Thats the thing that makes this brain dead set of fuckholes pleasuring for Daddys big shaft
  53. cIaisy  blushes and squrims around on the floor where he had left me "Daddy i love being your brain dead set of fuckholes.... its all i live for Daddy to please you and be avaliable for you to fuck and use whenever you need a release"
  54. PinguinZero  he would grin widely as he watches her squirm like the needy little fuckmeat she is..his cock would twitch at her words while he stands almost above her with his spread legs. his precum slowly drips onto her still gaping asshole .
  55. PinguinZero: Thats what your fucking brain, at least whats left from it, should be filled off. Filled with Daddys musky smell ,and the taste of his sweaty balls inside your whore mouth.
  56. cIaisy: it is filled with that Daddy.. i am always thinking of being violated by you and your big cock Daddy, it's what keeps me going. I love when you take out your frustrations and anger out of me Daddy, i love helping any way i can...if it's by offering you my holes to fuck and rape or by you slapping or punching me Daddy
  57. cIaisy  holds my asshole open, not wanting the drops of pre-cum to go to waste
  58. PinguinZero  he remembers when he beated her up for his mental releases..the thoughts of him ramming his strong manly fists into her guts or fuckface would make his cock suddenly swell again.. his impressive size would jump a bit from his twitches again as he leans down above her again while she still holds her ass open..without a word he just grabs into her blonde hair this time..leaning against her fuckface and squezzing it into the ground as he places his fat head against her cuntlips. with a single thrust he rams his hips against her soaked crotch..his cockhead instantly ramming with force against her cervicx, pushing her womb up."NGHH YESS . I cant help it Daddy will fucking rape your fertile womb !!!"
  59. cIaisy  squeals out loud as he just pushed into my cunt like that without a word. I'd knew what i had said about him physically abusing me had gotten him hard again and i'd moan out, enjoying the brutal raw fucking he was giving me. "Daddyyy you can't cum in me!!! i'm not on the pill!"
  60. PinguinZero  he would already grunt above her in sheer lust as he starts raping her womb..splitting her cervix after a few batteries of his strong thrusts..fucking the poor little bimbo whore by pulling her back like a fucking condom on his cock..her petite frame being overpowered easily by him and as soon as she tells him no she would receive a first hit of his right fist..his clenched boney hit would blast down onto her while she lays with her face on the ground "Nghh...ill fucking breed my little brain dead cum dumpster!!YOU ARE DADDYS FUCKING SEMEN CONTAINER!" again he would beat into her face as if he was in rage of his lust..not holding back on her as he rapes her brutally with a loud smacks echoing
  61. PinguinZero: (having a hard time to focus again huh?-grins)
  62. cIaisy: (uh huh daddy you are so good... i cant help it :3)
  63. cIaisy  I'd thrash around on the floor underneath him as he forced himself deeper and harder, causing my cunt to tear and even bleed a little from the brutal force. As soon as i had protested against it, i'd regret it instantly as i felt his fist come down hard into my face and then once again whilst he shouted that he would breed me and do as he liked as i was his. I'd cry and hold my face, in obvious pain but the pleasure was slightly numbing it too.
  64. PinguinZero  her more than stretching tight would feel so fucking good around his massive girth that he wouldnt give a shit that it rips on the edges from his size and also from the force he puts over this small tight cockhole.. he rapes her into the ground ,her face grinding roughyl into the hard floor on each of his rams.his hips making her ass shake brutally..he plugs two of his fingers into her beaten up face and deforms her mouthcunt as he pulls on her mouthcorner ..spitting into her hair from above while he feels his cock throbbing so much against her womb from the sight of her bruised face..the two hits did same really decent damage on her bimbo whore face "Yes...take Daddys fat cock down your cock sleeve of a cunt . Snug it nicely liek your cheap fucking life depends on it, its your fucking life purpose to milk Daddys cock like that you dumb china doll !!"
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