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  1. •     The energy bar highlight is now properly placed during dash tutorial.
  2. •     Koins unlocked from a mobile device will now be properly credited to the PC account.
  3. •     Players will now be able to navigate in menu after canceling retrieving of Tower Challenge list.
  4. •     LT+RT input will now display correctly in practice mode when switching default Block and Flip Stance bindings on a XBOX 360 controller.
  5. •     Button input icons will now display correctly throughout the game when using a PS4 controller.
  6. •     The input button log will now reset correctly in Training Practice mode if the user presses the reset button
  7. •     When the user unlocks a tutorial before pressing Alt+F4 it will now remain unlocked on that profile
  8. •     Fixed an issue in which users were able to navigate the Game with the controller while the Steam overlay was up
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