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Nov 14th, 2017
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  1. bf4Directory    = r"C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\STAR WARS Battlefront II"
  2. targetDirectory = r"C:\Extract" #do yourself a favor and don't dump into the Users folder (or it might complain about permission)
  5. ###The following paths do not require adjustments (unless the devs decided to rename their folders). Note that they are relative to bf4Directory.
  7. #As files are not overwritten, the patched files need to be extracted first.
  8. #The script will dump all tocs it can find in these two folders+subfolders:
  9. tocRoot  = r"Patch" #patched and xpack files FIRST
  10. tocRoot2 = r"Data"   #unpatched vanilla files SECOND
  12. #Note: The "Update" tocRoot contains both patch (for vanilla AND xpack) and unpatched xpack files. The reason it still
  13. #      works correctly is because it goes through the folders alphabetically, so the patch comes first.
  16. #Feel free to comment out one or both cats if they don't exist (some Frostbite 2 games shipped without cats).
  17. #Although in that case you could just as well use an invalid path, i.e. not change anything.
  18. ##catPath       = r"Data\"
  19. catPath = r"Data\Win32\installation\sp\"
  20. updateCatPath = r"Patch\Win32\installation\sp\"
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