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  1. # Describe specific skills/qualities that make you a good pick.
  2. #### First of all, the large amount of time I have, I don’t have a social life, not because I’m a loner or odd but I find the more friends and people you have in your life, the more opportunity there is for people to let you down, lack of a social life coupled with a short amount of time in university a week leaves me with a mass amount of free time
  4. Secondly, I’m a computer science student, learning any the bot implementations would be easier than learning English (hint: English is my native language, that was an awful joke but I tried)
  6. Thirdly, I’m impartial, I have no “friends” so to speak in the server therefore anything that happens will only be in favor of the fair party
  8. and finally, I’m approachable, just because I don’t go looking for friends doesn’t mean I can’t be kind, I treat everyone with the respect that they show me, unless it’s someone being toxic, then they’re just ignored but otherwise, I’m an open mailbox or door, I’m not quite sure how that saying goes but you get what I mean 🙂
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