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  1. # Find and explain 3 Euclid or Keter SCPS.
  2. #### SCP-173: The Statue
  3. Object Class: Euclid
  4. SCP-173 known as "The Statue",is completely made of concrete, if any line of sight is broken, it'll move until it snaps the neck of the victim from a very vital spot.
  5. SCP-096: The Shy Guy
  6. Object Class: Keter
  7. SCP-096 known as "The Shy Guy" is a very tall, with white skin humanoid-like creature. Which is normally standing in a corner hiding its face. Its face shouldn't be seen in any way (In real life, by video, by image, by a drawing and etc.), If its face is seen, it'll enter an emotional state, where it'll cry and scream, after that, it'll start chasing the viewer until he's killed. Nothing can stop The Shy guy, nothing, by nothing I mean litterally nothing!
  8. SCP-049: The Plague Doctor
  9. Object Class: Keter
  10. SCP-049 known as "The Plague Doctor", looks like the Plague Doctor from the period of the black death that happened in europe, its clothes are part of its body. It says that it cures the plague (That's a complete lie). By a basic touch to a living being, the living being will die, then the SCP will perform a surgery that makes it do actions like a zombie, think like a zombie, move like a zombie. (That's called 049-2). The only way to prevent death and infection by SCP-049, is by wearing SCP-714 (**The Jade Ring**).
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