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  1. :small_blue_diamond: Event #2 - __**Mentoring Games**__ - Everyone's fan-favourite is back, teams of 5 students of similar ranks will battle it out on the Rift in true tournament fashion. Each team will be led by a mentor, whom will be in charge of drafting, pre-game preptalk - and last but not least, post-game feedback. The games will be held on the **23rd of September for NA** (6pm PST) and the **24th of September for EU** (6pm CEST). The winners are added to a raffle pool, where *four* **$10** RP Cards and *four* **$5** RP Cards are being raffled away - between a total of 20 winning players. The sign-ups for the Mentoring Games will be announced at a later date.
  3. Lastly - we are looking for additional people to fill both the @Event Coordinator role and Community Members to help us out as in-game hosts. We are in dire need of more people to help out in terms of planning and executing events, and if you believe you'd be up for the task - please do not hesitate to reach out, wether you're looking to work behind the scenes on planning, or simply shoutcasting events through Twitch.tv. If you suspect you're up for the task, feel free to reach out to our @Head of Staff and they'll take your request further.
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